Big Fish

Continuity mistake: When the young Edward Bloom is in church and is growing at a quick pace, you see his buttons fly off and hit the woman in front of him in the back of the head. She then turns around and his buttons are back.


Factual error: When Edward Bloom hits the winning shot in the basketball game, a three-point line is visible at his feet. The three-point line was not introduced until the 1970s in the newly formed ABA. It did not reach high school basketball gyms until the late 80s.


Continuity mistake: When Edward is reading Norther's poem there is a close-up of the book. When it cuts we can see the way the book is folded that he isn't reading in the same book.


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Continuity mistake: While robbing the bank, Norther pulls out a drawer which falls to the floor, you can see some notes on the counter in front of him. When it cuts from the other side of the counter and Norther sticking his head up the notes are gone. Then they reappear again.


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Continuity mistake: When Edward is walking through the forest and the trees grab him the key he is wearing falls off his neck, but in the next couple shots you can still see it hanging on his neck.

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Factual error: When Ewan McGregor's young wife is hanging clothes in her backyard, a small digital satellite dish is visible on the rooftop of one of the houses in the background. This isn't something that should seem out of ordinary, except for the fact that the events in the scene were supposed to be taking place during the Korean War. These dishes weren't commonly seen on rooftops until the mid to late 90s.


Continuity mistake: At the bank when Edward and Norther are about to rob it, Norther says "My associate's gonna handle the vault." At that time Edward has passed a pole. When it cuts, Edward starts walking and passes the pole again.


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Continuity mistake: When Specter's poet hands Edward the poem in the close up, the poet is leaning against the tree. Then it cuts to a different camera angle and the poet is sitting out from the tree.


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Continuity mistake: Right after Jenny throws Edward's shoes on the line, the three other characters put their hands out to pull him back into town. The woman puts her hand on his back in one shot, then it's on his shoulder in the next, then back to his back in the next.


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Continuity mistake: When Will enters Edward's room and hands him a glass of water, Edward's grip on the glass change between the shots from under the glass to the middle of the glass.


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Continuity mistake: At the dinner table when Josephine tells about her article about Morocco Will's mother says "We have to pick up a copy", Will is holding a fork and his other hand is under the table. When it cuts the way he holds the fork change and his other hand is resting on the table.


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Revealing mistake: When the house is burning at some points we can see the flames inside the house are fake. If you look at the window you can see some of the flames are actually outside the house. The flames are just reflected in the window.


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Continuity mistake: When Jenny is getting Edward's shoes when he is in Specter, it shows a shot of the poet, with one hand above the table and one below (and he's not rocking). Then it immediately cuts to a shot of him rocking with both hands holding a cup of coffee.


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Factual error: When Edward Bloom and Norther are about to rob the Texas bank, you can see the Texas flag over Bloom's shoulder. The flag is upside down, the white should be on top while the red is on bottom.

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Continuity mistake: As Will sleeps beside his unconscious father in the hospital, some papers are visible on his lap. In the next shot, he wakes to tend to his suddenly conscious father, and the papers disappear. No sound suggests they fell to the floor, Will makes no movements to account for them being on his lap, and in later shots, they are missing from the scene altogether.

01:48:50 - 01:49:45

Continuity mistake: When Edward catches up with Karl after leaving Specter, Edward is standing on the side of the road. When it cuts to them starting to walk he is almost standing in the middle of the road.


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Continuity mistake: The young Edward Bloom has blue eyes and the old Edward Bloom has brown eyes.

00:03:50 - 00:06:10

Continuity mistake: When Will is at his office he is sitting on the phone. At first we see him holding his hand by his chin. When it cuts he is suddenly playing with the phone chord.


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Continuity mistake: After Edward has received the letter from the army he gives the letter to Sandra. Then he reaches out for her shoulder and about to lay his hand on her shoulder when it cuts to him reaching out for her shoulder again.


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Continuity mistake: After Don is done beating Edward he grabs him by the jacket and lifts him up. First he grabs him by the chest, but when it cuts he is holding him by his arms.


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Factual error: When Edward Bloom is parachuting on his secret mission, he is wearing a British parachute harness.

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Continuity mistake: When Bloom first goes to see Jenny about buying her house, the door is rhombus-shaped (as to fit with the slanting house), but when Bloom rips the door off, it lands on the floor as a regular rectangle.

