Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Corrected entry: When Boba Fett leaves the garbage trail the garbage is spinning clockwise but when we see a close up and inside his ship the garbage is spinning anticlockwise.

Correction: There are a few pieces of space debris that are rotating in different directions (some clockwise & some anticlockwise). When they change views, this stays consistent. From inside his ship, you can see one piece rotating, but it's different than the other pieces you've already seen, so you can't say that it ever changed its rotation.


Corrected entry: When the meteorite hits the ground, just to the right you can see the footprints in the snow where they placed the charges.

Correction: The meteorite is shown hitting the ground from a distance. You can't see any prints in the snow, even when watching it in high quality Blu-ray.


Corrected entry: As the Millennium Falcon is chased through the asteroid field by TIE fighters, the Falcon drives down onto the asteroid as it gets blasted at by the fighters. During this sequence, the Falcon drives into one of the holes in the asteroid and the TIE fighters continued blasting at it. Inside the hole, one of the TIE fighters blasts some of the rock protruding from the asteroid. After the blast, the protruding rock still remains intact.


Casual Person

Correction: So the blast wasn't powerful enough to punch through whatever unknown element that asteroid was made of.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lando says "You're being put into carbon freeze" to Han, the words don't match his mouth movements.

Correction: Watch it more carefully. His lip movements do match. He's whispering to Han as to not be to loud, so you don't see his lips moving as much.


Corrected entry: In the Emperor's rewritten dialogue for the special edition in the holographic scene with Darth Vader, he tells Vader that "the young Jedi who destroyed the Death Star is the son of Anakin Skywalker," which draws disbelief from Vader - but earlier in the film Darth Vader said, "The rebels are there, and Skywalker is with them." In other words, he already knew who Luke is.

Correction: Vader has learned, courtesy of Imperial Intelligence, that the pilot who destroyed the Death Star is called Skywalker, a surname that, for all we know, may be a common one on Tatooine. It's quite a big leap between knowing the name and realising that this is actually his own son, as he believes that his child died with his mother before he could be born. Some disbelief on his part is entirely justifiable.

Corrected entry: During the light sabre duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in Cloud City, Mickey Mouse's head can be seen on a display panel in the Reactor Control Room.

Correction: Disney had nothing to do with the Star Wars franchise when this film was made so what you're seeing is just three circles which happen to resemble a Mickey Mouse head, not an actual "hidden Mickey" that Disney is known for placing in their films.

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Corrected entry: If the Rebels had this large fleet of ships and fighters (as seen at the end of the film) then why wasn't this fleet there to defend the home base on Hoth against the imperial attack?

Correction: Those weren't battle ships. They were medical frigates, supply ships, etc. There were only a few x-wing fighters flying around. Wouldn't have been much of a fight against the empire.


Corrected entry: When Chewbacca roars at seeing Darth Vader in the banquet room at Cloud City, you can see two holes in Chewie's mouth that let Peter Mayhew breathe through the costume.

Correction: Unless we know enough about Wookie anatomy to know that they don't have what appears to be two holes in their mouths, then this mistake is invalid.

Corrected entry: When Luke walks around his X-wing after Yoda raises it out of the water, his jacket is tucked, which it wasn't in the previous shot.

Correction: The whole time Yoda is lifting the x-wing, Luke's shirt is buttoned and tucked in. This never changes. You could point out that Lukes shirt is unbuttoned and untucked when he's sitting down, but when they show him next, it's buttoned and tucked in. But they also show his hands up by his shirt, so it could be implied he buttoned it up and tucked it in, between shots.

Corrected entry: The AT AT'S first scene is where you see them for the first time as four groups and they start firing. However that scene has the AT AT's with red cockpits, but they aren't red ever again. Inside the cockpit, the seats aren't red, the walls aren't red, and the lights aren't red. So the AT AT's red cockpit scene doesnt make sense.


Correction: Actually, only the closest one has a red cockpit, The others are dark. Who's to say that the lights inside the one seen isn't red? Or at one point someone had a red light on, then turned it off later when they showed inside?

