Deep Blue Sea

Corrected entry: In the scene where Carter and Scoggins swim down into the flooded lab, the shark attacks them and Scoggins is bitten in half. Scoggins has two left feet. (01:02:00)


New this month Correction: If you look closely, when the shark swims away, its body bumps Scoggins' free-floating lower half which causes one of the legs to rotate roughly 180°; due to the missing hip joint.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: After Carter sedates the shark at aquatica, he could not be able to carry him by himself to the lab.


Correction: There is no time scale on the time between the shark being sedated and it arriving in the lab.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When McCallister cuts herself and jumps into the water, you see blood in the first shot. Then when she is swimming and wading etc., there is no sign of blood at all. (01:32:25)

Correction: As soon as she jumps into the water you can see a red pool around her, that's the blood from her hand.

Corrected entry: When the shark first smashes the glass with the gurney carrying the man who was first bitten and failed to escape in the helicopter, he releases the gurney about 50 feet away from the glass. How could the gurney maintain its speed underwater? (00:41:00)

Correction: The shark "threw" the gurney before letting go, so maybe it had enough force for it to smash like that; it didn't just let go of it.

Corrected entry: Sharks can swim quite fast (some up to 65kmph). How does Preach, wading at a relatively slow speed, escape the shark the first time he sees it? (00:51:20)

Correction: It's a massive shark, in shallow water, around tight bends for the animal. You try sprinting full pelt round a bend and you'll see why.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, just before Saffron Burrows' character is eaten by the shark, she makes a slashing motion across her throat. This is the underwater signal for, "I'm out of air."


Correction: This has already been submitted. It wont let me delete based on duplicate entry but it's entry 142121.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When the female doctor strips out of her wet suit to shock the shark, she grabs the flexible metal tubing and yanks it off the wall with no problem. Two problems here. It would take more than a struggle to rip that of the wall. Second, the wires should be in "non-flexible" metal tubing. (However, I am not accustomed to electrical codes for underwater oceanic bases and perhaps the code calls for flex.) Either way, though, it would be impossible for her to simply pull the wires out without much struggle.

Correction: These are both assumptions. It is unknown how well secured the flexible tubing is to the junction box or how strong Dr. McCallister is. Remember that people in extremely intense situations can muster more strength from the adrenalin rush than they could under normal circumstances. Flexible metal tubing is an acceptable alternative to non-flexible tubing; unknown why the submitter would even think that it could not be used - especially in an oceanic base operating in international waters.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When the giant glass window breaks, Samuel L. Jackson and the blonde girl are literally about a second away from being cut down by the water and glass flooding in, but from another angle they are way ahead of the water.

Correction: If you watch closely you will see that they are consistantly the same distance from the glass. There is no jumping over a huge distance.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Several times, the sharks swim backwards to move down a different hallway or change direction. This is an impossible feat for sharks, regardless of their intelligence.

Correction: Trying to point out factual errors in a film like this is like saying its impossible for Dinosaurs to exist in "Jurrasic Park". Its commented in the film by the characters that they shouldn't be able to do that and yet somehow they have been able to.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when the three are preparing to exit the sinking building and float to the surface the comment is made that putting the life jackets on will cause them to float to the surface too quickly and their lungs would pop. When you watch them swim to the top, they actually swim faster than the jackets/fire extinguishers go. (01:24:30 - 01:26:50)

Correction: The fire extinguishers and life jackets were rotating and because the fire extinguishers were going off, they would not go straight up. The force from the fire extinguishers would push the jackets down or at least slow them down when it was pointed upward, and since it was rotating it would most likely go up as slow as it did.

Corrected entry: Considering the huge size of the glass window in the facility and the fact that it is so far undersea, it must surely be several inches thick and therefore able to withstand an immense amount of pressure. Yet it breaks ridiculously easily when the shark rams the lightweight gurney into it from a considerable distance. If it was that easy to break, how come the sharks never tried it before themselves, especially as later in the movie they can knock out heavy steel doors without any effort at all?"

Correction: Firstly, I don't think the window breaks ridiculously easily. First it cracks and then big lumps of thick glass start popping out before it finally shatters. Secondly, the gurney, which is designed to be suspended from a helicopter so is probably very sturdy, is propelled at the window at great speed by the sharks who seem to have the express intention of causing the window to shatter. Thirdly, the sharks learn new tricks throughout the film. Maybe they didn't know they had the strength to break the window until they tried it. When they succeeded in breaking the window, they decided to have a go at bashing in steel doors, which seemed to take a lot of effort to break as they had no tools to do it with.

