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Corrected entry: "The Punisher" has a small cameo in Spider-Man 2. At the end when Mary Jane is running through the park with her wedding dress on, Thomas Jane (or at least an extra who closely resembles him) can be seen glancing at her while she runs past.

Correction: The Punisher doesn't make a cameo at all in this movie. The film makers stated that even though the guy resembles Thomas Jane, it isn't him. It's nothing but a coincidence that he bears a close resemblance to him.

Corrected entry: When Doc Ock attacks Peter in a cafe with MJ, he throws Peter at the wall. When Peter stands up of the wall and walks outside you can see everyone panicking and screaming. When Peter takes off his glasses and the glasses hit the floor, you can see in the background that everything is quiet and no-one is panicking as if nothing happened.


Correction: When the shot cuts back to Peter you see people rushing behind him, looking back and forth between the hole in the building and the street. At no point is everything "quiet" and the people are upset.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter Parker is visited by the girl from across the hall, she offers him a piece of chocolate cake and milk. A couple shots later we see white/yellow crumbs on the plate, not chocolate.

Correction: Apparently you've only seen one kind of chocolate cake. There's that yellow kind too with chocolate icing. You can find it in the store.

Corrected entry: When Peter makes his final pizza delivery before being sacked, the receptionist refuses to pay because he is late. The clock behind her states around 3.04. When Peter arrives back at the Pizza shop, the guy is firing him but the clock behind Peter reads 2.10, some 54 minutes before he is late delivering the pizza.


Correction: It's not unheard of for one clock or another to be wrong.


Corrected entry: When falling towards the train tracks in the clock tower fight, Spider-Man shoots two web balls up at Doc Ock. However, Doc Ock gets hit by two web balls and a third goes flying past him.


Correction: Spider-Man obviously shoots a third after the camera has cut away from him to show us Doc Ock reacting to the attack.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the opening scene of the film when we see Peter almost hit his pizza boss, if you slow this part down you can see in one shot, Peter's boss has his hands wide open, and in the following shot he is checking his wristwatch.



Correction: Slow-motion not allowed for such subtle mistakes, according to MM's rules.

Sacha Premium member

Corrected entry: In the operating room scene the doctor is about to make his first incision in Doc Ock's body and examines the x-ray carefully, but not the patient. Doc Ock is not on a respirator (so he is not properly anesthetized) and also not even hooked up to an IV - although there is an IV bag and pole in the room.


Correction: No one is making an incision; it was determined that they would try cutting off the metal arms first before attempting surgery. Since they were not cutting into his flesh during this phase of the operation (and they had no idea that the arms would 'come to life') they did not need him anesthetized.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Doc Ock holds Aunt May over the edge of a building and Spiderman gets ready to slingshot himself towards them, Doc Ock has a spike come out of one of his tentacles and hides it behind his back. The spike shouldn't be in there in the first place, since Doc Ock built the tentacles to control fusion reactions, not to kill people. Also, Spiderman's senses don't go off despite the fact that he is in danger.

Correction: The spike could have any number of uses during the experiment; he only resorts to using it as a weapon after his transformation (remember Robocop's spike that was intended for data retrieval, later used as a weapon). Spiderman's senses alert him to danger; they may have been overwhelmed by the sight of Doc Ock dangling Aunt May off a building - a very obvious danger. In any case, with Aunt May's life being threatened Peter decided that any risk was worth saving her.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: Spiderman has the task of stopping the speeding train that has no brakes. Well, he uses his spider senses to see down the rest of the track to see the drop off the end. Throughout the rest of the track, you can see there are no stops or stations, and it eventually comes to a dead end. So where is this train heading anyway?


Correction: There are no stops or stations after the shot showing the remainder of the track, but there were stations before that. The last of which the train, under normal operation, would not have passed.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Just before of the scene when Peter loses his $20 with Ditkovich, there is a shot of the building where Peter lives. Pay attention to the car going from right to left. When the car is about to disappear, you will see how the rest of the shot is a static image.

Correction: It's unclear what you're trying to suggest... that they digitally inserted a passing car into a still-frame shot? Highly unlikely they went to that expense for something that can simply be filmed with a camera outside the building. This really needs to be much more specific. The shot is of a bunch of parked cars, of course there's no movement. A man enters the right side of the screen just as the car disappears, proving it's *not* a static shot.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Doc Ock's lab is first shown to be a regular building on a street, but it is later shown to be located on a dock.

Correction: Two different labs.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Dr Octavius first meets Peter he says, "Intelligence is not a privilege - it's a gift to be used for the good of mankind." But in the scene towards the end of the movie where Doc Ock has realized that Spiderman is Peter Parker, Peter says, "You once spoke to me about intelligence, that it was a gift to be used for the good of mankind." Doc Ock nods his head and says, "A privilege." He's contradicting himself.

Correction: Character mistake - he misremembers. Not surprisingly, considering the stress he's been under lately.


Corrected entry: In the new "2.1 extended edition" there is a scene where Spider-Man and Doc Ock are fighting on the side of the train and people on the loading platform have to scatter to avoid being hit. But if you pay attention, the train is on the opposite track that it is on in both previous and following shots.

Correction: In the features on the 2.1 DVD, the producers say that the theatrical release will always be the "real" Spider-Man 2, and that 2.1 is just something they put together for the fans. The extra shots in the train scenes was taken from footage discarded early in original production, so they had to basically put all the effects together from scratch using spare background and coverage shots. A few slight mistakes would be expected.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Doc Ock picks up Spiderman's aunt in front of the bank, just before one of his arms grab her, one can see Spidey's aunt has already been lifted up.

Correction: If you look closely you can see that a smaller tentacle comes out to pick her up.

Corrected entry: During the fusion process, all metal objects are drawn to the energy source, yet Octavius' wife's earrings aren't affected at all.

Correction: Not all metals are subject to magnetism. Gold and silver are not.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: The Spider-Man outfit that Peter throws in the trash appears to either have the head attached to the body or a very long neck on the mask. It hangs too far down over the edge of trash can to be the same, separate headpiece, with a short neck, that Jameson receives from the trash collector. (Though this may be a deliberate nod to the comic book, it is still a mistake.)

