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Corrected entry: The deer that appears in the film is a mule deer. Mule deer are not indigenous to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania deer are white tailed deer.

Correction: Actually it's a Red Stag which is not indigenous to North America.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Michael pursues a deer and then refrains from shooting it, the bolt action on his rifle switches from a left handed model to a right handed model. When it switches the shots are flipped, also note other items that are reversed.

Correction: The revealing mistake is not that a GI learned how to shoot right-handed, the mistake is that they switched rifles; from left-hand action to right-hand action.Why would Michael go out and buy "another" 308 Remington(right-handed model) if he is a lefty and already has a left-handed model?

Corrected entry: The helicopter rescue scene from the suspended bridge has a shot with two people hanging off the runners even though they have not been picked up yet.

Correction: There were two helicopters, one of which presumably picked up and was transporting other recovered prisoners or MIA soldiers from near the river. The second helicopter returns for Michael, Steven, and Nick.

Corrected entry: The orthodox church (St. Theodosius) is a cathedral in Cleveland and never would be found in a small town.

Correction: Was it supposed to be in a small town? I always figured we were just seeing a corner of their community. Seems like a mill that big wouldn't be in a small town.

Corrected entry: In the early scenes of DeNiro deer hunting he is left handed and using a left handed bolt action rifle. Upon his return from Viet Nam he again goes deer hunting and he is right handed using a right handed bolt action rifle.

Correction: In the military, people, not all, but some people learn to fire a weapon right handed. There are adapters for the M-16 to keep the casings from hitting the left handed shooter. Some lefties eventually learn to fire the weapon right handed. Therefore, after fighting in Vietnam, he could very easily have switched his firing position.

Correction: Wedding receptions don't usually take place immediately after the wedding, but several hours later. She could have gone home to freshen up after the ceremony.

Factual error: When Michael Vronsky gets back from his tour he has a full grown beard. The only branch of the service that allows a beard is the Navy, and he was an Army Green Beret. The beard would only have been tolerated if Mike was either not in his Class A uniform or actively performing on a mission, neither of which are the case here. In addition, he's wearing a Black Beret, but his left shoulder patch is the 101st airborne, not Special Forces. Finally, he has six or seven hash marks on his right sleeve. Each hashtag is for 3 years of active duty service.

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Suggested correction: Right sleeve hash marks are for 6 month tours of duty, left are for 3 years' service.

The hash marks on his right sleeve are overseas bars, each bar represents 6 months of service in a combat or hostile fire zone. The hash mark on his left sleeve represents 4 years of enlisted service. Obviously, nobody cared about the uniform in 1976.

Each hash mark on the left sleeve is 3 years' service.

It's 3 years per left bar. The 101st patch should be on the right upper arm (correct placement for former combat unit) where the blue SF patch is and the blue SF patch should have been where the 101st patch was on the left shoulder (correct placement for current unit). This would make sense if the 3 buddies enlisted and went to Vietnam together, likely in the same outfit - the 101st. Steve and Nicki are still in the 101st when they find Mike in the ville, but we can assume that at some point down the line Mike applied for transfer to SF. The film ends in 1975 with Mike showing a bar for 3 years service just before returning to Saigon to retrieve Nicki. So the action can't have taken place any earlier than 1971-72 even allowing for the fact he might have been home for 6-12 months before returning to get Nicki. I never noticed the beret being black in the later scenes but this seems to be an error - once the green beret had been earned I would have thought that trumps all other achievements including Ranger School.

The black beret was worn by US Army rangers who were assigned to a ranger unit, in the 1960's and 70's.

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Michael: You wanna play games? All right, I'll play your fucking games.

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Trivia: The scene where Nick spits in Michael's face when they play each other at Russian Roulette towards the end of the movie was improvised by Christopher Walken. Director Michael Cimino convinced Walken to do this, and Robert De Niro was completely surprised by this, as evidenced in his reaction. In fact, De Niro was so furious about the unscripted improvisation that he almost quit the production.

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Question: What are the silver pins on Dinero's shoulders on his dress uniform?


Answer: Dinero is a US army ranger sporting the special forces identification badge on his shoulders. There are many inconsistencies in the uniform though.


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