Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Corrected entry: When boarding the knightbus, the back of Harry's jacket is wet from when he fell on the ground. but moments later when it shows him walking through the bus, his top is bone dry.



Correction: This was already noted earlier.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Hermione watched their past selves from the wood, there were some scenes where events happened too fast in second scenario. They see Lupin say "Immobilis" and the Whomping Willow stops moving, then just a few seconds later they see Snape coming. But the first time, Snape arrives in the Shrieking Shack few minutes after Lupin. Also Lupin transforming into a werewolf is too short in the second scenario. Hermione howls a few seconds after he changes, but the first time, Lupin transforms, then he fights with Sirius for about a minute.


Correction: The second time we see all these scenes, i.e. when Harry and Hermione have gone back in time, we aren't seeing them in real time. The director has displayed the scenes differently to the audience, in order to underscore that they are now shown from a different perspective (time-traveling Harry and Hermione's). This was an artistic choice by the filmmaker, not a film mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Snape takes over the Defense against the dark arts class, (about werewolves) when the projector changes slides, on the screen the image moves clockwise at the top. However, when you see the projector, the light enabling a picture to be projected is on the bottom and the slides rotate counter clockwise.


Correction: Many projectors flip the image, showing it on the screen upside down and backward to the film's orientation. This must be one of those projectors.

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Corrected entry: In Chamber of Secrets and The Philosopher's Stone, the Fat Lady's portrait is located in a hall near no stairs. In this movie, the portrait is located on the stairs.


Correction: That's a conscious choice by the filmmakers - several things change around between the two/three films due to them having different views on how they want the scenes to look (most prominently the location of Hagrid's hut). But if one is to be pedantic about it; the portrait is a painting. It can easily be taken down and moved to a different location.


Corrected entry: During the first patronus scene we clearly see a stag, but in the second scene, when the shot changes to a wide view of all the river, we don't see it.



Correction: The two scenes are from completely different angles.

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Corrected entry: Just after Harry and Hermione rescue Sirius, they proceed to enter the clocktower from the courtyard; however, just after they enter the doorway and disappear, a figure can be seen in the doorway that hovers for a second, then shrinks, and moves to the side.


Correction: As the camera pans upward, we see Hermione, followed by Harry, run through the cathedral-style archway, and once they enter the lit doorway within, first Hermione turns to the right and then Harry turns to the right, so both are gone from view at this point. It is Harry who is the "figure...seen in the doorway" just before he turns to his right.

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Corrected entry: In the very beginning, Harry is performing the Lumos spell in his bedroom. He's underage, therefore he should be well aware that he's breaking the secrecy rule and should have been alerted to the Ministry, yet they only take notice of him when he 'blows up' his aunt.


Correction: They only intervene when he blows up his aunt, but that doesn't mean that they didn't notice when he used the Lumos spell. Regardless, the Ministry is shown to have discretion in these matters. Harry gets into trouble for blowing up his aunt because there are Muggles present, thus violating the Statute of Secrecy. The same applies in Order of the Phoenix, when he uses the Patronus charm with Dudley present. A student using a low-level spell with no Muggles present, thus not breaking the secrecy regulations, in a manner that clearly indicates that they're practicing, is not going to worry the Ministry.

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Corrected entry: Hermione says that Harry wouldn't want to run into himself in the past, that he'll go mad. There have most likely been many instances when something like that would happen, a polyjuice user encountering the sample, for instance. It would probably cause confusion, but it's very unlikely that someone would go insane as a result.


Correction: She meant Harry's past self, who doesn't yet know about time-travel, would. At any rate, it was a figure of speech. Not that he'd just start drooling in his Cheerios with an Aluminum foil hat on his head at the mere sight of himself. Just that his past self's reaction could be dangerous.

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Corrected entry: When the dementor leaves the train you can see a person's face.


Correction: Way too vague to be considered a mistake. Where is the face? Is it a crewmember's face or just one of the characters?

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Corrected entry: When Harry is going to his room at the Leaky Cauldron, after talking to Fudge, we see Tom walk out of the room with nothing in his hands. In the next shot, he is carrying Harry's books.

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Correction: When Tom pushes Harry's chair back and pulls the boy by his shirt, we see the stack of books in the crook of Tom's right arm, just before he walks out the doorway.

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Corrected entry: When Peter Pettigrew is seen on the Marauder's Map, his dot's footprints are displayed as that of a human's even though he is in his rat form. However, during the credits Sirius' dot is shown changing from human footprints to dog pawprints and back again. Either Peter's prints should've shown up as rat prints or Sirius' should have consistently been shown as human prints.

Correction: That was just something cute they did for the credits, it isn't meant to be taken as film canon. The Marauder's Map shows what is truly there; Peter Pettigrew is a human whatever shape he may take, so his footprints appear on the map as a human's.

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Corrected entry: David Thewlis was originally considered to play Professor Quirrell in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." Ironically, Thewlis is friends with Ian Hart, who did play the role.

Correction: This is not trivia for this film.

Corrected entry: Platform Nine and Three Quarters is supposed to be a secret platform that only magical people can access. However when Harry, Ron and Hermione have boarded the train and are looking for a cabin we can see out of the window a GNER (Great North-Eastern Railway) train visible on the next platform. The train is most noticeable for its blue colour with a single red stripe running the length of the train.


Correction: The Hogwarts Express is very much the same as the Knight Bus that Harry takes to the Leaky Cauldron, in the sense that muggles cannot see it, even when in the same vicinity as other cars. The same principle applies for the train sitting on the platform at the station next to the real trains.


