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Corrected entry: In the scene when Dr. Houseman tells the family they are going to leave early, his glass of juice is half empty. In the next shot it's filled to the brim.

Correction: The glass is full all the way through the scene.

Corrected entry: The time continuity of the movie doesn't makes sense. Baby's family comes to Kellerman's for 3 weeks - the 'season'. It couldn't have started prior to their arrival because the waiters get their orientation from Max and when Johnny and his sidekicks arrive, it is clear they have not been there earlier. However, Penny gets knocked up by Robbie the Creep and she has to be at least 2-3 months pregnant - back in '63 women didn't have pregnancy tests readily available and she would have had to wait for a doctor's office to do the old 'rabbit' test. So, how did Penny and Robbie hook up, and what kind of place is Kellerman's that is only 3 weeks long?

Correction: The "orientation" from Max, is more like a mid season pep talk/staff meeting. The hotel is open all summer. This is proved by the bungalow bunnies who stay all summer and Johnny saying he'll get a "summer" bonus. A hotel couldn't possibly be profitable if it only opened for 3 weeks a year. Penny could have known she was pregnant from just one missed period and symptoms like morning sickness.

Corrected entry: When getting dressed for the Shel-drake, Baby definitely has on a Playtex cross your heart old fashioned bra under the low cut pink dress. Later that same night when she goes to his not so great room and he takes off her shirt, she has on a cute lacy low cut bra.


Correction: She wasn't getting dressed for the Sheldrake, she was having the dress altered. It was obviously several hours later and she could easily have chosen a different bra to wear after.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are coming back from dancing at another hotel she's changing clothes in the back seat. Patrick Swayze is driving his 1957 Chevy. The car's got an automatic transmission, but they're driving down the road with the shift lever in the park position.


Correction: The car has a manual transmission on the column known commonly as "three on the tree". In this scene the car is actually in 3rd gear, not park. Up into the mid 70's it was very common to have this set up with manual transmissions.

Eric Wakefield

Corrected entry: The song they play on the record player at the end of the movie, "I had the time of my life" has a drum machine, synthesizer, and a distorted guitar with feedback in it. These are musical innovations that did not yet exist in 1963.

Correction: That is not a drum machine. It's a live drummer.

Corrected entry: When Baby goes to the golf coarse to ask her dad for money, her red and white shirt has long sleeves, but when she shows up to give the money to Penny, the same shirt is sleeveless.

Correction: Golf course is in the day, the dance club is at night. Plenty of time for her to change into another shirt.

Corrected entry: In the final scene of the movie, you see Johnny and his friend put on a record (for "I Had the Time of My Life"). Even though it is the same song continuing, the manager later asks the band leader "Do you have sheet music on this?" even though it is a record and there are no singers present.

Correction: Obviously it is a record, Kellerman sees the positive reaction of his guests and wants to know if the band leader has sheet music on the song, so that they can play it live for the audience some day.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny breaks the car window, it's raining like crazy but the sun is shining brightly. It's seemed incongruous since I first saw the film in the 80s.

Correction: They are called sun showers. Common enough. At least in the states.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: In the dance class scene with Penny teaching a large group of adults, the camera starts by panning through the feet. Then it shows a view of the entire group. The front row is different in each shot (i.e. the person with red hi-heels is absent and the man with black shoes and black stockings is in a different place).


Correction: There were 2 men with black shoes and the woman in heels moved back in line, she didn't "disappear."

Corrected entry: After Baby sees Penny crying in the kitchen she runs to get Billy, who is playing with something black in his hands, he places it down behind him but in later shots the item is gone.

Correction: What later shots? As soon as she tells him about Penny they leave the outdoor party and go to the kitchen - they never go back to that scene.

Corrected entry: When Baby and Johnny are balancing on the log over the creek, you see a blue fall mat visible at the bottom of the screen.

Correction: I watched the scene two times, and the mat is not visible at all.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: When Lisa first gets out of the car as they arrive at Kellermans, she is wearing a bow in her hair but in a later shot from the behind, there is no bow.


