Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Corrected entry: When Harry's name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, it is written on lined paper and not parchment. Wizards only use parchment.

Correction: In the books wizards only use parchments, but it is not stated in the movies that they never use paper.

Yep I even think its done intentionally. Barty Crouch Junior intentionally used muggle paper for Harry's name to make it more believable that Harry did it himself.


I highly doubt that would be the case because he already managed to trick the cup why go the extra mile.

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Because he wants to be the only person Harry can go to for help.


Corrected entry: After the first task in the tournament, Harry's arm is in a sling. But in the second movie, Madam Pomfrey stated that she can "mend bones in a heartbeat."

Correction: Just because his arm is in a sling doesn't mean it's broken. He could have a tingling sensation that won't go away or his arm hurts when he moves it and they don't know why (magic). It's just a precaution.


Corrected entry: When Frank is hit by the killing curse, he screams. The killing curse will kill you instantly, so he shouldn't have screamed.


Correction: He screams out of fear, before getting hit by the curse.

Corrected entry: Harry finds out that the first task is to battle against a dragon, each champion having its own dragon to fight. Since Harry's name was mysteriously added to the Goblet of Fire at Hogwarts after the tournament was announced, only 3 dragons should have been transported not 4.


Correction: There is ample time between the announcement of the champions and the task. All the organizers had to do is find another dragon.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Cedric is going to put his name in the goblet you can see lots of tape markings on the floor right below the actual "ageline" that was drawn by Dumbledore and there's a lot of them.



Correction: I'm afraid you're mistaken. When Cedric places his name into the goblet, the "markings" you see are the many magical symbols/characters on the stone floor that encircle the goblet's base, under the misty age line - it's about 4-5 feet from the goblet's base (on all sides) to the magical circle's perimeter. A few minutes later, after Fred and George drink the potion, in the overhead shot as they jump off the bench, we see an even better view of all those many markings.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry goes up to the Owlery to retrieve the message sent by Sirius, we see a dark-colored owl fly inside from the opposite window that Harry is standing next to. The owl lands on a square basin but on the far side from Harry, who then turns around noticing that the owl has just flown in holding a note in it's beak. The owl is now on the near side of the basin closest to Harry.



Correction: Yes, the biting owl lands on the ridge farthest from Harry, but then it cuts to a close-up of Harry, so we do not see the owl in those few moments (even on fullscreen DVD). All the black owl needs to do is move up (about a foot) to the ridge closer to Harry, while offscreen, which is not an unlikely presumption.

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Corrected entry: When the Goblet of Fire is about to reveal who the three champions are the clock strikes 9. But if you listen carefully while Dumbledore is talking it only rings 8 times.

Correction: There is alot of background noise making it hard to hear the chimes. Missing one is very easy.

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Corrected entry: After the Dragon Chase, Harry has the use of both arms in the scene where he opens his egg and makes up with Ron, yet his arm is in a sling in the following scenes - where Ron opens the box with his dress robes in, and for the dance lesson.

Correction: Harry is on a high from passing the task, so likely isn't going to feel the pain while is on an adrenalin rush. When the excitement wears off, the pain appears.

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Corrected entry: When Harry is at the bathroom he looks at the golden egg you can see a crew member reflected on the egg.


Correction: At no point is a crew member reflected in the egg. I have just studied this scene three times.

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Corrected entry: In the cemetery scene, at one point Cedric's head is facing down and to the left, and in another scene it's facing to the right. Changes periodically when you can see him in the background. Also his head changes after Voldemort uses his foot to move his head to the side.


Correction: The change in Cedric's body position, which obviously includes his head, has already been noted.

Corrected entry: When Dumbledore introduces the Durmstrang students, he says, "Please welcome our friends from the north", but Bulgaria is south from UK.


Correction: Dumbledore's statement is correct. Viktor Krum grew up in Bulgaria and was chosen to be the Seeker for the Bulgarian national Quidditch team, while attending Durmstrang Institute. The exact location of Durmstrang Institute is unknown. As written in the book it is "a castle in northern Europe, far enough north that days are very short in winter."

