The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Corrected entry: When Sawyer picks up Mr. Hyde's top hat in the alley, it is much too large, even for the enormous Hyde.

Mark Bernhard

Correction: There is nothing to indicate it is too big for Hyde. From what I saw, it's the same size hat we see Hyde wearing.


Corrected entry: When the League is exiting Dorian Gray's house to board Nemo's ship. Nemo is wearing a green suit then after five shots he is wearing a blue suit.


Correction: Nemo is always seen in the same blue outfit, it is never green.


Corrected entry: When the Nautilus leaves London, before it goes under water, the actors are all standing on deck. In the shot where Mrs Harker is talking to Dorian there are chairs on deck (which is quite remarkable for a submarine). When everybody goes inside because the submarine is about to dive, the chairs are gone.

00:39:00 - 00:40:25

Correction: The chairs we see are where Dorian is standing. The next shots we see of Nemo having Jekyll and Skinner go inside are from a different part of the deck, where there are no chairs.


Corrected entry: At one point in movie Nemo and Quatermain meet in front of Allan's cabin and Nemo informs him that food has been served. This scene was invented by Sean Connery and Nasserudin Shah. They always considered each other the greatest of rivals in the world of movie industry, since Connery is an icon of Western cinema, while Shah is one of the greatest icons of Indian cinema. They spend 10-15 second looking each other directly in the eyes, which is the way Indians normally show respect to other people.


Correction: Why would they have considered one another rivals when they worked in completely different circles? I'd be surprised to hear they'd ever shared a costar before this film.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Sawyer drives through Venice for miles before he fires the flare and crashes the car. He would have needed hours to return to the Nautilus, but he comes back after a few minutes.



Correction: We are not shown entire drive that Sawyer takes. It is not possible for a movie to show the entire drive in real time.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Phantom is in Germany, it shows a close-up of his face before he fires the rocket. It appears that he has a contact lens in his eye.


Correction: Which, as the first contact lenses were developed in 1887, twelve years before the setting of the film, is hardly unreasonable. Particularly in a fictional world where technology appears somewhat in advance of our own.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Quatermain gains his first-hand experience with the Phantom men's automatic weapons, he calls them "automatic rifles". The first weapon using this term was the Browning BAR 1918, which saw use in World War I 19 years later. The only automatic weapons used in 1899 were machine guns like the Maxim (which was in the Victorian era used in the British army), so Quatermain should have dubbed these weapons something like "machine guns" or "machine rifles" instead of "automatic rifles".

Correction: Just because the world called them machine guns there is no reason that Quatermain, a man mostly isolated from the world, could not have called them automatic rifles.


Corrected entry: When Mina starts her final fight with Dorian, she jumps right over him, plunging her dagger into his back, and Dorian rips it out. But the mistake here is that the dagger is buried high in his back, between the shoulder blades - a position where it could not be easily reached, especially if you reach for it under the armpit. Also, unless Dorian has unusually long and flexible arms, he would only be able to get the dagger by its blade, not by the handle.

Correction: As you've said in the mistake "A position where it could not be easily reached." so Dorian could reach it if he really wanted to. Also, we've seen in a earlier scene that Dorian isn't worried about damaging his body to achieve a desired end result.

Corrected entry: There is absolutely no way that a ship the size of the Nautilus could navigate the Thames, as it does. From the hull to the top of the sail it is too tall to fit under any one of the many bridges that were on the Thames at the time without running aground, quite apart from the fact that there is no part of the Thames in London deep enough for such a huge vessel to be wholly submerged.

Correction: There is no way the sub could navigate the canals of Venice either, but it has been established that the 'universe' for the graphic novels and the film are not the same as ours, so the same rules do not apply.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: At Dorian's home you see the Fantom's men turn from behind bookcases, some have normal machine guns, some have long silencer looking things on the barrels. Why have silencers when the others have normal ones?

Correction: They only look like silencers and may not be, besides it's certainly not a movie mistake. Perhaps the silenced guns lead the attack to maintain the element of surprise for as long as possible.