Correction: Jameson must have tucked the neck up inside the mask so it would hang correctly on the wall. If he hadn't, the extra material would have bunched up under the chin area and pushed the face upward. Jameson clearly wanted the mask to "look" straight ahead.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the stopped subway car, when the crowd is passing the unmasked Spider-Man over their heads, the pose of Spider-Man and camera angle used are the same as the death scene done by Kenneth Branagh in his four hour "Hamlet" (1996).

Correction: Purely coincidental, not trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Throughout the film you can see that Spiderman is hanging with his web from nothing, just from the sky. One really obvious is when you see him in the night, before he starts loosing his powers. He's not hanging from the buildings, but from the sky.

Correction: The web goes off camera so we don't see what it's attached to. He's in New York so it could easily be attached to a very high point on one of the buildings. From a practical standpoint this would make it easier for him to swing straight down a street, rather than at angles if he attached the web lower on the buildings.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When you look at Spider-Man's skin when his suit has been damaged, you can see that it is fake skin. You can see this when the passengers of the train held Spider-Man just after he fainted.

Correction: I've watched the scene several times and there's no way to determine his skin is fake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Spiderman loses his powers, he falls from the building having just tried to climb up, and grabs a newspaper. In this shot he still has his gloves on, but when he grabs the paper and focuses his gloves are off.



Correction: This is not a mistake, this is a transition from the alley to Peter's apartment when he does not have his costume on. You see it from his point of view, as he holds it then throws it, then it cuts to a wideshot of his apartment.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Jane is performing in her play, and notices that Peter shows up, she says "Yes. I mean, no" when the other actresses asks about forgiving. The "I mean, no" part is actually in The Importance Of Being Earnest" (the play), even though it looks like Mary Jane was so annoyed with Peter that she messed up her line at first.

Correction: The fact that the line was correct is not really trivia worthy. As you have pointed out the line was in the play which means Mary Jane's reaction and speaking of the line were spot on so nothing really out of the ordinary.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: After the German girl and Peter eat chocolate cake, and she gives him a message, when she says, "It's from your aunt," she has almost no accent in her voice.

Correction: Two things, first the girl is Russian, not German, and second, she never talks with an accent prior to this moment, so she may very well just not have one.

Corrected entry: When Peter is delivering the pizzas to the receptionist, she can be seen sipping her drink through her straw. The straw can be seen in the container, but not in the liquid as she sips.

Correction: She might just be trying to push the straw up and down the bottle to find the liquid because we eventually do hear the slurping sound from water going through the straw.

Corrected entry: When the train scene first starts, it shows Doc Ock and Spider-Man landing on the front of the train and rolling back denting the roof of the train. But when Doc Ock goes to the front of the train later to rip out the speed control, there are no dents on the roof.


Correction: They don't land on the front, which is why Doc Ock has to walk up to the front.

Corrected entry: When Peter transforms into Spiderman to get to his next delivery quicker, two kids run out into the street. The kids reach the curb, then from Spiderman's perspective, they reach the curb again.



Correction: These "repeat scenes" are common movie making/editing techniques. Its purpose is to show exactly what you’ve just pointed out, to show two scenes shown from two different “points of view”. These are not movie mistakes.


Corrected entry: When Peter is on his way to see MJ in the beginning the police are chasing two bad guys. When the bad guys shoot at the police car, it swerves. The following shot we see from the perspective of the other police car it swerves again.



Correction: It's not highly unusual for a car to swerve more than once during a car chase.


Corrected entry: When Aunt May and Peter are talking, while she is packing up her things in her backyard, the cream-colored Oldsmobile can be seen in the garage. This is the same car that was stolen and totalled by the thief that killed Uncle Ben in Spider-Man. Even if the smashed up hulk of the car was retained by May Parker, her financial situation would never have allowed her to get it restored/rebuilt to the condition it is in. And no insurance company would have come close to repairing a car of that vintage. The car should not be there.

Correction: It is impossible to claim that the car "should not be there" when there are a variety of suitable explanations available. She could have indeed paid for the repairs herself for sentimental reasons, perhaps she used insurance money from Uncle Ben's death, or she sold something, or she did it with Peter's assistance, or the car insurance company may very well have paid for repairs. It is unnecessary to figure out how the car was repaired, it simply was. Also, as stated in trivia, the Oldsmobile is Sam Ramie's trademark.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When getting dressed to go to M.J.'s play, there is a cute scene showing Peter staring into his closet, looking back and forth in the closet, trying to decide what to wear.A reverse angle of the closet's contents shows that there are only two items hanging there, the 'Spidey' suit, and Peter's one-and-only dress shirt/coat/ tie. The gag, of course, is that he is trying to decide what to wear, when it is obvious that he is going as a 'civilian', so he should wear the street clothes. However, after the play is over, Peter (who logically chose to wear his street clothes) is shown running down an alley, and he does the 'opening the shirt to reveal the 'Spidey' suit underneath' maneuver, and swings away on a web. Well.if he wears the costume underneath his street clothes most of the time, why was he looking in the closet trying to decide between the two of them when he knew he was going to be wearing them both?

Correction: The gag isn't "deciding what to wear", it's supposed to show how he's struggling to decide whether he should wear his Spidey suit underneath or not, as he's still wondering whether he should give up being Spiderman or not. It's a tougher decision than it seems because if he DOES wear the Spiderman suit underneath his normal suit, then he's under pressure to go off and be Spiderman if he sees anything happening on his way there (and thus disappointing MJ) but if he doesn't wear it, there's no way he can go off to save people anyway, so he'd make MJ happy, but potentially cause other people to die (as he did with his uncle). It's a lot deeper than a simple "he can't decide what to wear" gag.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: After Peter decides not to be Spider-man anymore, he's walking as a normal person, trips and falls. There are trees and a park bench in the surrounding area where he falls. Yet when he gets up, he is on a sidewalk in front of a building with no trees or park bench anywhere.

Correction: Notice that there are several shots of him falling. This is to indicate that he has tripped several times in several locations; he is in a completely different area when he is finally seen standing.