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Corrected entry: Just after Harry speaks to Sirius in the fireplace and Ron comes down, Ron leaves and Harry goes back to the fireplace. In the background you see Ron going up the stairs, he goes into the dormitory on the right, but this is the *Girls Dormitory*. When they all arrive in the Common Room in the first movie, Percy says, "Boys' dormitories is upstairs and down to your left. Girls' the same on your right. And also in the first film, we see Hermione go through the door on the right after they see Fluffy for the first time.

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Correction: This is four years later. It's entirely possible they switched the dormitories. Remember, it's a magical place so it wouldn't be difficult. Also, a number of things change physical locations between the films. For example, Hagrid's house and the Whomping Willow have been repositioned several times. There is no inconsistency within this film.

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Corrected entry: When Wormtail slices his own flesh in order to revive Voldemort, he cuts off his wrist before the shot switches to Harry. Later on, as Wormtail approaches harry to receive his blood, his arm is missing from the elbow.

Correction: The length of Wormtail's arm, after the hand has been severed, remains consistent during this scene. It is never "missing from the elbow".

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Corrected entry: When Harry is underwater in the bathroom, Myrtle touches the open egg, disturbing its bubbles. How could she have touched them if she's a ghost?

Correction: We've already seen Myrtle have an effect on our corporeal realm in 'HP and The Chamber of Secrets', when she dives into the toilet bowl in the girls' bathroom and creates a great splash.

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Corrected entry: When Harry is in the Owlery, an owl flies in through the window and lands on a post. When Harry takes the letter off it, it shows the window again, but the beams on it are arranged differently.


Correction: They are two different windows opposite each other. The owl Sirius sent flies in through one window, as Harry stands by another window on the opposite side. When Harry takes the note from the owl and reads it the window he stood by is seen behind him. The windows are consistent.

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Corrected entry: The "Expelliarmus" spell changes throughout the films. In some cases, it just pops the recipient's wand out of their hand (the way it is actually used in the books), it launches a sort of ball of blue energy at the victim sending them hurtling backwards and stunning them (as used against Snape in PoA and Krum in GoF and is not necessarily accurate), or in the case of Goblet of fire, a jet of red electricity from Harry when used against Voldemort. It works for the film and books conceptually, but isn't consistent.

Correction: The effect and appearance of the spell changes depending on the potency with which it was cast. The spell was devised to disarm an opponent by expelling their wand from their hand. But even in the books Harry used it to expel himself from the jaws of a creature. In the example here, with Snape, you could say he'd been "expelled" from the floor. In the case of Harry and Voldemort's duel, the wands were "related" and wouldn't duel each other so neither spell acted properly.

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Corrected entry: Crouch Jr. (as Moody) executes a huge, complicated plan in order to teleport Harry to the graveyard (tricking the goblet into accepting Harry's name, earning Harry's trust, making sure he wins the tournament, etc.) but this plan is extremely unnecessary. During the movie, there is a scene where Harry and Crouch/Moody were alone together in Crouch/Moody's office. Crouch/Moody could have done anything during that time (e.g. make a glass of juice a portkey and then offer it to Harry) that could have saved him going through his huge plan. Crouch/Moody is obviously not stupid, and he would have thought of that plan.


Correction: True, Crouch could just make a portkey and hand it to Harry when they're alone, but he can't predict when such an opportunity might arise. Voldemort and Wormtail have to be ready at the right moment for Harry to arrive, they can't just improvise on the spur of the moment when he appears. Plus, at Hogwarts, Harry has classes on a strict timetable and is around others the vast majority of the time - they can't risk taking him out during school time, in case his absence should be noted and a rescue attempted before the ritual can be completed. While waiting until the final task of the Tournament is time-consuming, it gives them two major advantages. Firstly, they can predict Harry's arrival time to within an hour or so, allowing them to be prepared well in advance. Secondly, it gives them a long period where Harry's unmonitored, away from his teachers and friends, allowing them plenty of time to finish the job before any possible rescue mission could be mounted. There may be quicker options, but the option that carries the least risk of failure is, sensibly, given the vital nature of what they're attempting, the one that they take.