Corrected entry: When Luke cuts off Vader's head in the cave on Dagobah, the head rolls to a stop on the ground. The items on the ground next to the head vary from shot to shot between cuts to Luke. First there are sticks on the ground, then those sticks move to make way for the pieces of the broken mask, then the mask pieces disappear and a large branch appears.

Correction: Since the entire scene takes place in Luke's imagination there's hardly a consistency problem.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: At the end of the light sabre duel in Cloud City, Darth Vader says "Come with me, it is the only way" and Luke falls off the platform into space. When Luke falls, you can see Vader lower his left hand down to his side, and in the next scene, he is seen lowering his hand to his side for a second time.

Correction: This was stated before & corrected. You 1st see Vader lowering his arm (looking down at him), then it switches to a frontal view as he continues to lower his arm. He's not repeating the same action. It's just a continuation of showing him lower his arm.

Corrected entry: In the hangar in the rebel base on Hoth, Solo talks to Chewbacca, and he replies to Solo in his "language," waving a welding device. In the next shot the camera is on Solo again and then back on Chewie, but now the welding rod is circa half its original length, even though no welding took place meanwhile.


Correction: Who's to say that Chewie didn't pick up a different tool when they were showing Han talk to Chewie? It would only take a second and you don't see all the tools Chewies has with him. It's plausible he took a second to pick up a different one outside of camera view.

Corrected entry: On Hoth, in the scene where Luke is getting ready to get in his X-wing and Han is working on top of the Millennium Falcon, Han stops to talk to Luke and asks him if he is OK. There is a small droid that approaches from the right that Han stops to speak to. In the next shot of Han, the droid in the background is moving from right to left and you can see vertical cables being used to move the droid.

Correction: Unless this was fixed in the DVD release, you can't see any cables pulling the droid. I looked at it several times, and couldn't see anything pulling it.

Corrected entry: When Captain Needa is killed by Darth Vader after he loses track of the Millennium Falcon, he dies with his hand clutching his throat. But when two Imperial Guards go to pick up the dead body, Captain Needa's hand has moved from his throat to his side.

Correction: As Needa falls, his right hand drifts from his neck to his chest. It is picked up there by the deck crew.


Corrected entry: During the Battle of Hoth, some of the Rebels fall down without being shot.

Correction: They could be tripping over their own feet, after all they are running for their lives.


Corrected entry: When Luke is sucked out of the shattered window, more of the window is broken than in the previous shot of the window. If something hit the window and broke it in the meantime, we should have heard it.

Correction: It's a broken window. Pieces could have dislodged and broke off (off-camera) by the force of the wind. We wouldn't have necessarily heard it over the roar of air rushing into the shaft.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the original Empire Strikes Back Vader quotes "Bring my Shuttle." Which a lot of fans thought was better than "And let my Star Destroyer prepare for my arrival." In SE there is a scene with Vader walking towards his shuttle, which makes more sense. However the original didn't make any sense. The phrase "bring my shuttle" claims the shuttle isn't there at all, it's not waiting it's just not there. Unfortunately Vader beats the Falcon to the Star Destroyer which doesn't make sense. If the shuttle wasn't there already and bring it implies it wasn't waiting then how could Vader get there so fast. Logically if Vader planned to leave the city he wouldn't tell his shuttle to leave well before than, and the Falcon was picking up Luke and about to go outer space. So unless the shuttle was parked right next to the docking platform it doesn't makes sense on how he got to the destroyer first which is why it was changed in SE.


Correction: You assume Vader's shuttle is on the Star Destroyer and has to return to Cloud City to get to him. The shuttle could have been docked elsewhere in Cloud City and Vader was instructing his officers to bring it closer to his location.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the first transport leaves Hoth, the ion cannon fires four shots quite rapidly. However there are only two of the shots that take down the Imperial Cruiser.


Correction: Here's the precise sequence: 1)The ion cannon fires two shots. 2)Two bolts fly past the transport with a third coming from the planet. 3)Reverse angle of the transport, two bolts fly past the transport and head to the star destroyer. 4)A closeup shot of the star destroyer taking two hits. It's unclear whether the bolts flying past the transport in shot 3 are intended to be the same bolts that flew past in shot 2 from a different angle (a common filmmaking practice) or an additional 2 shots. Regardless, the ion cannon may have simply missed some of its shots. The sequence can be reviewed here: (Time: 04:47-05:01).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: It seems that during the Luke/Vader duel in the carbon freeze chamber, immediately after Luke blasts Vader with steam, and again immediately after Luke kicks Vader down the stairs, you can hear David Prowse's voice through the mask instead of that of James Earl Jones.