Corrected entry: The first movie established that Peter was mutated with spider DNA, that the changes in him were at a molecular level. Considering this, even a high level of stress should not be able to reverse a change that was imprinted in is own DNA marking. We're not talking insomnia or losing balance here (which *can* be caused by stress): saying that he lost his eyesight, his little grabbing hairs and his web-making capacities is like saying that because I'm stressed, my eyes will change colors, my arms will fall off or I'll stop salivating. All at once. Just not possible.


Correction: As the doctor explains, Peter's problem is psychological. Think of it like a major league baseball player who's so stressed out he loses his confidence in himself and can't home runs anymore. His body hasn't changed, but it can't perform for him as well b/c of mental problems.

Corrected entry: When Spidey and Doc Ock are fighting on the side of the train, another one is coming towards them. Spiderman has his back towards the oncoming train, yet in the next shot he leans flush against the train and is now facing the oncoming one.


Correction: Spider-Man turns around to look at the on-coming train and quickly reacts. He is therefore now positioned to lean backwards against the windows facing the direction of the on-coming train.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is introducing Peter to Dr. Otto, he says 'Noble Prize for sure' and a few seconds later ' See you in Sweden'. The noble prizes are given out in Oslo, Norway.

Correction: Harry's a businessman, not a geography teacher, so it's not unlikely that he'd get this sort of thing wrong. But Harry is in fact correct. The Nobel prizes are handed out in Sweden, the exception being the Peace Prize, which is the only one handed out in Norway. And, for the record, it's spelt Nobel.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Jane is acting in the theater, she notices an empty seat, and automatically knows that Peter did not come to see her. She was surprised when Peter told her he was coming to the play, so he's not using a ticket/seat she's got for him - she would have had to look at every seat and audience member to know for sure.

Correction: Mary Jane got Peter a complimentary ticket and could have easily checked with the box office before the performance to find out where he was supposed to be sitting.

Corrected entry: When Doc Ock's mechanical arms attack the doctors and one of them grabs a nurse's ankle and drag her away, her fingernails scratch the floor. Nails only have a hardness of 2 and the tiles on the floor would have a hardness of at least 6, so the nails wouldn't leave any marks.

Correction: Assuming that her nails are natural. Artificial nails can rate up to 4.4 on the Mohs scale - tiles (especially old ones) rarely rate higher than 3.2.

Corrected entry: Doc Ock's robotic arms are obviously very powerful, being able to lift people, cars, etc. Yet they have no visible power source, nor do they ever run out of energy. In reality, he would need to either wear enormous battery packs or have a really long extension cord. This would also provide him an easy way to escape from their influence - simply stop recharging them.

Correction: Doc Ock is a brilliant scientist. It's not too much of a streach that he found some sort of high-power energy source that he built into the arms. Also, after connected they may run off of his own body's power.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the end where Spider-Man and Mary Jane are in the big web, check out the bit of web visible between their faces in shots of both of them - it's clear to see the web is just black wire with a thin bit of translucent plastic loosely wrapped around it - shatters the image somewhat.

Correction: Well, what else is a giant strand of spider-web supposed to look like? It has always had that look in both movies, and it looks like that in the comic books.

Corrected entry: When Peter and MJ stand up right after the car has been thrown at them, the restaurant behind them is totally empty, even though when they were talking there were people in it. After a few shots, the restaurant is full of people again.

Correction: Well, the other people obviously ducked and ran out of the way to hide. You can see one or two people doing this as the car crashes.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Spider-Man is fighting Doc Ock, the train they are riding on has no letter or number on the front. ALL of the MTA NYC Transit Subways have letters or numbers on them, indicating where they are going (ie. F, G, 1, 2, etc.). The train Spider-Man and Doc Ock were fighting on did not.

Correction: The entire movie is a stylized, "Picturesque" version of New York, not meant to be exactly like the real city. So details like that are technically void.

Corrected entry: In the train fight, the camera goes down along the tracks all the way to the large bumper at the end. During this time, you can see that the train should go through at least 1 station, yet, when Doc Ock and Spider-Man are fighting, there are no stations to go through.

Correction: While Spidey's Spider Sense is working, the train could have passed the station, as we are moving faster than the train. When the "sense camera" reaches the bumpers, the train could have passed the station.

Corrected entry: Why would Octavius install ropes inside his tentacles? He designed them to control fusion reactions, not kidnap people. He didn't know that he was going to go crazy, so there would be no reason to have them.

Correction: After going crazy, he went and robbed many banks to get the money to build his new machine. That's a lot of screen time we didn't see, so he could have easily used that money to improve his tentacles as well.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Peter is in the burning building, and is trying to get out, three big chunks of the floor collapse. Before they do, you can see lines pre-cut in the floor so it breaks the way it does.

Correction: This is far too obvious to be a mistake. Likely, the fire weakened the structure, and it was slowly breaking apart, showing the three lines in the floor.

Corrected entry: In one shot, the car was so low that it barely missed Peter's head. Then in the following shot, it flew over the counter top of the deli and came to a stop against the wall. Had the car been as low as it was in the first shot, it would have crashed into the counter instead.

Correction: It crashes through the counter and hits the wall behind it.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the train sequence, before Spiderman gets his mask back, you can see that in a wide shot his mask has suddenly reappeared on his head, then disappears in the next shot.


Correction: There is no wide (or any other type) of shot that shows this. Peter is "maskless" through the entire sequence - up to the point where the two boys hand him his mask back.

Corrected entry: In the scene where John Jameson is walking down the stairs at the celebration party. The camera pans over the musicians and shows John Jameson and Mary Jane walking down the stairs as patriotic music is being played by the musicians. When the camera pans over the musicians, we can hear that the sax player is playing, even though we see that the sax player is just holding the sax, not playing it.

Correction: He's blowing into it and manipulating the keys, so my guess is that he's playing it.

Corrected entry: After his mask is damaged, Spider-Man takes it off while standing on top of the train. The train is moving very quickly. When he drops it to his side, still in his hand, there is no movement caused by wind. Physically impossible.

Correction: There is no shot of him "dropping it to his side". The shot ends at shoulder level so we never see the mask after it comes off. Peter's hair is, however, blowing backwards from the wind.