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Corrected entry: During the film, Rita Skeeter's and Harry's glasses have no lenses in some scenes.

Correction: Too vague. Which scenes?

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Corrected entry: In Rita's first interview with the four champions, she caresses Fleur's cheek then slaps it. Fleur flinches before Rita's hand leaves her cheek for the slap.

Correction: She's cringing because she does not like the fact that Rita is even touching her.

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Corrected entry: In this movie, Professor Flitwick was in human form. However in all the other Harry Potter movies and even in the books, he was a troll-like creature. I know this movie had a different director and they sometimes change things a bit, but at least keep the characters looking the same.


Correction: Most things (school robes, Hogwarts geography, ect) are different between each of the films. It's not a continuous series, the way LOTR is.

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Corrected entry: During the first challange, Harry's hiding behind the rock as the dragon sprays it with it's fire. In the closeup of Harry, just before he flys away on his broom, you can see his breath from the cold. This shouldn't be if he's so near to the dragons flame.

Correction: This just isn't true. I've been to many a bonfire on a cold night. If you aren't within three or four feet of the fire, your teeth are chattering. It's entirely plausible that the air into which Harry exhales his breath is cold enough to cause that breath to condense into a fog.

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Corrected entry: When Moaning Myrtle is in the bathtub with Harry, she doesn't cause the water to move, which would seem acceptable considering she is a ghost. However, when she dives into the toilet in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, she causes an almighty splash.

Correction: Being a ghost, she can "choose" to either pass through an object, or interact with it. This being the case, she does not have to be shown interacting with anything unless she wants to. When she makes the almighty splash, she was upset. This is similar to a child slamming a door when angry, to make a point that they are not happy.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Dumbledore talks about Cedric Diggory's death, after he finishes talking, the camera moves upward and you can see the top of the hall. The top of the hall is supposed to reflect the outside sky, but in this shot it does not.


Correction: This was a somber euligy for a murdered student. They probably thought it appropriate to not use the spell on the ceiling for such an emotional event.

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Corrected entry: At the end, when the polyjuice potion is wearing off, we see Barty take off his magic eyeball, but we never see him take off the false leg -- the one he took off before the first task.

Correction: We may not see it but that doesn't mean he didn't take it off. Barty is in close-up for much of the shot, so we can not see his legs at all. Also, as his real leg "grew" back, it may have simply pushed the mechanical one off.

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Corrected entry: Snape accuses Harry of stealing Gillyweed from his personal stores because he found some Gillyweed missing from his personal stores. Later, Moody reveals that Neville Longbottom had provided Harry with Gillyweed because he had given him the book that led him straight to it. Surely, the book wouldn't have instructions on how to steal Gillyweed from Snape's personal stores, now would it?

Correction: Snape does not accuse Harry of stealing Gillyweed from his stores. He accuses him of stealing ingredients to make Polyjuice Potion. It was in fact Moody who was stealing the ingredients to make Polyjuice Potion.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is looking for Cedric at the courtyard to talk to him about the dragon, a blond Slytherin girl and boy wearing the rude badges won't let him pass into the garden. Notice that this girl is the same that later on helps Ron settle down at the Gryffindor common room just after he has asked Fleur Delacour to go to the ball with him. She can't be both a Slytherin and a Gryffindor.

Correction: They could easily be twins. Originally, in the book, Padma and Parvati are in different houses even though they are identical but in the film - they are both in Gryffindor.

Corrected entry: At the Yule Ball, the Weird Sisters' bass player isn't really playing the bass. When the bass plays a higher note, his hand should go up the fretboard, instead it goes down. Also he doesn't pluck in sync to the music.


Correction: On any stringed instrument, the further down the neck (i.e. the closer to the body) of the instrument the player's fingers are positioned, the higher the note produced will be. So the bass player is playing correctly.

Corrected entry: Harry couldn't have just snatched that giant gold egg up in one hand as we are led to believe he does. He would either need both hands or to get his one hand underneath the egg, yet the reflection we see shows his hand in a snatching position.

