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Corrected entry: When Harry and Lloyd are at the restaurant with the kidnapper they give him the hot peppers. Then he falls to the floor and Lloyd is trying to give him C.P.R. If you look in the background you can see the waitress laughing in the first few shots. (00:42:25)

New this month Correction: The waitress is not laughing, she is just making bewildered looks as it's a very strange situation.

Corrected entry: Why don't the "beer" bottles on the floor of the van fall over? When the cop stops Harry and Lloyd the bottles are all standing perfectly upright and there has not been any spillage on the floor. Bear in mind that before this they had been driving on the verge and stopping and swaying when the cop tells them to pull over. And Harry is only holding 3, and yet 6 appear on the floor. (00:26:40)

David Mercier

Correction: Those bottles were the ones Harry were holding, he put them on the floor after they stopped. And Harry was holding 4 bottles.

Corrected entry: When Mary's husband Bobby is getting out of the police car at the end of the movie, he exits by opening the door from the inside himself instead of having to be let out.


Correction: Police cars just use the child lock on the side of the door, controlled by the driver - nothing special. Since Bobby's neither a suspect nor a prisoner, the officer could've easily taken the child lock off for him, thus no need to be let out.


Corrected entry: Harry and Lloyd are obviously very poor, yet they drive from Rhode Island to Colorado, which would cost an insane amount of money in gas.


Correction: It's explained by Harry as soon as they depart that they had a budget for the trip. Yes, they are poor, but that only prevents them from paying their rent and utilities. They still use money to keep themselves fed. A few hundred dollars saved up between them would suffice, and gas prices in the mid '90s weren't all that high compared to today.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Harry and Mary are making the snowman, there are three pre-formed holes where Mary puts the charcoal and carrot (the eyes and nose, not the twig and berries, but maybe them too, I can't tell for sure). (01:17:30)

Correction: She could have made those before handing the carrot to Harry.

Corrected entry: When Jim Carrey races Mary up the stairs at the hotel, he falls down on the stairs. He attempts to grab her by the ankle to stop her. He misses grabbing her ankle (by mistake)but she falls down anyway. (01:28:47)

Correction: If you watch closely (you may even have to slow-frame it), you can see that when he first lunges for her leg, he bumps her foot with his hand, and then keeps repeatedly bumping her leg with his hand, hindering her on her run up the stairs and causing her to stumble. Finally, he grabs her leg, causing her to stop completely and really fall.

Corrected entry: After Lloyd drops Mary off at the airport, he starts the limousine and puts the car into reverse, but the car moves forward. (00:08:10)

Correction: The gear shift move Lloyd does is not reverse - it is forward. You can also verify this when Lloyd pulls up in front of Mary's house at the beginning and sees her for the first time - right before Lloyd says "Suck me sideways" he pushes the gear shift up before turning off the ignition.

Corrected entry: The goons' plan to infiltrate Harry and Lloyd in the van doesn't make sense. When Mental learns that the duo thinks that he's the Gas Man, he comes to the conclusion that they have been followed (by Harry and Lloyd) "for weeks." But then, he decides to confront them face-to-face, which makes no sense but to move the story along.


Correction: Mental theorized that "they must have been following us for weeks" but couldn't be sure. He decides to confront them face-to-face to see if they do recognize him. As the story plays out, Mental learns that not only do they not know who he is, but they don't even know the purpose of the briefcase. Hence the scene at the restaurant.


Corrected entry: When Lloyd attempts to pick up the Austrian woman at the bus stop, there are two extras standing against a wall behind her. As the camera returns from Lloyd to her a second later, the two men have disappeared. (00:01:05)


Correction: It's about four seconds between the shots, which is more than enough time for them to have left the camera's view.