Corrected entry: During Doc Ock's first fusion presentation, he has decided not to thoroughly pre-test the experiment, not provide eye protection for his guests, not provide any barrier between his guests and a fusion reactor, not provide an easy to find "kill switch" (pulling out bundles of unwieldy cables is not an easy disconnect), not have a back-up set of arms, to test in a room full of metal objects (we know that magnetism is a problem; he mentions that the arms must be resistant to magnetism), and to test an experimental fusion reactor in an unshielded apartment building in the middle of crowded New York City. It is possibly the worst planned experiment ever. This goes way beyond being "assured that everything will go as planned."

Correction: Several things contradict this. First of all, we do not know they are in an unsheilded appartment building. Afterall Oscorp is funding them, so for all we know, the building is a science lab. We only ever see the one room anyways. We do not know if there is a kill switch or not, Spider-Man only sees the power cords. And, Ock has likely pretested many factors, as he is ammused of Peter's worries about the experiment earlier. Plus, (most importantly) it's a movie about superheros. As if that is unrealistic enough anyways.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, when Peter Parker is late delivering the Pizzas, but right before he changes into Spider-Man, he gets caught at a light changing from green to red, and right after this change a city bus goes speeding by. If the light just changed, how could the bus be going that fast when the light just changed?

Peter Vanicelli

Correction: The approach to the intersection most likely was clear (for the bus driver) at the time the lights changed. Many bus drivers have the exact same route everyday, it quite possible the driver knew the signal sequence well. He may have timed his driving just right so he would not have to stop at the lights. (i.e he just cruises towards the intersection and waited for the right time to accelerate).


Corrected entry: After he's unmasked by Harry, Peter asks for the location of Doc Ock's lair so he can rescue MJ. How would Harry know it was an abandoned warehouse on the river? His exchange with Doc Ock a few scenes earlier never mentioned it.

Correction: Not everything is captured on screen. They could have had an exchange some other time.

Corrected entry: When Peter Parker arrives at work to deliver the pizzas he is told that he must go 42 blocks in 8 minutes. 42 blocks is enough distance to go from on end of most large cities to the other end. A New York block would be even larger. The pizza place's guarantee was 29 minutes or free. There is no way a company in New York would be able to make and deliver 8 pizzas 42 blocks away in that amount of time. There are a million pizza stores in New York so why would someone order from one so far away and what kind of pizza store would take that order and guarantee it?

Correction: Using Mapquest it is only 2.73 miles from E Houston ST & Broadway to W 42nd St & Broadway (that's approximately 42 blocks). 29 minutes seems like enough time to go less than 3 miles, even in Manhattan traffic, given that Peter's scooter should be able to get through most blockages.

Corrected entry: After the car crashes into the deli, Peter and MJ stand up and look out, but Doc Ock is nowhere in sight. After the shot changes a couple of times, people at the far corner of the street start screaming and running. How did Doc Ock manage to throw a car round a corner? Furthermore, considering the flight path of the car, it certainly was not thrown from far away so Doc Ock should have been within sight.

Correction: Remember, Doc Ock has the tenticles that can reach around things, such as corners, to throw things.

Corrected entry: In the elevator his costume is an all in one, but in other parts of the film he puts the head bit on separately.

Ann Nicholas

Correction: It is not all in one. The mask just blends in with the rest of the costume.


Corrected entry: On his way to the play, just after Peter picks up the carnations there is a scene of him driving on the left side of the street, the wrong side of the street. It then cuts to a scene of the criminal's car coming up behind him and he is on the right side, the correct side, of the street.

Correction: He may have been driving in the leftmost lane of a 2-lane oneway street.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Jane is being saved by Peter from the taxi that has been thrown through the cafe window it is very obvious that her hair is defying the laws of physics. It is traveling in the direction she is spinning which, even if the car was causing wind, it most certainly wouldn't be spinning. It would either be trailing behind her or being blown in front of her from the wind of the car. It is moving as though it were being blown that direction by a fan or something.

Correction: According to the laws of physics, if Peter and Mary Jane are spinning at a higher rate of speed than the the speed of the forward motion of the car being thrown at them, her hair would in fact wrap around her head in the direction in which they are spinning. Since the car never touches her hair (thereby disturbing the centrifugal force acting on her hair), the scene is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene with Peter and Mary Jane in the cafe before Doc Ock arrives, the street scene outside is a video loop. Some of the same events happen twice or more, spread over a few minutes.

Correction: This is not true at all. Sure enough, many yellow cabs can be seen in the background but the movements of the people appears to be unique. I could not find any evidence of repeated scenes/events.


Corrected entry: Spiderman pulls the two children to safety out from in front of the truck, when he lands with them you can see the wires used to drop them down.


Correction: In the DVD version, there are no wires visible at any time.


Corrected entry: Just after Peter decides not to be Spider-man anymore, he is seen walking down the street without his glasses. He trips and falls three times, apparently because he can't see properly without them. The first time he stands up, you can see his right hand reaching for the glasses on his belt loop. He never takes the glasses, nor does he put them on, he just reaches for them and grabs them. The second time he stands up, neither hand reaches for the glasses. But the third time, he reaches for and grabs the glasses again. you can see that it's the same exact bit of footage as used for the first time. Then finally he puts them on.

Correction: It's a montage. During a montage, many times a director will show several shots of the same event happening. In this case, Peter is shown tripping from three different angles and the length of time shown from each angle varies from shot to shot, but it's all the same fall.

Corrected entry: Peter is told to deliver 8 pizzas to the office before the 29 minutes is up. He tosses his box bundle onto a ledge to rescue the two children in the street. If you count fast enough, there are only 7 boxes tied together.


Correction: When he puts the stack on the desk at the delivery, you can see there actually are 8. One is crushed in between two others so if you were counting them on that side, it only appeared to be 7.

Corrected entry: Unlike the Green Goblin in the first movie, Doctor Octopus does not have superhuman strength. He should not be able to handle the amount of hits that Spiderman (who is incredibly strong) lands, especially the ones to the head. Even if Spiderman was holding back a little for some reason, Doc Oc wouldn't be able to take that much of a beating.


Correction: In the comic books, Doc Ock absorbed some of the energy from the explosion that fused the mechanical arms to his body, thereby making it possible for him to stand up to Spider-Man in a fight. He wasn't anywhere near as strong, but was stronger than the average human. This is never explained outright in the movie, but it's implied by the very fact that Ock is going toe-to-toe with Spidey.