Correction: If it's possible for someone to grab a basketball on the ground with one hand without going underneath the ball, which people have done before, then it is possible for Harry to grab the egg with one hand.

Corrected entry: When Hagrid accidentally stabs his fork into Professor Flitwick's hand, in the first and second shots you can see that it is only resting on the skin and not in the hand.

Correction: That's because Professor Flitwick pulled it out right away.

Corrected entry: During the first task, Harry hides behind a boulder; the Horntail shoots some rather substantial fire at the boulder, which glows from the heat, but none of that heat seems to affect Harry, who's right against the glowing rock.


Kyle Walker

Correction: Harry just barely makes it behind the large round boulder as the flame appears. Once behind it, the boulder's size prevents any harm from the Horntail's flames, including its intense direct heat, and the large boulder does not "glow" on the other side, where Harry sits.

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Corrected entry: After Harry comes out of the pensieve, Dumbledore stares straight ahead while he is talking, as if Harry is clear across the room, rather than looking directly at Harry. In the next shot, however, Dumbledore's body is turned slightly, and he's leaning down, looking directly at Harry, yet no time has passed.


Correction: Time has passed--just enough so that in the second or two it takes between shots, Dumbledore could turn his body slightly and look down at Harry.

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Corrected entry: Harry summons his Firebolt when facing the dragon; He specifies "Accio Firebolt". But the broom that comes is a dirty old thing that looks like a small tree branch with some straw attached - Definitely not the sleek, highly polished racing broom that everyone was drooling over in the third film. This is most clear when Harry tries to unhook the broom from the tower window as the dragon stalks him.

Correction: That's due to the films being made/directed by different people - they had different ideas about how things like the Firebolt, Hogwarts, the teachers etc. should look. Artistic license, not a mistake.


Corrected entry: In the prior Harry Potter movies, Dumbledore has consistently had "wizards hands", with bluish-grey, long, pointed fingernails. In Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore has human hands.

Correction: The director has artistic licence to do things the way he sees them. Most things (school robes, Hogwarts geography, ect) are different between each of the films. It's not a continuous series, the way LOTR is.

Corrected entry: In the Bathroom scene, when Harry is underwater he obviously has the egg open to listen to the clue. But when he comes up, the egg is suddenly closed again.

Correction: Harry closed the egg on the way up so it wouldn't make the deafening sound again.

Corrected entry: After Harry discovers Snape and Karkaroff having a discussion in the potion room, Karkaroff rushes past Harry to leave and quickly walks down the hall. As he is shown walking away, the wall on the left sway back and forth.

Correction: If you look closely, there is a sort of tapestry hanging on all of the walls that the pictures are hanging on, and there is solid wall beneath it. The tapestry is causing the swaying.

Corrected entry: When Albus Dumbledore talks to Harry Potter in his office, after Harry comes out of the pensieve, Albus has his glasses on, but in the next shot they've disappeared.

Correction: He has his glasses on throughout the entire scene.

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Corrected entry: During the scene where Dumbledore is explaining to all the students what happened to Cedric, there is one shot where you can see Viktor, Ginny, Fred and George sitting in one of the front rows. However, later in the scene we see Viktor again, but he is no longer sitting next to Ginny, and is sitting in a row closer to the middle.

Correction: That's not Viktor.

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Corrected entry: On the train on the way to Hogwarts, Harry sits down next to Hermione. When she talks to him, though, she leans forward, and he is magically on the seat across from her.

Correction: He never sits down beside her. Check the seat numbers on the wall behind him. The numbers are always 2 and 3.

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Corrected entry: In the graveyard scene after Voldemort is restored, he is talking to Harry about his parents but says that Lilly, Harry's mother, is a Muggle, but she was a 'mudblood': half witch, half Muggle.

Correction: While Lily was a fully-fledged witch, she was Muggle-born (both parents were non-magical), which would earn her Voldemort's contempt - calling her a Muggle is an intentional insult.

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Corrected entry: People float in water. Therefore, when Harry undid the rope around Ron's foot in the Black Lake task, Ron should have floated upwards, however slowly, because Harry didn't swim back towards the surface for some time afterwards.

