Lady Jane
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Guilford: I thought, you see I wondered: Now that we're together, how on earth are we going to spend the days?

Dr. Feckinham: It is a privilege to talk to anyone whose love of learning shines like yours.
Jane: It is my only pleasure, Dr. Feckinham.

Guilford: So then we will.
Jane: Yes, we will.
Guilford: We'll fly.
Jane: We'll fly.
Guilford: Away, beyond their reach.
Jane: So far.
Guilford: Their touch can't tarnish us, and at last, we will be.
Jane: Nothing.
Guilford: Nobody.
Jane: Each other's.
Guilford: Only this time, forever.

Doctor Feckenham: The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible. At there arriving, she is assured of bliss, and forever dwells in paradise.

Dr. Feckinham: Plato, in Greek! Not easy.
Jane: Don't you think so?

Guilford: On the night I was informed I was to be transformed into-untold bliss-I had attended several taverns, witnessed a bear-baiting and was actually located in the Suffolk stews, sampling the pleasures of a lady of the night.

Guilford: Tell me, did you see his chest?
Jane: Yes, it was marked.
Guilford: No, it wasn't. It was branded. A mark burnt into him with a red-hot iron.

Guilford: The brain is a brittle organ, Jane. The slightest pressure and it snaps. It's not wrapped up in a little heart.

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