Airport '77

Factual error: After the plane is submerged, Jack Lemmon says, "... this plane is pressurized!" Jet aircraft are pressurized by bleeding air from the compressor sections of the engines into the cabin; in other words, the plane is only pressurized while the engines are running. Also, aircraft are only pressurized to a few psi above the outside air pressure at altitude, and never to more than the air pressure at sea level. The water pressure would be a great deal higher than the air pressure in the cabin, and since aircraft are not water tight, the water would quickly fill the aircraft. (If the aircraft was in 50 feet of water, the water pressure would be 21.7 psi, versus a maximum cabin pressure of 14.7 psi.)

Continuity mistake: Jack Lemmon is picked out of the ocean by two men in a rubber boat. Both have dark hair and moustaches, one is balding. When they arrive back at the ship, both men have blond hair, are clean shaven, and are obviously younger. (01:24:10 - 01:24:55)

Continuity mistake: In order to show the take-off of Stevens Corporation's 747, a scene from "Airport '75" is used - the plane's tail fin reads "CA" (for "Columbia Airlines") instead of showing the Stevens Corporate Logo.

Factual error: In the many shots of the plane underwater, both from outside and looking out from within, the "sea" resembles the bottom of a swimming pool more than the bottom of a shallow area of ocean, as not a single fish or any other aquatic life (which would be abundant in areas around The Bahamas) is ever seen.

Continuity mistake: Eve tells the Captain about her job in Geneva. His right hand appears/disappears/reappears randomly on her cheek.


Factual error: In the opening credits, the plane is showing landing over the Capitol Building on the way to Dulles. Dulles is no where near the Capitol Building.

Revealing mistake: While the plane is almost upside down, papers and stuff fall inside, but one can notice that it's the actors throwing the papers, not gravity making them fall.


Continuity mistake: When the little girl holds the drawing, her right hand appears/disappears on the upper part of the paper randomly. (00:16:12)


Continuity mistake: When Eve and the Captain hug, her right arm is either tight around his neck or lowered next to his shoulder. (00:10:19)


Continuity mistake: When Philip arrives at the mansion, a photographer on the left walks around and stands on the right. A shot later she is back on the left side. (00:01:45)


Continuity mistake: When Karen attempts to open the submerged plane's outer door, the fastener on the back of her shirt is done up incorrectly, then it is suddenly buttoned the right way.


Karen Wallace: Excuse me, I don't mean to intrude, but could you move your ass, dear?

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