Kill Bill: Volume 1

Corrected entry: The hospital scene is impossible. All hospital workers, regardless of rank, work 12 hour maximum shifts. The guy that sold her to the trucker would have been off shift while she was in his car trying to "wiggle her toe." The movie states a 13 hour time frame in the car. Its impossible. At the end of the RN's shift, he would have been noticed dead. No way that 13 hours could happen without a major police investigation, which would include finding his vehicle in the parking garage. Plus, even in the scrubs she stole from him, she would not be able to wheel her way into the parking establishment without proper ID.

Correction: Maximum 12 hour shift? Tell that to residents who stay at work for two days straight. Add in that there is no reason he would have been noticed missing unless he was called and failed to respond. If he was something like a janitor or other non-essential staff, he could easily have been thought to have gone home early. No one would call the cops after such a short time.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When the bride picks the Hatori Hanzo sword from the rack she begins to remove it from the scabbard. Her left hand is at the opening of the scabbard as she starts to pull out the sword. The shot from further away when she totally removes the sword her left hand has moved further down the scabbard, away from the opening.



Correction: Her hand stays in the same location, but as mentioned in a previous entry, the sword has been pulled further out of the scabbard.


Corrected entry: It seems all the Tarantino films have some sort of "trunk-view" camera shot. Reservoir Dogs has Mr. Blond showing off his nabbed police officer who he kept in the trunk. Jules and Vincent get their guns from the trunk and discuss "we should have shotguns" during the trunk-view. Samuel L. Jackson makes a guy get in the trunk, shoots him, and later shows the body in the trunk to Robert DeNiro. The Bride in Kill Bill explains to Sophie the reasons she has left her alive all during an inside-the-trunk view. I'm beginning to see a pattern.

Correction: Mr Blonde is the one who shows the kidnapped officer in his trunk, not Mr White.

Corrected entry: The Texas police talk about ten dead victims then The Bride spits at one of them and then there were nine. Wouldn't someone have checked properly to see that she was alive before the police arrived?

Correction: It's quite easy to mistake someone seriously injured for being dead without medical training or equipment.


Corrected entry: Count the seconds between the clunks of the waterfeature during the climax of the film in the snow-garden. The clunks are never the same amount of time apart, which you would expect from a feature like that.

01:26:35 - 01:27:30

Correction: It is a device that fills up and dumps water, not meant to be even as you must think. It does what it was designed to do - not a movie trick.

Corrected entry: The cereal box Vivica A. Fox shoots out of is "Kaabooom" cereal. A little foreshadowing, no?

Correction: That's not trivia - that's just a prop joke. Obvious.

Corrected entry: The whole idea where The Bride (wearing Bruce Lee's yellow track suit) fights a whole gang of Japanese is an homage to Bruce Lee's movie "Fist of Fury/The Chinese Connection."

Correction: No, it is an homage to Bruce Lee's movie "Game of Death"

Corrected entry: In chapter 2, at the chapel of "El Paso", the groom didn't wear a morning coat, although in "Kill Bill 2" he did. It's supposed to be the same moment in time.

Correction: In "Kill Bill vol. 2", there is a period of about thirty seconds before the attack where we cannot see inside the church, only the outside. It is quite possible he removed the coat during this period.

Corrected entry: When the Bride is looking at Hattori Hanzo's various swords in his loft, she reaches for one in a reddish brown scabbard. Hanzo tells her to reach for a different one. When the whole display of swords is shown, there is no reddish brown scabbard on any of the swords.


Correction: Yes, there is - the mistake, as noted elsewhere, is that the sword has moved to a lower position on the stand, but it is still there.


Corrected entry: The second time Gogo hits the Bride with the metal ball on the chain she falls backwards over a table and lands on her back. There is a shot of the Bride's face and there is a considerable amount of blood in her mouth all over her teeth. However, seconds later the blood is gone and remains gone throughout the rest of that scene.

Tina Gilliam

Correction: It is possible she closed her lips and swallowed the blood.

Corrected entry: When O-ren chops off Boss Tanaka's head it lands in front of one of the other bosses. The head is shown close up but there is no blood coming out of it. A severed head would have blood running out of it.



Correction: The blood in this movie is fictional and maintains that way throughout the entire film. It would only be a factual error if the blood in this film was meant to be realistic. If it is a factual error you could argue that blood spraying out of limbs is an error as well.


