Revealing mistake: When Robert Downey Jr. is taking Halle Berry's blood pressure, the needle doesn't move as he pumps the hand inflator.

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Revealing mistake: When Halle Berry is speaking to her husband about Chloe, she mentions the medications she has given her. She pronounces Haldol like "Haddadol." As her character's a doctor, she would know the proper pronunciation of the medications.


Nicole Sheldon

Revealing mistake: Rain doesn't fall in a circle pattern as seen, revealing the use of a rain maker.

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In the scene where she goes to her house after escaping there is no police tape on the front door even though it is a crime scene. Earlier the police searched and taped her office it only makes sense that they would do the same to her house.



In the film poster, the "Not alone" on Halle Berry's forearm is written running from wrist to elbow. However, in the film, when she removes her bandages, it runs elbow to wrist.