Corrected entry: Harry walks into the Goblin room and is startled by the Goblin mask his father wore. We are made to believe it is at the level of Harry's face. Yet as Harry backpedals, he never steps down from a platform and bumps into the pumpkin bombs as he notices the glider on an elevated platform. At that time, the camera pans out and you see Harry in the same spot looking at the glider and the mask is at waist level.


Correction: It could be another mask. After all, Goblin obviously had multiple gliders, so he may have created multiple costumes. In fact, if Peter only brought Norman's body back, it means he MUST have made more costumes.

Corrected entry: After Doc Ock drops Spider-Man off at Harry's house, Spider-Man's legs, wrists and arms are bound. When he sits up after Harry unmasks him, he never breaks his legs free of the ties yet he no longer has anything holding his legs together.


Correction: The wires are continuous (i.e., perhaps one long piece of wire, or several long ones). When he breaks them at his arms, it loosens the ones around his legs, so he doesn't have to break those as well... they just fall off.

Corrected entry: When the woman at the desk sees Peter coming out of the closet to deliver the pizzas, the clock on the wall shows a time of 2:05 or 2:06. You can tell even though it's at an angle, but the clock shows 2:03 when he puts the pizzas on the desk.


Correction: The clock on wall is not visible because as you say it's at an angle, and the face of the clock is not visible, so you can never see the time until he arrives with the pizzas.

Corrected entry: In the scene immediately after Peter decides he's not going to be Spider-man anymore, he stops to buy a hot dog from a street vendor. As he walks away from the vendor's stand, he lowers the hot dog out of the frame while he watches the cop cars go wailing by. When he raises his hand back into the frame and takes a bite of the hot dog, you can see that there is no longer a hot dog in the bun. Nothing to do with Tobey Maguire being a vegetarian, as the sausage was tofu anyway.

Correction: On the DVD at least, at no point do you see enough of the bun when it comes back into frame to tell if there's a hot dog in it or not.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: In the bank scene, when Doc Ock throws the vault door at Peter and Aunt May and they slide to either side of it, you can see the cables under Peter's chair used to pull it.

Correction: Corrected on DVD.

Corrected entry: Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen, both are invisible gasses, so the glass spheres Octavius uses to contain it should appear empty, not filled with gold-colored metal.

Correction: They pressurized the tritium to make it work better and fit into a smaller space. This caused it to become liquid, and we could now see what color it was, since it was no longer spread out so thinly. That's why it was in such a thick glass ball, so it wouldn't depressurize and explode all over the place.

Corrected entry: In the final scene where Kirsten Dunst is preparing for the wedding her hair is parted to the left. When running down the street it remains, however, upon a closeup with Tobey Maguire her hair is perfectly parted in the opposite direction.

Correction: At the beginning of that scene, she's looking into a mirror which would make it seem like her hair is parted on the left. It is actually parted on the right throughout the entire scene.


Corrected entry: When Peter's neighbor asks him if he wants some chocolate cake, in the next shot of the cake almost done, it's vanilla cake.


Correction: It's a yellow cake with chocolate icing which many people would call a chocolate cake. It's certainly not a non-chocolate cake.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the laundry mat where he is washing his spidey suit, it shows that the colors bled on to his boxers and socks. You would think after two years of washing his suit that he would have figured out that it could bleed on to his other clothes. And furthermore, the suit would have faded enough that it wouldn't bleed anymore.

Correction: Considering the wear and tear you see in this movie, I'm sure that he gets a new suit from time to time. He probably meant to wash it separately but put it in the basket with some other stuff by mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where we have the first fusion reactor, we notice that everything begins to be drawn into the reaction, including a paper clip from far away. When it shows Doc Ock's wife, she is very close to the reactor and you can see that she has metal earrings dangling from her ears. First, they are not even being drawn into the reactor when everything else is, including huge metal objects. Second, she has a metal wrist watch that is seemingly not affected by the magnetism.

Correction: Many metals are non-ferrous and are not affected by magnets, particularly gold and Sterling silver, which her earrings and watch could have been made from.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: Doc Ock creates 4 super smart tentacles that hook into his cerebellum (which controls voluntary muscles and maintains posture and balance) essentially making the 4 tentacles seem as if they were 4 extra true arms. This begs the questions: Why would he need these arms to be super smart? And if he makes them super smart why would he install an inhibitor chip in order to shut down the tentacles' "brains" and reduce them to normal arms?

Correction: The arms are super smart so that the process of stabilising the reaction doesn't have to be left to chance. (Yeah, it doesn't quite work, but never mind) By installing AI chips in them, they can understand and run the process effectively and safely, should anything happen to Octavius. The inhibitor chip is there to prevent them from being in charge of Octavius as long as he is conscious. As he says, he retains control over them (in his scenario).

Corrected entry: After Spider-man saves Aunt May from Doc Ock, you see Doc Ock climbing round the corner of the building, holding Aunt May's coat in one of his metal arms, but seconds later, when Spider-man is getting Aunt May to safety, she is miraculously wearing her coat again.

Correction: Doc Ock is carrying the bags of money from the bank, not her coat.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the bank robbery takes place, Aunt May drops her umbrella, then she has it when she's going up with Doc Ock; than she drops it again, and yet she still has it to hit Doc Ock in the head.

Correction: Aunt May has her umbrella when Ock wraps his tentacle around her. He grabs her around the upper chest "locking" the umbrella in as they go up the building. When she falls, she has it and she uses it to catch herself on the statue's arm. She doesn't lose it when Ock grabs her again and taunts Spider-Man into attacking him either so she has the umbrella to hit him with at just the right moment.


Corrected entry: Nobody would dare to cut a metal piece with a saw without eye protection, much less in a surgical room, like the surgeon that first wanted to remove Doc Ock's tentacles. This is before they started attacking, so there was no rush.

Correction: After working for a engineering firm I can tell you that people do cut into metal without wearing adequate protection (for the eyes & otherwise). In fact I have a few places where I've been burned by shavings of metal flying off the main piece.

Corrected entry: When Doc Ock first grabs Aunt May the rope that will pull her out of the shot is visible around her waist before the CGI tentacle covers it.

