Down Periscope

Plot hole: How did Admiral Graham know how the Stingray got past the Orlando in Charleston? Did Dodge tell the Admiral that they pretended to be a fishing boat on top of the water? Admiral Graham specifically stated that "the weather was the deciding factor." How would he know this unless he knew the exact tactics involved? Generally the weather doesn't affect the submarines underwater.

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Suggested correction: Graham did not know how the Stingray got to Charleston. He was making a very flimsy excuse.

Factual error: When the submarine rises in the waters of Norfolk and you see Norfolk in the background, there is one blatant problem. There are NO mountains in Norfolk. Most of Norfolk, Virginia, is below sea level.

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Sonar: Sir, it's the Orlando. Somebody just dropped forty-five cents.
Dodge: Are you sure?
Sonar: Oh, yeah. A quarter and...two dimes.

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Question: Whose picture did Dodge salute in his cabin when he said "live to fight another day"?

Answer: Dodge says "We live to fight another day, Captain." suggesting that the photo is of the previous captain of the Stingray.

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