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American Wedding (2003)

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Character mistake: When Cadence meets the group at the airport and Finch comments "you're reading Descartes", she responds by utterly butchering the line "cogito, ergo sum." Odd that a student of Descartes would be unfamiliar with how to pronounce his most famous statement-somewhat analogous to a student of Einstein not knowing e=mc^2.

Stifler: Motherfucker.
Finch: [Grinning.] Yes I am.

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Trivia: At the rehearsal dinner, Eugene Levy winces when Fred Willard wishes the bride and groom "many happy shivas" together. A shiva is the traditional Jewish ritual of mourning the loss of an immediate family member.

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Question: What was the original message on the cake before Stifler showed up and changed it to "Congratulations Jism"?

Answer: It said "Congratulations Jim", and he moved the "s" into "Jim", so it then actually said "Congratulaion Jism" (note, no "s" on the first word).

Nick N.

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