Barbershop 2: Back in Business

Corrected entry: In the scene where the group breaks into Nappy Cutz, Jimmy makes a comment that they have a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Since that is a daily publication, the chances of it being in a shop that is not open and only occupied by construction workers is not very likely.

Correction: Why not? Construction workers can't read the Wall Street Journal on their breaks? Not very likely doesn't mean impossible, and it's a pretty large assumption to make that one of the construction workers didn't bring it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ricky is waiting for Terri, the license plate on his red GMC pick-up truck is BS468G. In Illinois (where the movie is based and the truck is licensed) all truck plates begin with numbers and end with letters. All passenger cars are the opposite, beginning with letters and ending with numbers. There are NO license plates issued with a mixture of letters and numbers as shown.

Correction: As with phone numbers, addresses, and military uniforms, movie makers do not generally use license plates which have the possiblilty of being a real registered number. It's done for privacy and legal reasons, and as such is not a mistake.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky is in front of the shop talking to his girlfriend, one moment he has his hands out, the next moment he is holding a cigarette and in the next scene, no cigarette.

Bonita Kilpatrick
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Customer Muhammed: Terri... what you need is a real man. A Muslim man.

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