Club Dread

Fun policeman Sam is the killer. Got jealous of Coconut Pete giving the island to stoner Dave, so he started killing people. Pee-nee-lope, Brittany Daniel, and Farva survive and kill Sam by stabbing him, drowning him, then cutting him in half...


Continuity mistake: As the girls run from the killer, the one girl is shirtless as she starts to run, holding her shirt in front of herself to cover her chest. The camera changes to a rear view and now she is running with the shirt in her hand swinging wildly. The camera changes again and suddenly she is running and putting her shirt on, already pulled over her head, a major change from the last shot. Finally, the camera angle changes again and she has her shirt on completely. All of her shirt/hand positions change instantly between shots.

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Sam: Nobody ever suspects the fun police.

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