Correction: The four "captives" were put to sleep with a magic spell(s) that allows them to stay alive while underwater, so part of the power of the spell actually keeps them submerged. The binds around their ankles merely hold them in place and are for the task's rescue porposes. Even at the very end of the task, when Harry nears the surface with Ron and Gabrielle, he gives them a push to float up, before the Grindylow attack him.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Dumbledore announces to the school that Cedric Diggory was murdered by Voldemort. He wasn't, he was murdered by Wormtail, and Harry (who presumably gave them that information) knew that.

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Correction: But since Voldemort ordered the killing of Cedric (and most likely would have killed Wormtail had he refused), he is ultimately responsible for Cedric's death. Besides, the workings of a group, such as the Death Eaters or the Nazis during WW2, are often attributed to its leader, even if they do not contribute actively themselves.


Corrected entry: At the start of the Yule Ball, the orchestra is playing a waltz. In one shot you can see a saxophone in the orchestra, even though there isn't one playing.

Correction: I don't know what makes you think there would be no saxophone in the Orchestra? There have be saxophones in every Orchestra that I have played in and listened to all my life. Perhaps the saxophone wasn't necessary for that particular song.


Corrected entry: During the graveyard scene, the year of birth on Tom Riddle Sr.'s tombstone changes from 1905 to 1880. (As the most recent book reveals that Voldemort killed his father at age 16, if Riddle Sr. were born in 1905 this would mean he fathered Voldemort at age 12.).

Correction: On the tombstone the top name is Thomas Riddle, Voldemort's grandfather, who was born in 1880. The middle name on the tombstone is Voldemort's grandmother. The bottom name is Tom Riddle, Voldemort's father, who was born in 1905. Voldemort was born, according to the official timeline of the films, in 1926 (New Years Eve), which would make his father, Tom Riddle, 21 yrs old (or nearly 22, depending on the specific month) when Voldemort was born.

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Corrected entry: When Harry's name comes out of the goblet of fire, you see the piece of paper from a close view, so close that you even see that there is nothing written on the paper, but Dumbledore reads out Harry's name anyway.

Correction: It was either written on the other side, or the writing didn't appear (magic, remember) until after Dumbledore grabbed hold of it.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: In the scene after the First Challenge when Ron gets his package, Harry has a very bad cut on his face which seems to be closed with stitches. In the very next scene when the Yule ball is announced the cut and stitches have vanished.

Correction: When Harry is in the dining hall with Hermione and Ron, who receives his dress robes, Harry has a cut on his left cheek closed with four small strips of tape. In the next scene, when Professor McGonagall tells the students about the Yule Ball, Harry still has the cut closed with strips of tape.

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Corrected entry: Hagrid and Maxime Olympe walk towards the dragons. Harry is under his invisibility cloak in order not to be seen by Ms Olympe. Arriving at the spot where the dragons are kept, Harry lifts off the cloak. Ms Olympe has somehow disappeared.

Correction: She kept walking toward the dragons and didn't look back.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: The dragon that Harry fights for the first round of the Triwizard Tournament is called a Hungarian Horntail, which is the same species of dragon that Hagrid tried to raise in "The Sorceror's Stone." Even allowing for differences in age and gender, there is no resemblance between Hagrid's pet Norbert and the Hungarian Horntail in this movie.

Correction: Incorrect. Norbert was a Norwegian Ridgeback, so the differences between him and this dragon are perfectly understandable.


Corrected entry: When Voldemort goes to Cedric's body he says "such a handsome boy" and steps on his face, you can see some flecks of mud on his face. When Harry brings Cedric back the mud has completely disappeared.

Correction: A lot happens after Voldemort puts his foot on Cedric's face, so there is plenty of time for the mud to have moved, like, for example , when they are fliying through the air whilst being tranported by the portkey. Or even once they have landed, whilst Harry is trying to protect Cedric's body. There is plenty of time for someone or something to have had contact with Cedric's face and move the mud.

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Corrected entry: During the Yule Ball Hagrid and Madame Maxime are seen dancing together. In the background Ron is dancing with a girl, although he and Harry have already gone to bed.

