The Million Dollar Hotel

Continuity mistake: When Eloise tells Tom Tom that she remembers everything about him, he feels so overwhelmed that hugs her and puts his head to her chest. This is shown three times, while in the second shot, from another camera angle, Eloise's posture and expression are completely different.



Continuity mistake: When Eloise goes down the staircase and Tom Tom stops her, she is clutching a book to her chest, holding it at the top. When the camera angle changes she is holding it at the side.



Continuity mistake: When the art dealer arrives at the hotel it is not raining. Cut to Tom Tom's room, and the streets outside are wet. Cut to the art dealer in the lobby, declaring Izzy's work art, then cut back to Tom Tom's room, and the streets outside are dry.



Continuity mistake: When Skinner goes down the hallway to Geronimo's room Tom Tom is following him at a distance. In the next shot Skinner breaks into the room (seen from inside), and Tom Tom is right behind him.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Eloise inspects Tom Tom's room the camera cuts back and forth between him standing at the door and her walking around. In one shot he is standing at the window, but when he is seen next he is back at the door.



Other mistake: In almost every scene when someone arrives at the hotel, the same funny one-seater eco car is driving by.



Continuity mistake: When Skinner arrives at the hotel for the first time he takes pictures of people in the lobby. In one photograph Tom Tom is lying on the ground, right next to a leather sofa, but in the acual scene the sofa is at quite a distance.



Continuity mistake: When Tom Tom is dancing through his room he pushes the TV from its rack. He can just catch it, and it lands on a pile of shoes, but in the last shot of the dance scene the TV is back on the rack, including all the junk that was piled on top of it.



Continuity mistake: When Skinner takes a picture of Geronimo his long hair is hanging straight down, but in the picture it is covering his right shoulder.



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Wim Wenders made the movie in a real hotel in a rather run-down area in LA. Throughout the shooting he had to deal with unwanted extras interfering with the shooting. One lovely example is the scene where Skinner talks to Tom Tom in a car in front of a porn cinema, and a lady in red, who is seen in the background, all of a sudden puts her nose to the window to have a good look at Mel Gibson.