Corrected entry: When the Dementors are boarding the train, everything starts to go cold, so much so that the water on the windows starts to freeze, and even more noticeably the water in the bottle completely freezes. Once the Dementors have gone, the windows are completely free from ice and the water in the bottle has melted again. This is not possible in the short space of time that passed.


Correction: Neither water nor windows can freeze that fast either. Dementors are magic creatures, and have magical effects on their surroundings.


Corrected entry: At the Leaky Cauldron a guy picks up a bottle and wraps a rag around it. A second later the bottle is gone.

Correction: It's magic. Not a mistake, the bartender was using magic to clean up.

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Corrected entry: When the Hogwarts Express stops and Ron turns to look out the window, Hermione says "Ouch Ron, that was my foot". However, in the next shot, Ron's feet are nowhere near Hermione's. He would have had to have been leaning in order to reach her foot, and he's sitting up pretty straight, too fast for it to change in one shot.

Correction: It's pretty dark and Hermione might have mistaken a big shape for Ron.

Corrected entry: When the entire school is banqueting after their arrival, D. Malfoy says: "Potter. Is it true you fainted. I mean you actually fainted?" In the book, he found out because Neville was in the compartment as well, and he told "nearly everyone." But, in the film, only Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Professor Lupin are in the compartment. The three friends wouldn't have told them, and a schoolteacher doesn't go around telling such things to students. So, as Harry himself asked, how did Malfoy find out?

Correction: There are large windows on the compartment facing the hallway, which showed considerable traffic previously and in the other movies because the snack cart was located farther up the train. It is reasonable that someone saw what had happened during the time that Harry was unconscious or was alerted to the scene by Harry's screams, that Ron discussed.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Hermione is about to punch Malfoy, the wand Hermione sticks at him is in her right hand. It cuts to the next scene, and Hermione punches Draco with her right hand. You never see her wand switch hands in between.

Correction: Hermione would have plenty of time (off-camera) to switch hands.

Corrected entry: Harry's wand looks completely different to the one in the first two movies.

Correction: The director has artistic license to change things the way he sees them. Hogwarts robes, geography, etc. are different in each of the films. Not an error here.

Corrected entry: When the Knight Bus slows down before the two double-deckers, you can see them and the other traffic around it slow down noticeably as well. The other vehicles also speed up when the Knight Bus does.

Correction: Clearly, the bus is altering the flow of time around it to give it time to make its squeeze. It wouldn't make much sense to slow the Knight bus down only to have all the surrounding traffic slam right into it.

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Corrected entry: When Dumbledore is studying the slashes on the portrait of the Fat Lady, you can see, especially well when the light shines on it, that the actual paining is extremely smooth. But a real paining would have at least some trace of paint brush strokes.

Correction: A real painting probably would. An enchanted painting in a school of witchcraft and wizardry might not.

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Harry and Hermione travel back in time to save Sirius, there is a continual ticking sound heard right through until they catch up with themselves in the hospital.


Correction: Yes, but since everyone can hear it clearly for themselves while watching the movie, it's not really trivia.


Corrected entry: On the Hogwarts Express, when Ron says, "Let me get this straight," he glances into the camera.

Correction: When Mr. Weasley originally explained this to Harry, he took him away from everyone else. This tells us that he didn't want anyone else to know, so Ron was also checking that there was nobody outside the compartment who could overhear their conversation - he is looking past the camera, as if the camera is not there.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Hermione are back in time and watching Dumbledore knock on Hagrid's door, Harry glances into the camera briefly.

Correction: Perhaps the character briefly looked in that direction by chance. For the purposes of the movie we are assuming that the camera isn't there, so anyone looking at the camera is simply looking at something in that direction.

Corrected entry: When Neville has the Boggart explained to him, he switches positions between shots.


Correction: Because of the camera angles there is NO way to tell if he change position whatsoever. He is standing perfectly still.

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Corrected entry: When Molly Weasley, the mother, is running with Ron's rat to take it to him on the train, she shouts 'RON, RON' and then if you listen closely, she says 'Rupert' which is the actor's name.


Correction: She does NOT say "Rupert." She yells "Ron" several times, then she calls out "Ron" once more but it's rather elongated (Rr-oo-nn). It's definitely not Rupert.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Wesley twins are teasing Ron about the newspaper clipping. Harry says "and that wizard from Belgium" His mouth doesn't move, and he shows no indication of saying anything.

Correction: Harry never says anything about the wizard from Belgium. One of the twins says it, but they're offscreen. Harry wouldn't know what Ron did with the article beforehand because he just found out about it.

Corrected entry: During the DADA lesson with Snape, the students' books are open to different pages. Some are near the front; others towards the back. Snape's book is more towards the middle, but he turned Ron's book closer to the back.

Correction: In any normal class environment many students have their textbooks open to pages other than the assigned lesson, as is seen in Ron's case. Then Snape takes quick notice of Ron's textbook, because of his severe dislike of him and his friends, so he opens it to the proper place. As for Snape's book, the teacher's textbooks are often distinctly different than the students' books, so that difference is quite plausible as well.

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Corrected entry: During the DADA lesson with Snape, Hermione's hairstyle keeps changing. In some shots, she's wearing it partially up, and in some shots, it's completely down.

Correction: During the DADA class with substitute Snape, Hermione's hair is partially swept up only on her right side, in one large barrette at the back of her head - though she still has loose hair framing the right side of her face. In the thirteen shots where Hermione's hair is seen, there are five shots of the right side of her face and the barrette visibly holds her hair. In the two shots of the left side of her face her hair is always down, as it should be, and in the six shots facing the front of her face the hair on her right is pulled towards the back of her head, where her barrette is.