Correction: The person in the background is either Fred or George, not Ron. You can tell easily by the longer hair.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Moody is showing the class the three unforgivable curses, Moody asks Ron a question and Ron is sitting in the very first row (in front of Moody). In other shots Ron and Harry are not in the front row.

Correction: The first desk in the center row seats Neville and another student, the second desk in the center row seats Crabbe and another student, and the third desk center row seats Ron and Harry. This never changes for the duration of Moody's class. When Moody asks Ron for an Unforgivable curse, he stands behind Crabbe, facing Ron's desk.

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Corrected entry: In the banquet scene after the other schools have entered, the camera pans down the staff table. At this table Madame Maxime, Igor Karkaroff, and Barty Crouch are all already visible. However in the shot where Dumbledore stands with the goblet, Barty Crouch is shown entering a side door next to the staff table.

Correction: Barty Crouch has the seat to Dumbledore's right (viewer's left) at the staff table, in front of the large window, and Karkaroff and Snape sit further down on the (viewer's) right. Barty is not shown walking in through the side door as Dumbledore speaks to the students. Barty is, however, shown walking directly behind the staff chairs toward the viewer's right, with the tall glistening glass cylinders located on the wall behind him (Snape sits nearly in front of these cylinders), in order to walk around the staff table to reach the front, where Dumbledore stands.

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Corrected entry: During the second task, when Harry has reached the four prisoners, it is obvious that Fleur's little sister's hair is silvery-white. However, in all other scenes, her hair is obviously blonde-brown. The change in coloration isn't an effect of the water - none of the other characters' hair changes (i.e. underwater, Hermione's hair is still brown).

Correction: Her hair is silvery-blonde throughout the entire movie. Also, blonde hair, especially light blonde, looks different in water but brown hair doesn't, which is why the others' stayed the same.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is speaking to Sirius Black in the fireplace - Harry spins around, looks towards the stairs and hears Ron coming - look quickly during this shot to the top of the picture (in the dark) you will see a person walking right to left. Can't be anyone who's meant to be there - Harry's definitely alone and there's no implication this is meant to be someone listening in.

Joseph Brinson

Correction: You are seeing Ron on the balcony at the top of the common room stairwell, which leads to the boys' and girls' dormitories.

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Corrected entry: When Harry is taken into Moody's office and he takes his leg off you can see his "special eye" change from the normal left hand side of his head to the right and back again.

Correction: What you are seeing is Moody's reflection in the Foe-Glass.

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Corrected entry: During the dragon task, Harry falls off his broom and hangs from a window of the castle; his broom is lying/hanging on the roof above him. Yet, in the wide shot from above, the broom is nowhere to be seen - at least the metal footrest should have been visible.


Correction: Once Harry falls from the first (top) window, down to the window below where his broom is located, the broom is indeed seen on that roof in the overhead shot looking down, albeit rather small.

Corrected entry: When the Durmstrang ship sinks into the water at the end, there is no disturbance in the water once it's below the surface. When it arrived there were plenty of waves and ripples, so it can't be an enchantment to prevent it disturbing the surface.

Correction: The submerged ship was moving at a much slower speed for their departure, and there would be less visible wake. When Durmstrang arrived, they were traveling at a fast pace to make a dramatic entrance. They could also have used magic to ripple the water for a more theatrical effect and to announce their arrival. When they depart, the mood is much more somber.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, where the muggle caretaker is in his house before he is killed by Voldemort, he lights a fire and puts a pot of tea on to boil. In the next shot you can see that he still has the pot in his hand, even though he had already put it down.

Correction: Frank Bryce, the caretaker puts a silver water kettle on the fire in the close-up, and in the next wideshot walks away from the stove. In the next shot Frank is holding another dark round kettle with tea bags. After Frank is killed the silver water kettle is shown whistling on the stove.

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Corrected entry: On the tombstone, you first see the name as Tom Riddle. Later when Harry is tied to it, it is Thomas Riddle.