Corrected entry: A police officer states that Harry and Lloyd were last seen heading west on I-80 towards Colorado. I-80 doesn't actually go into Colorado. (00:43:55)

Correction: I-80 doesn't go into Colorado, but it heads straight towards it, and it almost goes into the state, but it turns away only a few miles at most from the border, and then circles around the north side of the state very close to the border. So the cops could definitely have determined that they were heading towards Colorado, and the waitress probably overheard Harry and Lloyd's conversation with Mental about going to Aspen, and the cop said that he talked to her, so he could have figured where the boys were headed, and the siting report of them verified it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lloyd asks the old lady to watch his stuff so that he can break a dollar, he leaves with the big hat on. But when he gets back to his apartment and is crying about being robbed by a sweet old lady, he is not wearing the hat. There is no way that she was able to steal it from him when he left her. (00:15:20)

Correction: This mistake is based on assuming the old lady took it. Since we see him walk away with the hat, then she could not have taken it; therefore, not a mistake. Lloyd losing the hat in some other way between leaving the old lady and returning to the apartment is completely plausible and fits into his character.


Corrected entry: When Harry, Joe, and Lloyd are at Dante's restaurant, notice the position of the brown pitcher sitting on the counter. It's almost in between Harry and Joe. When Joe moves the hot peppers, after Harry and Lloyd start gagging, the brown pitcher magically moves closer to the peppers. (00:41:40)


Correction: It is probably a water pitcher, and while everyone was looking at them in the between shot of everyone turning to look at them, Harry and/or Lloyd could have easily drunken water from it to ease the burning of the peppers, and then placed it back down on the counter closer to the peppers than it was before.

Corrected entry: When Jim Carrey says, "Eeny, meeny, miney, MOE.", the word MOE does not match his mouth. His mouth is in a tight smirk and it is near impossible to say MOE without moving your lips.

Correction: If you watch closely (you may even have to slow-frame it), you can see that he actually does move his lips to say "moe."

Corrected entry: Right before Harry is telling Lloyd that he doesn't bet, they show an aerial shot of the van near a pond and a bridge, showing that they had already made it past this point. But then when Joe pretends to be a hitchhiker, he's in the same spot where the aerial shot was shown. Joe is being picked up by Harry and Lloyd at a place they have already passed.

Sir William

Correction: This mistake has already been submitted.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Lloyd are sitting at the truck stop, Harry spills the salt. Just before this you can hear the salt being knocked over. There are 4 quick noises then another about a second after that. When salt shakers fall, they don't make five noises just one.

Correction: The salt shaker is plastic, and therefore probably bounced a few times on the wooden table, creating the first four noises. And the last noise was Harry placing his soda glass back on the table (you can tell because it sounds different from the previous four noises).

Corrected entry: When Lloyd is robbed by the old lady, it is night but when he gets back to the apartment, it is daytime.

Correction: The light outside the windows does not look quite like sunlight. It looks like moonlight or exterior lighting.

Corrected entry: When the door to Harry and Loyd's apartment is shown from the inside of the apartment, it has an unpainted plywood patch over a missing panel. But when Mental and Shay are reading the "gas man" note, which was pinned to the outside of the same door, It has no panels missing.

Correction: Watch the shot from the apartment interior again. The panel is only on the inside of the door. Just before Lloyd slams it shut, the outside (the side facing out into the corridor) of the door is visible and has no panels missing.

Corrected entry: When Lloyd first goes into the restroom at the gas station, he has to use a restroom key. However, when Harry enters the restroom later to douse his flaming pant leg, he enters the bathroom without the key.

Correction: Like many service station restrooms, the key is simply used to unlock the door. That is why Sea Bass is also able to enter the bathroom after Lloyd, as well as Harry, too, thereafter.


Corrected entry: Once Harry sits on the toilet at Mary's house, he lifts his legs off the floor, and his eyes are closed. Then it switches to a front shot of him a few seconds later, and his eyes are now open.

Correction: It only takes a split second to open one's eyes, not even "a few seconds". No mistake here.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene at the truck stop when the waitress is taking orders from Harry and Lloyd, in the first shot the waitress has a silver name tag, but in the next shot it is blue.

Correction: If you look closely at the name tag, you can see it's blue, but the reflected light obscures the blue color.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lloyd is in the toilets and reading the graffiti, the shot is cut to him looking at his watch to see if it's 2:15 a.m. If you pause the video and look closely, you will see that it is actually a plastic arm with fake hairs stuck on it. (00:44:15)

Correction: If you have to pause the movie to see the mistake, it is not a valid mistake.