Corrected entry: Am I the only one bothered by Preacher getting bitten so badly he nearly passes out from the broken leg, yet when he is either shooting at the shark and Carter, or setting the wires, he stands easily on his injured leg? At first the leg seems to inhibit him, but it must magically heal as the movie continues. (01:28:55 - 01:34:05)

Correction: It's possible that he was only bitten badly - it never says that his leg is broken. Also, if it was, he could have been balancing on his unbitten leg.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the remaining crew are climbing the maintenance shaft where the debris is falling from the elevator blocking the full way up, why doesn't the elevator itself fall? It's in a bad enough state as it is, so why does it not fall? (01:03:10)

Correction: It may have become jammed in the shaft.

Corrected entry: All winches on choppers have an emergency release in case something like the shark grabbing it happened - why didn't they use it? (00:38:30)

Correction: It was a rescue team. They would do anything to rescue Jim, and in this case things happened too fast, so the chopper was pulled without the crew being able to do anything about it. Also it would make the rescue team look bad if they just cut the wires and let Jim fall into the ocean. So I guess they stood up against a dilemma and weren't thinking straight.

Mortug Premium member

Corrected entry: If the crew acknowledges the fact that these sharks have been modified enough to possibly swim backwards, why are they so shocked when it happens?

Correction: Only Dr. McCallister knew that the sharks had been genetically altered. Everyone else just thought that they were breeding them for the protein complex which would not necessarily mean that they could swim backwards.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: They are searching for batteries for this real big flashlight and finally find some in the clock. 1. How can such small batteries provide enough energy for the flashlight? 2. How do they fit in? I'd say you need bigger batteries! (01:11:00)

Correction: They don't. The batteries come from a varity of sources, the clock provides just one (maybe 2). That is why he is looking for a sex toy, for extra batteries.

Corrected entry: Doesn't anyone watch the Weather Channel? Why was this storm a surprise to anyone? At the very least, the pilot who flew Samuel Jackson to the site would have been made aware of it before he left the airport. Also, why would a facility of this size and type not have a full-time medical provider on-site if they were going to continue to perform experiments through the weekend? Stupid from start to finish. (00:23:20 - 00:34:50)

Correction: The storm wasn't a suprise. What did the pilot care who flew Sam Jackson to the facility? That pilot was being paid by the hour for a quick turn around. The facility had sophisticated weather monitoring equipment (or at least a decent link up) as shown by many shots of the woman in the control tower who is watching the storm develop. She tells everyone in advance that there is a storm coming and they shut down the fuel pumps. The storm has no effect on the facility whatsoever, UNTIL it has been damaged by an exploding helicopter. Not stupid at all.

Corrected entry: Near the start of the movie during an underwater shot, we see a teddy bear sink like a lead weight when it would ordinarily float. (00:02:40)

Correction: It may have a weighted base so that it always sits upright.

Corrected entry: Anyone notice the shark could break through a steel door in 4 or 5 hits that's made to withstand tons of water pressure, but it takes 6 or 7 direct hits to get through a chainlink fence at the end and never succeeds? (01:29:30)

Correction: The door the shark is trying to batter down already has tons of water pressure behind it, the shark's added attempts were more than they were designed to withstand.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when LL Cool J gets bitten by the shark around his waist why doesn't he get ripped in half like all the others did when the shark first got them? (01:00:25 - 01:27:30)

Correction: If you remember when they are climbing up the maintanence ladder and carter is trying ot save Jan she gets caught by the shark around the middle but is not killed instantly.

Corrected entry: Didn't anyone think it strange that after initial shark attack that no one of the group wonders where Preach is or mentions him, yet they don't seem a bit surprised when he saves them all? (01:08:05)

Correction: Actually, when they hear noises at one point earlier in the film, they call out "Preach?", so they know he might be around, but they probably assume he's dead - if the second floor was flooded they would assume the third floor was too.