Corrected entry: The Bride prominently displays her katana on the Air-O flight to Tokyo. The sword is never seen when the Bride rides to the House of Blue Leaves, nor is it on her person up to, and including the scene where she encounters Sophie in the ladies' room. The first time it appears is when the Bride hacks off Sophie's arm.

Correction: The Bride's sword is shown at least twice after leaving the plane and before arriving at the restaurant: she's shown carrying it through the airport; and it's shown strapped to the right side of her motorcycle, after she and Sophie have stopped at the red light and then the Bride takes off before the green light. Hard to see since it's horizontal, not vertical, like the Crazy 88 guys' swords.

Corrected entry: In the House of Blue Leaves when O-Ren senses something amiss, she hurls a dart through the paper door. After GoGo goes outside to investigate, she goes back into the room and closes the door, but the dart hole is gone.


Correction: O-Ren hurls the dart through a paper window to the right of the door (the door is a much darker color), and we do not see the window when GoGo exits or returns to the room.

Corrected entry: With the amount of blood loss she sustained, there is no way for Sophie to have any colour in her face when she was told by the Bride to stay where she was; Sophie's face would have been extremely pale in colour, to say the least.

Correction: That is a very vaild point; however, if Sophie was wearing any makeup, the makeup would not lose its colour when she bleeds, hence the colour still being on Sophie's face.


Corrected entry: When the lyrics start for the "Whoo-hoo" song in the restaurant, not one of the band members are moving their mouths.

Correction: This mistake has already been corrected. It is an editorial trick, by having the audio of one scene or shot overlap the previous scene/shot. NOT a mistake, a style choice by the editor.

Corrected entry: Something is seriously wrong with Vernita Green's daughter's age. Nikki would have to be younger than BB (Beatrix's daughter) if you consider that Vernita probably got pregnant after trying to kill Beatrix. This would but BB at least 9 months to a year older than Nikki. Now, if BB is 4, then is Nikki 2 or 3 and going to school? Not to mention that she was played by an actress who was 7 or 8 at the time, Nikki's age was handled incorrectly either way.

Daniel Garner

Correction: The film states when Beatrix arrives in Tokyo, that it has been one year since she came out of the coma. Since Beatrix kills O-ren before Vernita, she kills Vernita over a year after being out of the coma. So it is assumed that Vernita gave birth one to two years after the beating. And so, BB is older than four when she finally meets her.

Corrected entry: When the 5678's start to play "woohoo" the lead singer doesn't move her lips when the opening "woohoo" line is sung and the guitar player and drummer are not in position to play. we see a quick cut and the band is jamming.

Kevin Snow

Correction: This was intentional, and is used in movies all the time. You hear an upcoming scene overlapping, and then a cut brings us to it. It's done for effect.

Corrected entry: During the fight with the Crazy 88, there is one shot where the Bride stabs one guy, then uses him as a shield. When she first stabs him, there is no blood at his teeth. Then in the next shot, his mouth has filled up with blood. Blood doesn't travel that quickly.

Correction: Actually it does. The human heart pumps blood throughout your body at an average rate of 70 beats per minute when you are at rest. In one day, your blood travels nearly 12,000 miles (thats 22cm per second). With all the action going, on his heart would be pumping at more than 120 beats per minute which obviously makes his heart pump blood faster. This fact easily accounts for how the blood reached his mouth so "quickly".


Corrected entry: When Vernita Green and The Bride are in the kitchen, Vernita Green says the line "Very funny, b*tch". The shot then changes to The Bride, who is holding a coffee mug given to her earlier in the scene. But when Vernita yells "VERY FUNNY" and shoots at The Bride, the coffee mug changes from The Bride resting the handle on her fingers to her holding the cup.

Correction: She could have changed her position between shots. No mistake there.


Corrected entry: During the fight scenes with the crazy 88's, there's a lot of stopping and starting. When the action starts again, watch some of the 88's in the background, they just sort of make pretend martial arts moves at nobody in particular. Obviously most people don't notice, since they're watching The Bride, but once you notice it, it's really amusing to see.

Correction: It is debatable that this was on purpose, to mock similar "lame" fights from old kung-fu movies. Also, maybe the Crazy-88's are just doing it for honor. They don't all try to swarm over her, they fight her in small groups, so maybe the people in the background are just taking stances.

Corrected entry: The names of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad are not only the names of snakes, they are also the names of enemies of Captain America.