Corrected entry: After Lloyd has the briefcase and looks at the airport flight departure screens, he says "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo." and in the background there is a woman sitting on a bench staring and smiling directly at the camera.

Correction: She is not. Pay close attention to her eyes; she is looking at the other woman sitting on the bench and smiling to her. Also, her head movements implicate that she is having a conversation.

Corrected entry: When Lloyd and Harry are in the hotel room watching TV, they are crying while watching a phone company commercial. The commercial is for Pacific Bell. They are in Aspen. Colorado was a Mountain Bell state (that is to say, back when the phone company in Colorado was still known as "Mountain Bell"). It makes no sense that a "Pacific Bell" commercial would air in Colorado.

Correction: Most of the very, very expensive "deluxe presidential suites" come standard with "Satellite Television Programming" for the TV set. They could have easily been watching a program that was broadcast originally on the coast. Furthermore, some "basic cable" packages include channels from other states as well. For example, I get WGN programming from Chicago on my basic cable, even though I live over 500 miles from there.


Corrected entry: Why does the motorcycle cop let Harry and Lloyd go when they still have open beer bottles in the van? He doesn't even give Harry a ticket for speeding at the very least.

Correction: Well, the fact that the cop drank what he thought was an alcoholic beverage while on duty shows the nature of his character. Given this, it's not surprising that he would wave them along after drinking Lloyd's urine.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: While Harry is walking up the stairs of the ski lodge he turns around when the female undercover agent asks why he never called her. However, she never gave him more than the first three digits of her phone number at the gas station because he lit himself on fire.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected.


Corrected entry: After Lloyd returns from the bar after waiting for Mary for hours, he and Harry laugh about the fact that its 10pm she meant to meet him and not 10am. Harry then says "Well you have your night sorted, I'm off to watch a flick" implying that Lloyd had a date with Mary that evening. But Lloyd then puts TurboLax in Harry's drink as Harry goes to get ready to pick up Mary. It was Lloyd who had a date with Mary and not Harry.


Correction: Did you watch this film? Lloyd suspects (correctly) that Harry is not going 'to watch a flick', but to meet Mary. He sabotages his plans by putting TurboLax in his drink. This is the plot of the film, not a mistake.

Corrected entry: The 'Gas Man' thinks Harry and Lloyd know who he is because of the notice they left at the door of their apartment which was directed towards the gas man. But he still thinks it's a good idea to hitch a ride on their van. For a guy who thinks Harry and Lloyd have been following him around for weeks, it's not such a good idea.

Correction: Still, it was a human decision that anybody could have made. Does not classify as a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: Harry says to Lloyd (about him and Mary going skiing), "Yesterday was one of the best days of my life." Actually it was still the same day, only later at night, because Mary wanted Harry to pick her up that night at 7:45pm, and she left with Lloyd to go get the briefcase, when Harry was in the toilet. They all met up again in Harry and Lloyd's hotel room that night with the gunman there.

Correction: You have to remember the title: Dumb and Dumber. Of course it's the same day, but to Harry, it might seem like the next day as he is supposed to be stupid.

Corrected entry: When Lloyd is having his dream sequences, some of the settings involve Aspen, or a ski resort; but Lloyd is still under the impression that Aspen is a warm place.


Correction: While awake, though Lloyd may have the mistaken impression that Aspen is warm, it does not discount the fact that when asleep, anything is possible in dreams. So in his dream, the idea of a snowy Aspen, however inaccurate for him, is still only a dream.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Lloyd says that the $275,000 IOU inside the suitcase is substitute for the money they spent on a car. He is presumably referring to the red Lamborghini Diablo Harry drives in the movie. But the estimated cost for that particular model of the Lamborghini is not and never has been anywhere close to $275,000.

Correction: Assuming it is a 1994 Diablo, the sticker price that year was $239,000. Add a couple of options, sales tax, title, license, and gas-guzzler, and he probably paid right at $275,000 like Lloyd says.

Corrected entry: During the dream sequence when Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly are in the restaurant, when Jim Carrey breaks the guy's arm, there is a "breaking" sound but his arm bends the way it should normally.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: It's Lloyd's dream sequence, normal laws of physics don't have to apply. Remember also, Lloyd is quite stupid. He might think that bending an arm that way would break it.