Corrected entry: To see this mistake, you'll have to download one of the trailers or teasers and go frame per frame. When the grotesque muscled guy charges to Hyde, he swings his arm in order to hit him, yet Hyde is flying away even before he got hit. CGI mistake?

Correction: The rules of this site are clear. If you have to go frame by frame to see this minor mistake, it's not a film mistake.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: In 'M's summer retreat', when Hyde picks up the door to shield himself against the bullets, you can see bullet holes in the door as he picks it up, before it's even close to the path of the bullets.

Correction: After Hyde breaks the door it falls to the side, then the bad guys start firing wildly. It is more than likely some of the bullets hit the door before Hyde picked it up, therefore not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Dorian is shot by the automatic rifle, he just stands there and takes it without so much as screaming in pain. Later in the film, when Mina and Dorian are fighting, she stabs him in his crotch and Dorian groans in pain.

Correction: People scream in pain in different situations. It is human nature.


Corrected entry: Mina should not be a vampire. People only become vampires when they die as a result of having their blood drained as a vampire. Mina survived the events of Bram Stoker's book.

Correction: The characters aren't lifted exactly from the books, they're approximations that are interpreted to fit the film's needs. You could also point out that Skinner isn't the real Invisible Man, that Hyde was physically smaller than Jekyll (and they both died), and that Dorian Grey's portrait didn't actually make him invulnerable (quite the opposite, in fact).


Corrected entry: In the scene at Dorian's home when the Phantom's gunmen appear on the balcony, Agent Sawyer is supposed to appear about five minutes later. However, if you look very closely Sawyer arrives and points his gun at the same time as the others. He is visible as he has a white shirt on.


Correction: He replaces one of the stragglers on the way there, not after they have arrived.

Corrected entry: When the Germans break into the bank, one of them speaks, and the subtitle says, 'Leave one alive to tell the tale.' What the speaker actually said (in German) was, 'kill all but one.'


Correction: The meanings are identical, good translations have to convey the meaning, not simply convert between languages so I see no mistake.


Corrected entry: Mina is a vampire, so why is she checking her reflection in a pocket mirror, in Gray library. When we all know vampires cast no reflection in mirrors.

Correction: This film does not follow the classical plots of all its individual characters. Mr. Hyde is actually smaller than Dr. Jeckyl, Dorian Gray had youth for as long as he lived, but he a) lived a shorter life than he would have anyway (he went mad and essentially killed himself) and b) could look at the painting as often as he liked (and he did, often, to reflect on the degredation of his soul). It never says anything about not being killed/hurt. Quite possible that in this universe, vampires have a reflection.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: At the end of the fight in the Kenyan club Quatermain pushes one guy against a rhino horn on the wall which comes out of his chest, in spite of his bullet-proof metal armor.



Correction: The armor appears to be overlapping plates. It's possible that the horn got in between two of the plates.

Corrected entry: M tricks the League into forming so he can steal their special attributes from them, but while most of the League joined by choice, the film makes it clear that the invisible man was taken by force (eventually agreeing to stay because they promised him a cure). Why didn't M just take skin from him when he was captured?

00:18:00 - 01:08:15

Reservoir Dog

Correction: He needed him to take the fall for stealing Dr. Jekyll's formula.

Corrected entry: In the scene on deck of the Nautilus where Quatermain and Sawyer practice shooting the Nautilus is lying still in the water when the camera is on deck, but visibly speeding along when seen from the point where the target balls land in the water. This happens in alternating shots.



Correction: When seen from the deck, the camera is high up, and therefore looking at the sea far from the vessel, which, due to the distance, would look like it was moving much slower. Looking at the vessel from the buoys shows its actual speed.

Corrected entry: Sawyer is driving the car through Venice. There are no streets in Venice...

AzN InVasian

Correction: He is not driving along the streets, he is on the path between the houses and the canals, presumably where people would disembark from the gondolas and walk to nearby houses. There are paths under the archways to get from door to door but they are not roads.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the tank comes charging out and runs over the young officer, he is standing facing the middle of tank, yet when he is run over, he is magically under the left tank tread.


Correction: His hat is under the left tread. The rest of him is never seen.

