Bad Boys II

New this month Factual error: In the final Cuba scene they fly from Miami to Cuba but nowhere near Guantanamo yet they drive just a few minutes out of town to the base. GTMO is 520 air miles from Miami and 520 from Havana.

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Continuity mistake: In the final chase scene, the yellow Hummer starts out with an open sunroof. As it barrels through the shantytown, interior shots of the Hummer show it with a large overhead bank of storage compartments, while overhead shots show the sunroof. When the chase finally reaches Gitmo, the Hummer once again is shown with an open sunroof.

02:11:50 - 02:12:55

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Marcus are being chased in the Hummer, the windshield gets cracked. During the entire scene the windshield goes from being cracked, to being new again, to being cracked, etc.

02:11:20 - 02:16:20

Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mike is driving the yellow Hummer through the shanty town at the end, the side-view mirrors are broken off several times. When the car comes to a rest the mirrors are intact.

02:13:25 - 02:16:10

Charles Fraser
Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene, Marcus and Mike are being shot at. At one point the car headlight is shot out. The headlight is intact for the rest of the scene.

00:33:45 - 00:35:25


Continuity mistake: When the good guys steer the small robot vehicle underneath the bad guys' car, there is a shot without the robot under the car, but in the next shot it is there again.


Revealing mistake: When Syd and the Haitians are running, there is one shot where skid marks are visible on the road in the exact place the Haitians skid.


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Revealing mistake: When Mike and Marcus are chasing the Haitians, when Mike does a 360 degree spin and then fires his UMP-45, for a split second when he is spinning if you look into the window, you can notice that the driver isn't really Mike.


Continuity mistake: In the White Power vs. Blue Power scene, Mike jumps and shoots a bullet in slow motion. While following the bullet, you can see one man take 3 or 4 steps, before the bullet hits Marcus's ass and eventually the guy's neck.


Other mistake: When Mike goes to Marcus's house to apologize, as Marcus lets Mike in and they walk through the house you can see the corner of a very nice built-in pool through the glass doors, even though a large part of the beginning and the end of the movie take place in Marcus's '$3900' portable pool and its subsequent replacement.


Continuity mistake: During the shootout in the street, Will Smith does a sharp turn while shooting at the Haitians and ends up killing one Haitian who falls back on a car. A few shots later at a different camera angle, you see the same Haitian man get killed and fall back on the hood of a car.

00:20:00 - 00:31:55

Continuity mistake: When the Haitians are on the highway, one of the cars fall off and is dragged by a chain and it hits the large black Ford beside it, with just a bridge wall. Then when the thug (the one who says, "Jesus f***") is shown inside the car, there is a Maersk Sealand vehicle there.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Joe Pantoliano is circling "tactical narcotics team" after the car chase, check out the circle. When he draws it, both ends meet nicely. Next time we see it there's a curve at the end of one line, and the next time they meet again.


Jon Sandys Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Syd gets out of the back truck after the high speed chase, she has blood on her nice white suit (probably since the guy next to her in the car was shot in the head). However, when she gets out to talk to Mike, her suit is clean and white again.


Continuity mistake: After the first car has been thrown from the top layer of cars on the trasporter, the windscreen of the car thrown off is seen to come out. The camera changes and it's back on the car. The camera changes again, and the windscreen pops out for a second time.


A Demon Premium member

Continuity mistake: After Syd is chased down in her black truck with the money in it, she meets up with Mike and Marcus. As she is talking to Mike, her bangs change positions. They go from down, to put up.


Factual error: When Syd throws the pistol to detonate the landmine, nobody in the nearby vicinity seems to be injured except one 'bad guy' despite the fact that many modern anti-personnel mines project shrapnel to a radius of 30 meters.


Deliberate mistake: During the freeway chase scene, the windscreen of the car first thrown from the top of the truck smashes out at least three times.