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Corrected entry: During the Whomping Willow scene, Hermione is swung around on one of the branches. When the branch hits her, she is facing outwards, away from the tree. But from the above shot, when she's being pulled into the tree, she's facing inwards, towards the tree.

Correction: Once Hermione is grabbed by the branch, she throws her legs over and climbs on, so when she comes about to scream into the camera, she faces out. In the next shot she passes over Harry as he ducks, and it's only her arms that are grasping the branch, her legs are dangling off as the branch hurtles past at ground level. Then at the start of the next overhead shot, we can't see Hermione, however because of the quick momentum of the branch, as the branch goes from ground level to high above, her legs and body position would shift down and all she would have to do is throw her legs over the branch, so she faces the other way by the time the branch flies up, towards the screen.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the Dursley's are sitting at the dinner table and Mr. Dursley says "Can I tempt you, Marge?" you will notice that there is a spoon in the pudding bowl. The very next shot you will notice the spoon is missing from the bowl and the reappears in the next shot.


Correction: The large silver spoon is in the bowl in every shot. When Marge snaps her fingers at Harry, the spoon's position is only different, the handle now points between Dudley and Petunia, but the position change is already noted in another mistake.

Corrected entry: When the train lurches while picking up the dementors, Ron and Hermione go backwards, and Harry goes backwards into his seat. It can't lurch both ways, and they would fall one way, not two.

Correction: The Hogwarts Express not only stops abruptly, it is stopped by the Dementors. The fact that the train quickly jerks SIDEWAYS (as seen when Harry peeks out of the compartment) and also forwards and backwards on the track, is perfectly believable, since it is the Dementors causing it in the first place.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Harry was holding the shoe by the laces for dropping it on to the floor to get the Monster's book of Monsters, then the shoe turns around completely(in his hand) between the two quick shots.

Correction: It's not in "two quick shots" that the shoe turns. In the first shot the shoe is dangling from the laces that Harry is holding, with the shoe facing him. Then there's a shot of Hedwig. When we see the shoe in the third and fourth shots the shoe, though facing out, is turning while dangling. So it is quite plausible that the shoe turned round while out of view, between the first and third shot.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Ron is holding his rat with Harry and Hermione, his rat bites his index finger. If you look closely, you can see that his finger has a blood mark on it before the rat even bites it.

Correction: Not true. I watched this on DVD frame-by-frame, and there is no blood mark on his finger. Only a dark shadow is visible under the finger that covers the one that is about to be bitten, but it does not look like 'blood.'

Corrected entry: When Harry comes out of the secret passageway, he puts on his cloak, and knocks over a box, after he does, you can see a crew member's shadow moving out of shot.

Correction: No, if you are referring to the shadow on the wall to the right of the box's original location, that is a shadow from the box and it's contents as it falls. There is a light source from the left, as you can see the shadow on the same wall of the person heading up the stairs in the previous shot, just before Harry comes out of the hole in the floor.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Ron and Hermione are going to Hagrid's hut before Buckbeak's execution they walk past McNair, the executioner, sharpening his blade in the courtyard. Harry and Hermione run through the courtyard again after going back in time and they pass right by McNair for a second time. Just prior to this Hermione told Harry they "must not be seen".


Correction: Hermione means they cannot be seen at the same time as the 'other' Hermione and Harry by anyone who knows them. McNair does not know either Harry or Hermione, and he is busy sharpening his axe. He would hardly notice what students were running about. Anyway, it's a chance Harry and Hermione have to take in order to get to Hagrid's hut.

Corrected entry: If the Marauder's Map showed Peter Pettigrew, it should have shown Sirius Black and two Harry's and two Hermiones as well.

Correction: This is not a plot hole. How do we know that it didn't? Harry didn't have the map at the time. Lupin did. In fact it was because of the map that he knew to follow them to the Shrieking Shack. He saw Peter coming out of Hagrid's hut and ran to follow. He may have simply not noticed that Sirius was there (or at least he wouldn't care about it since he knew he was innocent at this point) and didn't see the two Harrys and Hermiones.

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Corrected entry: When Lupin stops Harry from facing the Boggart, he turns it into a balloon, and forces it back into the wardrobe. However, the wardrobe closes before the balloon reaches the wardrobe.

Correction: No it doesn't. It just looks like it because it's quite low down on the screen.

Corrected entry: In the Great Hall, the teachers all sit up at the top table. However, in the long shots, the filmmakers use quite a few doubles for the more popular characters (e.g. Prof. McGonagall and Hagrid), because they would cost too much if they used the proper actors.

Correction: Principal actors are not paid by the hour. Movie makers film scenes simultaneously using second unit directors. Often stunt doubles or stand-ins are used for shots that do not require close ups, while the primary actors are filming another scene at a different location.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when he is casting the Lumos Maxima spell, he is doing magic outside of school, which is not allowed.

Correction: This has already been explained on this site. Harry apparently had homework to do but his uncle wouldn't allow him to do his homework. In a way, it falls under the 'emergency use of magic' clause in the rules.

Corrected entry: If you have the (US Version) DVD set on subtitles, when Harry is in the hospital wing after quidditch, you hear one of the Weasley twins talking. He says "Let's walk you off the Astronomy tower." The subtitle says, "Let's walk you off 'a tower'."



Correction: It's quite common for subtitles to not include all words spoken by characters. As you could imagine, the subtitles could very well fall behind the action on screen or have to speed up if every last word appeared on the screen.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning where Harry leaves the Dursley residence and sits on the street to rest (before the Knight Bus arrives and the dog appears), you can see the condensation in his breath. That would only happen if it was very cold, which in this case is not since it's the middle of the summer at that time.

