Corrected entry: The melon that Aladdin and Abu swipe before they spot Jasmine is a watermelon. When they open the melon, the insides are light green honeydew melon with the seeds already scooped out. The melon should have a pink with black watermelon seeds interior. The skin type design and coloring shown is unique to watermelons. Some modern varieties have golden flesh. The watermelon may have not been ripe, but if that were the case, the interior would be white, and would not "make your taste buds dance and sing" as the vendor claims.

Mike Wotton

Correction: It was probably a Santa Claus Melon, which can look similar to a watermelon on the outside but has a green inside (though the seeds still should be shown). Not sure how they taste but they look similar to a Honeydew so if it had a similar taste, that could make your taste buds dance.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the Arabic writing shown are not really Arabic. None of them even ressemble actual arabic letters.

Correction: The words in the movie aren't written in Arabic; it's Persian (Farsi), the language of Iran, which resembles Arabic but is not the same or even very similar. For example, in "You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me", Genie pretends to take Aladdin's order on a notepad. In Arabic, it means nothing, but in Persian, it translates to "Turkey".

Corrected entry: When the Genie says, "I've got a new master now", his mouth is closed.

Correction: If you look closely, you can see that his mouth is covered by his bicep as he is lifting up the palace, it is well blended, but it is not that his mouth isn't moving, it's that his mouth is covered.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, the vendor gets a match that he strikes out of nowhere.

Correction: It's intentional. It's meant as a magic trick. Modern magicians (and everyone else) call it Sleight of Hand (see wikipedia).

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jafar is trying to use hypnosis on the sultan, for a brief moment he becomes conscious, why hadn't he noticed what Jafar was doing?


Correction: I'm sure if he hadn't immediately been forced back into an even more intense state of hypnosis, he would have.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: After the Genie grants Jafar's wish to become Sultan, the design below the jewel in his turban is a tall gold triangle. Shortly afterwards, the design changes to a gold band around the base of the turban with a square extension leading up to the jewel.

Mike Wotton

Correction: This is a design that is added to the hat after Jafar has been transformed by the Genie, probably on purpose because, let's face it, he would have a more intricate design because he is now ruler, like the first Sultan has a big red jewel and a big blue feather as a design. (sorry if this isn't what you mean, but if it isn't could you explain what you mean a bit better?

Corrected entry: Jafar's disguise changes between when he throws Abu into the cave and when he checks for the lamp.

Mike Wotton

Correction: He removed his disguise. It was a mask/wig.

Corrected entry: When Aladdin and Jasmine are singing "A Whole New World" they pass in front of a full moon on the magic carpet, and when they pass over water the reflection is of a crescent moon.

Correction: They don't pass in front of a full moon. It is a crescent moon with the rest of the moon lit by a da Vinci glow (light reflected from the Earth). Some people tried to correct this because they think the moon is in different phases depending on where in the world you are. Definitely not the case, as shown on Because the moon's always facing the earth, and its phase is determined by where the sun is in relation to it, it doesn't matter where you're standing.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Aladdin is escaping from the cave in the magic carpet, he doesn't lose his hat in any moment, despite its being a frenetic, very fast and roller coaster-esque escape. It should have fallen off at some point.

Correction: Without knowing how tightly his hat fit you cannot call this a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Jasmine is accused of stealing at the apple stand, she says she has no money. Coinage was a rarity at that time period and bartering was much more common, so why didn't the vendor or Jasmine consider those enormous gold or brass earrings and headband?

Mike Wotton

Correction: Jasmine was unfamiliar with markets and, being a Princess, the concept of bartering as well. I have just watched the scene and her headband is never visible to the vendor and her earrings, while partially visible, are very close in color to her scarf; this could easily explain why the vendor failed to notice them, particularly combined with Aladdin's fast talking rescue of Jasmine distracting the vendor.


Corrected entry: Why does the Apple Vendor exclaim "No one steals from my CART" when Jasmine gives the small street urchin boy the apple? It was a market stall like all the others, Without Wheels. Why did he call it a cart?