Correction: That it "seems" to be someone else's voice is not a mistake, it's an assumption. Even if it were Prowse who made the grunts you're referring to(which hardly qualify as a voice), there are lots of things that go into recording and mixing sound. For instance, I highly doubt Vader's breathing is James Earl Jones's own breathing. This is no more a mistake than Vader's voice sounding like James Earl Jones when there's someone else in the costume.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the attack of Hoth, Han Solo goes to the control room to see what's going on. A woman behind Leia pushes a button on a panel, and the entire panel bends.

Dr Wilson

Correction: So? The Rebellion has limited resources, their base is thrown together. They make do with all sorts of antiquated and damaged equipment.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The view from a Star Destroyer bridge should show the main hull of the ship, all we see here is the vastness of space, even worse is the Super Star Destroyer which is massive in comparision.

Correction: The bridge of a Star Destroyer is placed substantially above the hull. We never get a good look out of the window, and the lack of visible hull could easily be due to the camera angle. We also don't know which way a particular window is looking at, it would be difficult to see the hull at all from side or rear windows at all.

Corrected entry: The medical ship where Luke, Leia and the droids are in at the end of the movie is transparent.

Dr Wilson

Correction: This needs more details. In which shot is it transparent? Which part of the ship? The only transparent portion I see is the gigantic bay window they stand in front of just before the credits.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Han, Leia and Chewbacca are walking through Cloud City with Lando, when they come around a corner, Lobot (Lando's aide, with "headphones" on his head) walks off to the left. When the stormtroopers enter to cut off their escape, Lobot is back, but he enters from the right.

Correction: He can only be seen from behind when he walks off to the left, so it's only an assumption that it's Lobot and not some other Cloud City operator.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the Falcon hides behind the star destroyer, Captain Needa says he will go and apologise to Vader. But when Vader "accepts his apology," he addresses him as Admiral, which of course is an entirely separate rank.

Correction: No he doesn't, he clearly says "Apology accepted, Captain Needa" immediately after killing him. He then talks to Piett, who he correctly addresses as Admiral.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Millennium Falcon hides inside the 'cave' in the giant asteroid, as they go outside the ship, they remain stuck to the floor. Perhaps the Falcon has artificial gravity generators, but I doubt that giant space worms do. The effect of gravity can't come from the asteroid because as they enter the 'cave' we never see the Falcon level off to land. In reality, this would be like being able to walk vertically straight down the inside wall of a well without falling to the bottom.

Correction: The gravity does come from the asteroid spinning. We never see the Falcon land, so there's no way to say it didn't level off. We only see it fly into the cave.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Luke and Darth Vader are fighting and Darth Vader is hurling things at Luke, one thing he throws flies through the window and makes a giant hole. However, when Luke gets sucked out, the hole is twice as big even though nothing else went through it.

Jack Kaltenbach

Correction: There is clearly a vacuum (or at least drastically reduced air pressure) on the other side of the window. The suction created by the pressure differential could have easily sucked more of the broken window out.


Corrected entry: Every time the Millennium Falcon jumps into hyperspace, a lever on the console has to be pulled, as seen in this film and "Star Wars". But when Lando and Chewbacca attempt to jump to hyperspace right before R2-D2 repairs the hyperdrive, Chewbacca reaches up and hits two switches instead. No wonder it doesn't work….


Correction: Must have been one of the repairs Lando's people made to the ship.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Luke is fighting Darth Vader and Luke gets sucked through the shattered window, just before the window breaks, Luke's lightsabre is on, and immediately after it is off without him having turned it off.

Correction: 1. Luke might have turned it off while the camera was focused on Vader. 2. At least once in the beginning of the same fight (in the Carbon Freezing chamber) Vader knocks Luke's saber from his hand and it turns off automatically. Either one could account for this.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Luke screams in pain after Vader cuts off his hand, you can see that the sleeve of his shirt goes a little past the stump, which is impossible, given that his hand was severed only a moment ago.