Correction: The bow is always on her head. In one shot, we only see less than 1/3 of her head when the camera is behind her. The bow is out of frame during that shot, but in other shots from behind, the bow is visible.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: When Johnny and Baby have the conversation about 'Have you had many women', Johnny gets out of bed totally naked. However, when Baby rolls over you can see that she is wearing underwear. This isn't very probable if they have just had sex.


Correction: When we see them, they're lying in bed having a coversation. Which means that they didn't *just* finish having sex. She had enough time to put on her underwear. Plus, Johnny's her first lover, who's to say that she was comfortable being completely naked?

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: When Lisa goes to Robby's room, there is a towel on the door handle, yet when she closes the door the towel is gone.

Correction: It probably slipped off and fell to the floor when Lisa put her hand on the door handle.

Corrected entry: When Baby helps out at the magic show, the scene shows her facing one way then switches to her POV - which is completely opposite to what she should be seeing.

Correction: Not true. They show her laying down on her right side so, from her POV, the view is correct.

Ben's Mom

Corrected entry: In the last dance scene where the camera zooms out to the dancers dancing, you can see that one of the male dancers elbows his female partner in the side, causing her to double up.

Correction: So he is a clumsy dancer. Never before has anyone hit someone or stepped on their partner's toes while dancing and caused them to get hurt?

Corrected entry: During the scene where Johnny and Baby are on Penny's porch and Robbie comes up to them. Johnny jumps off the porch to fight Robbie and Baby yells "Johnny" but her lips don't move.



Correction: It's Penny's voice that yells "Johnny," but you can't see her face during the scene.

Corrected entry: At the end of season show when Johnny has the record put on to dance. The guy puts the record and goes to place the needle on the record but then you can see him move the arm back off it.

Correction: No he doesn't.


Corrected entry: When Baby and Johnny leave the resort to go and practise balancing over the creek in the forest, it's pouring rain when they're leaving. however, when Johnny realises that his keys are in the car, he goes over to knock the pipe out of the ground with his foot and it's sunny over there, three feet away from the car.

Correction: It's still raining, despite the patch of sun over the pipe.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny and Baby are in the dance studio, Johnny puts the records down twice, once when he agrees to do the dance and the second time when Neil is saying to Baby, "He's hard to talk to but the ladies seem to like him" (you see him do this in the mirror) and then we see him slam the lid to the record player down, which scares Baby.

Correction: Johnny has several records in his hand. When he puts the first one away he still has some in his hand.

Corrected entry: During the Houseman family's first dinner, Baby's father tells the owner of the hotel that Baby is going to change the world. The owner then asks Lisa what she's going to do and Baby says decorate. He responds by saying "she already does," but his lips don't move.



Correction: It is not the owner that says "she already does" it is Robby the waiter and soon to be love intrest. That is why you do not see the owner's mouth move.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are dancing on the log, as the camera zooms in and out you notice that sometimes Baby has shoes on and sometimes she doesn't.

Correction: Correction - she is barefoot the whole time. The light on her feet makes it look like shoes.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Baby arrives at the staff quarters with Jonny's cousin, they are both carrying watermelons when Jonny questions why she is here the camera shot is of her and she says " I carried a watermelon" the next shot is of Jonny and she is mouthing the same words to him, camera shot back to Baby and she is verbally kicking herself, mouthing the same words.

Correction: Baby is mouthing the words again because she realised what a dumb thing she just said.

Corrected entry: At the last and famous dance-scene, after Johnny and Baby have started dancing, you can hear that the people in the crowd are clapping to the music. But when the camera shows the crowd, nobody's clapping.

Correction: I thought that at first, but realised that it is the dancers clapping, and you can't see them because they are at the back of the hall.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Baby and Billy first walk into the staff dance, the guy that is with the girl with the black shirt (that is hanging off on one side) - his shirt keeps going from on to off. When you see him in the background it is on and when you see him close up it is off.

