The NeverEnding Story III

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, it is the first day of school. Therefore it is the beginning of September. Yet, not even a week passes and it is suddenly Halloween? Clearly, the screenwriters needed a way for Barktroll and Rockbiter Jr. to walk among the humans and not be detected.

Correction: The start of the film is not the first day of school. Bastian had just moved to the new town due to his father's marriage to Jane so it's only Bastian's first day of school. It's a coincidence that Mr. Coreander also started the same day that he started.

Corrected entry: With the exception of Falcor, none of the creatures of Fantasia have been to the human world. Yet, throughout the movie, various Fantasia citizens make references to Vegas, Greenpeace, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the song "Born to Be Wild". How do they know all this?

Correction: Every creature in Fantasia, and the world of Fantasia itself, are the product of human imagination. They were born of our thoughts. So it stands to reason they would know the things we know.

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