The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Continuity mistake: When Quatermain arrives in London, he is greeted by Reed who leads him down some stairs. In the shot where they're going down some spiral stairs, for some reason you see a different actor (who is clean shaven) posing as Reed, going down the stairs holding the umbrella in his right hand. Then in the next shot you see the "original" actor who has a slight goatee and is holding the umbrella in his left hand.


Revealing mistake: Mr Hyde makes no bubbles when growling underwater.


Continuity mistake: When the members of the League are attacked at Dorian's home, the fight is accompanied throughout by a blizzard of paper falling from a height, yet hardly any of the books have been disturbed on their shelves.


Continuity mistake: When the assassin takes Mina as hostage and holds a knife to her throat, Mina's scarf is under his arm. Two shots later the scarf is hanging over his hand.


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Continuity mistake: The invisible man is seen in one shot with cream covering the majority of the front of his face but it ends towards the middle of his head. When he is in the automobile, the cream is now completely covering his head and neck. Then, when they go to see Dorian Gray, only his face is covered with make-up again.

00:17:50 - 00:22:35


Revealing mistake: In the mountain scene where the League is staking out the fortress from a very cold cave, there is no breath to be seen.


Factual error: In a shot near the beginning of the film, the gravestone for Allan Quatermain's son is misspelled "Quartermain". [People are trying to correct this, saying the spelling's correct - no it's not:]


Phil C.

Visible crew/equipment: When the Nautilus starts exploding after the record is played, there is a shot of things being thrown about in the chamber, and you can see the cables used to pull all the furniture to the left.


Continuity mistake: When the Phantom's men ambush the League at Dorian's residence Sawyer is seen joining them in revealing themselves and aiming at the League (you can tell it's Sawyer by his clothing and weapon). Then during the Phantoms speech Sawyer reveals himself again as if he was never there.

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Continuity mistake: When Reed's cart stops in front of the Kenyan club there's no other cart around, but when the camera angle changes there's another one passing by. There's also a huge basket on the side of the road which hasn't been there before.



Continuity mistake: When Mina tries to see what is the composition of the powder found on the deck, the amount of liquid in the test tube changes between shots.


Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: When Gray stabs Mina and pulls the sword out of her body the blade is clean, only in close-up when he wipes it there are blood stains.



Factual error: In the first few scenes they show some newspapers. They show Tuesday April 10, 1899, then Thursday May 18th,1899. If April 10th is on a Tuesday, then May 18th can't be on a Thursday, it would be on a Friday. April 10, 1899 was actually a Monday, but May 18th that year was indeed a Thursday.

00:03:45 - 00:04:55

Continuity mistake: When the building explodes in the beginning, the man sent to recruit Quatermain walks close to him. When it cuts the man is a few feet away from Quatermain.


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Revealing mistake: When Skinner is walking around in the snow, after he says he's standing outside completely naked, he should have been leaving footprints in the snow. When he does, between shots, they're practically floating.


Revealing mistake: In the scene early on in the movie where Quatermain fights the goons in the bar, it is quite easy to notice when it is Sean Connery, and when it is his stunt double.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Hyde is first brought aboard the Nautilus, he is loosely chained, but still tossing crewmen about. There is one crewman, whose back is toward the audience, whose striped shirt puckers around the harness as he is jerked backwards.


Factual error: In Venice, Quatermain hunts down M in a cemetery, only there is no cemetery in Venice. The burial ground is on the island of San Michele in the lagoon.



Visible crew/equipment: In the shot where Quatermain shoots at three of the attackers they are attached to wires you see running across the floor, probably needed to trigger off the sparks from their steel armor.



Plot hole: When the team plays back the record, it contains an extremely high-pitched tone which triggers the crystal sensors on the ship. But the speech on the record is low quality. This low quality would be the result of extreme frequencies being lost; but if they were, the trigger tone (a VERY extreme frequency) would be lost too. If the League's gramophones are capable of recording and playing such a tone, they should also be able to record and play back the speech without any quality loss.


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Audio problem: As soon as Nemo begins playing the record, we hear a woman say "Ready, professor?". However, the actual recording doesn't start until the needle is put into position, which is after she says that.

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Continuity mistake: When the team sees the Nautilus for the first time, rising from the Thames, the water around it is churned into large waves. But in the shots looking down on the team on the dock, you can see that the water is calm and still.


Continuity mistake: When Quatermain realizes that Skinner is in his room (on the Nautilus), he puts out the lamp and the room goes black. We hear a scuffle and then the door opens and lights the room and we see Quatermain throwing the invisible Skinner out the door. But when Quatermain shuts the door, the room does not go dark again.