01:36:35 - 01:39:05


Continuity mistake: When the house is burning we can see flames coming out of the window. However when Edward comes out of the house with the dog, we can see the window is intact.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Josephine answers the phone and it is Will's mother speaking, the phone switches from Josephine's right hand to her left hand between the shots.


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Continuity mistake: When Edward and Karl the giant are leaving Ed's hometown, Edward hands over his backpack to Karl as he's taking a different path. In one shot Edward is Ewan McGregor, but in the next (when he's shot from the back) he is obviously played by a child. It's probably to make Matthew McGrory look big without special effects.


Continuity mistake: When the Korean soldiers do their kung-fu bit they end in a pose shoulder-to-shoulder, but the next shot shows them at least a foot or two apart.


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Continuity mistake: When Edward meets Norther in the bank they shake hands twice.


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Continuity mistake: At the dinner table when Edward says "Don't know if you are aware of this Josephine.", there is a yellow bowl right in front of him. The bowl keeps changing position during the shots.


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Continuity mistake: When Edward meets Karl after leaving Specter he walks out of the forest to the road on leaves. Even the shot looking down from Karl's point of view shows leaves all the way to the road. When the camera cuts to show down the road as they walk, only grass can be seen from the road to the edge of the screen.


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Continuity mistake: When Will and Edward are outside the boat, we can see the distance between them change from the wide shot to the close-up of them.


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Factual error: When Danny DiVito tells Edward that his future wife goes to Auburn, he tells Edward to hurry because the semester is almost over. Up until about 5 years ago, Auburn was on the quarter system.


Continuity mistake: As Edward leaves Specter you can see the whole street is bright. When it cuts to a front shot of Edward walking, you can see shadows from buildings suddenly appear on the street.


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Continuity mistake: As the Ringmaster is preparing to sign his contract with Karl, the Mr. Soggybottom next to him shifts his hand from the top of the contract to the bottom and back.



Continuity mistake: After the poet grabs his poem back from Edward he has the book folded in half and starts to sit down. When it shows a close-up of him sitting the book isn't folded in half.


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Continuity mistake: When Will brings the canned drink to his father, the cushion at the foot of the bed keeps changing back and forth from smooth to wrinkled.

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Factual error: As Jenny Hill is signing over the deed of her land and house to Edward, you can see that the recording location (Volume, Page) is filled in. Also, the County Clerk's seal has been applied at the bottom of the document. In truth, this is the last step. The County Clerk will never see this document until all signatures have been gathered, and only at that time will the recording location be known.


Continuity mistake: When Josephine turns off the radio in Edward's room there is a jar on the night table. First the handle is pointing towards the wall. In the following shots the handle points out.


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Continuity mistake: When Edward Bloom goes into the tent with the Korean officers, he pulls the string on the lamp closest to the tent door, and it turns off the lights in the tent. When he turns the light back on, the power string is now on the lamp in the middle of the tent.


Continuity mistake: When Edward is having his speech and says "To catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring." he is holding a glass. When Sandra approaches him, at first we see from behind Edward that he is holding his glass down. When it cuts to them about to hug, he has his glass by her shoulders and when it cuts again the glass is by her waist.


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Continuity mistake: When eating the meal the first time Edward is in Specter, the mayor has some stains on his shirt by his tie. Later in the meal the stains have disappeared.


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Continuity mistake: Around the table when Norther says "At night when the wind goes through the trees, you could swear there was a symphony playing just for you." Edward has a fork in his hand. At first there is nothing on the fork, but when young Jenny takes off with his shoes suddenly some pie has appeared on the fork.


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Deliberate mistake: Instead of being a specific language, Edward has an English to Asian dictionary. I've heard this was done to prevent a particular time period from being established.


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Other mistake: When Will's mother steps into the bathtub where his father is already lying in, the camera switches between both persons and the water level (in relation to the bathtub edge) on each person's side is on a different height. Yet when both persons are shown, we can see that the bathtub edge is fully horizontal, so the water level should be the same on both sides.



Continuity mistake: When playing football, Edward vaults over the guy stepping on his back. In the far off shot looking at the pile there is someone in front of the guy he vaults off of. When it does a close up of him there's no one in front of him so he ends up eating grass.


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Continuity mistake: When the nude lady jumps into the lake we can see Edward's hand reach out at the bottom of the screen. When it cuts both his hands are under water.


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