Correction: Not really. Luke pulls his arm back immediately, which forces his sleeve further down his arm.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In Cloud City, when Luke is shot at by the stormtroopers, you can see from the impacts that the walls are painted wood.

Dr Wilson

Correction: They're not on a ship, they're in the middle of a city. Why is it unreasonable that the walls would be made of wood?

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When C3P0 disturbs Leia and Han while they are kissing, there is something hanging from his armpit, wires or some mechanism, as if he was damaged. It's not there later.

Dr Wilson

Correction: So he had a loose part and fixed it later. How is that a mistake?

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Just after Han realizes that they are, in fact, inside a critter instead of a cave on an asteroid, you see Leia and Han stumbling back to the Millennium Falcon. Pay special attention to Han; as he makes his way to the hatch you see the end of his hose come detached and flap around as he is running. So much for the oxygen he was breathing.

Rebecca Bennett

Correction: First off, the masks were just a precaution (there's nothing that would keep the toxic fumes from coming into the Falcon after they land, there's no air-lock on the ship). Secondly, what's to say that he couldn't just hold his breath? I've been scuba diving and the same thing has happened, I just held my breath until I got it back in my mouth.

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: When the canopy on the snow speeders is coming down, there's a whirring sound as if there is a motor closing it, but it's actually the gunner pulling on two handles that's closing them.

Correction: The whirring sound comes from the mechanism that keeps the canopy from simply falling down.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the shot immediately before the AT-AT destroys the shield generator, we see many rebels running from this particular AT. It shoots at one of them, and despite the fact the lasers completely misses him, he falls and dies anyway (best seen in slow-mo).

Correction: How do we know he's dead? He was likely just rocked by the energy expelled from the shot hitting a surface.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Han, Leia, Chewbacca and Lando are walking through cloud city, Leia is between Han and Lando, and after they round a corner, Han and Lando switch places.

Correction: This is a duplicated entry.

Corrected entry: When Lando is talking to Han and Leia inside the cell, he says that Luke is on his way. How can Lando know this? He has never met Luke before, so he wouldn't know him or his X-wing. And, Luke can't be near the city until Han and the others are in the carbonite-freezing room (after Han is encased, an officer informs Darth Vader that Luke has landed).

Correction: Lando only references what he has heard Vader say. What he tells Han and Leia is something like "He's not looking for you, he's after someone named Skywalker". In no way does he imply that he has personal knowledge of Luke.


Corrected entry: When Chewy reassembles C-3PO, the head is on backwards. They had to cut a whole in the back of the head for Anthony's nose to stick through and it can be seen when he turns his head to the side. (I think it can only be seen in a widescreen version.).

Correction: This is incorrect. As behind the scenes photos reveal, Anthony Daniels never had his head inside the costume for this scene. Rather he had his HAND inside the mask (through a hole in the back) and worked C3P0's head like a puppet. You can briefly see his ARM in some shots.

Corrected entry: This happens after Han destroys the probe droid, during the Imperial montage that follows. In the shot right before you see the back of Vader's head, you see a wide shot of a Super Star Destroyer. Pay careful attention to the TIE fighter that flies in from off camera. Had the shot lasted for another second, it seems obvious that this fighter would've flown directly into the bottom of the Super Star Destroyer.

Correction: This could easily be attributed to pilot error.


Corrected entry: When Han is evading the Empire and is parked on Veers' star destroyer, the apparent reason they cannot be detected is because the Imperial sensors have a minimum range. However, when we see the point of view from inside the Falcon, there are several more star destroyers hovering around the vicinity. Certainly one of them could have detected the Falcon, or at least seen it blatantly sitting on another star destroyer.


Correction: That depends entirely on how the Imperial sensors work. Since Han was able to use this tactic, it is most likely that the sensors were searching for a smaller ship and that when attached, the Falcon registers as simply a part of the destroyer. And there is no specific reason why the personnel on the other destroyers would fix their eyes on the bridge of another destroyer, as they have complete confidence in their technology, and because the Falcon did appear to be jumping into hyperspace. Furthermore, the destroyer is not commanded by General Veers (who, as an Army officer would not command a star ship anyway), but by Captain Needa.