Corrected entry: When Alan Quatermain is running through the castle, he says he was told to turn right at the column. However when he says this he turns to the left and runs that way.


Correction: Alan & Tom get lost. The dialog is something like Alan "Skinner said to turn right at the column" Tom: "Which column?" Alan: "This way." They get lost, which gives us a guided tour of the complex.

Corrected entry: When the camera turns to show the bombs underneath Venice, we see that a BIG majority of them are NOT attached to any building supports or foundations; they are centered below the grate in the open, so how can M hope to sink the entire city of Venice if most of them just explode and take the necessary load bearing supports with them?


Correction: It's mentioned that, using Leonardo da Vinci's blueprints of Venice, The Phantom can figure out a place to plant a bomb that will take out the whole of the city.

Corrected entry: When Mina is lying on the bed after Dorian "kills" her, you can see her eyes following something out of the frame. Ok she's not really dead but surely she knew not to move her eyes?


Correction: She was watching for any of her associates entering the room. None of them would be able to kill Dorian, so she'd have to get up quickly if one entered the room, or warn them to stay away. A little risky, but even if Dorian noticed her she'd still be upright quick enough to stop him taking another stab at her.

Corrected entry: The double rifle that Quatermain uses is designed for stopping large and dangerous animals at short range; almost always less than 100 yards, and usually less than 75 yards. It would not have the accuracy to make the kind of shots that Quatermain pulls off constantly throughout the movie. And before anyone says that he could have had one of the barrels customised for long-range accuracy: true, but there is no sign of the special long-range sights he would have had to have fitted; the sights seen in the movie would have been virtually useless at those kind of ranges, no matter how good a shot Quatermain was.


Correction: Quatermain has excellent eyesight, so he wouldn't need any special sights fitted. This is shown by him having to use glassesto shoot the man running away after the fight at the beginning, as, due to his age, his eyesight was failing.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Allan Quatermain is on the bridge of the Nautilus teaching Agent Sawyer to shoot at distant targets, Sawyer uses Quatermain's rifle. Disgusted, he leaves Sawyer on the bridge about to take a shot - when left alone, Sawyer puts the rifle butt down on the deck, rests his hand and chin on the muzzle and gazes out to sea. No one experienced with firearms (as Sawyer is supposed to be) would do this with a gun - loaded or un-loaded.


Correction: Sawyer is cocky and thinks he knows all there is to know about firearms. It seems resonable that he'd expect the gun not to go off.

Corrected entry: After Hyde is captured in Paris and chained inside the Nautilus, he turns back into Jekyll, and his oversized pants are so big that Jekyll has to hold them with his hands. However, near the end, after Hyde battles his evil counterpart at the fortress and then turns back into Jekyll, the pants are exactly Jekyll-sized.

00:38:00 - 01:36:30

Correction: Both pairs of pants are "Jekyll-sized." In the holds, Jekyll is not holding his pants up; he is just holding his arms at his waist.

Corrected entry: When the Nautilus is about to sink Hyde dives down into the ship and opens a shutter at the bottom. Miraculously, the water flows out through the shutter instead of pouring in, as it does through all the holes made by Gray's bombs.



Correction: He doesn't open a shutter, he manually turns on the bilge pumps because the automatic switch was damaged by the bombs.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: There are no white Siberian tigers. Only Bengal tigers have the gene that makes some the white variety. Bengal tigers live in the rainforest, not in Siberia.


Correction: The whole thing with the tiger goes back to an earlier part of the movie where Quatermain describes himself as an old tiger who knows when it's time to go. It's supposed to be an illusion, something only he sees and therefore does not need to be ecologically correct. THe tiger was probably white purely for aesthetic.

Corrected entry: When Nemo and Dr. Jekyll are in the pit when the bombs explode they are being attacked by the monster "Hyde" and the bombs blow a hole in the brick wall behind them. The wall disappears for a moment and then re-appears so they can escape through it.



Correction: The hole in the wall through which Nemo and Dr. Jekyll escape stays till the end of the scene.


Corrected entry: When Skinner is invisible, he may not wear or carry anything on him, since these items remain visible. But the invisible assassin who attacks Sawyer in the fortress pulls a knife from out of thin air.