Mike Wotton

Correction: Because this is a children's movie and the writers will choose the words most recognizable and easy to understand. In the US (where the movie was made) the word stall (especially to kids) a place where horses are kept and the booths in market places are commonly called stands or carts, whether they have wheels or not.


Corrected entry: Jafar turns Jasmine's shackles into a crown and proposes marriage, but she throws the wine at him and the crown vanishes. Later, when she tries to seduce him, she holds the crown in her hands. It wasn't in her hand or on the floor.

Mike Wotton

Correction: If you watch the movie again, the camera leaves her for a minute, giving her plenty of time to pick the crown up off-screen.

Corrected entry: Middle Eastern religions to this day prohibit men from wearing jewelry made from gold. For a man to ever wear gold is a sin worthy of eternal damnation. Sultan himself says "Praise Allah" and "Allah Forbid" any number of times. The Mystic Blue Diamond Ring he is wearing is in a yellow gold setting, obvious in the close-up in Jafar's quarters.

Mike Wotton

Correction: And yet many Muslims wear jewelry made of gold today. People have always broken religious rules, so why wouldn't the people in the film do it?

Corrected entry: The Magic Carpet Rids passes the Pyramids of Giza, which have already been stripped of the smooth limestone sheathing, as they appear today. This wasn't done until the 9th century by treasure seeking Arabs. The movie takes place sometime before 1 AD.

Mike Wotton

Correction: There's nothing saying this takes place before 1 AD. As many point out, the chinese building we see in the movie wasn't built until 15 AD. Therefore, the Pyramids would have been stripped down by now.

Corrected entry: When Jasmine and her father are next to the fountain talking about the law forcing a Princess to marry a Prince, Jasmine opens the bird cage and takes out one bird, but leaves the door open as she and he father talk. The bird is replaced a few minutes later and the door is finally shut. After the conversation by the fountain, Jasmine returns to the bird cage, opens the doors, and the birds immediately fly away as a symbol of Jasmine's desire for freedom. Why didn't the caged birds fly away when the door was open for so long a few minutes earlier? They wasted no time to make a break for freedom when the cage was opened the second time.

Mike Wotton

Correction: When Jasmine first opened the bird cage she did it softly. The second time she did it forcefully and unexpectantly, which caused the birds to be surprised, hence why they flew away.

Corrected entry: The patches on Aladdin's trousers change constantly throughout the movie.

Correction: Not specific enough, he could have a few pairs of pants. Please state the scenes.

Corrected entry: During the 'Whole New World' number on the carpet, they swoop and Aladdin tells Jasmine not to close her eyes. When that's happening, you can hear Jasmine's voice, but her lips aren't moving.

rabid anarchist

Correction: This is a musical number, and there are many times in the movie (Whole New World especially) where the mouths don't move during a song. This is done because the song is not linear with the scene, they are on a montage and we are getting the content of their feelings through song, they are not necessarily singing to each other (this goes for most musicals).

Corrected entry: When the apple vendor threatens to cut off Jasmine's hand, Aladdin rushes in, grabs the sword from the vendor, and hands it to Jasmine, who hides the sword behind her back. Immediately following, Aladdin takes Jasmine by the shoulders and says "I've been looking all over for you." Notice that her hands are now in front of her and the sword is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: It's called Hammerspace, which is a cartoon physic which lets them hide things in a small space and without it showing or bulging in any way. Just another example of how the cartoon world is different from ours.

Corrected entry: The movie takes place before 1 AD, but the Chinese Imperial Palace that Aladdin and Jasmine rest on during the Magic Carpet Ride scene was not constructed until the 15th century.

Mike Wotton

Correction: There is no indication within the movie that it takes place prior to 1 AD. In fact, most indications of time within the movie point to the 15th century, so a 15th century structure is not out of place.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Aladdin, the color of the feather in Sultan's turban changes from shot to shot. Sometimes it's grey, sometimes it's light blue. This is very evident in the scene showing the hypnotized Sultan telling Jasmine that she will marry Jafar.

Mike Wotton

Correction: It never changes color during any scenes, just from one scene to another, and there's nothing to say he doesn't have several turbans with different color feathers.