Corrected entry: How did the sharks know that they could "sink" Aquatica? It was already underwater. Were they genetically enhanced and provided with blueprints on how to do this? The whole concept is flawed. Despite having enhanced intelligence, they would still have to learn that CCTV cameras transmit images to the cast. They could never know that wounding someone would bring a helicopter they could use to sink the structure. The whole concept of the film is based on the, frankly, wrong assumption that being more intelligent makes a creature automatically 'know' more stuff. Well it doesn't. It would just make them more able to learn and understand. So who taught them?

Correction: It's entirely possible that the sharks just got lucky. They could work out from seeing the blond guy making signals into the CCTV cameras that there was someone watching at the other end, they got very lucky with the helicopter (it was pure chance that the stretcher broke and dropped into the water) so it's possible that attacking Jim was just malicious and only when the stretcher fell into the water did the rest of the plan fall into place. It doesn't take any great amount of knowledge to realise that filling things with water sinks them. The mistake presumes that the sharks had every move planned - as the female scientist says, they're still just animals. Most of the events in the film are pure bad luck.


Corrected entry: The female lead says that when her father was suffering from Alzheimer's, she had to tell him every day that his wife was dead "and watch that knowledge hit him like a train wreck". If he had no memory, why make the poor man suffer like that? Why not just tell him she was down at the shops every time he asked where she was? (00:05:10)

Correction: That is a moral dilemma. Obviously the character didn't want to lie to her father and thought it would be best if she just told him the truth. It would would also avoid further questions like "why is she taking so long down at the shops?"

Corrected entry: If these sharks were herding the people to the top of the structure to get them to flood it, why did they keep killing them off? If no one was left who would flood the building?

Correction: The sharks kept attacking to get the people moving.

Corrected entry: Sharks don't make any sounds.

Correction: Actually, shark attack victims have been documented as saying that right before they were attacked, they heard a roaring sound, similar to a lion.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the blonde-haired ex convict was in the tunnel surveying the sharks, the sharks co-ordinated an attack in which they both hit the tunnel in the same second. How could they have done this? Becoming smarter does not give them the ability to communicate.

Correction: No, but being smarter might allow one to observe the other's preparation to attack, predict the attack, and work in tandem in order to secure a piece of the kill. Intelligence advanced enough would allow them to follow a predictive logical process and act on their conclusions.


Corrected entry: The sharks cut the electricity for the lights when they were trying to catch Carter. However, when the helicopter comes Brenda is using a spotlight.

Correction: They probably could only attack the circuit to the underwater lights; in the surface shots when Whitlock is being loaded into the helicopter, lights are visible around the perimeter.


Corrected entry: Just before the two sharks simultaneously attack Carter while he is diving through the underwater cage-like corridor with his harpoon we see the rest of the crew monitoring this with the help of tree monitors displaying the pictures of the underwater cameras in the cages (later destroyed by the sharks). The view on the left screen is taken from a camera that keeps moving backwards while Carter swimming towards it. This displayed shot can't be taken by one of the fixed observation cameras.

Correction: The camera isn't moving backwards, the tech is switching the feed from one camera to another farther down.


Corrected entry: At one point in a shaft L.L. Cool J's character throws down a rope to save a few of the characters from the fast rising water. The shot shows them pull back the rope and shut the door. A few scenes later, the rope is hanging down the shaft again. (01:08:25 - 01:12:05)

Correction: It's hanging out again because they had to go back into the lab to access the generator. They put the rope back so that they could climb out of the shaft, otherwise they'd be stuck.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film when Carter is being dragged along by the shark, the shark rams into a wire fence. You can see that half of Carter is dragged through the hole in the fence. When you see the underwater shot of the shark exploding, Carter is to the left of the whole and is within the compound. When Preach calls out to him, he is outside the compund. How did he move so fast? (01:35:40)

Correction: The force of the shark exploding blew him around underwater.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the cook is trapped by the shark, the water in the kitchen is about waist-high. When Preacher jumps out of the oven, the shark turns to get him and you see that the shark is completely underwater. Those sharks are supposed to be really big, so you should at least see the fin when it's underwater.

Correction: The water surface and the fin are offscreen in that shot, so it's impossible to say that the fin is not showing. Furthermore, in almost every other shot, the fin is shown above water.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Dr. Susan McCallister cuts her hand and jumps into the water to bring the shark closer. All she had to do was stick her hand in the water so the shark could smell the blood and would come closer. Has she done this, she might have lived.

Correction: The shark is super-smart, so if it didn't see anything there to chase after, it wouldn't go after the scent of blood. Dr. McCallister knows this.