Correction: When Sawyer's attacker "appears" the knife moves into the frame from below, not out of thin air.


Corrected entry: When the German soldiers emerge from the tank in the Bank of England they appear to be wearing uniforms from WW2 in 1899.


Correction: This was probably intentional, to make them look beyond "state-of-the-art" of the time (like the automatic rifles).

Corrected entry: When Dr. Jekyll turns back into himself after saving the submarine, as he walks into Nemo's dining room you see Quatermain standing there clasping his hands in front of him and when the camera angle changes to a wide view Quatermain now has his hands behind him.


Correction: In this scene, Quatermain is not seen standing still - he lifts the table back into position, then moves two chairs up to it, then the group moves to receive the message from Skinner. Nowhere is Quatermain standing with hands clasped. Perhaps at another point in the movie?


Corrected entry: How did M manage to produce 8 of his own Nautilus in such a short time? Surely in such a short time, even with 1000 men he wouldn't get that done. Besides, in order to copy it succesfully Dorian would have taken 100's, even 1000's of photographs of the entire ship. Since he made it the 'old' way, surely someone would have noticed him dragging that thing around on such a big ship. And isn't it strange, nobody stays on the bridge during night-time? What if another ship would cross their course?

Correction: Skinner's description of the fortress shows that the 8 Nautili are not completed, but only a rough framework. Given the technology at M's command, the creation could be largely mechanized, making multiple reproductions easy. As for the photographs, there are a legion of scientists working under M to create it, therefore Dorian probably only needed to photograph certain key parts of the ship that the other scientists couldn't discover (though the steering wheel does seem an odd choice). Finally, Nemo tracks the Nautiloid with an obviously sophisticated system - there's no reason to believe that this is unable to detect intercepting ships at a sufficient range and alert the crew.


Corrected entry: When Sean Connery first meets M at the meeting place of the League, his hat and coat are as dry as a bone, even though it was raining very heavily outside .

00:13:40 - 00:14:30

Correction: He didn't walk very much in the rain. He went up the stone steps leading into the building and that was it. Judging on his comment "Where are we going? Australia?" they were walking indoors for a good distance, which could have let his coat dry sufficiently.

Corrected entry: When the hunters's place in Africa explodes, and with such huge explosion, the natives instead of running away (or even fall or protect themselves because of it) they go running towards the burning place. Moreso, it seems that they run towards the place a split second BEFORE it explodes.


Correction: It seems to be natural instinct to run towards something that explodes. When the plane crashed into the Pentagon, people rushed to it to get a better look. Also, it can be assumed that they all were running to it to see if they can 1) help people who survived, or 2) put out the fire.

Corrected entry: In Dorian's library, after Mina has killed M's goon, she manages to get her long, straight hair into a neat, little bun in about 4 seconds.


Correction: It was showing how fast vampires move compared to normal human beings

Corrected entry: In the scene where the League is in Dorian Gray's library, before the fight with Fantom, the Invisible Man has his hat off and pours himself a drink, only his face is covered in make-up. After the fight, he is shown with his entire head covered in make-up.

Correction: When the fight starts, the Invisible Man rubs the white make-up off. After the fight, when we see him again, he's had time to put more on.

Corrected entry: When Hyde saves the Nautilus from sinking, his clothes are all ripped up from the process of changing. But in the next scene he is in a full clean suit and the table that had slid during the explosion was just being moved back. Hyde wouldn't have had time to change into a new suit in the time that it would have taken them to put the table back.

Correction: There is nothing to suggest that the first thing anyone did after the Nautilus was saved was to put the table back in place. Any number of things could have gone on in the meantime, including Dr Jekyll changing into a fresh suit.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the cave when the Invisible Man shows up, he is of course naked so he won't be seen. Not only do they happen to have a spare coat for him, but either one of the other members remembered to pack a pair of sunglasses and the Invisible Man's face cream, or the Invisible Man had those items on him (which should be impossible).