Corrected entry: This movie takes place sometime before the year one AD. When Abu rescues Aladdin from the shackles in the dungeon, he picks a padlock of type and style invented after the 15th century.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The movie cannot be before the year one AD because the Sultan says "Allah" and Allah is the Muslim name for God (the Muslim religion started only in the 7th Century), ergo the plot could have taken place in the 15th century.

Corrected entry: The pants everyone wears are Turkish pants, except for Aladdin's. His are a style worn in Thailand.

Correction: Quite likely Aladdin stole the pants from someone who had visited Thailand, he was a street rat remember.

Corrected entry: Why did Jafar need the genie's help to make Jasmine fall in love with him? Being such a powerful sorcerer couldn't he have just done it himself?

Correction: Obviously he doesn't know that particular spell. Jafar can't be an expert on everything, and you wouldn't expect an evil sorceror to be particularly well up on love spells - it just doesn't fit with the whole 'evil sorceror' thing.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Genie is in the palace garden trying to convince Aladdin to tell Jasmine the truth. At one point, Genie turns into a lighted lampshade on Aladdin's head. Aladdin pulls the chain to turn the light off. How did Aladdin know how to turn off a 20th century lighting device?

Mike Wotton

Correction: By seeing the chain it would be pretty obvious to Aladdin that that was what needed to be pulled to turn it off.

Corrected entry: The rule of entering the "Cave of Wonders" spoken to Aladdin by the Cave itself is, " Touch Nothing But the Lamp". It is not until Abu snatches the ruby in the Lamp Room scene that the Cave qualifies the original edict to, " You have touched the forbidden TREASURE". Aladdin and Abu have touched the Magic Carpet plenty of times before this point.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The magic carpet was presumably an exception, as it's not really treasure but more of a guide to lead them through the cave of wonders.

Also, he did not so much "touch" with his hands as simply walk on it underfoot, couldn't entirely be helped (he comes into contact with the treasure on the floor the same way, no ill result), thereby awakening it, and further contact is initiated by Carpet himself.

Corrected entry: Aladdin stabs his sword into Jafar the serpent, but later we see the sword and there is no blood on it.

Correction: We do not see the sword again, after Aladdin stabs it into the serpent.

Corrected entry: Abu does not have the lamp with him when he is thrown into the cave of wonders by Jafar. Then suddenly he pulls it out of his shirt.

Correction: Yet another instance of someone not understanding humor. The entire joke is that Abu was able to steal the lamp and hide it in his jacket before being thrown in. The fact that it doesn't bulge out of his jacket is just part of him being such a great cartoon pickpocket.

Corrected entry: When the Sultan is flying on the magic carpet, Iago the parrot crashes into a pillar and gets his teeth knocked out. In the next shot of Iago, his teeth are all intact.

Correction: Seeing as A) Birds aren't supposed to have teeth, and B) He is owned by a sorceror, I don't see how this is a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Ali enters the Palace throne room, a large doorway with blue curtains is on the wall to the left of the throne. The Sultan flies past this point several times in his Carpet flight and it has vanished.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The curtains remain there the entire time. There really is only one shot of that entrance when the sultan rides the carpet and the curtains are still there.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jasmine is pretending that she loves Jafar to distract him, the bottom part of her body is see-through.

rabid anarchist

Correction: I checked this whole scene a couple of times, and I never saw this. If it REALLY does happen, be more specific, ie. the certain shot with dialouge to match.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: Genie and Magic Carpet are playing chess. Genie tells Magic Carpet, "okay, move". Carpet only has a king, a bishop and two pawns. Carpet picks up the king and moves it fully across the board to capture Genie's queen and put him into check, (possibly checkmate). A king may only move one space at a time in any direction, therefore, that move was illegal. Afterwards Genie says, "I'm being beaten by a rug", and does not question the legality of the move.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The very fact that Genie is being beaten by a rug should suggest to you that he's not very good at chess, and possibly doesn't know the rules very well, which is why he doesn't even notice when the carpet cheats.


Corrected entry: When Jafar escapes from the guards, their hats change from white with gold bands to gold with white bands.