Correction: I actually noticed while I was watching the movie that the guy first doesn't have his shirt on when they walk in, but in the next shot he has it on and for the rest of the scene he has his shirt on (it's actually a vest.) There is a different guy in the background who doesn't have a shirt on.

Corrected entry: As they pull into Kellermans' they park on the left hand side of the road however in the next shot they are parked on the right hand side of the road.

Correction: This is not true; there is a sidewalk along the right side of the road that makes it look like they parked to the left in the shot of them pulling up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Penny is taking a dance class (the one when she tells the men to dance in one circle and the women to dance in another, and when she yells STOP they have to dance with whoever they're next to. Baby nearly gets to dance with her Dad, but ends up with the little old thief woman), there is a microphone on view at the top of the screen for practically the whole scene. Visible in the video.

Correction: I've seen the movie many times and what looks like a microphone is just the speakers playing the music everyone's dancing to.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny busts the car window open with the bottom of the light pole, you can see that it makes a perfect circle. Most likely, the whole window would have shattered, not left a perfect hole the same size as the pole.

Correction: Car windows were then made with "saftey glass", a sandwich of two layers of glass with a plastic in the middle. A round hole is perfectly possible. Modern tempered glass shatters.

Corrected entry: This movie is supposed to take place in the sixties when dirty dancing wasn't allowed. However, the last dance is danced to a song that wasn't released until the eighties?

Correction: The last song was written just for the movie, so yes it was written in the 80's, but as an original song for this movie, so can also reasonably be used in this time period.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: In the last dance scene (I've had the time of my life) everyone gets up to join in with the dancing its funny how all the many rows of chairs disappear so quickly. There would be no way they could move them all out of the way to a song that lasts 3 minutes.

Correction: You can see employees of the hotel moving chairs out of the way so everyone can dance.


Corrected entry: In the final scene, before they all start dancing, everyone is sat down on chairs, as can be seen when Baby jumps. However, once everyone starts dancing, all the chairs are gone!

Correction: You clearly see some of the dance crew folding up chairs while others in the dance crew pick out people from the audience to dance.

Corrected entry: When Johnny realises he has locked his keys in the car, he breaks the window to open the door for Baby. But you can see her throughout the shot, and she doesn't move while she's in the car. However, Johnny opens the driver's side door, even though Baby didn't move to open it. So he didn't really have to break the window, if his door was already open.

Correction: Correction - she leans over and unlocks the door for him.

Corrected entry: In the last dance scene in the movie, you see the two old ladies dancing together, one with a blue dress and one with a silver dress. However, in the scene where Baby sees Johnny and Penny dancing together for the first time, there are the two old ladies, wearing the exact same dresses, standing together.

Correction: Kellerman's is only a resort, I doubt that they would have more than one fancy dress with them on vacation.

Corrected entry: In the last dance scene, you clearly see Billy put on a record (I've had the time of my Life) for the dance. Later, while the same song is still playing they show band members playing the music. Did they join in mid-song?

Correction: Mr. Kellerman says something like, "You have sheet music for this stuff?"

Corrected entry: When Baby is getting dressed for the big end of season show, we see her pulling on stockings and attaching them to garters. But when her skirt flies up in the big dance finale - no garters.

Correction: Apparently not - it's tights without garters, not stockings.

Corrected entry: In the scene where they are setting up for the final show and Baby is painting a tree, there is no paint on her brush.

Correction: Baby isn't actually painting, she's adding texture to the tree, to make it look more real. You do that using a dry brush.

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Penny: Oh, come on, ladies. God wouldn't have given you maracas if He didn't want you to shake 'em.



In the last dance scene, Patrick Swayze jumps down from the stage and starts dancing. He goes down on his knees and when he lifts one knee, it is extremely dusty, however when he stands up his knees are completely clean.



In the scene where Johnny and Baby are practicing dancing, and she keeps laughing when he runs his arm down hers, it was not part of the scene, she was actually laughing and his frustration was genuine. They left it because it was effective. Her falling over in this scene was unplanned too.