Factual error: During the aftermath, at a scene at the hospital, we hear someone trying to get blood donors saying they are in desperate need of blood type AB-. But people with blood type AB are considered "universal recipients" because they can receive any type of blood. Therefore, type AB blood would be the LAST type that the hospital would be desperate for. Sure, under ideal situations, it is best for people with type AB blood to get the same AB blood, but for an emergency situation, it would be fine.

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Suggested correction: If you listen carefully the guy asks for AB negative blood which is the rarest of all blood types.

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In the office tower after the quake there is a panic and workers rush down the stairs only to find them fallen away. After two women fall to their death a man is left hanging on a girder, but falls onto a giant piece of glass. Look at the top of the frame and you will see the airbag shooting our from under it.



Walter Matthau plays the drunk who sits at the bar wearing a loud shirt and pimp hat. However, for the end credits his name is listed as "Walter Matuschanskayasky"