Correction: It's quite normal for it to get a bit nippy at night, in the summer in England. Notice that Harry even wears a jacket, so it obviously is not a hot summer's night.

Corrected entry: During the Dementor's entrance into the train carriage, everything freezes. Because the frost effect is digital, the water level of the glass on the window sill does not change when it freezes. It should have risen as the ice grew in mass.

Correction: First nothing can change in mass, the ice may change in volume but not mass. If the water only froze on the surface or a thin layer all round the outside, the expansion in volume would be very slight. Third, even if the water froze all the way solid, it may have frozen fast enough and to a low enough temperature that it never had a chance to expand to its full volume (as ice gets colder it contracts again after a certain temperature).


Corrected entry: When Harry and Hermione arrive back from their 'time changing' Dumbledore does not lock the door to the hospital wing as he said he would when he left them inside the hospital wing, prior to their time travel.

Correction: He may have said this to reassure them, or maybe he didn't realize they would reappear so soon right outside the door. In any case, there's no reason for him to lock it when they're about to go back inside.


Corrected entry: When Mr Weasley asks Harry if he can have a word, there is a red scarf on his shoulder, when they're talking, there is no scarf.

Correction: Arthur Weasley wears the scarf around his neck the entire time. As Arthur leads Harry away from people for more privacy when they speak, they walk in and out of shadow, and both Harry's red shirt and Arthur's red scarf darken as they stand in the shadows.

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Corrected entry: When Harry and Hermione are going back in time and face the 'Lupin' werewolf, Buckbeak shoos Lupin and Harry says 'Poor Prof. Lupin's having a really tough night.' In that shot, Harry and Hermione swap positions.

Correction: No, they don't. Harry pulls Hermione around to his front, and they stay that way throughout his comment about Professor Lupin.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: When Harry is trying to catch the monster book of monsters from under his bed, he drops his shoe and the book jumps at it. You can see the book bite the edge of Harry' shoe, but when the shot is shown where Harry jumps on the book, the book has nearly the whole shoe in its mouth.

Correction: When Harry drops the shoe the Monster Book goes after the shoe hungrily and takes the heel into its mouth. In the next shot we see Harry, NOT the shoe, as he jumps off the bed. Then, it's in the 3rd shot that we actually see half the shoe in the book's mouth. There's time between the 1st and 3rd shot, when the camera's on Harry, for the Monster Book to swallow more of the shoe.

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Corrected entry: Before Hagrid's lesson, during the scene where Draco Malfoy and his friends are teasing Harry about the Dementors, Draco pulls his hood/hat onto his head, but it doesn't have a good grasp and starts to slip off; the front of his hair is visible. A split second later from a different camera, the hood is snug on his head and no hair can be seen.



Correction: Although the position of the hood changes slightly, Draco's hair is always visible. After the first shot of Draco, it cuts to a shot of Harry, then another shot of Draco, so there was enough time for the hood to change position. Either Draco adjusted it, or it could have slipped down on its own.

Corrected entry: Just before Mr Weasley has his little chat with Harry, Mark Williams looks directly into the camera two or three times.

Chris Blower

Correction: He is not looking at the camera. His character, Arthur Weasley continuously looks around the room to make sure no one will overhear his conversation with Harry about Sirius Black.

Corrected entry: After Professor Lupin confiscated the Marauder's Map from Harry Potter, Harry told Lupin that he saw Peter Pettigrew's name on the map. Although both Lupin and Potter did have their own knowledge about Pettigrew, Lupin was his friend and Potter learned from overhearing the conversation between Professor McGonagall, Madame Rosmerta and Cornelius Fudge, there was no indication that they ever had any conversation about Peter Pettigrew. Lupin's reaction to Harry's revelation was rather odd because he looked worried instead of surprised that Potter already had some information about Pettigrew. Potter himself also seemed really familiar with the name rather than showing any indication of curiosity about Pettigrew. Such a profound discovery should have made him question Lupin about the nature of the finding rather than just walking away from his office.



Correction: First of all, Lupin and Harry needn't have had any conversations regarding Pettigrew, Lupin knows that Harry could easily have already found out about the infamous circumstances surrounding his parents' deaths. When Harry tells Lupin he saw Pettigrew's name on the map, Lupin's immediate reaction is not about how Harry knows the name Pettigrew, but rather the more important issue of Pettigrew's name actually being on the map, because the map doesn't lie. The fact that Harry chooses not to question Lupin about Pettigrew is a deliberate decision Harry makes when Lupin admonishes him. He feels guilty especially after his experience in the corridor when the map 'falsely' indicated that Pettigrew was passing him. There is no factual, or any other kind of mistake, regarding Harry's or Lupin's behavior.

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Corrected entry: When Professor Snape caught Harry missing the curfew, Professor Lupin came to intervene and save Harry from being punished. Lupin also took a parchment, the Marauder's Map, before Snape could confiscate it and asked Harry to come to his office. In his office Lupin mentioned to Harry that the map was a weapon for Sirius Black but he never asked Harry what is hidden inside the parchment nor did Harry ever mention a word about the map. Obviously Lupin should have had no knowledge about the Marauder's Map if he have never even heard anything about it.



Correction: Lupin was one of the people who MADE the Marauder's Map (he was the "Mooney" in "Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs).

K.C. Sierra

Corrected entry: When Harry is riding Buckbeak for the first time over the lake, the sun is at their left but in the last shot when Buck turns right, the sun is now at their right.