Correction: They had to anticipate that he'd show up eventually, so it would make sense that they did bring the necessary equipment to (a) keep him warm and (b) allow them to interact with him more easily.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After the bombs have been exploded in the Nautilus, and Nemo has (miraculously) managed to get the ship back to the surface you see three very distinct holes in the hull of the ship. But in the next scene you can see the ship again from the same position, but this time without even a trace of the holes.

Correction: Well, we are treated to a rather lengthy intermission scene in which Dr Jekyll tends to the wounded and Tom Sawyer taps a few valves. I think this is when they repair the ship.

Oscar Bravo

Corrected entry: In the first scene where we see him, Mr. Hyde pants fit well, but his shirt is torn to rags. It is quite hard to believe that he would change his pants, but not his shirt, after the change.

Correction: It's easier to wear loose pants that are too big than shirts that are too big. Besides, pants are a lot more essential to keep modesty after reverting back to Jekyll than shirts are, so he'd obviously dress accordingly. (After all, this comment could easily apply to any Hulk comic, and indeed the LoEG comic itself.)

Corrected entry: The League are driving around the collapsing Venice, smashing into pillars, through walls, etc. Not only does the car not suffer a single dent, but it remains white and gleaming.

Correction: Captain Nemo was well known in many of his stories to be such a brilliant scientist that some of his inventions, such as the Nautilus and the Nemo Mobile, could repair themselves and resist damage. The only reason the Nautilus was damaged severely was because the explosion came from within. Had it come from without, it would have been unscathed as well.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dorian has supposedly killed Mina, when she is 'killed' her hair is curly, yet when she gets back up once Dorian has removed the sword, her hair is straight.

Correction: If you will notice, throughout the movie Mina's hair and overall "look" changes when she is in her vampire persona. She would have calmed down after he stabbed her, and she reverted to her "usual-looking" self.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Sawyer is driving the car in order to catch up with the collapsing buildings in Venice, Quatermain jumps from the car while travelling at least 50 mph. Yet he lands and remains on his feet without tumbling. They may be extraordinary, but I believe the laws of physics still apply to the entire team.

Paul Plesser

Correction: One man never ages (that is, his body never breaks down at all and miraculously heals itself), another turned himself invisible, and yet another completely restructures his body (back and forth from normal to hulking, and quite often, too) with some chemicals. Yes, I can see how the laws of physics apply to this world.

Corrected entry: Moriarty brought the League together to steal their abilities: he gets abilities from Nemo, Mina, Jekyll and the Invisible Man. Dorian Gray is his plant on the team. But why does he bother to recruit Quatermain? Having him on the team doesn't help him any. (Sawyer doesn't help either, but he's an uninvited guest sent from the US).

Moose Premium member

Correction: The League are supposed to believe that they are a real team, authorised by the British government and performing a real mission. Such a team would need to have a leader, which is where Quatermain comes in. None of the others would be plausible in the role - Nemo wouldn't be trusted by the government because of his previous piratical activities, Jekyll is unreliable, Mina is (a) an unknown quantity and (b) female, either of which would disqualify her from the role, and Skinner is a criminal. Without the presence of a credible leader, the other members of the League might become suspicious that all was not as they had been told. As such, Quatermain is recruited, despite any potential problems that he might cause. In fact, it's even more simple: They needed Quatermain to catch Mr Hyde. They actually SAY that in the movie.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Phantom was at the zeppelin warehouse/factory and the scientist told him the zeppelins are filled with hydrogen, Phantom shot one of the zeppelins and it exploded in flames, the fire should be blue in colour instead of orange because pure hydrogen gas burned produces blue flames.

Correction: It is not a mistake that the Zeppelins burned with a yellow flame. Bright yellow flames were seen at the famous Hindenburg disaster, which is now thought to have been caused (both the colour of the flames, and the disaster) by aluminised cellulose acetate in the airship's skin. Hydrogen burns with a very pale flame, which would be virtually invisible in daylight (or the well-lit hanger in the movie). See:

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: This is 1889, as they've established most people ride horses or walk. Most of the characters have never even seen a car before. Yet, somehow, Tom Sawyer can suddenly handle one like an expert.