Correction: While it is true that Copperhead, Cottonmouth and, I believe, Black Mamba were names of Captain America's enemies, I don't recall a California Mountain Snake as being the name of an enemy.

Corrected entry: When The Bride is shot in the head at the beginning, while on the floor facing up, the blood sprays onto the floor to the right where she's lying but nothing can be seen coming from the side of her head where she was shot. Also The Bride is facing up at Bill; thus, the gun should be in the same general direction; therefore the entry point should be easily seen.

Larry Koehn

Correction: You never see the gun and Uma's face in the same shot, so it is impossible to tell where the shot came from.

Corrected entry: When The Bride kicks her mug at Vernita, it is obvious that the kick she does is a drop kick and that the cup would go almost straight up, but in the next shot it is seen traveling in a straight line towards Vernita.

David Mercier

Correction: Actually, the move is possible. It's all a matter of timing and hitting the object (In this case, a mug) at the correct angle.

Corrected entry: As the Yakuza motorcade drives to the restaurant, there is a neon-lit, circular structure to the right of the vehicle. Approximately two shots later, we see the body guard who is dressed like a school girl driving the car; and the same structure is seen, in the background, behind her, which is to the left of the car.


Correction: The structure (Actually a ferris-wheel) is seen more than once, because the camera is positioned at different angles. We see it coming in one shot, and going by in another.

Corrected entry: In the Anime Scene, we see O-Ren Ishii under the bed lying on her back. When she hears her mother being killed, a tear comes out of her eye, the tear however, goes down her face normally as if she were standing up not down the side of her face as it should have.

Correction: The tear actually curves down her face, as if she is laying down.

Corrected entry: When handling katanas and Japanese swords, if you are serious about keeping and collecting them, you do NOT make that snapping noise at the end when you put it back into the sheath. Both the sword-maker and 'the bride' do this all the time.

Correction: This is true, but then again, the Bride and Hanzo do it for effect. For the most part, they do it to intimidate their opponents. A serious collector of anything would never use it at all, their's are obviously for use.

Corrected entry: The position of the dead Buck's legs keeps changing between shots.

Correction: When he is killed, we see his body violently shake (likely from the nerves burning out as he dies). It is possible the movement of his legs is a result of continued "twitching" of his corpse.

Corrected entry: Before "The Bride" fights the white female samurai, she has to fight against other samurais. She pulls her sword and with a swing cuts three samurais' stomach. It is surprising that only the third one has a scratch on his stomach and the others don't.

Correction: There are the appropriate slashes on all the bodies.

Corrected entry: When Vernita and the Bride are talking in Vernita's kitchen, the mug the Bride is holding changes color and the Bride holds it differently. We see the Bride go to the wall and lean against it holding a red mug by the handle. The picture moves to Vernita talking and when it moves back to the Bride, she is drinking from a black mug with her fingers around the mug through the handle.


Correction: The cup is actually dark brown in color. When it's seen "in the light" it appears red. When it is seen "in shadow", it appears black.

Corrected entry: In the scene with O-Ren in the Snow Garden, she is barely sitting up when she says "attack me." In the next shot, she is already on her feet in a fighting stance which was achieved impossibly quickly.

Correction: The Bride sits up, and then the camera cuts to O-Ren's face for a few seconds, THEN we cut back to the Bride who raises her sword and says "Attack me..." The bride could have easily gotten up while the camera was on O-Ren's face.

Corrected entry: The Bride's muscles, not only her upper body but her legs, are obviously in unbelievably good condition after four years in a coma. What she is doing during her 13 hours in the back of the truck is not growing new muscle tissue, but retraining the nerves which control her legs. The nerves had, presumably, been shocked but not destroyed by her head trauma. (For normal humans, this process should take a matter of weeks.)

00:29:25 - 00:44:15

Correction: I don't see how this is a mistake. Medical miracles happen every so often and this may be one of them. Its unusual, but not impossible. Also, considering the intense training she went through, with Pae-Mae for example, she probably has incredible mental focus even four years after the fact.

Corrected entry: The dead bodies at the House of Blue Leaves keep changing positions.

Correction: Many of the fallen '88' are still alive and can move around, just no longer fight.

Corrected entry: In the fight scene between Vernita and the Bride, Vernita says she has a family now and has changed. The Bride says that nothing Vernita has done within the last four years, including "getting knocked up" can make up for what was done. If Vernita got pregnant the same day she helped kill the Bride then the child would only be a little over three years old. The character and actress in the film are closer to six years old due to her physical size and maturity and the fact that she got off a school bus.