Continuity mistake: During the chase down the hill, through the shanty town, the bad guy's blue Land Rover's hood is shown smashed and bent upwards several times, but when they emerge at the bottom it is perfectly normal, and in the latched down position.

02:12:30 - 02:16:30

Bad Boys II mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Mike is fighting one guy in the Metro Rail and they go through the window, you can see a cable going down the pants near the ankle of one of the stunt men jumping out.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the shootout scene in the pink house, Mike starts to bring his gun up to shoot the Haitian through the wall, and the gun is empty - the slide is back. When the camera changes the slide is forward - indicating the gun has bullets inside. He then shoots through the wall killing the Haitian.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the MacArthur Causeway chase, there is a shot of a police car spinning on its underside. A camera is seen sliding on the road, moving offscreen.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the last scene of the movie where Mike and Marcus are both in Marcus's "new" pool, as soon as the pool collapses into the ocean, you can see in the background a crew member standing there as if he was there to "break" the pool and in a quick shot back to where the pool was, he is gone.


Visible crew/equipment: Just after the chase scene with all the bodies falling out of the black van, you see one of the bad guys jump over a fence while he is running away, as he lands you can see the mat that he is landing on to soften the blow.


Continuity mistake: In the "white power vs. blue power" scene when Mike yells "Marcus!", he fires both his Glocks. But in the following slow-motion shot, the bullet from the gun in his left hand is nowhere to be seen, although you can see he fires them in the same direction. In fact it probably would have hit Marcus, while the bullet from Mike's right-hand gun scrapes him in the bottom-cheek.



Continuity mistake: When the Haitians have a shootout in the intersection, you see Mike do a 360 degree spin and then shoots the first Haitian in the green, but moments later you see Mike shoot him again. He was already dead.

00:29:15 - 00:30:35

Continuity mistake: In the final shoot out Mike is wearing Oakley M-frames with a clear lens, but the lens shape changes three times during the course of the fight, from the sweep lens, to the strike lens, to the heater lens.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the chase scene with Syd and Lowry, Lowry's Ferrari has silver brake calipers in a close up shot, but in a following close up they are a different style and red. The rims are entirely different as well.

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Other mistake: When Marcus and Mike are in the Haitian penthouse and are "questioning" the dead, Marcus asks the dead man for info, he is slumped over but is obviously breathing.


Factual error: When Mike and Marcus are fleeing from the bad guy they arrive from Havana to Guantanamo Bay in about two minutes, this is actually a 10 hour drive.

02:11:30 - 02:15:35

Revealing mistake: In the highway chase scene, when the car's been shot from the outside, you can see that there is only one person inside.

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Audio problem: The sound is off when Marcus and Mike are in the video store talking about "The Box". It's most visible during the over the shoulder shot of Mike miming putting the word "flaccid" in the box. Mike's mouth is CLEARLY not in sync with the words that you hear.


Nick Bylsma

Revealing mistake: When Mike is saying "shoot outside the car" the background outside the car is completely still, despite the fact Mike is still driving at speed.


A Demon Premium member

Continuity mistake: After the pool incident, Mike's face appears in shade or full sun depending on the angle.

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Sacha Premium member

Continuity mistake: Just before smashing through the wall in the Cadillac vs. funeral van chase, the van apparently hits some vegetation before smashing through a fake brick wall. The attached vegetation changes between shots and is completely missing in some.

01:24:15 - 01:27:00


Continuity mistake: Just before Mike smashes the car into the building, after chasing the morturary van across town, there is one quick shot where the windscreen doesn't have any bullet holes in it, despite there being three holes in it just prior to this.


A Demon Premium member

Other mistake: When driving through the shanty village huts are exploding nowhere near where the vehicle is driving.


A Demon Premium member

Continuity mistake: After driving through the shanty village, the cracks in the Humvee's window disappear.

02:13:40 - 02:14:55

A Demon Premium member
Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Tapia is talking to the guy about severing his head then threatens his family, he takes the pictures out of the box and the pictures are facing Alexei, but in the next shot they are facing Tapia, as he turns them around to show him.