Dr Wilson

Correction: After Buckbeak and Harry fly out of the paddock and towards the castle, there's an overhead wide shot of the water below and it's clear Buckbeak does not fly in a straight line, he's following the path of the water with numerous twists and turns. The sun's position changes with Harry's "Woo hoo!" in the first shot, followed by more loud screams in the 2nd shot, and then in the last shot, with another "Woo hoo!" From shot to shot, these are not one long continuous scream and since Buckbeak is turning with the path of the lake, it is obvious that their direction is changing as they fly over the water. Each of the consecutive shots as they fly is not their entire flight, as is even apparent in the next two shots when Buckbeak is back near the paddock already.

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Corrected entry: When Harry firsts receives the Marauder's Map and says "Is that...?" and one of the twins answers "Dumbledore in his study...", the shot shows us Dumbledore's footsteps. But the name above the steps say 'Albvs Dumbledore' rather than 'Albus Dumbledore' or 'Albvs Dvmbledore'.


Correction: The name on the floating ribbon, near the stairs, is spelled correctly as ALBVS DVMBLEDORE.

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Corrected entry: In Dursleys' house, Harry yells at Aunt Marge and she breaks her glass, but the base is still intact after that. When Harry goes to wipe the table, it has disappeared.


Dr Wilson

Correction: When the crystal brandy goblet actually breaks, while in Marge's grasp, there is no clear view of the supposed intact base, in the shot facing Marge and the next one facing Vernon, nor is there a view of where it lands. In the next two close-ups of Marge, as she tells Petunia not to worry and then snaps her fingers at Harry to clean it up, the table is visible and the base is not visible at all in the shots. The only glass base on the table, in front of Marge, is one that is intact on the tall crystal goblet.

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Corrected entry: When Ron and Hermione finds Harry crying on a rock, you can see that Harry's footprints stops right in front of the rock. The only way that he could have achieved that is by jumping and turning in the air before sitting, without touching the snow.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Not necessarily. He could have stopped in front of the rock, climbed up, then turned around when he was on the rock. Perfectly possible.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry says goodbye to Remus Lupin they are standing on opposite sides of the desk. There are huge piles of books to the right side (viewer's right) of the desk. When the shot jumps closer the books should obscure part of the view but in fact the books are on the floor behind the desk and the desk is nearly empty.


Correction: The pile of books behind the desk was there from the beginning. Later when Potter watch Lupin leave we can see the books are still on the desk behind him.

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Corrected entry: When Harry is watching outside the window on the Hogwart Express, you can see the reflection of his face and the camera on the window.


Dr Wilson

Correction: The reflection we see is definitely not of a camera. It's the reflection of the doorway and the long shiny silver door handle.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: In the Leaky Cauldron, when Harry meets the Minister of Magic, the bald man offers him food in a bowl, which Harry rejects, then he lays it down on the table. The bowls switch positions from shot to shot.


Correction: Tom the Innkeeper offers Harry a bowl of walnuts and he declines. Tom bows and then takes the bowl of nuts with him as he stands at the wall. Now the only bowl left on the table is the empty one for the pea soup.

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Corrected entry: Right after Hermione gets angry and punches Malfoy, Malfoy and his goons run off. As he is running away, Draco Malfoy calls out to his fellow Slytherins "Not a word to anyone." When Harry and Hermione relive the scene again, Draco runs off saying "Not a word to anyone, understood?."


Correction: No. Malfoy says, "Not a word to anyone, understood?" in both shots.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when the Knight Bus turns and drives on the bridge, you can see the London Eye in the background. This part of the movie was set in 1993, but the London Eye was built in 1999.

Correction: When did they ever mention that the year was 1993? The films don't mention it, as in the books.

Corrected entry: When Harry is wearing the invisibility cloak, he has to open the doors to the candy store and the bar when going in and out. However, when he is outside walking with Hermoine and Ron and near the shrieking shack throwing snowballs at Malfoy, none of the falling snow is accumulating on his head. If he can't walk through things when he is invisible, shouldn't the snow be landing on his head giving away the fact that he is there?

Correction: The snow is not accumulating on him because he is moving. Any flakes that do stick would quickly melt into the cloak, but in the meantime would just look to be blowing around oddly. If it were snowing very hard (or he was moving very fast), you might be able to notice the snow "avoiding" his space or swirling around him, but unless you were specifically looking for someone invisible you probably would not notice it or not realize what it was.


Corrected entry: When Harry sneaks into town and comes out of the candy shop, all you see is a floating lollipop going through the crowd, while the rest of him is covered by the Invisibility Cloak. The entire stick is visible. If Harry is holding the stick through the cloak, then part of the stick should be missing/hidden too.

Correction: It would only disappear if it were UNDER the cloak. The entire lollypop should be visible, that is how the cloak works. Harry grabs the lollypop with his still cloaked hand so anything outside the cloak does not disappear that is why, for example, you see people, objects through him and see the rock he sits on, etc.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Hermione go back in time and are crouching outside Hagrid's hut, before Hermione throws the stone, you hear the other Hermione in the hut saying 'I meant me'. In the original scene, filmed in the hut, Hermione says this and then the stone immediately comes through the window and smashes the pot. However when they go back in time, there is at least a 6 second pause from when the other Hermione says it and the stone smashes the pot.

Correction: The event is is postponed, because it takes a while for Hermione to realise she has to throw the stone. Like at the lake; Harry expected his father to cast the Patronus, but realised it was him earlier, so the event was postponed.