Corrected entry: When the Stormtroopers are carrying Han into a room, they drop him. As he falls, his hand hits one of the Stormtroopers' helmets and about knocks it off. If you look as they are walking out, it looks as though the Stormtrooper is looking down. However, you can still see the back of the guy's head.

Correction: It's not a mistake, it's just that his helmet was dragged off. It happens, and gives Star Wars some realism.

Corrected entry: When the Millennium Falcon is entering cloud city it files through the clouds without disturbing them at all. A ship that large would create vortices and wake turbulence in the clouds, or at least some movement as the air flowed round the ship.

Correction: On Earth, yes, but this is a planet where gasses are mined and has a different atmosphere, and so it can be deemed plausible that the clouds are thicker and stronger and that it takes more to disturb them.

Corrected entry: When Han, Leia and Chewbacca are taken captive, as the stormtroopers show up, watch the trooper in the middle of the first row. He loses his footing, and one of his feet slips on the floor.


Correction: Plausible human mistake, not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When Vader uses the Force to hurl heavy objects at Luke, if you watch in slow motion when Luke is hit in the back of his head by the second object, you can see that he flinches before he is hit. He wasn't looking in the right direction to see it coming.

Correction: He wouldn't need to be able to see it. He could sense it with the Force.

Corrected entry: There is only one Wampa in the film, although its appearance changes substantially between shots. The hand-puppet Wampa that roars at the camera and knocks Luke from his tauntaun is much bigger and has a different face structure than the one seen in the cave later (the full-body suit Wampa added in the Special Edition). When the Wampa charges at Luke, just before its arm is lopped off, it changes again - its horns are brown and much larger, and the face is completely different from either of the faces we've already seen. After losing its arm, the Wampa resumes its look from the Special Edition.

Correction: While the Wampa is eating you can hear other Wampas roaring in the background. It is possible that the Wampa that attacks Luke is a different one from in the cave. Maybe the first one is a parent bringing food for its child.

Corrected entry: When Luke is knocked off his tauntaun, there is a clear shot of blood on his face. In the next shot (after his tauntaun is knocked down) it is gone. In the next shot is there again.


Correction: When the wampa knocks him to the ground, there's blood on his face. Then the tauntaun is knocked down, and there's still blood on his face. Then the wampa drags him off, and there's still blood on his face.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Luke gets into his X-wing with Artoo on Hoth, everyone just seems to be walking around casually and no one seems to be in a real hurry. Given that their base has just been overrun by Darth Vader and the empire, I find this very hard to believe.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: They are highly trained and not rattled by stressfull situations.

Corrected entry: When Luke is attacked by the wampa, the wampa knocks him off his tauntaun with a clean hit to the chest. In the next shot there is blood on his face.


Correction: There is no clean hit to the chest: it's around the back of his head. There's no clear view of whether his claw hits Luke's face. The blood on his face is only visible after he hits the ground, even when looking frame-by-frame.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film we see the probe droid crash to the surface of Hoth. The shot then changes to Luke on his tauntaun and we see the probe droid crash again.


Correction: The Empire has sent thousands of probes throughout the galaxy. The one Luke sees may not be the same as the first one. (Alternate correction: It's just the director showing the event from 2 perspectives. The first, a disorientating view of an ice planet. The second, our hero actually seeing the event and going to investigate).

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Luke is sucked through the window he isn't holding his lightsaber. Two shots later we see him clinging to the floor with both hands, and his lightsaber is nowhere to be seen on his belt. Since it was sucked out along with all the other debris, and had to be halfway down Cloud City by the time Luke hauled himself up, how did he recover it in order to continue his fight with Vader?

Correction: In the DVD version if you look to the far left of the screen (Lukes right) you can see what appears to be Lukes lightsaber among the junk.

Corrected entry: When Luke sees the ethereal Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan tells Luke to go see Yoda in the Dagobah system, to be trained by the Jedi who trained him. But we learn in Phantom Menace that Obi-Wan wasn't trained by Yoda, he was trained by Qui-Gon Jinn.

