Peter Pan
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Revealing mistake: Aboard the Jolly Roger, in the very next shot after Smee jumps overboard, Peter twirls his sword in mid-air and catches the hilt. This is not the same sword he uses in the previous or following shots. This sword doesn't have the gold hand guard, so as to be able to catch it easily. The hilt on Peter's sword is in the shape of a leaf and the hand guard is the leaf stem.


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Revealing mistake: At the bank there is a close-up of Mr. Darling with Sir Edward Quiller Couch standing behind him to his right, just as Nana, et al. are about to collide with the bankers. The camera pans in for the extreme close-up of Mr. Darling, who makes a horrified face. Later, when the Darlings are at the party Nana bursts in. Sir Edward again stands to Mr. Darling's right. Mr. Darling puts his hands up in front of himself and the next close-up shot is the very same shot from the bank. Part of Sir Edward's hair is edited and the background is digitally augmented.

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Peter Pan mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Coming back to look for his shadow, Peter flies into the nursery window and he steps onto the wood floor. In this close-up Peter moves his left foot and as he does Jeremy Sumpter's real shadow is seen under his foot. His shadow is also seen when he is in the hallway then motions for Tink to be quiet, his arm shadow moves across his chest.


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Revealing mistake: Aboard the Jolly Roger, after Hook cuts the rope binding her, he says, "She told him stories. He taught her to fly." In the following extreme close-ups of Hook and Wendy's faces, the modern-day lingual braces, which is bonded to the back of her front teeth, is perfectly visible. It is also visible later, when Hook shoves her down, as she is beside Peter for her final fairwell.


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Revealing mistake: When Peter leaves his throne and says the line that begins "Discipline..." the lost boy who tumbles in on the left is wearing white and black sneakers.


Revealing mistake: Peter has a cut on his left arm and after dancing with Wendy Peter shouts, "Go home and grow up... take your feelings with you!" then Peter flies off. As the narrator says, "Peter did not want Wendy to leave...he visited Wendy's home..." when Peter arrives at the nursery window, the long cut on Peter's left arm is GONE, not changed in any way, just simply gone. It reappears later when Hook shouts, "It's Hook! He flies!" only to disappear again!

00:56:50 - 00:58:10

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Revealing mistake: At the Black Castle, Hook slams Peter down on a rock, leans over him and proceeds to cut Peter's chest with the tip of his hook. Before the hook touches Peter's skin, we see a mark on Peter's skin where the hook is to begin its slicing, that was not there before. Then as the tip actually slices him there is no cut or blood seen, it obviously does not have any effect on Peter's skin.


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Revealing mistake: When Michael is riding Nana down the hallway towards the bath, he is naked, though it is plain to see that his entire body is not seen even when he flips, it is simply skin coloring. This part of his body was digitally augmented, as he was filmed wearing a covering on his privates.


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Revealing mistake: Peter's height changes drastically during the course of the film and is most noticeable during scenes with Wendy. For example, when Peter says, "Leave Hook to me," at the Black Castle they are face to face and Peter is just a bit taller than Wendy. Then, just a few hours later, after Peter and Wendy dance they talk about feelings and Peter is now considerably taller than Wendy. Jeremy Sumpter had quite a growth spurt during production.

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Revealing mistake: When Peter scares away the mermaids, one of them lifts her hands up and hisses at him. As she does the silvery make up is visibly smudged on the palms of her hands and at her right armpit.


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Revealing mistake: Peter says, "There are mermaids! Indians! Pirates!" and then John shouts, "Woo hoo!" When he flies out through the nursery window his gown is visibly gathered at his back for the stunt.


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Revealing mistake: After having been kissed by Wendy, Peter flies towards Hook, who is tangled up in the rigging of the Jolly Roger and slashes the lines of the rigging thereby releasing Hook. As Peter swipes at the lines it is very apparent that he only touches a few of the pre-cut lines and the rest simply fall away.


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Revealing mistake: When Peter flies into the nursery searching for his shadow, he follows Tink into the hallway. The red window draperies fit the width of the hall in this and other shots. However, in the close-up after Peter opens the drawer, he grabs his shadow as it flies up and the draperies are visible. In this shot, not only are the draperies much narrower, but the hallway ceiling is now much wider to allow the shadow to stretch while trying to get away.


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Revealing mistake: Wendy duels with Cookson, the tall pirate, at the Black Castle and slices his cheek in a close-up. The cut is actually on his cheek before the sword even touches him, though it wasn't there in earlier shots.


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Revealing mistake: When Peter says "Just think happy thoughts, and they lift you into the air" he does a sort of twirl, at the beginning stage of his twirl you see the border at the top of the wall which makes the room seem way too small for him to do what he did.


Revealing mistake: After receiving Wendy's real kiss aboard the Jolly Roger Peter quickly flies up and proceeds to fly back down. As he swoops down to the deck and lifts up two swords, most of the kids' eyes are not in sync with Peter's movements.


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Revealing mistake: After Peter watches the Darlings and the Lost Boys through the nursery window, he begins to fly off. The camera pans onto the rug to show Peter's exiting shadow on the long bright spot of light coming through the window, which Wendy notices. This lit area on the rug is much larger and brighter than in the previous or following shots.


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Revealing mistake: At the Black Castle, just after Wendy shouts, "Who be you to call me girlie?" there is a shot of Peter flying between Hook's legs causing Hook to somersault backwards. However Hook begins to lift off the ground before Peter even reaches him.


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Revealing mistake: When John thrusts his sword at Wendy and she ducks, the sword lands between the books causing them to topple forward, off the shelf. The books actually start to fall before the blade even touches them.


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Revealing mistake: After the lost boys put Wendy into the doorway of the treehouse for the first time, right after the one closing the door says, "So looking forward to being your son!": the lost boy right behind him turns, and pulls back his bowstring as if aiming, but has neglected to knock an arrow on the string. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, he turns toward the camera and makes a funny face.


Revealing mistake: Just outside the hideout's tree entrance, the pirates carry Wendy, her brothers and the Lost Boys away. When Michael is thrown over a pirate's shoulders, Freddie Popplewell's (Michael) spandex shorts are perfectly visible.


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Revealing mistake: When Peter is trapped in the net underwater at the Black Castle, it's plainly visible that where he cuts on the rope is pre-cut already.


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Revealing mistake: When Michael whacks the pirate in his groin, he bends over wincing in pain with his mouth open, in the next shot, though the pirate is bent over, his facial expression is completely different and is not in any discomfort. He does however stand at the ready for John's blow, which actually never even touches him, and the pirate's head starts to fly back after John's hands pass him.


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Revealing mistake: Michael and Smee are on the gang plank of the Jolly Roger, in the shot looking up as Smee jumps, Michael's arm partially disappears in front of the sail in the background.


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Hook: If I were you I'd give up!
Peter: If you were me... I'd be ugly!



Unable to make his shadow stick Peter is upset and when Wendy surprises him he zooms up to the ceiling and bangs his head. In this shot the light fixture hangs flush with the ceiling under a decorative medallion around the base. Later, when Peter floats to the ceiling after John says, "You offend reason sir" the fixture now hangs way down on a very long chain.



Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) had to go through 6-7 months of flying practice before he could start "flying" in the film.