Correction: The rope that grabbed Aunt May came from inside the tentacle. It wrapped around her waist and pulled Aunt May into the grasp of the tentacle. He probably did it this way as opposed to the way he always grabbed Peter/Spider-Man so that he wouldnt hurt her as much. He did the same thing when he grabbed Mary Jane in the diner scene.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Octavius first attaches the mechanical arms to his body, he turns to the audience in his lab and lets the harness click around his waist, then the long spinal-control thing attach to his back. Needles which interface with his nervous system sink into his flesh, which is gross for the audience to watch, because they all flinch and/or groan in disgust. However, as he was facing them, and thus they couldn't SEE those needles, what were they disturbed about? Also, there's no way the tentacles' cameras could have shown it on the TV screens nearby - they were not activated yet.


Correction: Two possible answers. One, the noise is sufficiently gross that their imagination does the rest. Two, that Octavius's implement has been somewhat explained to them beforehand, so that when they hear the apparatus and see Ocatavius wincing, they know exactly what is going on.


Corrected entry: After Peter has bought down Doc Ock in his warehouse, he brings him to his senses by reminding him that he once told Peter "intelligence is a privilege, not a gift", and Doc Ock agrees. However, at the start of the film the Doctor actually said intelligence was a gift, not a privilege.

Correction: He doesn't say "not". He says, "A gift, a privilege", saying intelligence is both of those. Therefore at the end it wouldn't matter what order it was said in.

Corrected entry: In the bank Doc Ock throws around huge bags of gold bullion coins. There is no way a modern bank (or anyone else) would store gold bullion coins in bags.

Correction: This movie is a representation of a comic book world, not reality itself. The theme of gold bullion in bags heaped up inside safes is a classic hallmark of the Genre.

Corrected entry: There's no reason for Spiderman to take his mask off when he approaches Doctor Octopus at the end. If Octopus was "normal" again, and in control of the tentacles, Spiderman had the same chance of convincing him as Peter did. Why risk revealing his secret identity to an enemy?

Correction: First of all Spider-Man had no way of knowing if Doc Ock was "normal" again. Since Peter had made quite an impression on the doctor while having tea, and since Spider-Man was planning to reason with Ock by using something he said to Peter, it does make sense that he takes his mask off, so that he can look the Doc in his eyes. Man to Man.

Corrected entry: In the diner, Doc Ock tells Peter to have Spider-Man meet him at 3:00 at the West Tower. So it is between 3-3:30 when Ock captures Spider-Man on the train. He doesn't deliver him to Harry until it is night. Considering he was in a rush to get the tritium, he waited an awfully long time to deliver him.

Correction: New York is a big city, and Doc Ock essentially had to walk the whole way to Harry's mansion. It could've taken hours to get there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where M.J. gets into the taxi (on the evening Peter comes to the theater), you can see other people leaving the taxi with there luggage on the other side. After a cut on Peter Parker the doors of the taxi on the other side are closed, and no one to be seen near the taxi. There is not enough time that they get so far with their luggage.

Correction: They don't have to get far, since they almost certainly would have stopped the taxi right outside where they wanted to go they only have to get through the door on the other side of the street.

Corrected entry: Before Peter tries climbing up the wall after his webs fail, he takes his mask off, which comes back on as he is climbing the wall and disappears again as he falls and lands.

Correction: The mask is never on while he's climbing the wall.

Corrected entry: When Peter and Mary Jane are together in his apartment at the end of the film, the collar of Peter's t-shirt keeps changing positions underneath his sweater. Sometimes it is fully visible all the way around, sometimes it's higher on the left or right side, and during the closer shots it isn't visible at all.

Correction: I thought this was correct, but you can see that the collar doesn't changes at all is the camera position and with this you see the collar from different angles and it looks as it had been moved. On the closer shots you can't see it because the shot starts at the middle of the neck you can't even see the collar of the sweater.

Corrected entry: After Spider-Man lowers Mary Jane from the web on the crane and he's leaving, he shoots a web. The crane is very tall and there's nothing taller anywhere nearby. Spider-Man shoots the web upwards. There's nothing for the web to attach to.

Correction: In the scene before MJ and Spidey talk on the crane you can see at least 4 or so other cranes all within web slinging distance so he could have just attached to one of them. He shot upwards because the web does not fire perfectly straight and he would need to take its trajectory into account.

Corrected entry: When Peter discovers that he'll never be able to deliver the pizzas on time by way of his scooter, he disappears into an alley and re-appears as Spider-man, and swings away, carrying only the pizzas with him. When he emerges from the maintenance closet of the building where the pizzas were to be taken, he's wearing his regular clothes... how did he get those clothes back when he apparently left them in the alley?

Correction: This is a commonly used movie convention for Marvelite super heroes. The same goes for Superman etc. They all wear fancy costumes underneath their clothes (it must be really, really hot), many have capes (where do they hide it) and most have special shoes (underneath their own shoes... I doubt it). I wouldn't consider it an error... it adds to the superness of the super hero.

Corrected entry: After Doc Ock wakes back up and goes after everyone in the hospital, he then goes back to where the fusion experiment first took place, and begins working on it again. The people know who is responsible for the attack in the hospital, and yet no police go to where the experiment took place, which would more than likely be the first place the police would check out, since he escaped the hospital. If they had, they would've apprehended him.

Correction: Doc Ock does NOT return to the first fusion site. The first experiment took place in a multi-story building on a city block, surrounded by other buildings. The second fusion site is a solitary, delapidated building on a dock out on the water. The exterior is completely different, and the interior is filled with wood crates and fishing nets. It is not the same building, so no one would think to look for Doc Ock there.

Corrected entry: Why does the driver of the train continue to proceed along the track? Surely he would stop as soon as he heard the noise of Doc Ock and Spiderman fighting?

Alan Sproul

Correction: Why would he stop? It would make much more sense if there's a problem to try to get the train to the next station, where people can actually get out, rather than leaving them on an elevated track with no possible exit.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When in the beginning of the movie Peter Parker is delivering eight pizzas to an office, he stumbles out of a janitor's closet. You can see the stack of pizzas standing inside the closet. In the next shot, Peter pushes back the brooms and closes the door, but without removing the pizzas. Still, in the following shot, he picks up the pizzas which have now miraculously moved outside the closet.