Correction: Obi-wan was trained directly by Yoda the entire time he was a youngling. It wasn't until he was old enough that he was allowed to be a Padawan of another Jedi. And even then, Yoda oversaw both he and Qui-gon.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: When Luke is recovering from the attack of the snow monster, Han and Chewbacca come to visit him, and we can hear the sound of the door opening. However, Han can be heard speaking, loud and clear, before the door begins to open.

Correction: Yeah, well, Han is a rough-and-tough, loud guy, so you are supposed to hear him before the door opens.

Corrected entry: The 2004 DVD edition had a different scene where Vader confronts the Emperor in the hologram (The Emperor is replaced by Ian McDiarmid) There a new point where the Emperor identifies the new Enemy as "The Son of Anakin Skywalker". What makes no sense is that Vader responds with "How is that possible?" yet he already knew the Identity of the "new enemy" well early into the movie, whats even more confusing is that he knew (following the events of Episode 3) that Padme had at least one baby.

Correction: He was told Padme was dead at the end of "Revenge of the Sith", and so naturally assumed her baby was dead in utero. He never knew she was delivered of her babies before dying. He did know the identity of Luke before speaking to the Emperor, that is true, but he had a hard time explaining why the baby Luke had lived, when he had seen Padme die. That is why he asks the Emperor how it is possible that his son lives.


Corrected entry: When Luke is sucked into the pipe, there are four big red pentagons around it in the wideshot. In the close-up, there are four smaller ones and eight triangles.


Correction: The pentagons and triangles are so close together that in the wide shot they blend, forming the large pentagons.


Corrected entry: Near the end when Admiral Piett tells Vader the hyper drive on the Falcon is deactivated, look at Piett's chest insignia. At one point it is about 10 black medals, the shot changes from the side to show him from the front, and he has six blue medals. It goes back to show him at the side again and the black medals are back.

Correction: No, admiral Piett has 6 red squares above 6 blue at all times. In the side shot the blue squares just look black because of the lighting and angle but as he turns we see that they are in fact blue. On an interesting side note the insignia has been moved to the left side of his chest in the DVD version so here it isn't possible to see the insignia at all in the side shot.


Corrected entry: When Luke is hanging from the antennae-like assembly underneath Cloud City, one shot shows him holding on with his right hand, the hand that was supposed to have been cut off.

Correction: No he doesn’t, neither in the original or DVD version. In some shots it could look like it but with careful viewing it is clear that he only uses his left hand.


Corrected entry: During Filming of "The Empire Strikes Back" Mark Hamill was injured in a car accident. His injuries were written into the script. After Han rescues Luke from the Ice planet, he's put in a a a nutrant chamber to recover, after he comes out you can see the stiches on his face.

Correction: A car accident in early 1977 did damage to Hamill's face, prior to filming (which started in 1979)The Empire Strikes Back. In an interview Hamill said that he asked Lucas if the Wampa scene was written because of the accident and Lucas replied 'No, Luke was always captured by the Wampa' The "stitches" seen in The Empire Strikes Back were simply movie make-up which carefully disquised his plastic surgery scars.

Corrected entry: In the Special Edition, when Luke is falling through Cloud City after the duel with Vader, a scream has been added. This scream was lifted from the Emperor's death scene in Return of the Jedi. When Vader tosses the Emperor down the reactor shaft, the Emperor's scream is exactly the same.

Correction: This was changed in the 2004 DVD edition. There is now no scream.

Corrected entry: Before being frozen in carbonite, Leia tells Han she loves him, Han says, "I know." The script actually says "I love you too," but Harrison Ford (Han) didn't think it sounded like something Han would say, so he ad-libbed it.

Correction: Actually he ad-libbed it because they'd attempted the scene so many times, that Harrison Ford got sick of hearing her say "I love you", so he just said "I know"

Corrected entry: When Luke falls in the beginning of the duel with Vader, he's holding his lightsaber with one hand. In the previous shot, he was holding it with both hands.


Correction: That's because Vader pushed Luke to the ground, causing him to lose his full grip on the lightsaber.

Corrected entry: While the Millennium Falcon is evading Tie Fighters, before they enter the asteroid field, Han and Chewie are in the back working on emergency repairs. Who is flying the Falcon? It wouldn't be on autopilot as they are trying to evade laser blasts. Leia or C-3PO certainly do not have the experience to fly the ship that well. It is also doubtful that the Tie Fighters are taking a break from pursuing them.