Correction: While none of the other members of the League are likely to have encountered cars (Harker and Skinner seem to be quite reclusive, Quatermain's been in Africa for years), it seems highly likely that Sawyer, as a well-travelled government agent, would be familiar with such vehicles and would know how to drive them.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The term 'car' is an abbreviation of 'horseless carriage', the old name for a car which would certainly have been in use unabbreviated at the time of the film. When the team first see Nemo's ground vehicle, Nemo calls it 'an automobile'; it seems that none of the team have seen one before, so Nemo's statement would be their only reference for what this vehicle is called. But later, Sawyer and Quartermain both refer to it as a 'car' even though it has never been called this, nor even called a 'horseless carriage'.

Moose Premium member

Correction: Given that most of the team aren't familiar with such vehicles, it doesn't seem remotely unreasonable that they might have discussed it off-camera, maybe en route to Venice. The term 'car' could have come up in those conversations - Sawyer, who's already familiar with such vehicles, might well know them by that name.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Hyde swims underwater and pulls a lever in the engine room that opens the drain. It looks tough for him to move the lever, he puts all his strength into it and it takes him several seconds. It's a pretty meaty lever. But the sub's designed to be operated by normal human beings - how would a regular person ever be able to operate that lever?

Correction: The most obvious assumption is that the linkage or drain parts have been damaged by the explosions, rendering them nearly immovable.

Rooster of Doom

Corrected entry: How does Jekyll know that there's a lever in the engine room that opens the drain?

Correction: He was on board the Nautilus for several days, so theoretically he could've learned about that feature.

Corrected entry: After Alan and Tom chased Mr. Hyde to 'recruit' him, Tom picks up a Hyde-sized hat. Dr. Jekyll wouldn't keep one around, to avoid suspicion.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Correction: Perhaps not, but Mr. Hyde would, and as we see, Hyde likes to get his own way.

Corrected entry: Early in the film, Sean Connery needed his glasses to shoot down one of the assassins that ran away. But in the scene on Nautilus, where Sean Connery was shooting the targets, he didn't need his glasses to shoot them. However, at the end of the movie, when Phantom escaped, Sean Connery showed his broken glasses to Sawyer to indicate that he can't shoot Phantom down.

Correction: Quatermain was just probably practicing/training his skills aboard the Nautilis, hence the glasses were unnecessary (or it was intentional). On the other "shooting scenes", he needed/must hit the target and no mistake should be made, so he needed his glasses to be more accurate.

Corrected entry: In the Scene where the League goes to recruit Dorian, there is a gun battle. During this, Dorian is riddled with bullets and kills the man who shot him, who, while falling over, rips Dorians shirt off (to reveal the bullet wounds dissapearing). However, when Dorian turns back around, his clothing is back to normal. Although I knew of the curse, I don't think that the invincibility would apply to clothes as well.

Correction: There appears to be something of a gap between Dorian having the clothing torn off and his next appearance - he can suddenly be seen descending the stairs. Presumably the League took a small break after the battle to allow their host to go upstairs and don undamaged clothing.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: The "automobile" was already invented in 1885. Yet the league didn't even know what they saw when they saw the automobile of captain Nemo, while it was the year 1899.

Correction: While the automobile was invented in 1885, they were hardly a common thing to see around the place. Quatermain's been in Africa for years and neither Harker or Skinner seem like the type to get around much, so it seems reasonable that they wouldn't be aware of this sort of thing. It's worth noting that Sawyer, who, in his role as government agent, presumably gets around a fair bit, does seem familiar with them, to judge from his driving display later on.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Sawyer said that he was a government agent from America, if M wasn't really working for the British government then why would the American government even know about the League to begin with?

Correction: From the fact that he's effectively stalking the League at the beginning of the film, he's not there at the invitation of the British Government. It seems likely that the US government have gotten wind of the League's formation through intelligence means, and have sent Sawyer to investigate. Once he linked up with the League, he accepted the lie, as they all did, that the group was assembled by the British government.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Quatermain shoots the last of the assassins at a great distance when they came to kill him he walks down the stairs to where the assassin fell and in just a few steps there are 2 men dropping the assassin at his feet. There was no way possible they could have gotten the assassin that quickly to Quatermain's location.