Correction: This explanation works when you're talking about exact times. Some people say "four years ago" when actually the time is four years and five months ago. Besides, the Bride wakes up in the hospital four years after the beating and goes directly to Japan, so we don't know how much time passed between the Bride killing O-ren and the attack on Vernita's house.

Corrected entry: In The House Of Blue Leaves, the line spoken between The Bride and O-Ren, "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids", is a double reference to The Bride's real name, Beatrix. First, her name could have been shortened by the other DiVAS to Trix (as some sort of nickname). Also, the author of 'Peter Rabbit' is named Beatrix Potter, giving the "Silly rabbit" part of the line. This line was most likely written to be some sort of inside reference between the two characters.

Correction: "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids" is the tagline of an American breakfast cereal ad. "Trix" is the name of the cereal, and the rabbit is on the cereal box.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: When Beatrix wakes up from her coma, she takes the Pussy Wagon from the parking garage. The first place she goes for revenge is to Japan. Her next kill is Vernita back in America, and she still somehow is driving the Pussy Wagon.

Correction: Where is the mistake in this? She leaves the car at or near the airport. What's to say she can't do that?


Corrected entry: In the battle at the House of Blue Leaves, there is a period of time where the film becomes black and white. During this time much of the blood is clear, revealing that it is actually just water or a similar substance, as so to save money from fake blood. The black and white coloring makes it a little harder to notice.

Correction: Actually the black and white was just done to get the movie past the censors. It was filmed in full colour and is available like that in japan.

Corrected entry: In the Crazy 88 fight scene, The Bride and the Crazy 88 take the fighting inside the restaurant where O-Ren was originally eating, and that's when the silhouette scene comes in. Problem is, the floor in the silhouette scene and the floor of the restaurant don't match. The latter is traditional tatami, and we see this earlier in the movie, made of straw. In the silhouette scene, the floor is obviously not the same anymore - we hear the shoes hitting hard wood, or marble, and light reflects it, too.

Correction: The silhouette scene does not take place in the same room as the O-ren party scene. From what you can see before the lights go out, the floor looks more like a hard, waxed, wood floor.

Corrected entry: In Vernita's kitchen, the box of Kaboom cereal is not only a foreshadowing of the ensuing action but a Tarantino in-joke. This made-up product also appeared in Pulp Fiction.


Correction: Kaboom Cereal is not a made up product (check out Also, it never makes an appearance in Pulp Fiction.

Corrected entry: The scene where Uma Thurman (Audio) introduces Sophie Fatal as being on O-Ren's right side in the video, she is actually on O-Ren's left side, and the audience's right side.

Correction: She said it from her point of view, so Sophie was actually on O-Ren's right side.

Corrected entry: When O-Ren sees her young body guard killed, she stabs the short dagger belonging to the young girl into the hand rail of the banister of the catwalk. Uma Thurman begins fighting another guy and they end up on the banister and they fight for a while before she finally gets rid of him. There is no knife shown in the rail the entire fight, but when she tells the Crazy 88's to leave the knife is magically in front of her.

Correction: If you look closely, you will see that the sword actually is there for a couple of seconds. 'The Bride' and Johny-Mo are on the left and the sword is on the extreme right of the screen. The camera is also lower than the banister that they are fighting on.

Corrected entry: Why doesn't the Bride bring her sword with her to Vernita Green's house? She already has it at the time, and it certainly would have made things easier for her.

Correction: Vernita Green displayed little interest in Eastern culture. The other four "villains" were well trained in swordplay, so perhaps the Bride is being fair in the way that she kills Green (using only what Green can use too). Vernita didn't own a sword as far as we know. I think that fact was very intentional on the filmmakers' parts.

Corrected entry: During the fight in the snow at the back of the club, the snow doesn't fall fast enough to cover the tracks of the fight taking place between the two women.

Correction: That's because the snow is not real, nor is it outside. It is a traditional Japanese Snow Room, common in larger restaurants, clubs and tea houses in Japan. It is all fake.

Corrected entry: If O-Ren can hear so well that she senses the Bride crouched outside the door, throws a dart at her, and sends GoGo to check, how come she can't hear the Bride jump down from her hiding place in the ceiling after GoGo returns?

01:09:25 - 01:10:30

Correction: The camera never shows how Uma crept in front of the door...she may have made noise that wasn't shown on camera.