Corrected entry: When Harry, Hermione and Ron enter the compartment on the Hogwart Express, there's only liquid in the the bottom of the bottle next to Prof. Lupin, but when the Dementors arrives, the level is higher.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The liquid in the bottle stays the same throughout the whole scene. However, the base of the window can be seen through the bottle near the bottom and it looks like this is the water level.


Corrected entry: The Knight Bus comes to a halt just short of an elderly person who is crossing the street. Through the bus's window the crystal chandelier can be seen swinging, due to the sudden stop, from side to side. But it ought to swing front to back, owing to its previous motion.

Correction: I watched this scene a few times, and the chandelier does swing from front to back.

Corrected entry: In the Hospital Wing scene near the end of the film (when Harry and Hermione go back in time after protesting Sirius' innocence) Dumbledore finally closes the doors after the Hogwarts clock chimes seven times. The clock then carries on to chime roughly the right number of times for being apparently 10:30pm (11 times before Harry and Hermione go back in time). In the later scene, when Harry and Hermione have just seen Sirius leave, they run up to the Hospital Wing, as Dumbledore closes the doors after the eighth chime, not the seventh as before. The clock then carries on chiming through the rest of the scene until it strikes 13.


Correction: No, the clock chimes 7 times exactly as the first time it did it.

Corrected entry: The second time Harry uses the Patronus charm, Hermione is visible standing next to the tree behind Harry. The first time Harry uses the Patronus, his silhouette can be seen, but there's no sign of Hermione next to the same tree.

Correction: This is because of the view. it's a closer-up view of Harry, so that's why we can see her, but the other view is from the other side of the lake,which is Harry's.

Corrected entry: When Harry and Hermione have travelled back in time, she tells him that they mustn't intervene with anything as terrible things happen to witches and wizards who meddle with time (they think they've gone mad). During the whole experience, they are both very careful not to be seen. Yet as they are rescuing the hippograff, after going back in time, surely the past Harry, Ron, and Hermione would have seen the future Harry and Hermione rescuing the hippograff from the top of the hill they were standing on?.

Correction: By the time the past trio were on the hill, future Harry and Hermione had already taken Buckbeak. All the trio could see was the axe swinging downwards.


Corrected entry: After the Dementor attack on the train, Professor Lupin offers Harry a piece of chocolate and then puts the chocolate bar down on the seat next to Harry. It cuts to Prof Lupin leaving the train, but when it cuts back, the bar of chocolate has mysteriously disappeared.

Correction: Nope, right after Lupin leaves, the camera goes back to Ron, Hermione and Harry. The chocolate bar is still there but the camera moves and the chocolate is hidden behind Harry's leg, which might explain why you thought the chocolate bar disappeared.

Corrected entry: When Peter Pettigrew transforms himself into a rat and escapes, he leaves behind his clothes. In all Harry Potter films, including Prisoner of Azkaban, an Animagus is able to transform back and forth fully clothed.

Correction: This is not entirely correct. In Philosopher's Stone, Professor Magonagall turns from an unclothed cat into a woman. Same with Sirius Black in POA. Peter Pettigrew would only obtain his clothing upon changing into a man, not vice versa. Leaving his clothes behind wouldn't necessarily matter, as new clothes would, of course, magically reappear when he transforms back into human form.


Corrected entry: Throughout the final night of Aunt Marge's stay, Aunt Marge (on her chair) keep switching positions.

Correction: I watched this scene a few times and Aunt Marge does not change positions.

Corrected entry: When the Whomping Willow tree branch comes down and Emma Watson jumps over it, you can see a wire attached to her hip.

Correction: I watched this clip a few times, there is no wire attached to her. There's a really dark space below her jacket which makes it look like she has a wire attached to her hip, but none is seen.

Corrected entry: While Aunt Marge is sitting at the table, Harry pours Marge a drink. Then Aunt Marge criticizes him again, and he turns around. When he does, the cup and drink switch positions.

Correction: Harry never pours Aunt Marge a drink.

Corrected entry: While Aunt Marge is at the table, the glass breaks in her hand and in the next few shots the pieces of the glass are gone.

Correction: Nope, I watched this scene a few times and the glass pieces are still there. They are just not really visible.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Harry tries out his new Firebolt broomstick, he flies up and to the right. The students behind him, including Malfoy, are looking in the opposite direction of where he flew.

Correction: No, I watched this scene a few times and their eyes did follow him as he flew.

Corrected entry: In the scene where we first see Ron and Hermione, we can see that Crookshanks' upper body is resting on her right arm. Instantly, in the next shot, Crookshanks is on her left arm.

Correction: After the camera goes back to Harry, Hermione starts comforting him. Usually when someone comforts a baby or an animal in their arms, they tend to switch them around in their arms.

Corrected entry: In the scene in Hagrid's hut when Harry, Ron and Hermione are leaving we can hear Cornelius Fudge say "the Hippogriff known as Buckbeak is to be executed at sundown." However they exit to execute him not even five minutes later, no where near sun down as the sun is visible in the sky.

Correction: The actual execution is to occur at sundown - therefore, all preparations for the event must occur prior to sundown. Buckbeak is merely tied up so that he can't wander off, he's not actually physically restrained in any significant way, and he's hardly likely to hold still while the executioner swings a large axe at his head. Hagrid is presumably required to tie Buckbeak more securely, so that Macnair can do his job - given that Buckbeak is hardly likely to be happy about this, this process may well take some time. Bear in mind the executioner's axe-swing was never aimed at Buckbeak - only the pumpkin due to being frustrated.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where steam shoots from Harry's ears after eating the candy, you can see that the steam is coming from tubes behind his ears.