Correction: Leia is flying it. It does appear that she has some experience with ships, as she flew it during the Tie Fighter fight after they escaped the Death Star in the first movie.


Corrected entry: In the final scene of the movie, Chewbacca and Lando have already left and the camera is panning away from the observation window Luke and Leia are standing at. There are some Y-wings and X-wings patrolling for the fleet and the last two X-wings in the shot pass in front of one of the starships and disappear.

Correction: the fighters were probably going into hyperspace. From the perspective on the bridge, it would simply look like disappearing.

Corrected entry: The Snowspeeders, used to rescue Luke and Han and for fighting the AT-AT's, have a serious design flaw. If you watch as the aircraft turns left and right, the ailerons (the flaps used to control the air flow over the wings), lift up and down facing the wrong direction. They lift towards the front of the aircraft, instead of behind. This would seriously disrupt airflow over the wings and create a considerable amount of drag, therefor causing the speeder to slow down every time it makes a turn. Not exactly what you want to happen when fighting AT-AT's.

Correction: The flaps are correct. The Snowspeeders don't use air for lift. They use a repulsor engine that reacts with the planet's gravity. An example is the X-wings hovering in the hanger before take off at the end of A New Hope.

Corrected entry: In Cloud City, Boba Fett shoots twice at Luke but when Luke starts to walk again, there's only one impact on the wall.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Both the laser blasts hit in the same place.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: Where Luke is recovering in the bacta tank, at first the liquid have a light-blue, water-like color. If you watch in the next scene when he is outside of the tank, you can see it in the background with a deep red liquid.


Correction: Bacta fluid has medicinal qualities, and it's more than reasonable to suppose that at different times throughout the process, its make-up and appearance can change. Note that the colour change occurs after the patient has been taken out of the tank.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Millineum Falcon is flying to pick up the injured Luke Skywalker who is hanging from Cloud City, Lando is opening the top hatch and the sky is blue, yet the external shots of the same scene have the sky as being red.

Correction: This has been corrected in the Special Edition.

Corrected entry: During the AT-AT attack scene, Luke says "Rogue 3, Wedge, I've lost my gunner". Then seconds later when he flies through the walker's legs, he calls him Rogue 2.

Correction: Luke is talking to two seperate people, Rogue 3, and Wedge, who is Rogue 2.

Corrected entry: When the ice planet is attacked, it is impossible for the Empire to drop bombs or shoot lasers on the rebels' base, due to the protective field. Why is it then possible for them to penetrate it with the invasion force?

Correction: It's the same reason as in the Phantom Menace when the robots can walk straight through the Gungans' shields. Although in Return of the Jedi Lando tells everyone to pull up and wait for Han and co. to destory the shield generator before they can advance, this just implies that space shields are different to ground-based shields.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: During some shootouts, you can se the empty cartridges, (blanks I presume), fly away from handguns. These are probably used to create a muzzle flash for realism, and for the special effects people to identify where and when to put the red laser coming from the guns. I've never seen a laser creating muzzle flash. This can be seen best when Leia, Chewbacca and Lando are fleeing the mining colony, and Lando is siting next to the the Millennium Falcon's loading ramp, firing at Stormtroopers.

Correction: Blasters in the Star Wars films are not literally 'lasers'. Obviously their bolts travel well below the speed of light and act entirely differently than true laser beams. Use of the term 'laser' is slang, and the actual function of the weapons obiously produces muzzle flash.

Corrected entry: When the Millenium Falcon escapes from the giant space worm, the mouth is almost completely closed but when they are outside, the mouth is opened.

Dr Wilson

Correction: In the scene immediatly following the Falcon leaving the giant worm's mouth from the inside, the worm appears to be chasing the ship, trying to catch it. It easily could have opened its mouth to attempt to bite the ship again.

Corrected entry: After Luke has been shot down during the Hoth battle and is hanging underneath an AT-AT walker he cuts a hole in the underbelly with his lightsaber causing a massive shower of sparks. As the sparks clear you can see a hand sliding back and removing the section of the walker that Luke supposedly just cut through.

