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Corrected entry: When Dutton gives Downey a cigar and offers to "circumcise" it for him, Dutton snips off the wrong end of the cigar. You're supposed to cut the end farthest from the band, not the closer one.

Correction: He might have been distracted and not paying attention. Either way, this is a character mistake, not a movie mistake.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: After Halle Berry escapes from the mental hospital, she narrowly misses being killed by a semi truck. Her car actually hits the back of the truck which creates noticeable sparks and appears to even break a headlight. In the next scene, however, the corner of the car that hit the semi can be seen without so much as a scratch on it.

Correction: She doesn't hit the headlight, it is the wing mirror she smashes. This is shown when she pulls up outside her house with the car's headlight intact but minus one wing mirror

Cheryl Gibson

Corrected entry: No way, no how, would a psychiatrist be placed in the same ward with people she had treated. Especially in an institution where there are people who are criminally insane.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: First of all, when Halle wakes up for the first time in the hospital, they explain to her that she is only temporarily stationed in her own ward until they can find another place. Second of all, she murdered her husband, so she herself is kind of criminally insane.

Corrected entry: After the shower scene the nurse asks Graham how she could do this and he says they always find a way, but at the beginning of the film Miranda is allowed to bring a pen into the maximum security section of the penitentiary? Somehow I think not.

Joel Gordon

Correction: Miranda was allowed to bring a pen into the maximum security section because she was a psychiatrist then. They would've taken all her belongings from her after she killed her husband.

Corrected entry: How did Miranda "get off" from the murder of her husband? Legally she still did it, even though she was possessed by Rachael.

Super Trooper

Correction: She didn't exactly "get off". Although they didn't show it, you can gather from the last scene, she was either declared not guilty by reason of insanity or declared guilty of a lesser crime sentenced to the mental facility. In either case, she spent some time before the last scene locked up. You'd never convince a jury that she was possessed, but you could certainly convince them that she snapped when she found out her husband was a sadistic molester.

Corrected entry: In the scene after Halle Berry's character has the words "engraved" onto her arm, she sits in a chair while her blood pressure is taken. In the first shot, the bandage is on her left arm, then it changes to her right arm and in the next shot its back to her left arm.

Correction: In the scene where the bandage may appear to jump to her right arm it is only because she is looking in a mirror. The bandage never leaves her left arm.

Corrected entry: After Miranda takes the security guard's car and goes back to her house, she gets out and proceeds to unlock her front door and enter. Where did she get the keys to her house? They certainly weren't on the security guard's keychain or in his car, and she wouldn't have been allowed to keep any personal items in her cell.

Correction: It shows her taking a spare key from the porch light.

Corrected entry: When the sheriff reveals himself to Miranda, how could there not be ANYBODY in the police station? Not one cop, not one employee, yet he still has procedures to follow and so he could not just dismiss everybody.

Correction: The sheriff did make arrangements of some kind: he could dismiss many, send some home "sick," dispatch some on long patrols and false calls, etc.

Corrected entry: After she is attacked in the showers, the doctor tells Pete that Miranda cut herself '35 times' (at least in the subtitles). If you count the number of straight lines required to make the phrase 'NOT ALONE', you'll find it's only 25.

Correction: When you see Miranda in the scenes after the shower scene, you notice that she also has cuts on her face and other parts of her body, not only the NOT ALONE on her arm. The 35 includes all the other cuts as well.

Corrected entry: In the medical room after the shower attack, Miranda's bandage changes arms between shots. At first its on her left arm, then on the right, then it switches back to the left again.

Correction: The bandage does not change arms. It just appears to because the shot changes and it shows Miranda in a mirror, so the bandage appears to cange but we are just seeing it backwards because it is a mirror. The mirror is also used several times later in the same scene.

Corrected entry: When Miranda (Berry) is in the guards car after escaping from the institution the brakes don't work when she is barreling toward the truck. But they seem to work as she drives throughout the rest of the movie (at the sinkhole, when she's turning on the road to go over the bridge, when she stops right in front of her house, when she stops at the farmhouse, etc.).

Joel Gordon

Correction: It is the ghost of Rachel who makes the brakes go out. Afterwards, the ghost has nothing more to do with Miranda so the brakes work just fine.

Corrected entry: How on Earth did Robert Downey Jr work out who the killer was just by looking at a tattoo website? Nobody even knew the sheriff had that tattoo.

Correction: Halle described the type of tattoo the killer had on his chest. Since the website was of people who had the type of tattoos the killer had, RD Jr. most likely saw a picture of the sheriff on the website and recognized him.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: If Chloe had really been raped in her cell by the sheriff repeatedly, don't you think they'd have it on camera? Even though they suffered from power outages, you'd think he'd be on camera at least once. Also it's quite hard to believe that a local sheriff would be allowed to visit women's cells late at night without even being asked what he's doing there.

Correction: It wasn't really the sheriff. It was "the devil" (the disturbed spirit of Rachel), who took the form of the sheriff to alert Miranda to the existance of a second killer.