Correction: The smoke is computer generated, so it is not possible any tube or gadget could be seen in any way.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry and Prof. Lupin are on a bridge talking about Harry's parents, Harry's eyes keep changing colors. First they were both green, then one was brown and one was green.

Correction: Harry/Daniel's eyes are blue during the whole movie. The colour is not modified in any way.

Corrected entry: When Aunt Marge has been blown up and is floating out into the garden, Vernon grabs a hold of her hands. From the shot looking at Vernon, Marge's cuffs on her jacket are very wide and loose around her wrist - but in the next shot of Vernon looking at Marge the cuffs are tight around her wrist.


Correction: Wouldn't this be because Aunt Marge keeps getting larger and larger as she goes up?

Corrected entry: In the scene where they (the Griffindors) go to the fat lady the first time she opens inward, then the shot changes to look like it was in the common room, and the fat lady's portrait is now open outward.

Correction: I've watched this scene a few times and its just not possible to tell from the angle the camera has. You can't even see the fat ladys portrait once Harry and Seamus have entered the common room.

Corrected entry: When Harry goes over to Buckbeak, he pulls the chain and it comes through the ring so easily, that it looks like it isn't connected. This is probably to make it easy for Harry to free Buckbeak, but it means that Buckbeak could have flown away on his own, when he was supposed to be secure.

Correction: Like training Elephants, from birth they are restrained tightly until they learn that when a chain is attached to them they can't flee. Eliminating the need later to have a secure anchor.

Corrected entry: When Harry takes the lollypop out of the candy shop in Hogsmeade, you can see a wire being used to make it fly.

Correction: I checked this mistake out, and the lollipop is CGI, no wires were used.

Corrected entry: When Lupin is talking to Harry on the bridge between the castle and the grounds, he bumps his head on the pillar.

Correction: I have watched for this and he does not bump his head.

Corrected entry: When the Dementors are entering the Hogwart Express, the lights in the compartment where Harry and his friends are, are turned off but when there's a view from outside, the lights are suddenly on.

Dr Wilson

Correction: Different compartment. There are several compartments with light in them when we see the train from outside, and one by one they go out.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Hermione removes the invisibility cloak from Harry who is sitting on the rock crying, a few flakes of snow fall on his shoulder. The next shot of Harry immediately after shows no snow on his shoulder.

Correction: It melted. You see it soak into his top.

Corrected entry: In the defense against the dark arts class in which Snape is the substitute. Hermione's time turner is initially unseen, then in the next shot visible, and then unseen again.

Correction: No, the time turner is seen first, as she just got there. Then there is enough time between shots for her to have put it away.

Corrected entry: The seeker for the other team during the Quidditch match is struck by lightning early on. The Hogwarts teams don't have second string team members, but somehow they still manage to win, after Harry's been assaulted by the dementors. Who caught the snitch to end the game?

Correction: We don't see Cedric Diggory (the other seeker) leave the game, he could just have fallen for a while then caught the snitch on his way back up, before he realised Harry had fallen, as it is in the book.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the Shrieking Shack where Malfoy is being dragged by the foot by Harry who is under the cloak, the dragging marks can be seen while Harry's footprints aren't visible, yet they can be seen in later scenes, ie. when he runs from the bar.

Correction: If Malfoy is being pulled that means Harry is in front of him pulling him behind his back, in which case Malfoy's dragging marks would cover up Harry's footprints.

Corrected entry: In the scene when all the kids are leaving for Hogsmeade, you can see that Harry's face is pressed against the inside of the big clock tower overlooking the entrance to Hogwarts. Later on in the movie, when Harry and Hermione are back in time, the camera zooms through the same clock and you can see that the back is covered by lots of equipment. How did Harry have his face pressed against the glass?

Correction: When you see the scene later in the movie you can see a ledge that is right next to the face of the clock with the gears behind the ledge. Since in the earlier scene you can see the gears working behind him one can presume that he is standing on the aforementioned ledge.


Corrected entry: When Harry and Lupin are practising the Patronus charm alone, the second time Lupin closes the boggart back into the chest he neglects to lock it in.


Correction: It is opened and locked by magic, as is shown in the close-ups of it opening. After Lupin closes the trunk the second time he leans on it, hits the top of it with his hand, and has a few more moments on and near the trunk while the camera is focused on Harry sitting on the steps. It would have been very easy, during this time, for Lupin to have magically locked the trunk.


Corrected entry: When Harry is trying to "tame" his monster book, he takes off his left shoe to taunt it. When he jumps on the book at the end of the scene, his left shoe is on and his right shoe is removed.

Correction: No, he takes his right shoe off. The shoe twists around a bit as he is holding it in the air, but it was definitely his right shoe.


Corrected entry: It is awfully light in the hospital wing when Dumbledore tells Hermione to use the Time Turner, considering that the action just beforehand took place in definite darkness.


Correction: The reason that it's so brightly lit in the hospital wing is that it's full moon. Lupin has just become a werewolf. You can see the same kind of brightness the night that Lupin (who has just been, as Snape remarks 'on a nightly stroll'), confiscates Harry's Marauders Map.

Corrected entry: The end of the movie takes place during the spring semester, yet at Buckbeak's execution we see piles of pumpkins. Where did they get pumpkins during the spring?


Correction: Since pumpkin juice is the drink of choice at Hogwarts, they'd have to have some magical way to grow them year-round.


Corrected entry: When Buckbeak "attacks" Draco, he scratches him on the left arm, but in the next scene in the Great Hall, it is Draco's right arm that is bandaged.

Correction: Draco clearly lifts his right arm for protection when Buckbeak rears up, and falls to the ground with a tear in the right sleeve of his cloak.