Corrected entry: Whenever The Bride is laying in Buck's truck, watch her feet closely. During a whole body shot, her feet move, yet on a lone shot of her feet, they're still.

Correction: It is obvious Uma is not paralyzed because she recovers later. As mentioned by the doctor rapist, she does have spasms, no different for her legs than her spitting.

Corrected entry: If you notice when Lucy Liu chop off the Tanaka guys head, she never comes close enough, and she's standing too high to get the horizontal cut.


Correction: When cutting horizontally in Japanese martial arts, it is common to kneel down a few inches to get level with your opponent (so they will not expect the attack,) then draw your sword, and then come back up to get a look at the damage (all this is done very quickly) she could get a straight cut, quick enough not to be caught by the naked eye.

Corrected entry: Uma is in the back of the truck trying to wiggle her big toe. It cuts to 13 hours later, and there's a shot at ground level of her stepping out. There is something dripping from the rear of the truck. The truck is parked in a covered garage, and after 13 hours, any water from driving outside should be dry. If it was a gas tank or something else leaking, the puddle should be a lot bigger when it goes to a top view of the truck pulling away. Can't be the AC as the engine wasn't on.

Correction: That was probably left-over water condensed inside the exhaust (which is obviously aftermarket.) This is common for aftermarket exhaust systems, and sometimes they trap water inside the piping, and over time, may drop out of the is not constant so it can happen anytime, so you can't say there had to be a puddle.

Corrected entry: Uma cuts off both of Sophie's arms (the other one in the car boot, which can be seen in the Japanese cut of the movie), but when Sophie tumbles down the slope near the hospital, she still has one arm.


Correction: In the American version, we never see the bride cut off Sophie's second arm, she merely hints at it; meaning it could just as easily have been an idle treat to extract information. The American version in which Sophie has one arm is most likely the way Tarantino intended the film to be, so this is only a mistake in the Japanese version, not the American.

Corrected entry: Whenever O-Ren's mother is killed, we see the bottom of the bed with the sword protruding from it. After a few seconds, the blood starts to bleed through the fabric but appears in random places. This should not happen if there is only one wound.

Correction: The mattress acts like a sponge, it soaks up as much blood to capacity in that one area, then, gravity pulls the blood through the mattress and causes it to drip onto the floor. If you soak a bed with water in just one place, it will drip from different places on the underside of the bed, not from one exact spot.

Corrected entry: When "The Bride" has just killed Vernita Green, she leaves the house and we see the "Pussy Wagon's" passenger window from the view of the front door. When 'The Bride' enters the car, we see through the driver's window, the house's front door. Between shots of "The Bride" leaving the house and entering the car, the vehicle has completely changed the direction it's facing.

Correction: The front door you see through the driver's window as The Bride enters the car is NOT Vernita Green's house. That's the house across the street. The Pussy Wagon did NOT change direction.

Corrected entry: Even though it was a deliberate choice not to reveal the name of 'The Bride' in the first portion of the film (Volume 1), when "The Bride" purchases a plane ticket to Okinawa her actual name is printed on the ticket.

Correction: However, as we see from the flashbacks, the Bride (obviously) had ties to the criminal underground/this particular underground organization. How do we know this really is *her* name?


Corrected entry: A coma patient without a foley catheter (for urine drainage)? Not possible. If Buck removed it so that Larry could have sex with her, he would have done it just before leaving the room. Even if he had removed it earlier, it's very unlikely that he would have taken the time to also remove the catheter bag (urine collection bag that would be hanging down next to the bed), which is also missing.

Correction: Who is to say Buck wouldn't remove it before showcasing the Bride? It wouldn't be very attractive to do that in front of a possible customer.

Corrected entry: Uma looks remarkably well for someone who has been in a coma for 4 years. No wasting of muscles, no pressure sores, no incopad (to catch the faeces from those ever running bowels) no bladder catheter (as mentioned by someone else as mistake) and a full recovery (after waking up) within 13 hours, of which the first few minutes were already enough to give her full use of upper limbs. How she was fed also remains a mystery, because normally that is done by intravenous access (but she hasn't got a line in) or via a tube (known as nasogastric tube) which enters the nose and ends up in the stomach.

Correction: Buck took out her incopad, the bladder catheter and her nasogastric tube because that would not be very attractive to the men who paid to "see" her. He obviously took them out and put them back in between every customer. As for the muscles working when they should not even be there and her getting back on her feet in such a short time, this was deliberate as the jumping around in the House of Blue Leaves sequence.