Correction: Quatermain waited on the veranda with Reed while the assassin was retrieved, then came down to meet them as they arrived back.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After the scenes in Venice, Dorian steals the Nautiloid (single-person sub attached to the Nautilus) and it's a big point in the movie that he does this. The Nautilus chases after him in the next scene and when the camera pans around the Nautilus it still has the Nautiloid intact.

Correction: There are two ornamental things on the Nautilus, one conceals the Nautiloid and the other is merely a decoration; it's this one we see in the pan-around shot.

Corrected entry: When the league are talking on the Nautilus's conning tower it is daylight, but this doesn't seem to worry the vampire.

Correction: Mina Harker is a character from the books of Bram Stoker. In these books vampires can walk in sunlight safely, they are only weakened by it, not killed.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Corrected entry: Not only does Quatermain sometimes need glasses to shoot and sometimes not, on the Nautilus he puts on the same pair of glasses to look at the Venice blueprints. There were no bifocals in 1899, and if they were bifocals, you would be able to tell.


Correction: Bifocal glasses were invented in the mid 1700's. They were around more than long enough for Quartermain to have used them.

Corrected entry: Mina Harker's hair goes from being straight on the Nautilus to curly when she confronts Gray, and back to straight after Gray thinks he kills her and she comes back up and kills him.

Correction: Her hair is curly when she is in full vampire mode.

Osky #13

Corrected entry: When the Nautilus travels the canals of Venice, the body of the submarine barely fits under some bridges. But in this case, the conning tower should just take these bridges down.

Correction: They show the bridges being broken.

Osky #13

Corrected entry: The Nautilus travels down the watery canals of Venice on the surface of the water. The ship is massive, yet the ship makes no visible wake as it moves. The smaller boats it passes should be noticeably affected, but they sit in the water virtually undisturbed.

Correction: The Nautilus is moving very slowly. Anyway they do show some boats moving.

Osky #13

Corrected entry: In the scene where the actors are outside on the Nautilus' conning tower lounging around, the ocean in the background doesn't appear to move as it should if they were really on a moving vessel. When the shot then moves to the ocean level it shows the Nautilus cutting rapidly through the sea. For a vessel this long moving at such speed the actors should have their hair blasting straight back and should be holding on to the rail.

Correction: Actually, the ship was not moving at the time. Nemo said the Nautilus was finished powering its solar cells, and it was conserving its power by not using its engnes.

Corrected entry: Aboard the Nautilus, objects suspended from the ceiling (like lights) should be rocking from side to side due to ocean current. However, they are always seen hanging perfectly still save for the scene where the Nautilus is sinking after the explosives detonate.

Correction: Ships the size of the Nautilus are not as affected by wave motion. The lights, etc. should only visibly move during dives, surfacings, and when the ship is bombed.

Corrected entry: When the league goes to recruit Dorian Gray, Skinner helps himself to a drink. As he drinks it, you see it briefly running down his esophagus. Now, whether or not food would be visible inside an invisible man is up in the air, but if food CAN be seen inside of him, wouldn't the food he ate last night be sitting in his stomach, and the food from before that be worming through his large intestine? He'd be a walking digestive tract, and fairly visible.

Correction: Considering that everything that is a part of his body is invisible, his stomach acid would be as well. Therefore one could assume that after food had been in his system long enough, it is broken down and possibly turned invisible by his stomach acids and what not. As for newly introduced liquids (like his drink), they would mix with any invisible liquids in his stomach and become near-invisible to the naked eye.

Corrected entry: The Invisible Man is badly burned by the soldier with the flame thrower during the final battle. Yet at the end, all of his charred skin is healed. Granted, time has passed, but I don't think the amount of time passed that was necessary for that kind of healing.


Correction: You never actually saw his skin at the end, he had a coat on. Also, he put makeup on his face, so that was impossible to see.

Corrected entry: When Dorian is impaled against the wall, with Mina wielding the portrait that Dorian cannot gaze upon, why didn't Dorian just close his eyes?