MoonFaery Premium member

Corrected entry: Halle Berry carefully gets into the pool so that the guards don't see the ripples. However, the guards come into the pool area a split second after she submerges, and the pool looks like glass. It would have taken several minutes for the water to completely settle again.

Correction: The guards enter from the opposite end of the pool, while the corner Miranda is in is shadowed. There isn't a clear view the of surface of the water until after the guards get closer. By then, the water would have "settled", since there weren't many ripples to begin with.


Corrected entry: Halle Berry and her husband have been working at the hospital for several years - why does she not know that the doctor's daughter died?

Correction: It was never established how long either Miranda or her husband have worked in the hospital. Or how long the other doctor had been there. Perhaps he just started and did not divulge his personal life with Miranda or her husband?


Corrected entry: In the scene when the prisoners were taking a shower, no one had a bar of soap.

Correction: Nowadays there are soap pumps attached to the showers (in prisons and institutions) so there is no need for a bar of soap. I guess the "don't drop the soap" jokes are over.

Corrected entry: When Halle Berry gets interviewed by Doug's best friend, the cuttings on her arm start to bleed through and she rips the bandage of and we read "Not Alone". Then she gets carried away, but when we see a shot from above when she is gone (the lawyer is still in the room) there is totally no blood on the floor.

Correction: The bandage gets soaked in blood, but when she pulls it off the cuts stop bleeding, so there would be no blood on the floor. The bandage can be seen on the floor.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Halle Berry is escaping in the guard's car, listen closely: The car shifts 8 times. This would mean the car has 9 gears.

Correction: My mums car has what is called half gears in between each full gear, so in fact her car could shift 9 times. It was an MG though.

Corrected entry: We are informed that Miranda has a mental condition after her accident, something with her brain. Why doesn't that affect anything in the entire movie? Was the diagnosis wrong, or irrelevant?

Correction: The diagnosis DOES affect the movie (everyone thinks she's crazy). I think we're supposed to believe the "mental condition" is actually the ghost inside her, making the diagnosis incorrect.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz are both freed from the correctional facility they were being held at. Earlier in the movie, Penelope Cruz has admitted to murdering her stepfather. There is also overwhelming evidence that Halle Berry murdered her husband. It's illogical that both would be released from prison so soon after murdering other people, regardless of the reasoning behind the murders.

Correction: Actually, at the end of the movie when they are walking together, Penelope Cruz's hair is much longer and Halle Berry's is also different, which suggests that it has been a long time since the incidents. There is no way that someone's hair can grow 7-8 inches within a short amount of time.

Corrected entry: There was absolutely no need for the dead girl to possess Halle Barry in order to murder the husband, as the girl was perfectly capable of murdering him herself. She managed to open doors for Halle Barry and to cut her arms. Why couldn't she have performed the murder herself?

Correction: The girl knew that if Halle was charged for the murder then she would try to figure out what happened to clear her name and to get out of the hospital. If the ghost killed him herself, then Halle wouldn't have gone has deep as she did to figure out the truth and expose the sheriff and her husband for what they were.

T Poston

Corrected entry: When Halle Berry is returning home in the stormy night, you can see that just the van's position lights are on. Just after she sees the girls and lands off the road, both the position and the fog lights are on.

Correction: Being rainy outside, she could've turned the fog lights on while on her way.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Grey (Halle Berry) is driving home in the beginning of the film, the radio announcer says it's raining hard in Connecticut and New Hampshire. These states don't border each other. The announcer would have mentioned Massachusetts.


Correction: Perhaps it was not raining in Massachusetts.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Halle Berry is trying to escape the hospital, she has a ring of keys she's stolen to exit through all the gates/doors of the hospital. In every shot of her opening another door she always picks the right key for the door the first time. Even though she worked at the hospital I don't think someone else's keys would be labeled.

Correction: You're simply assuming they're not labelled. And even if they weren't, you could also assume the use of master keys for certain sets of doors or areas of the hospital.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Halle Berry escapes from the mental hospital, the guard gives her his car keys and tells her to take his car. She finds the car by pressing the remote on the keychain and looking for a car's lights to blink. The car the keys end up belonging to is such an old crappy car that no one could possibly be expected to believe that it would have a remote.

Correction: I have seen remotes on many older and crappier cars, its as simple as installing a kit at your house, or having one installed by a mechanic.

Corrected entry: In the shower scene, Halle Berry puts her arms up to shield her face from the attack by the ghost, thereby exposing the outside of her arms to the blade. In a later scene when she's being interrogated by the sheriff, we see that "Not Alone" has been slashed into her inner arm.

Correction: She holds her arm up in front of her face so her inner arm is facing outward.


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In the scene where she goes to her house after escaping there is no police tape on the front door even though it is a crime scene. Earlier the police searched and taped her office it only makes sense that they would do the same to her house.



In the film poster, the "Not alone" on Halle Berry's forearm is written running from wrist to elbow. However, in the film, when she removes her bandages, it runs elbow to wrist.