Corrected entry: In the anime scene where we see O-Ren as a twenty-year-old top-assassin murdering her victim from the roof, first she has no nail polish on, then in the next shot her nails are red.

Correction: This is symbolic that she had successfully killed her target.

Corrected entry: When Uma Thurman is talking about O-ren Ishii and first introducing her gang at the dinner explaining how a half Japanese/Chinese American could become a Yakuza leader, she introduces Sofie Fatale as "the woman sitting to O-ren's right is..." while in fact Sofie is sitting on O-ren's left and our right.

Correction: The bride is talking to us, the people watching the film, so she says Sofie is on O-ren's right for this reason, although in fact she is sitting on the left side.

Corrected entry: The hospital employee and Zed from Pulp Fiction have a lot in common. Both are cruel rapists and both are killed very quickly. Furthermore, Uma Thurman and Bruce Willis use the vehicle of their victims to continue their journeys.

Correction: Zed is not killed quickly. He is supposed to be tortured, with a blow torch and a pair of pliers (according to Marsellus Wallace). Butch uses Zed's motorbike, but Zed is not his victim, since Butch only killed Zed's buddy, and left Zed for his destiny.

Corrected entry: When the swordmaker has agreed to make a sword for Uma Thurman, he says something before going downstairs and the subtitles read "I suggest you spend it practicing". It should be "practising" - it's a verb when spelt with an S, and a noun when spelt with a C (like advice/advise).

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: Not in American usage, only British.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: 13 hours that Black Mamba spent in the truck trying to get her legs out of entropy was surely enough time for someone to find the bodies and subsequently for police to comb the place and find her in the truck.

Correction: We're not sure exactly when The Bride kills the trucker and Buck, besides it happened at night. Buck does mention that the nurses don't come to check on her until the morning. So, theoretically, if the Bride killed the two at 7:00 PM, she would have gotten enough time to get away.

Corrected entry: When The Bride is fighting O-ren at the end, outside, in winter, in the snow, next to the frozen pond, it's cold right? So how come you can't see their breath? There are close ups of their faces breathing heavily, but no clouds. Is it perchance because it's shot in a nice warm studio? I think so.

Correction: The Snow Garden doesn't contain real snow, it's a decorative room, not an actual outdoor garden. Had it been actually snowing, the rest of Tokyo would be covered. (Though there are shots with snow on the ground, It had not snowed enough to make that kind of ground cover between The Bride's motorbike trip to the House of Blue Leaves, and her trip to the Hospital with Sophie.)

Corrected entry: When Hattori Honzo hands The Bride her sword in a very formal manner she responds with the word 'domo' - thanks. As she is obviously fluent in Japanese she would no doubt be aware that this casual term would be inappropriate for the occasion and possibly cause offence. More accurately she should have responded with 'arigato gozaimasu'.

Correction: She's making a private joke with the swordsmith, about their conversation on the word "domo" back when they first met.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: Why was the Bride able to move her arms? It is understandable that her legs couldn't move after having been in coma for four years, but why could her arms move so easily then?


Correction: Muscle atrophy (or entropy) is not uniform, meaning it does not effect the entire body at the same rate. Bride's legs could medically have been that atrophied but her arms could have only had very slight or no atrophy.

troy fox

Corrected entry: During the fight sequence in the restaurant, Uma's shoes change colour from yellow, to white, to yellow again. Keep an eye on her feet, it's more obvious in some places than others.

Correction: The shoes themselves aren't changing color. It is simply that the bottom of the yellow shoes are, in fact, white.

Corrected entry: When the bride is writing out her list on the plane, we see her from her right and her sword is shown in the seat opposite. As soon as the shot changes to show the list the sword has moved to her left, between the seat and the window.

Correction: The first shot establishes that there are two swords on the plane. The sword on her right (on the opposite side of the airplane) presumably belongs to someone else as in the same shot, one can see her sword on her left. In this universe, it may be common for assumed Yakuza members to carry their katanas aboard.

Corrected entry: The Bride proves to O-Ren that her sword is a true Hattori Hanzo by showing the insignia by the handle. However, in an earlier scene where The Bride chooses her initial sword, there is no insignia on either side of the blade.

Correction: The swords on the wall were said to be show pieces. Whereas they are undoubtedly well made, they are made for looks, not war. A combat blade would have the insignia.