Corrected entry: In the restaurant scene where Lloyd is fighting with the chef, he rips out the chef's heart and puts it in a bag. Now watch carefully: when he rips it out, you can see the 'hole' and some blood. But after putting the heart in the bag and giving the bag to the chef, you can see that the hole is gone just as he is falling backwards. (00:33:39)

Correction: Being one of my favorite movies, I had to check this out...but if you pause it when he's falling backwards, you can see blood on his shirt. You can't see the hole because it's blocked by the "Doggy Bag." And although it doesn't say anything about blood in the original statement, I still think it should be said.

Corrected entry: When Lloyd goes the wrong way, how does Harry suddenly become smart enough to realize "you drove almost a sixth of the way across the country in the wrong direction"? This would take geographic and mathematical intelligence.

Correction: It doesn't take mathematical intelligence; there is no way Lloyd has driven a sixth of the country. It can't have been more than between 300 and 400 miles, which isn't a sixth of the way across the country. It's another example of their lack of intelligence.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: As Harry and Lloyd are approaching the Colorado border, the law enforcement officials say they have been spotted on I-80 and should be there soon. The next scene shows Harry and Lloyd on a 2-lane road that couldn't be a freeway. (00:48:30)

Correction: I-80 actually IS a 2 lane road out there in the boonies. I drove out to a friend's wedding in Mercer, PA (which is out almost to Ohio) once, and 80 is 2 lanes through a lot of PA.

Corrected entry: The police woman says to Harry near the end: "Hey, Harry, you never called" at the bottom of the stairs just before Harry goes up to the room. How was Harry supposed to call her when he didn't have her number? When she tried to give it to him earlier at the gas station, she gave him half of her old phone number, and before she could give him the new one, she left.

Sam Johnson

Correction: She never was going to give him her number. She is an undercover cop tailing Harry and Lloyd because of their involvement in the kidnapping. She is just getting his attention with an amusing statement.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lloyd is talking to the person at the bar, the barman gives him another beer. In the first shot there are two bottles on the desk, however when he gets another, there is only one bottle. (01:15:43)

Correction: If you watch closely as the bartender gives him the second beer with his left hand, his right arm is moving as though taking a bottle away.

Corrected entry: Lloyd remarks that he sold some stuff to Billy in (apartment) 4C, yet when the "Gas Man" and his accomplice show up at Lloyd and Harry's apartment, it has a lone "4" on the door. Shouldn't it also have a letter? (00:20:15)

Correction: The apartment I live in is "C5", yet the only time I say "C" is when I talk to the manager or another resident. As far as my mail, I just say apartment 5.

Corrected entry: When Lloyd gets ripped off by the old lady, it is at night, however, when he arrives at the apartment distraught it is daytime. Either Lloyd walked very far to get the "bare necessities" for Harry and him, or there is a plain and simple error.

Correction: It really isn't actually broad daylight. I suppose the reason it looks like the day time is because of the lamp they have in the room. If you notice outside their window, it's darker than what it was before Lloyd left to get the essentials.


Corrected entry: When Harry leaves Mary's house after their date, he shifts the gear of the sports car down one notch. Wouldn't that be reverse?

Correction: On some sports cars, first gear is down.

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Lloyd: This didn't come out of our travel fund.
Harry: Oh.
Lloyd: Yeah, I was able to raise 25 extra bucks before we left.
Harry: Where did you get 25 extra bucks?
Lloyd: I sold some stuff, to Billy on 4C.
Harry: The blind kid?
Lloyd: [Laughing.] Yeah, yeah.
Harry: What did you sell him Lloyd?
Lloyd: You know, stuff.
Harry: What kinda stuff?
Lloyd: Few baseball cards, a sack of marbles, [coughs.] Petey.
Harry: Petey? You sold my dead bird to a blind kid? Lloyd, wh- he- wha- Petey didn't even have a head!
Lloyd: Harry, I took care of it.



At the beginning of the movie, Harry's van has bucket seats, yet later on when the "gas-man" rides along, he is sitting on a bench seat in-between Harry and Lloyd.



If Mary Swanson married Lloyd instead of her fiance she would become Mary Christmas.