Correction: It's quite difficult to see, but he actually chucks the stack of pizzas out of the door before he tries to shut it.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: The car that is thrown through the window of the deli has hubcaps or rims that are the same as Charles Xavier's wheelchair wheels.


Correction: Pure coincidence, those are stock rims on the Saturn Ion.

Kirill Ostapenko

Corrected entry: In the scene where the fusion test goes wrong and the magnetism becomes very strong, you can see that there is a computer very close to the source of the magnetism, yet the computers are not affected in any way. A computer would be very screwed up by that level of magnetism.

Correction: If this is Otto's life work, you'd imagine he'd be aware of the magnetic effects and would ensure these were shielded. He appears too self-absorbed to worry about factors not directly related to the experiment, such as watches or walls etc.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter Parker is at class in college, his professor asks for eigenvalues. Peter promptly answers in electron volts. Eigenvalues deal with linear algebra and matrices, and have no units. An electron volt is an energy unit, particularly for atomic and nuclear processes.

Correction: Finding Eigenvalues is part of solving many kinds of systems, not just matrix equations. If the problem represents something physical, the Eigenvalues will have dimensions. In fact, solving quantum mechanics problems often involves finding Eigenvalues in energy which are usually expressed in electron volts.

Corrected entry: Peter runs into the apartment building on fire to save a child and even though there are flames everywhere, he is able to grab onto a doorknob to see if it is locked without being burned.


Correction: It's obviously a closet door and he can hear the child is just on the other side so he knows the knob is not any hotter than where he is now. The reason you usually should not grab a doorknob in a fire is when you don't know that the fire isn't on the other side. Without fire in direct contact with the handle, it might be uncomfortably hot, but wouldn't burn him. Plus, he's resistant to all sorts of physical abuse regular humans aren't, so I'm sure a hot doorknob won't trouble him too much.

Corrected entry: The first time Aunt May and Peter see each other after May nearly dies at the expense of Doc Ock, she does not even mention anything about her near-death experience to him. Because as far as she knows, Peter is not Spiderman. Don't you think if you fell from a very tall building to your near death twice you would tell your closest relative?

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: I took this to be one of the 'clues' that Aunt May actually knows who Spider-Man is... perhaps even worked it out for sure during her rescue. Her speech to him later, when she is packing up her belongings, would further indicate this. If nothing else, he was at the bank as Peter, so she'd expect he saw what happened.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: After Peter talks to Mary Jane outside the fancy club, she brushes him off and he picks up a glass. He discovers it's empty and drops it, but you never hear the sound of it dropping.

Correction: He doesn't drop it to the ground... he is still holding onto the glass and his arms drop to his sides.

Corrected entry: When Doctor Octopus robs the bank vault, how did he hide the massive tentacles under his coat? No one notices him until the tentacles burst out from under the coat in front of the vault.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: In several scenes in the movie, and in the comic book, he could retract his tentacles, like when he walked over Spiderman to throw down the mini-sun. In the comics, Octavius commonly wore the trenchcoat and fedora shown in the bank scene of the movie.

Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie, when Doc Ock moves around with his tentacles, it's always in very quick movements, with his tentacles pounding into the ground with "boom, boom, boom, boom..." However, whenever someone actually hears Ock coming, (i.e. Harry on the balcony, the woman in the office, or Peter and Mary Jane in the deli) we can hear very long, three to four-second pauses in between the impacts of his extra arms.


Correction: Doc Ock uses all four tentacles to move fast providing the quick pounding sounds you hear. As Ock climbs the building or is approaching someone slow, he's only using the two lower arms for walking causing the longer pause in between impacts.


Corrected entry: When Spider-man is in the alley and is having trouble with his powers, he is climbing the wall without his mask on, yet when he falls and lands by the dumpster, you can briefly see that he now has on his mask. The next shot, he doesn't have it on again.

Correction: While it is a fast shot, Spider-Man is clearly not wearing his mask at all. The lighting is dark but when he falls and slams against the dumpster you can quickly but surely see his unmasked face pass through a stream of light peering into the alley.

Corrected entry: In the scene after Doc Ock gives Spider-Man to Harry, Harry goes to the table to pick up a dagger. When Harry grabs the dagger off the table (still sheathed) it makes the "sching" sound of a weapon being drawn, despite not being actually taken out of the sheath until later.

Correction: The sound is the metal sheath rubbing against the metal stand.


Corrected entry: Doc Ock pulls the giant sun ball and its support down onto himself, so he should be under it as they descend, yet in the final shot of him sinking into the ocean, the ball is below him and he is falling after it.

Correction: Doc Ock pulls out two of the supports first, before falling into the water you can see it tip to the side, it actually hits next to him and he is dragged under by it.

Corrected entry: In the party scene at the space library, Harry Osbourne is sitting at the bar getting drunk. He knocks his glass to the ground to drink from the bottle. After talking with Peter, he goes back to drinking, but now it's from a glass again.

Correction: Harry grabs a new glass sitting on the bar after he knocks his original one off the edge.


Corrected entry: After Peter changes into Spider-Man to deliver the pizzas and throws them onto the ledge to save the two children, the camera goes back to show the pizzas and the man living there finding them. There are only seven pizza boxes, without any damage done to them. When he actually delivers them, there are eight and a couple of them are now flattened or banged-up as they should be.


Correction: I thought so too at first, but then I realized that the lid of one of the boxes is sticking out and bent such that it looks like an extra box, but there are still only seven.

Corrected entry: When Harry walks into his father's secret room, he sees the glider and the goblin suit. However, when Spider-Man drops of the Green Goblin after he is killed in the first movie, he only brought Norman's body back. How did the suit, mask, and glider get back to the secret room, considering there was only one costume and one glider?

Correction: No, we only saw them testing one suit and one glider. Since the suit was experimental, it would make sense that OsCorp had several suits and several gliders to serve as backups and speed up testing.

Corrected entry: Spider-Man's mask separates at the top of the neck. Yet the mask is longer (just the mask) when it hangs outside of the trash can, after he throws it away.