Corrected entry: She is in a coma for 4 years and those kind nurses plucked her eyebrows and streaked her hair for her, as well as taking good care of her nails.

Correction: Firstly, I'm sure that when people are in comas the nurses do take care of them instead of just leaving them and waiting for them to wake up. Secondly, Buck has a special reason for wanting the Bride to look nice so he probably does take a bit of extra care.


Corrected entry: The Bride wakes after four years in a coma. She is as weak as a kitten, unarmed and friendless. Given the choice of on whom to first extract her revenge, which does she pick; 1) The leader of organized crime in a country half way across the world who is guarded by 88+ bloodthirsty bodyguards? Or, 2) The woman who has left the business (and gone soft), lives within driving distance and is likely to be alone during the day? Of course she chooses 1.

Correction: O-Ren is the only assassin that the Bride knows the location of. The Bride extracts the locations of the others from Sofie Fatale after getting rid of O-Ren.


Corrected entry: Sophie lays on the ground bleeding for quite some time, yet she never applies pressure to the wound, and she never tries bandaging it. She seems to spurt quite a lot of blood when her arm is first chopped off. Additionally she was interrogated by "The Bride" afterwards, surely she would have bled to death.

Sol Parker

Correction: As the movie is basically an homage to, among other things, 1970's martial arts films, this was done on purpose. For example, throughout the movie we see more blood spurting out of people's wounds than the human body even contains. It was an intentional exaggeration.

Corrected entry: Whatever happened to the wheel chair that the Bride had wheeled herself to Buck's truck? We see her ditch it as she jumps in, but thirteen hours later when she goes to leave, it's gone - poof.


Correction: You can hear the wheel chair roll back and hit something (it sounds like a car), in fact you can see the wheel chair start rolling back as soon as The Bride lifts her legs off the chair. The camera never pulls back far enough to reveal if it's there or not - plus - presumably - the person whose car it hit would have moved it or left it in the 13 hour time span.

Corrected entry: When the police arrive at the church to find the bloody massacre of bodies, the cop reports that there are nine dead bodies, including that of the Bride. This comment is made prior to the discovery that the Bride is indeed alive, meaning that there are actually only 8 dead bodies. Later in the film, the Bride tells O-Ren Ishi that O-Ren's one mistake in the church that day was that she should have killed ten. But had O-Ren succeeded in killing the Bride, her death would have been only the ninth, as reported earlier by the cop before it was known that she was still alive.

Correction: The Bride is considering her baby 9; the cop wasn't. By the Bride's reckoning, her own death would have been 10.

Corrected entry: When Black Mamba returns from Tokyo after killing Ishii, the movie shows the plane in an orange sky. If you look above the front of the plane closely, you can see a piece of metal connecting a fishing line.

Correction: Given the nature of the movie (the fact that this was Tarantino's homage to old martial arts "B" movies) the plane is supposed to look fake.

Corrected entry: When Uma Thurman wakes up from the coma, she says "four years" like she knew how long she had been out. How could she have known how long she was in a coma without being told or seeing a calendar?

Correction: The Bride looks at her palm and calculates that she has added 4 years to her "life lines" via palm reading technique.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Uma Thurman is in the back of Buck's truck, she is trying to wiggle her big toe. She does this because, as she says, "entropy" in her legs. Entropy is a physics term regarding energy. Atrophy is the correct term regarding the wasting away of muscle due to lack of use.

Correction: The script uses the word "entropy" on purpose. Entropy has several meanings, including "A measure of the loss of information in a transmitted message", "The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity", and "Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society". All relevant to legs not working.

Corrected entry: When Sopie's arm is first cut off and we see her writhing on the ground, it is obvious in her tight dress that her arm is just simply at her side under her clothes.

Sol Parker

Correction: This is an homage to B movies after all - a lot of effects like that were deliberately included.

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O-Ren Ishii: As your leader, I encourage you from time to time, but always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you're unconvinced a particular plan of action I've chosen is the wisest, tell me so. But allow me to convince you. And I promise you, right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is: I collect your fucking head. [Holds up Boss Tanaka's head.] Just like this fucker here. Now if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, NOW'S THE FUCKING TIME! [Silence.] I didn't think so.



When The Bride is slashed on the upper back by O-Ren in their fight scene she collapses and lands on her back in the snow. After she gets up and the fight continues, there is no blood spot on the snow where she was lying.



The tune that Elle Driver is whistling in the hospital is the theme from the movie 'Twisted Nerve' (1968)