Mike Wotton

Correction: They stay exactly the same between the shots in which Jafar is about to use the smoke, and the following shot when he's disappeared the hats are the same as they were before he disappeared.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: The jacket for the original home video VHS release of Aladdin has flaws in the images on the front and back covers. The huge image of Aladdin on the cover is shown in his "Street Rat" clothing riding the Magic Carpet with Jasmine behind him. This never happened in the movie. Jasmine only rode the Magic Carpet with Aladdin dressed as Prince Ali or wearing his closing scene "Honeymoon" attire. Another error is that Jasmine is wearing a green outfit that was always shown as blue in the movie. The back cover shows the Oasis scene incorrectly. Aladdin is at the table from the "I'm your Maitre'd" part of the "Friend Like Me" song. Genie is holding the microphone from when he first asks Aladdin his name. Genie is also wearing the "Let's make some magic" magician's outfit which is missing its giant grey cuffs.

Mike Wotton

Correction: VHS or DVD cover art is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: The Prince Ali song includes the line," He's got Slaves, He's got Servants and Flunkies." The new DVD coming 10/04, will exchange "Friends" for "Slaves".

Mike Wotton

Correction: They didn't change the line, I just got the DVD and it still says "he's got slaves...."

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Abu is on the bursting lava rocks in the Cave of Wonders, right before the last two rocks blow up you can hear him say "Holy shit", if you turn your volume up.

Correction: This is not true.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Aladdin is in the marketplace, he's sitting on top of the vendor's booth. There's no way that it would support his weight. It's just a piece of cloth draped over some wooden poles.

Correction: If you look closely, you can see wood beams lined up underneath the cloth to support more weight.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jasmine is in the marketplace and the vendor is about to cut off her hand, Aladdin jumps in and takes the sword from the vendor's hand, and the weapon vanishes in the long shot.

Correction: Aladdin hands the sword to Jasmine, who hides it behind her back and presumably tosses it out of sight.

Corrected entry: When Jafar does his little ditty he says "Say hello to your precious Prince Ali" and transforms Aladdin into his beggar self. Jasmine acts shocked, but she already knew that Aladdin was "the boy from the marketplace," so she shouldn't be surprised to see him dressed as he was in the marketplace.

Correction: She's surprised because, up until then, she'd believed that he was Prince Ali, who'd just been incognito down in the market (just as she was). Finding out that he'd lied and he really was just a beggar is understandably a shock.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the thief is first going to go into the Cave of Wonders, the lion has bottom teeth all the way across. When it shows him stepping into the cave, the bottom teeth are gone.

Correction: Since the lion is made of sand, and its mouth is an entrance, it's perfectly possible for the teeth to have retracted to let the thief step inside onto the staircase.

Corrected entry: Sultan is concerned that Jasmine find a suitor before her eighteenth birthday because "He isn't getting any younger". He seems to be 70 years old in the movie. (Disney had no official "age" for Sultan.) The law stated that a Princess must marry a Prince before her eighteenth birthday. Jasmine is now just shy of 18 years old herself. So Jasmine's mother must have married the Sultan when she was seventeen years old to follow the letter of the law and the Sultan was fifty two years old? And that presumes that they had conceived Jasmine the first year they were married. (Sultan's 70 years minus Jasmine's apparent current age of 18 is 52 years old). Well, as Sultan said himself, "Her mother wasn't nearly so picky".

Mike Wotton

Correction: It is not unrealistic or inconceivable for a young woman who is coming of age, to be betrothed to a middle aged or even elderly man, if that man stems from the proper family that the parents approve of. In many societies the 'match' is made by the parents when the young girl is but a young child, and the girl has no say in the matter. Jasmine, being both independent and stubborn challenges this law.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the dungeon scene, Jafar in disguise as an old man has just told Aladdin of the treasure. Iago, the parrot, pokes his head out from under the shawl to say, " Jafar, can you hurry up, I'm dying in here." The creators of the film must have intended for the audience to know Iago was concealed in that disguise for a reason besides to point out Jafar in disguise, but Iago was never heard from again throughout the "Cave of Wonders" scenes. Maybe Jafar dropped Iago somewhere when he picked up the horse he rode to the cave.