Corrected entry: When Peter has been changed back into a human he holds up his hands and there are definitely ten fingers. In the next shot there is a finger missing on his left hand but during the rest of the scene it alters all the time.

Correction: No, he is always missing part of a finger on his left hand. Because of some of the angles it can look deceptive, indeed I had to look closely at it, but the finger in question always has a part missing.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: As Black is leaving on Buckbeak, Buckbeak only takes a few steps and climbs rapidly in to the air. But when Harry is riding him it takes quite a distance to get enough speed.

Correction: It's never stated that Buckbeak has to get up any speed to take off. It may just be easier with a running start, which he has room to do in the forest but not on the rooftop.


Corrected entry: In the Shrieking Shack confrontation, the Disarming Charm is used several times. Isn't it odd how the effect of 'Expeliarmus' has lessened from the explosive body-throwing of the second movie to barely plunking wands to the ground in the third?

Correction: In "Chamber of Secrets," Snape fired the spell (powerfully) at Lockhart's body, to embarrass him; with correct aim and power behind it, it can just as easily knock the wand out of someone's hand.


Corrected entry: After the trio leaves Hagrid's Hut before Buckbeak's execution and hide behind the pumpkins, Hermione crouches and turns to the left thinking that she saw herself. Later on when Hermione and Harry go back in time, she turns to the right and simply bends over without crouching.

Correction: She turns towards her right both times.

Corrected entry: After Harry faces the boggart which changed into a dementor during the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Lupin tells the class to go. Harry still stares at the spot where the boggart was. If you look closely you can tell the shot was reversed for Harry's scar is on the wrong side of his forehead.


Correction: This is simply because this is clearly shot as the reflection in the mirror set into the cabinet, which you can see as the camera moves into the mirror (the wooden edges can be seen).

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when Harry is in Lupin's office, just after Lupin has said Harry can have his map back, he folds it up on the table. Then Lupin leaves the office, as Harry turns to watch him walk down the stairs, you can see the table over Harry's shoulder, but the map has disappeared and Harry did not pick it up.

Correction: It did not disappear. Harry's body is simply blocking part of the desk.

Corrected entry: When we catch glimpses of Hermione's time turner throughout the film, it appears to be on a small chain around her neck. However, when she wraps it around herself and Harry in the hospital wing, it is much longer to wrap around the both of them.

Correction: If you look closely enough at the chain you can see that she has wrapped it around her neck multiple times so it is not as long. The chain doesn't rapidly change length, she just wraps around her neck more then once and unwraps it to place around both Harry and herself.

Corrected entry: After Sirius has flown away on Buckbeak, the clock bell begins to toll, altogether there are 14 tolls. Even in the magic world there isn't a 14 o'clock. And since the time turner goes back in hours (stated in the book) it should be three hours on from 7.30pm, making it 10.30, and don't most clocks strike on the hour?

Correction: It chimes twelve times.


Corrected entry: When Harry is attacking Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle near the Shrieking Shack while under the invisibility cloak, Harry moves very rapidly, as he attacks two people at the same time. They couldn't possibly have been hit by Harry as he was swinging one of them around by the scarf. Also he is far away from this action and no contact is seen to have happened.

Graeme Chicken

Correction: Harry was only attacking one person. He was swinging one of them round by the scarf while the other one tripped over the boy lying on the floor. Harry never touched him, let alone push him over.

Corrected entry: Professor Lupin tells Harry that he recognised him the first time he saw him because he had his mother's eyes (and didn't have to be told who he was). The first time Lupin saw Harry, Harry had passed out and his eyes were shut - and Hermione was using Harry's name before he came round.

Correction: Hermione was only saying 'Harry', Harry Potter is not the only person in the world called Harry. Lupin didn't realise that this Harry was 'Harry Potter' until he'd come round and opened his eyes.


Corrected entry: When Lupin's class are facing the Boggart in the wardrobe, the wardrobe shakes violently. However, in the scene with Harry's Patronus lesson, we see a Boggart in a suitcase, and the suitcase is perfectly still.

Correction: The reason the wardrobe shakes is because the Boggart senses all the different people in the room and is "riled-up" by all the energy and of the different thoughts of what scares them the most, but when it is in the suitcase there is just Harry and Lupin so it isn't so bombarded with different energy and fears.

troy fox

Corrected entry: In the last shot of the choir, near the end of the trailer, a girl in the second row, to the right of the screen, can be seen looking directly at the camera.

Correction: In the first shot of the choir, it can be seen that they're being conducted, apparently by Professor Flitwick, from a position immediately in front of them - i.e. roughly where the camera is in the final shot. It doesn't seem totally unreasonable that some of the singers might actually be looking at the conductor.

Tailkinker Premium member

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Sirius Black: Brilliant, Snape. Once again you've put your keen and penetrating mind to the task and as usual come to the wrong conclusion.



When Malfoy and his friends bother Ron and Hermione, Harry shows up and messes with the three boys. He grabs hold of Malfoy's feet, lifts them in the air and pulls him across the snow. In the first close-up of the soles of Malfoy's boots, not a speck of snow is on them, though he was just walking in it! Then in the next close-up, his feet still in the air, the soles are now covered in snow.



In order to acquaint himself with his three lead actors, director Alfonso Cuaron had each of them write an essay about their characters, from a first-person point of view. Emma Watson, in true Hermione fashion, went a little overboard and wrote an 16-page essay, Daniel Radcliffe wrote a simple one page paper, and Rupert Grint never even turned his in, as he said that is what Ron would have done.