Death Becomes Her

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene when Meryl Streep takes the option, if you pay attention to the effects in the vial you see the top part of a man flash in and out as the lightning effect is happening.

Continuity mistake: When Hellen kisses Madeleine at the party, the lip-mark is further to the right than it should have been, taken from the position of Hellen's head during the kiss.

Jacob La Cour

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Helen: You have no talent for poverty.

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Answer: Ernest painted Madeline's eyes before she came down the stairs. He even notes that the balance in her eyes were messed up.

Answer: Actually, they're both wearing coloured contacts. If you look at timestamp 01:17:23 when they say "Pleeeaase" to Ernest, you can see they're both wearing contacts. Meryl's aren't as noticeable, but they are the bluish-purple/periwinkle colour Ernest was using when he was painting her touch-ups on the pool table.

Answer: Her eyes changed when she fell into the hot tub. They were essentially boiled.

My interpretation was that when she was shot, she completely bled out, thus all color of her skin and eyes would fade away.

But there's no blood inside eyeballs?

There are several blood vessels that supply blood to the eyeball. The cornea is the only part of the body not supplied by blood.


It wasn't a hot tub she fell into. It was a little pond. No hot water.

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