Correction: On the tombstone there are three names: at the top is Thomas Riddle and the third name down is Tom Riddle.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry is talking to Sirius Black in the fire, he throws a Daily Prophet into the fire and it bounces back out again. There are only cinders and burning wood in the fire during that scene, but after Sirius has gone, the shot goes to the same newspaper that has just bounced out of the fire, which is now in the fireplace, happily burning.

Correction: When Sirius appears the crumpled Daily Prophet rests on the floor (of the actual fireplace), to the left of the base of the iron log grate (in which Sirius' face appears), during the rest of the scene. In the last shot, after the fire's embers cause the newspaper to catch fire, the newspaper is still at the base of the grate - note the grate's iron leg beside the paper as it burns.

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Corrected entry: Moody says in class that it's hard to separate the people who were truly under the Imperius curse from the liars. But in the maze when Krum is under the curse his eyes are hazed over and he has no pupils. Wouldn't it be fairly easy to tell who's under the curse if their eyes were like that?

Correction: Their eyes are like that while under the spell, but the wizards could claim they had been under the spell at some point previously i.e. when committing crimes and it would be almost impossible to prove.

Corrected entry: Wormtail killed Cedric, not Voldemort, so why does Cedric come out of Voldemort's wand?

Correction: Wormtail used Voldemort's wand to kill Cedric. Shortly afterwards, Voldemort asks Wormtail for his wand back, which Wormtail coughs up.

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Corrected entry: If the plan to restrict the age of entry for the tri-wizard tournament was for safety reasons, why does nobody at Hogwarts have the least problem with tying Ron, Hermione, and Fleur's sister (all underage) to the bottom of the lake as part of one of the trials? This seems especially significant as the implication of Harry's rescuing of the sister is that without him she would never have escaped at all.

Correction: The students who were underwater were protected by magic and closely monitored by school officials; the triwizard contestants were not. It only appears that Harry rescued Fleur's sister. She was actually never in any danger. In HP and the Order of the Phoenix, Hermione criticizes Harry for acting foolishly, telling him he often blindly rushes in to be the hero - a trait that makes him dangerously predictable to his enemies and eventually leads to tragic consequences.

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Corrected entry: After the second task Dumbledore awarded Harry second place, but at the beginning of the third task Dumbledore says Harry and Cedric are tied for first.

Correction: Harry is awarded second place only for the underwater task (Cedric was first). Harry was first in the dragon event, and Cedric was in second place. The competitors' overall standing before the final task includes how well they scored in "both" the first and second challenges. That is why Cedric and Harry are tied for first place at the start of the final event.

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Corrected entry: When Harry is reading the 'Daily Prophet', one of the headlines is "Tragic Teenager", even though in the news story itself Harry is quoted as being "Twelve years old".

Correction: But remember, this is Rita Skeeter's article. She does not care very much about actual facts, and constantly makes things up about Harry to capture the attention of the reader. The headline would sound better with the alliteration of "Tragic teenager", but in the "story" itself it would be so much more dramatic and tragic the younger Harry was portrayed.


Corrected entry: Sirius Black sends a letter to Harry and tells him that he sent a different owl because the Ministry has been checking the owls' letters. Later, Harry sends him a letter addressed "Sirius Black". Wouldn't the Ministry catch this and be alerted that Harry is writing to an escaped criminal?In the books, Harry addresses his letters to Sirius as "Snuffles" to make sure no one finds out he's writing to him, but this is not mentioned in the movie.

Correction: When Harry sends the letter marked Sirius Black, he is on the train and not at the school. The Ministry is checking the Owls from and to the school.


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Professor McGonagall: Professor Moody! What are you doing?
Professor 'Mad-Eye' Moody: Teaching.
Professor McGonagall: Is... Is that a student?
Professor 'Mad-Eye' Moody: Technically it's a ferret.



Straight after the second task Hermione wraps her own white towel round Harry, but between shots it jumps back to her shoulders, then back to Harry's several times.



There is an actual band in Canada called the Wyrd Sisters who tried to stop the November 18th release of 'Goblet of Fire' in Canada because there is a band of the same name in the movie, but they lost their case.