Mike Wotton

Correction: It's only the submitter's opinion that the animators had some ulterior motive for showing Iago hidden in the costume. That doesn't make this a mistake.


Corrected entry: The Sultan is not wearing a the "sacred blue diamond" when Jafar cons him out of it. Suddenly, the diamond appears on the Sultan's hand.

Correction: As a rule in most cartoons, a character usually always appears the same; clothes, hair, etc. If there is something about them that is only relevant to the scene (Sultan's ring) it will only appear for the time it is needed.

Corrected entry: The biggest thing that stands in Aladdin's way with Jasmine is the law (a princess can only marry a prince). Instead of wishing to be a prince, why doesn't he wish that the law be different? Honesty is a key element to this movie, and something that the Genie stresses, still no one thinks of this alternative to lying?

Correction: Actually, towards the beginning of the movie when Aladdin finds out that Jasmine is the princess, he says something along the lines of "She'll never like me, I'm just a street rat." The wish wasn't just so she'd be allowed to marry him, but so she'd be impressed and WANT to marry him.

Corrected entry: When Jafar is taking the half bug piece from the peasant, it looks like the piece he needs, later though, it is the piece he already has.

Correction: The two pieces of the bug are cast from the same mold. If you watch, Jafar rotates the piece that he takes from the thief. It looks the same, but it is the piece he needs.

Corrected entry: When Aladdin and Jasmine have just jumped from one roof to another (going to Aladdin's home), Abu has 3 apples, but when Aladdin throws Abu the stick, all the apples are gone.

Correction: Abu has already shown his ability to hide largish objects on his person (ie: the lamp in the cave of wonders).

Corrected entry: At the end of 'A Whole New World' sequence in Bejin (Peking), when Jasmine confronts Aladdin with his (more or less) true identity, she forgets to ask him how he can be alive in the first place, since Jafar has reported to her that he had been executed.

Correction: Jasmine already knows that Jafar is no good. She's suspected Aladdin's true identity since the very beginning of the ride, and probably assumes that Jafar lied to her.


Corrected entry: In the movie all of the guards have swords. The blades design is basically small near the hilt (the handle of the sword), and gradually gets wider and rounder near the end of it. Well, the sheath (the carrying case) of the sword is the same shape as the sword. Because of this, it would be impossible for the swords to be slid back into the sheath, the reason being that the larger end of the blade would not fit through the top of the case, for it's too small.

Correction: The swords are not kept in scabbards at all. They are kept tucked into the belt and are drawn by simply pulling them out of their belt.

Corrected entry: When Aladdin is on the princess's balcony for the first time in the middle of all the speaking a whispered voice is heard saying "take off your clothes".

Correction: The official position that Disney took was that the line is "Take off and go" and it is said by the Genie talking to Rajar the Tiger.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jasmine is in the red and is feeding Jafar the apple she clearly has chains on her hands. When he proposes to her and she reaches for the wine she doesn't have chains on anymore

Correction: Jafar used his sorcery to turn her chains into a crown which he offered her as he proposed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Aladdin first wakes up the Genie, Carpet hides when Genie first comes out, but later, Genie gives Carpet a high five and makes a comment on how long its been since he'd seen him. Why would Carpet hide from an old friend?

Correction: The carpet hides as the genie first emerges because he's not sure if the time in that bottle has driven the genie insane.

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Genie: I'm free! I'm free! Quick. Quick, wish for something outrageous. Say, "I I want the Nile." Wish for the Nile. Try that.
Aladdin: Uh, I wish for the Nile.
Genie: No way! Oh, does that feels good!



The tiger bites the seat off the suitor's trousers, allowing the viewer to see his polka-heart boxers. When we see the tiger in the courtyard, he has a part of the same boxer shorts in his mouth. So if he bit off the seat of the trousers, shouldn't he have purple cloth in his mouth?



Because Robin Williams ad-libbed or improvised so many of his lines, the film was ruled ineligible for the Adapted Screenplay category at the Academy Awards.