Continuity mistake: At the start of the long chase scene with the Haitian gangsters, the gangsters are running to their muscle cars to start chasing Syd. The orange muscle car has a noticeable dent/crumple near the right headlight. Later on in the scene, this dent is gone.

00:25:25 - 00:28:15

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Marcus are running from the Miami Bank in pursuit of one of the bad guys, Mike's pant leg rises and you see he has on white socks. In the next scene the bad guy and Mike are struggling on a train, once again Mike's pant leg rises, but this time he has on black socks.

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Continuity mistake: In the highway sequence, you see a white car being pushed off from the top deck of the trailer, by the Haitians, and in the next shot it manages to land upside down. Also, the Haitians on the top deck of the trailer, are now gone.


Other mistake: During the attack on the house of Johnny Tapia in Cuba, a Cuban soldier fires an RPG, but misses his target and hits something else. The soldier comes out and disappears one second after impact. You can still see his rifle, but he is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Mike and Marcus are getting in trouble after the car chase on the bridge, watch the incense burning on the captain's desk; it keeps getting longer, shorter or whatever combination.


Continuity mistake: In the final steeplechase scene, with the Hummer and the truck barrelling through the drug-shacks, you can see the Hummer hit the same shack, with a black barrel sitting on top of it, 3 times (at least). Twice from the same angle, and once from another.


Visible crew/equipment: When Mike and Marcus are shooting in the pink house, just before Mike is about to throw a gas canister in the room behind the door, look carefully at the tilted mirror on the wall opposite. You can see a crew member kneeling down to get something and then coming back up.


Continuity mistake: When Mike and Marcus go to Captain Howard's house after they have visited the morgue, Marcus is tripping on x and drinks the water out of a vase of flowers. He drinks pretty much all the water, but when he puts the vase back down on the table, it is full again.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Marcus and Mike are in Tapia's house to eliminate the rats, Mike jumps through the kitchen window. While doing that jump, he loses his "Zook" cap, but in the shot when they are sitting in the car, he has his cap back on.


Factual error: In the chase down the hill, in Cuba, there is an office with a sign "Alcaldia" (City Hall in Spanish). In Cuba the local government office is called "Poder Popular" (People's Power).


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the van chase, a construction worker dodges the oncoming van by jumping to the left. In the next shot, he's shown jumping to the right.



Continuity mistake: During the Hummer chase near the end, the road goes from being dry to wet to dry again.

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Sol Parker

Revealing mistake: In the first big chase scene the bad guys make the cars roll down from the car transport truck to block the street. You can see that there are stunt drivers sitting in some of those cars to keep them under control.



Factual error: When the guys pop out of the tunnel and start shooting at the guards it shows bullets going into the pool making big splashes. At the angle they were shooting from the bullets would barely skim the water making very little splash if they even went into the pool at all. If these were true ex-Deltas they would most likely have a little better aim than just spewing a line of bullets until they hit someone.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mike is carrying out Plan B and the house explodes, in the far bottom right you can see the Hummer drive away, but in the next shot it's driving out of the garage.


Audio problem: In the shoot out in Tapia's new home, one of the Americans is shooting a MP5SD at the men on the balcony, but the weapon sounds like an M4.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Revealing mistake: During the first gun battle, Mike blows up a bridge with two men on it. When they go flying, the man on top is attached to a very visible wire that lifts him up and sends him flying.


Factual error: During a shootout in a house of the white-dredded Haitian, there is a moment when Will Smith shoots the bad guy right in the eye. Camera enters the barrel of his gloch, and everybody can see the regular cylinder barrel with grooves. But barrels of glochs always have polygonal rifling – visually barrel channel is hexagonal, not cylindrical.


Audio problem: In the scene where Mike and Marcus are in the pink house, Marcus says "you got to call yourself the devil in his house?" his mouth doesn't match what he's saying.

