Gordon destroys Reya's doppleganger (at the doppleganger's request). Snow turns out to be a doppleganger, who killed and hid the real snow, but the doppleganger isn't hostile; it was only defending itself.Gordon reactivates the ship's AI to return to Earth, but Solaris is expanding and sucking the ship in, so the fake Snow tells the two to get in Kelvin's ship and fly away home. Kelvin chooses to stay, and the ship is sucked into the planet. Kelvin and Reya are suddenly in their living room, and she tells him that life and death no longer matter; they're finally together. She also says that "All sins have been forgiven". The implication seems to be that they are in heaven.


Factual error: The fake Rheya tries to kill herself by drinking liquid oxygen. The liquid shown is green, viscous, and foaming and looks a bit like the monster's body fluid in Alien. Liquid oxygen is colorless, non-viscous and doesn't produce sticky bubbles. (01:00:25)


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Rheya Kelvin: I can't remember how I got here. Did I come here with you?
Chris Kelvin: I don't know how you got here.
Rheya Kelvin: What do you mean?
Chris Kelvin: I woke up and you were here.

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Trivia: When Kelvin gives Rheya the pill to relax, note that she takes a sip of water first and then puts the pill in her mouth. When director, Steven Soderbergh, asked Natascha McElhone if she did this as a part of her performance, as possibly a statement that if "you are created by Solaris that is how you take a pill?" Natascha was confused and informed him that was simply how she took pills. (00:48:25)


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