Corrected entry: The sharks can break through metal, but not the glass in the oven where one of the characters is "hiding". Must be some strong glass...

Correction: Because the sharks don't have any legs, the only way they can put any real force behind a blow is to ram their target. The kitchen is so cramped that the shark can't swim around and gather any momentum, so he can't hit the oven with full force.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the head scientist takes her wetsuit off to electrocute the shark, her wetsuit is soaking wet so it would make no difference if it was made of rubber or not, she should have been shocked as well.

Correction: Actually, I thought this too, but there was a program on the BBC in the UK about 2 months ago that proved this piece of 'movie science' would actually work.

Corrected entry: Mako sharks can't get that long.

Correction: It is stated in the movie that the scientists used genetic manipulation to make the makos grow a lot bigger.

Corrected entry: For the entire wet lab scene, the Mako shark is half-submerged in the pool. We are to assume that sharks only need to be in water to survive. However, sharks must also keep swimming in order to get oxygen-rich water into their gills. Without this, they would drown or suffocate. Certain species, such as the Nurse shark or the Australian Wobbegong, have adapted to remain motionless on the ocean floor for hours at a time. But an oceanic species like the Mako would have died in the wet lab's conditions.

Correction: You can see that during the wet lab scene, they keep a rush of water flowing past the shark's gills, so that it wouldn't suffocate.

Corrected entry: Toward the end, as people are fleeing the coastline, we see a group of refugees watching a television on a truck alongside the road. They are watching MSNBC. Must have a pretty long cable.

Correction: You can mount one of the newer small satellite dishes on a vehicle if you have a power source and a compass to align it. It's a bit odd to flee a hurricane and take your tv and satellite dish, but it's certainly possible.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: If these sharks are strong enough to open metal watertight doors, how come they couldn't break through the fencing without sinking the place.

Correction: The lower part of the fence is titanium. The whole point of the movie is that the mega-sharks are intelligent enough to sink the facility so they can break through the top part of the fence, made of steel.


Corrected entry: Sharks are attracted to the smell of blood not the sight of it or something that looks like it. So in the opening scene when the wine is knocked over into the water it shouldn't be a big deal.

Correction: The shark is attacking the boat before the wine spills over (in fact it causes the bottle to topple), it doesn't think that the wine is blood. This shot is really just for effect.


Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie, when the shark is getting out through the fence, it (the shark) backs up. Correct me if I'm wrong, but sharks can't swim backwards, no matter how much gene therapy they've had. Swimming backwards would cause water to surge into their gills, thus killing them.

Correction: Well, the characters comment earlier in the film about the super-sharks swimming backwards (when they recoil from seeing the gun), so its safe to assume that their modifications have given them the ability to do this.


Corrected entry: Those big sharks can tow a helicopter and yet in the opening scene, when Carter catches this shark, the shark is not able to tow the boat, which the harpoon is towed to.

Correction: He shot that shark twice with a tranquilliser. So it was heavily sedated.

Corrected entry: When the female doctor gets off the table after electrocuting the shark, she left the wires in the water, therefore when she got off the table she would have been electrocuted through the water too.

Correction: Electrocuting the shark would have shorted out the wires, hence there'd be no more electricity flow.

Corrected entry: When Preach gets into the oven the water level is at the middle of the window. The level would be the same inside, it's not air tight.

Correction: Usually in an underwater environment (such as a submarine) it would be airtight to prevent spread of fires and the using up of oxygen. This could well be the same for the underwater labs.

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Russell Franklin: Just what the hell did you do to those sharks?
Dr. Susan McCallister: Their brains weren't large enough to harvest sufficient amounts of the protein complex. So we violated the Harvard Compact. Jim and I used gene therapies to increase their brain mass, a larger brain means more protein. As a side effect the sharks got smarter.
Janice Higgins: You stupid bitch!



When the sharks first attack and bite off the man's arm - you can clearly see his arm under his shirt as he's scrambling away from the water.



In both Jaws and Deep Blue Sea there is a scene involving a license plate. In Jaws it is removed from the belly of the dead tiger shark. In Deep Blue Sea it is removed from the teeth of a tiger shark. Not only are both sharks the same but both plates are from Louisiana. The license plate number is the same in both films: 007 o 981 Exp 72-73.