Left Behind II: Tribulation Force

Corrected entry: In the scene when Buck tries to call Chloe, on the caller ID it reads "Williams, Buck." It should read "Williams, Cameron" as that is his real personal name, Buck is only a nickname. The film makers put that probably because no one really calls him by his first name, but it is still a mistake.

Correction: It will say whatever you told the phone company to put for your listing in the phone book - nickname, short name, just an initial, whatever.

Corrected entry: After Buck shows Ivy his apartment, look behind her when she says "Your phone is blinking." There is a crew member walking around in the background. (00:20:00)

Correction: I watched this scene myself, and that person behind Ivy isn't a crew member. It's HER. It's a mirror reflection by the big wooden door. There are two mirrors on either side of it.

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