Mark Bernhard

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Allan Quatermain is waiting for Skinner in the snow and the white tiger shows up, when the camera shows a close-up of Allan, there is snow inside his goggles on his head. If it is snowing hard and the snow inside his goggles isn't adding up, it should have been melting or been melted. But it doesn't change at all, which proves it to be fake snow. How did it get in there anyway?


Other mistake: Before Quatermain shoots the fourth attacker long distance he puts on his glasses, cursing his getting old. However, when he aims he looks over the rim.



Deliberate mistake: After Mina leaves the car in Venice, Sawyer just manages to avoid several obstacles on the way, including a bend in the canal. But in the first scene, where Sawyer swerves the car around, its front should have slipped into the water anyway, considering the speed of the car and the tightness of the street, which makes a sharp L-turn at such close quarters next to impossible. But then the scene jump-cuts, and the car is well past the hazard.

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Continuity mistake: Mina's hair turns curly whenever she is in vampire mode EXCEPT when she is in Dorian's library and attacking the goon who held a knife to her throat.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the tank is seen coming it breaks down the same gate twice.


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Continuity mistake: When Dorian is getting shot, the shooter's mask thing falls down. About two shots later it is back up, in the next shot it is down again.


Plot hole: What on earth are those sailors doing with Hyde when he is chained up on The Nautilus? He is solidly chained to the floor and walls and they keep stepping up to him to allow him to swat them out of the way, risking injury or even death. They stand around like idiots as if waiting their turn to walk up to Hyde and be belted across the room. Why? Why are they even there? Hyde doesn't need subduing, and if he needed guarding they could do it without getting into range.

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Revealing mistake: In the bit where Mina is using her scientific equipment and Dorian gives her a drink, the blood is on her hand before she cuts herself.


Plot hole: When we are shown the Nautilus' journey into Mongolia, are we expected to believe that this very, very long ship could travel down this river, even though it has a lot of sharp turns in it?


Factual error: Quatermain sits in the snow for hours, without gloves, holding a rifle with substantial metal parts, yet his hands don't freeze onto it or (presumably) get frostbitten.


Continuity mistake: When Mina bites the attacker at Dorian Gray's house for the first time there's blood all over her face, but after she bites him the second time it's gone before she had a chance to wipe it off (even that wouldn't have removed the blood so completely).



Factual error: When the League arrives in Venice, Carnivale is being celebrated. In the film they leave London in July and arrive there a few days later, but in Venice, Carnivale is celebrated on the last weekend before Lent - which differs from year to year, roughly between early February and early March.

00:13:15 - 00:53:05

Continuity mistake: When the men attack Quatermain in Africa, at one point he hits one guy with a bottle. The bottle completely shatters and there's nothing left to hold. When it cuts back to Quartermain, he's holding a big piece of a broken bottle.

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Revealing mistake: In several scenes where Skinner is shown with his full outfit and makeup, you can see skin through the makeup. No skin should be noticeable on an invisible man. This is especially noticeable on his ears.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene on deck of the Nautilus where Quatermain and Sawyer practice shooting the target balls are lying in a row next to the railing, first five, then four, but before the last shot, four again, although another target has been catapulted into the water.



Continuity mistake: When Reed and Quatermain arrive in London to meet M and the carriage stops the road is empty. However, when the camera angle changes another carriage is passing by.



Other mistake: When Allan is teaching Sawyer to shoot, he says that he 'brought his son along' on a mission. However, the subtitles say 'son-in-law'.


Factual error: How did they get the Nautilus up the Thames? Or into Venice? They'd have had to dredge the river to get it into London. Also, what's really under Venice? I thought Venice was built on a marsh, why would there be all those nifty tunnels and columns under there, why not just foundations and such?

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Deliberate mistake: When the police officer is being ran over the tank you see him falling backwards. When it cuts we see his hat being ran over by the tank. However the way the officer was falling there is no way his hat could have landed under the tank's belt as it does in the next shot.


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Revealing mistake: The Germans in the movie, good ones as well as evil ones, speak German with more or less strange accents.

00:03:20 - 00:04:10


Continuity mistake: How can the invisible man cover his face with white cream so we can see him, but his stubble is visible throughout the movie as dark brown only when he has the cream on his face? It can't be because cream's on it, because then it would be white.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Quatermain first meets M, they're in a library with a long table in the middle. When Quatermain sits down in the chair, a folder magically appears which wasn't there before in the other shots.

00:14:15 - 00:15:15

Other mistake: When Sawyer fires at the men on the roof in Venice, he shoots over 30 bullets from two six-shot revolvers.

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Plot hole: As the Nautilus makes its way along a canal in Venice, you can see a bridge ahead of it that is far too low for the sub to pass under. Yet without altering its running depth, the sub miraculously appears in the canal well beyond this bridge moments later, and that bridge is not damaged.