Correction: The long edges of the mask tuck into the neck hole of the suit, making it look seamless. Otherwise everytime he moved his head, it would expose the skin at his neck.

Corrected entry: When in the operating room, the lead doctor mentions something about the C17 vertebra. There are only seven cervical vertebrae in the human body. Also, he says something to the effect of performing a cervical-lumbar fusion, a procedure impossible because of the dozen thoracic vertebrae in between.

Correction: The doctor actually says '...C7, T1 through 12...', but he says it so quick that it actually sounds like 'C17'.

Corrected entry: When Peter is slammed up against a wall and covered in rubble by Doc Ock, he bursts through and his glasses are not even scratched. Then, he drops them in the street from about three feet up and the lens falls out.

Correction: Actually, you can see a crack in the bottom of one of the frames that corresponds to a chip in the lens that falls out.


Corrected entry: When Peter is looking out of his window onto the city asking if he's not supposed to have what he wants, he's talking and breathing out loud right up next to the window. There should be the little cloud of condensation on the window from his breathing onto it.


Correction: If the temperature is even just a bit warm outside, no condensation would be formed on the window because the temperature difference between the window and Peter's breath is not significant enough.


Corrected entry: When Peter and Aunt May are sitting in front of the bank worker's desk, they appear to be right next to a low wooden partition, with no way that Peter and May's chairs could move too far apart from each other. However, when Doc Ock comes to rob the bank and a hunk of debris falls towards Peter and May, there is suddenly plenty of space for Peter to kick May's chair and slide her out of harm's way.

Correction: The partition (to May's left) is farther away than it looks; she also ends up right next to it, so she probably collided with it anyway.


Corrected entry: Rosie is killed when a flying piece of glass hits her in the face. Later on when you see her on the stretcher, you can see both sides of her face for a moment, and there is no blood or any type of cut on her face.

Correction: The glass actually slices her neck and that's how she dies. The only reason her face is involved is we see her reflection in the glass as it flies towards her.

Tobin OReilly

Corrected entry: In one of the final scenes when Spider-Man is on the cranes, none of them have been affected by the tritium fusion. If they had survived, they would have at least been rotated towards the fusion machine.

Correction: Actually, right before it cuts to the scene of the taxis going towards where Doc Ock is, there is a wide shot of the lab's outside and you can see the cranes rotate towards the lab.

Nathanael Carlson

Corrected entry: When on the elevated train, Spider-man gets his right goggle-eye thing burned, and he tears it off in frustration and tosses it away. Later on, after successfully stopping the train (pretty far away from the point where he threw off his mask, mind you), two children bring his mask back to him. He threw it away earlier, and there was no way any normal human could've gotten the mask and brought it back to him in the situation he was in.

Correction: The mask gets charred a bit, but doesn't burn through. He rips the mask off, but doesn't throw it away, you don't see what he does with it actually.


Corrected entry: When Spider-Man is seeing if he is still able to crawl up walls, the shadow of his body on the wall changes. In the close shots, the shadow is directly under his body. In the wider shots, the shadow is at an angle and is more to the left.

Correction: There is a street lamp to his upper right and behind him so there will be a shadow under him and to the left as a normal action to him blocking the light shining on the wall.


Corrected entry: When Spider-Man's mask is burned and thrown from the train, the whole right side is melted. Yet when he puts it back on, it is in perfect condition.

Correction: The mask doesn't melt away. It blackens a bit, but he rips it off before anything happens permanently to the mask. When he puts it back on you can see some damage to it, so it's not in perfect condition.


Corrected entry: During the first fusion experiment when all the metal is being attracted to the tritium, Octavius's wife has several pieces of metallic jewellery that are not behaving the same way.

Correction: Not all metal is magnetic. This is shown by the fact that Octavius's arms were "impervious to magnetism". Also, take a magnet to U.S. coins. You can see that they are not attracted. The jewelry that Octavius's wife wore was not magnetic.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the car comes crashing through the window, when Peter picks up Mary-Jane, her back hits her chair, causing it to fall. But in the next shot, her chair is sitting fine, on all four legs.

Correction: That was a chair behind her.

Corrected entry: Window in Peter's apartment at the end has a red and blue segment, something which wasn't present earlier: a symbol that Peter has accepted who he is.

Correction: Those panes are there for the entire movie.

Corrected entry: During the clock tower fight scene, Doc Ock breaks the minute hand into two pieces and throws them down at Spider-Man. When the camera switches to Spider-Man, he dodges two pieces and gets hit by a third piece of the minute hand.


Correction: Spidey dodges both halves of the minute hand. The third thing that hits him is Doc Ock's tentacle.

Corrected entry: Peter Parker's blonde neighbor finally gets up the nerve to approach him, asking him if he would like some chocolate cake. She and Peter are then seen having just finished the cake, but the crumbs show that the cake was yellow, not chocolate.

Correction: The cake's always seen to be vanilla with chocolate icing - not entirely random to describe it as chocolate cake.

Corrected entry: Right after the scene where Mary Jane is kissing her boyfriend upside down on the couch, there is a quick shot of a city block, that is shown backwards. This can be detected from the vertical "park" sign that has the letters reversed.

Correction: On first glance this is correct, but the shot actually shows a reflection of the street in a large window, hence the text is reversed, it is not a reversed frame.


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May Parker: We need a hero, couragous sacrificing people, setting examples for all of us. Everybody loves a hero, people line up for 'em, cheer for them, scream their names, and years later tell how they stood in the rain for hours just to get a glimpse of the one who told them to HOLD ON a second longer. I believe theres a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble. And finally gets us to die with pride. Even though sometimes we have to be steady and give up the thing we want most, even our dreams.



Harry tells Doc Ock that in order to find Spider-Man he must find Peter first. Doc Ock finds Peter with Mary Jane in the cafe and throws a car through the window straight at them, then later throws Peter against a brick wall. Any normal person would've been killed instantly (or very badly injured), and Doc Ock doesn't yet know that Peter is Spider-Man. Given that Peter is his only lead on Spider-Man, it makes no sense that Doc Ock would try to kill him.



Dr. Curt Connors, Peter's one-armed teacher in the film, is the man who will later become The Lizard, one of Spider-Man's longest running enemies.