Correction: She would have just ripped his eyelids off if he had closed them. To someone who has lived an eternity, what's the point of living another five seconds? This act is typical of Dorian's style and grace.

Corrected entry: If Tom Sawyer is supposed to be Mark Twain's famous character, he should be far older than depicted in the movie. Twain set 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' circa 1836-1846, and Tom Sawyer was about 12 years old in the book. The literary Tom Sawyer would be at least in his mid-sixties by 1899. All of the other liberties taken with the original literature are neatly explained. What happened with Tom Sawyer?


Correction: While this may be true, keep in mind that the movie is set in an alternate time where, most of the characters might not have ever existed with the others. Therefore, the moviemakers can make anything happen in this movie such as canals in Venice would be deep anough for the Nautilus, or the league would be able to know each other, whether they existed in the other's time or not.

Corrected entry: Why is Mina Harker, the vampress, looking into a mirror to clean the blood off her face? Surely there wouldn't be anything to see.


Correction: The original vampire Dracula was technically like Blade - he could go out into daylight. And it's stated that she was from the original vampire, Dracula. The whole 'can't go into the daylight' thing is only modern vampire myth. They're supposed to be able to go into the daylight like everybody else, they're just not at their strongest.


Corrected entry: If the Invisible Man was really walking through the snowy mountains naked, I can't imagine that he'd have gotten all the way to the cave without dropping dead from hypothermia.


Correction: This man dances around rainy ol London nude all the time. I imagine his temperature tolerances are quite sufficent to prevent him from passing on outright.

Corrected entry: When the league is tracking Dorian they receive a record to listen to. As they listen to the words, we see a black and white movie or flashback. At the beginning of that flashback Mina Harker is the one sitting next to the record player and tells M that he can now record. If she was there during his speech, she would have known that Dorian was in on it and his full plan all along.

Correction: It's not. If you read the credits, you will find that it's another woman - she looks a lot like Peta Wilson, but it's not her. I thought it was her, too, at first, until I read through the credits at the end and saw a listing for 'M's secretary' or 'transcriptionist', something like that.


Corrected entry: When the members of the League go to recruit Dorian Gray at his house they notice that a painting has recently been removed from the wall. It is subsequently explained that this was the famous portrait that ages so he can remain eternally young and it has been stolen. It is also explained that if he looks at the portrait he will die. If this is so why would it have been hanging in plain sight in his house where he would have to see it?

Correction: Its not known for sure if the painting was recently removed, it is possible that he could've had someone else remove it for him, or even have removed it himself without looking at it.

Corrected entry: What makes Hyde decide to do good? It seems really out of character to want to save people (especially on the Nautilus when it's sinking) when he got exiled from London for killing people.

Correction: Earlier, Quatermain told Hyde that if he helped the League, he would receive amnesty from the Queen and he could go back to London, because Hyde had said "Home is where the heart is".

Corrected entry: It seems to be implied that the death of Allan Quatermain's son occurred quite some time ago. If so, then why is it that during the final scene the earth over the son's grave is freshly dug?

Phil C.

Correction: The son's grave has also noticibly moved. Perhaps it is freshly dug because he was reburied in order to remain next to his father.

Paul Plesser

Corrected entry: After the Phantom's men break into Dorian Gray's house, one of the soldiers shoots an amazing amount of bullets into Gray. We can see that his skin heals, but right afterwards, his clothes have magically also repaired any damage from bullet holes.


Correction: He changes clothes and returns after the fighting is over.

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Dorian Gray: Ah, the bedroom. Does it give you memories or ideas?
Mina Harker: Ideas. [Stabs him in the lower parts.].



When Quatermain arrives in London, he is greeted by Reed who leads him down some stairs. In the shot where they're going down some spiral stairs, for some reason you see a different actor (who is clean shaven) posing as Reed, going down the stairs holding the umbrella in his right hand. Then in the next shot you see the "original" actor who has a slight goatee and is holding the umbrella in his left hand.



Richard Roxborough played Sherlock Holmes in the Hound of the Baskervilles movie. In the LXG movie, Richard Roxborough acted as Moriarty, Holmes's arch enemy.