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Continuity mistake: Shortly before reaching Guantanamo Base, the Hummer's front bumper is damaged and its right half is dangling almost at ground level. When the soldiers start shooting and the Hummer stops, the bumper is almost back to its normal position before being blown off.

02:09:35 - 02:10:20

Continuity mistake: After the pool collapses, Mike's arm changes position between being in a lowered position in the wide angle shots and extended in the close-up shot where he says, "Very funny!"

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Sacha Premium member

Audio problem: In the drug dealer's attic, when he shoots a rat, there is a very long echo - as there would be outside - for example in a forest. But inside, the echo would be much, much shorter.


Jacob La Cour

Factual error: Near the end of the movie, right after they arrive at Guantanamo Bay and Smith fires both of his remaining bullets, Tapia puts him TMP SMG and you hear a hammer being cocked. The TMP has a internal striker much similar to Glock, so you wouldn't hear anything.


Revealing mistake: When they raid Tapia's house, multiple rounds end up in the pool. During these shots, you can see the explosive charges in the water.



Deliberate mistake: During the car chase in the Cadillac, the van being chased crashes through a concrete block wall. Even if you can look past the unlikelihood that the van would even be drivable after going through, it is impossible that it would come through without any damage. Surely the windshield would be cracked, the headlights broken, etc. This was obviously not done with a real brick wall and they didn't think to damage the van before running it through the wall. They do show a dent and a messed up grill in a closeup later, but the damage doesn't match the wall scene.



Visible crew/equipment: After the major collision on the highway with the Haitians, Mike's Ferrari pulls up to the dock, and when you first see Marcus open the car door you can see many crew members in the reflection of the side mirror.


Visible crew/equipment: During the scene at Marcus' BBQ you can see a reflection of a light screen in Mike's sunglasses when he puts them on.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Marcus and Mike get back to the station after the chase, the captain underlines "tactical" poorly, missing most of the word. When they walk to the captain's office, the underline is now visible under most of the word, obviously a different line.


Continuity mistake: In the truck chase, the amount of damage to the front of the truck changes throughout. Keep an eye on the grill two pieces keep disappearing and reappearing.


A Demon Premium member

Continuity mistake: After Marcus is shot in the butt, Mike shows up with a donut for his behind. When the scene shows Marcus from the front, Mike is holding the doughnut out. When the scene switches to showing Mike from the front, the donut is close to his face.


Bonita Kilpatrick

Revealing mistake: During the freeway chase, they throw a white Malibu off the truck, but when it lands on top of another car it doesn't even touch the car, but bounces right off.


Other mistake: During the chase of the semi, there is a shot of the car being driven by Will Smith where you can see that the car is slanted upwards in the front end & could not possibly be driven in reality.

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Vanessa Moman

Continuity mistake: In the freeway chase scene watch the boat's engine compartment cover. When the Mack truck knocks it off its trailer the lid comes off but then the boat gets hit by the car and turns perpendicular to the road and you see it come off again.



Continuity mistake: Right after the semi is first shown chasing the black Suburban you can see a considerable amount of steam/smoke coming from the Suburban's engine compartment, but none later in the chase scene.

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Continuity mistake: When Syd arrives, the dog is swimming around in the pool in Marcus's house. In the next shot, just before the pool collapses, the dog is out of the pool and isn't even wet.


Bad Boys II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Tapia is giving the mural artist a dressing-down, his daughter has a book in one hand for most of the scene, but when the shot changes to one from above Tapia and his daughter, the book changes to the other hand.


Continuity mistake: In the chase where Mike and Marcus are chasing the mortuary van with the dead bodies in it, the doors at the back go from being open to being closed when the van screeches round a corner, then to open again on the straight.


Visible crew/equipment: During the chase with the Ferrari, a car explodes and flips over. You can see the cannon on the bottom, used to flip the car.

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