Correction: I was not able to watch this scene frame by frame, but I saw no hand, and I believe Luke cut the controls for a sliding panel so it would open. I don't think luke was actually supposed to have cut a hole in the walker. Frame by frame, there is something that looks like a hand, or not even that. Fingers more or less, grabbing the edge and pulling. However, it is so undiscernable it is impossible to say for sure.

Corrected entry: When Han Solo is frozen in carbonite, his hands are at his sides. The freezing takes about a second, but Han manages to lift up his arms into that position. Even if he was tied then untied, he still seems to have overly fast reactions....

Correction: We don't see the freezing process, we only hear a jet of gas, so we don't know EXACTLY when he gets frozen in place. There must have been time for him to move his arms up.


Corrected entry: So the rebels have no rockets or missiles (they have a photon-gun that can reach space and drop Star Cruisers though) to defend their base and main reactor against those AT-AT's?


Correction: Missles and rockets are non-reuseable. Supplies are not easy to come by for the Rebellion, so why would they base their defense on a resourse that could quickly be depleted? Also, with technology to guide photon torpedos and concussion missiles, you think they would be able to make an anti-rocket laser to pick off incoming projectiles, considering standard rockets or missiles move in straight lines.

Corrected entry: Why do those fighters attack AT-AT's head-on, in the middle of a crossfire? Why not from the sides? And who forgot in the engineering department to add some rockets and missiles to their weaponry?


Correction: Perhaps the AT-AT's are more vulnerable head on, they are very thickly armor plated on the sides. And who's to say that snow speeders are equipped to carry missiles?

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the scene where Luke and Vader are fighting by the shattered window, the wind is so strong that even Vader has to hold on to avoid being sucked out. But immediately after Luke is sucked out, he casually walks over to the window without holding on to anything.

Correction: The vaccum that sucked Luke out was there because the pressure wasn't equal, over time the pressure stabilized, enabling Vader to walk 'casually' over to the window.

Corrected entry: Throughout the films only C3PO can understand R2D2 and has to translate for the other characters on many occasions. During the flight from Hoth to Dagoba Luke read a little screen with the translations of what R2D2 is saying. Then when they reach the planet and are both stood on the edge of the swamp Luke can miraculously understand what he is saying.

Correction: The screen isn't translating, it's just a way for R2-D2 to communicate with Luke - he's outside the cockpit, after all.

Corrected entry: After Vader kills Captain Needa there are two guards which he orders to him drag out. Look at the Admiral when he is pulled out - his neck is up. That's impossible, he's dead, so his head should be lying to the side.

Correction: His head would not necessarily lie on its side if his neck was broken. The position his head maitains is the position his bones set after broken.

Corrected entry: Why does Darth Vader keep getting more authority? He defers to Grand Moff Tarkin in the first movie, suggesting he ranks between Moff and Admiral. In the subsequent movies, he is second only to the Emperor. Why? He never catches the rebel leadership and loses major battles he is placed in command of. He suggests treason against the emperor by suggesting Luke help him overthrow him. He keeps letting incompetents run the show and warn the rebels through their stupidity rather than run the operation from the bridge himself.

Correction: Vader always has the authority; he's "Lord" Vader, after all. The only reason he looks as though he's deferring to Tarkin is because Tarkin was the original creator of the Death Star; it's basically his to do whatever he wants with. This is obvious since the Emporer let Tarkin destroy Alderaan without his consent. Vader actually wins quite a few battles, including one mentioned in the opening monologue of this movie and the Hoth takeover. The fact that Han, Leia, Luke, etc. get away from him time after time is a testament to their heroics.

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Luke: All right, I'll give it a try.
Yoda: No. Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.



When the Falcon leaves Hoth and is being chased by the Empire, there is a scene where the ship gets rocked about. During the 'impact', C-3PO's arm becomes dislodged, and you can clearly see human skin underneath.



The Special Edition covers of Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes Back are wrong. The picture of the Emperor on ESB cover is from 'ROTJ', and the lightsaber duel between Luke and Vader on the cover of ROTJ is taken from 'ESB' (notice Luke is in his fighter pilot suit, and Vader is fighting him one-handed)