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Continuity mistake: When The Phantom kicks Quatermain's gun along the floor we see the gun landing close to the wall. In fact the tip of the gun even sticks a bit in to a hole in the wall. When Quatermain a few seconds later picks the gun up the gun has moved at least a feet away from the wall.


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Revealing mistake: Just before the Britannia Club blows up, Sanderson Reed steps through the poisoned guy's wrist.

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Other mistake: In the scene when the League are attacking the factory, we see Captain Nemo demonstrating his skill with his sabre. In the last shot before the scene changes, he cuts down a number of people and then sheathes his sword all in one movement. The camera angle is from the side where his scabbard is hung, and although you can hear the hissing sound of the blade being sheathed you can see the sword completely misses the scabbard and is just stuck out behind him. This is obvious because the sword is silver and the scabbard is black.

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Revealing mistake: When the Nautilus' hull is breached by the explosives Gray has set, water rushes in with great force. The crewmen who get hit by the water do not get swept off their feet - as they should have - but instead keep on running.


Other mistake: In the scene right after the team gets a Morse code message from Skinner, we see the holes made in the Nautilus. The one in the middle is smoking whereas the one in the back is not. If the ship was filling with water to the point that is was immersed due to the holes then whatever explosive components would be wet and extinguished. So by the time the Nautilus resurfaced, it should not have been smoking at all.

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Plot hole: When the Nautilus is in Mongolia, we are shown that there is deep snow everywhere. If this part of the movie takes place in July or August, why would there be any snow at all? Even the Yukon doesn't have snow in the summer, except for the northernmost portion of the province.


Continuity mistake: When Mina stabs Dorian Gray the last time, the sword does not come out of his back. After she stabs him and Dorian turns around as Mina is pushing him toward the wall, you can see that she put nearly the entire length of the sword through his body right below his heart, yet nothing shows out the back side.


Factual error: Apparently, Captain Nemo's submarine, Nautilus, is a shape-shifter. When it first surfaces next to the dock, it appears to rise easily 100 feet above the water, and that's only the visible part of the submarine; the bulk of the craft is still below the surface. This suggests that the water is a good 300 feet deep or more right off the dock, which is impossible. At this enormous size, it's also impossible that the Nautilus negotiates inland waterways, as when she goes to Mongolia. Strangely, we also see an overhead shot in which the Nautilus appears to rise only about 40 feet above the surface (compared to three-storey buildings directly adjacent).

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Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: During the brawl in Kenya at the beginning of the film, one of the goons is seen throwing knives at Alan which seem to pin him to the wooden pillar; yet in in a previous shot just before Alan slams the table onto one of the goons, the knives are already embedded in the pillar.

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Continuity mistake: When The Phantom tells Quatermain to drop his gun, Quatermain drops it. It cuts and we see the gun landing with the handle pointing out. The way Quatermain dropped the gun the handle should be pointing in. The gun could not have changed angle that quickly when watched how it is dropped.


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Continuity mistake: When Quatermain hits the man to the ground before breaking a bottle on his head, you can see a shotgun on the floor next to the man. When it cuts, the shotgun is gone.


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Continuity mistake: When the League are at Gray's home and the Phantom interrupts, he tells Quatermain to put the gun down. The gun starts falling pointed to the right but a close up shows it landing pointed to the left, but it never flipped.


Other mistake: When Sawyer tries to take a shot at the Phantom just before he escapes from Dorian Gray's attic, Sawyer fires once, but two impacts are kicked up from the dusty floor. And the impacts come in to rapid succession for a manually operated rifle, even with a crack shot using it.

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Continuity mistake: When the man Quatermain wounded with his shotgun swallows the poison pill, you can see a lot of people close behind the man. When it cuts, everyone has moved a few feet away from the man.


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Continuity mistake: When the fourth attacker is brought before Quatermain he poisons himself. He falls on his back with his right arm stretched out behind him, but when the camera angle changes the arm is lying sideways.



Continuity mistake: At the very end of the movie, Tom Sawyer works the lever action on his Winchester rifle before laying it on Quatermain's grave. On this type of firearm working the lever-action cocks the hammer, but a moment later we see a close up of the grave and the hammer is down.

01:41:40 - 01:42:30

Continuity mistake: When Dorian Gray is shot with the machine gun, all the bullets are taken right in the gut, and the wounds are correctly shown in mirror-image when the back view of him is shown. However, the next shot of his front shows a couple of wounds in the shoulder, the biggest one being in his right shoulder at the very top, a wound which was not visible in the back view.


Continuity mistake: When Quatermain hands the rifle to Tom Sawyer, both hammers are down, yet without cocking either of the hammers Tom fires two shots.



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