Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Corrected entry: Considering how important the H.A.L.O. rings are, why do the O'Grady's keep them in a poorly locked cabinet in the hull of a boat thrown into a pile of a bunch of other random rings?

Brad Premium member

Correction: Maybe they're not that smart, or they hadn't had time to secure them properly, in any case, a character mistake.

Corrected entry: When the Angels find the filing cabinet of rings, and take the tray out, Natalie takes ONE bottle of champagne and pours it in the rings. When they cut the shot and show a different angle, she is still pouring the bottle with the same hand position, meaning that it was only one bottle they used. One bottle of champagne could not have filled ALL that space, especially since when Natalie corked it off, a bit spilled on the ground.


Correction: The drawer holding the rings is very small. One bottle of champagne with a bit spilled out could have easily filled that space.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: Slightly odd one - at the start when the girls are being introduced, we see Lucy Liu doing some gymnastics. All the judges hold up a "10" card each, but look at the one second from the left - the 10 disappears from it after a few frames, for no good reason that I can work out.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: The card is reflecting a light, so the reflective 10 card gleams pure white. The ten does not just "dissapear."

Corrected entry: When Dylan and Alex go to help Natalie, they have no goggles on, but when we see them travelling on the bikes, they do.



Correction: These girls are spies. They are supposed to have hidden things in their clothes, shoes, etc.

Corrected entry: In Cameron Diaz's big fight with Demi at the end of the movie in the theatre, when Demi gets behind Cameron with her gun, there is a shot of Cameron's face with Demi behind her holding the gun to her head. It is her standard HUGE gold gun that she's been using throughout the movie. Then, when Demi gets Cameron in a headlock and puts the gun under her chin, it's a TOTALLY different gun; it's smaller and has engraved patterns on the barrel. It's really obvious.


Correction: It is supposed to be a different gun. In the scene on top of the roof, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore take Demi's guns and drop them on the floor. So Demi wouldn't be using the same gun in the theatre scene, she had another one with her.

Corrected entry: Drew's ex-boyfriend Seamus doesn't count 2 days in leap years when converting 8 years to days.


Correction: Yeah, but you can argue it was a mistake the character made, not the filmmakers. Plus, he may not have been in for exactly 8 years, he may have been in an extra few days.

Corrected entry: When the Angels enter the Caulfield house the police tape is still across the door. When they leave it's gone.



Correction: They're in the house long enough for the police tape to have been removed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the angels are helping Natalie move in to her new home, you can tell that the TV set that Alex is holding is a prop due to it not having a power cord.

Correction: Some TV sets have a compartment in the back that the cord folds into so it doesn't get caught on stuff while it's moving. Others have detachable cords.


Corrected entry: When Alex is winning the gymnastics championship, look at the score on the second closest judge to the screen. The number 10 disppears suddenly.


Correction: The number doesn't disappear, the light is reflecting off of the card causing the camera to catch white.

Corrected entry: In the last scene where they change outfits and go to the movie premiere, there are no cuts visible, whereas the previous scene the girls were covered in them.


Correction: If they had time to get ready, presumably they had time to apply the makeup that hides imperfections.

Corrected entry: When the girls are on the ground after being shot off the roof by Madison Natalie's eyes are wide open as if she were dead. Actually she was unconscious so her eyes should be closed.Or, at the very least, blink which is involuntary.

Maria Santos

Correction: People can sleep with their eyes open. People can go unconscious with eyes open.

Corrected entry: When Madison Lee visits the agency and talks to Charlie over the phone, where was Bosley? Charlie only ever calls the agency when he knows someone (i.e. Bosley) is there to answer his call. It is definitely an incoming call as the phone rings and rings until Madison presses the answer button.

Correction: How does he know someone's there if he doesn't call first? It's just that we usually never see any calls where no one answers because it would be pointless to watch an empty room with a ringing phone.

Corrected entry: When Dylan is in the bar in Mexico, she orders a coffee, meets Kelly Garrett, and leaves without paying for it.

Correction: Technically, she never drinks it or even adds sugar or creamer to it, so leaving without paying is the same as sending it back to the kitchen.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Alex knocks out Jason by accident (while they are helping Nat to move in with Pete); before she knocks him out she is holding a box with stuff in it, but after she helps him up again, she picks up the TV and carries it over to the house.

Correction: She puts the first box down after she realizes she just attacked Jason, then picks up the TV. She does this believing that Jason will offer to take it from her (thus getting him to do some heavy lifting for her) but it doesn't work until she foists the TV on him after she gets paged.


Corrected entry: When the girls fight the mob, they start shooting at the cage. If you look carefully, you can see a stagehand near a 44-gallon drum.

Correction: That's not a crew member, it's an extra - a temporarily inactive member of the O'Grady mob.


Corrected entry: When Ray Carter has the rings and is driving down the highway, the headbar behind him changes from red to black and so forth. They obviously must have had 2 cars.

Correction: The seat, including the headrest, is red. The arched bar behind the seat, a stylish addition to a sports car, is black. These colors are consistent throughout the scene.


Corrected entry: When Drew throws her lighter at the gas hose to make it a flamethrower, how come the gas lights when Drew isn't touching the lighter? It must be manually ignited.


Correction: Her lucky lighter is the type that stays lit. You don't have to hold a thumb switch to light it. It's extinguished by closing the lid. She lights and throws it.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where the angels are checking out the surfer guy's wallet they are under his car. But when he drives away they are not there, and Cameron Diaz's surf board is sideways, showing that there is no one behind it. In the next shot, it's sideways and when she moves it the other two angels are behind it. There is no way for them to have hidden behind the sideways board.


Correction: This is deliberate. It's to show how fantastic and unreal the Angels are. In the director's commentary, McG says: 'And the girls are stuck, they're going to get run over, holy mackeral they're getting run over. And then, uh oh, they're not there, then with a little, you know, angel sauce, Cameron's going to whip that board over and whoosh, they're there.'

Corrected entry: When the big letter "E" falls between the buildings, the "prongs" on the letter "E" are facing towards the ground. However, when it crushes the Creepy Thin Man and the other guy, the "prongs" are facing horizontally.

Correction: Because the "back" of the E is heaviest, it would rotate toward the ground during the fall. That is why the "prongs" have moved position during the fall and had the fall been longer, the prongs would be facing up when it landed.

Corrected entry: The Angels are searching for the two rings which, when combined, reveal the list for The Witness Protection Program. Firstly, that list continues to grow to this day so why even bother with the rings; secondly, why would two highly important people in the US Government knowingly wear one?

Correction: The list on the rings could be updated at regular intervals. Important members of the US Government would wear one because anyone wanting to steal them would - hopefully - be discouraged by the fact that these people would have high security.

Corrected entry: When Demi Moore pushes the Angels off the building, Lucy Liu's shirt is white. When she hits the ground and the sprinklers turn on, her shirt is beige. When Lucy gets up, still wet, her shirt has gone back to white.


Correction: The shirt is wet while in the sprinklers, making it look beige. Before the sprinklers it looked off-white, and after the sprinklers it looks off-white again (because the crew didn't wet them down enough for the shot, which was set seconds after the sprinklers - obviously, they'd dried off between takes).

Corrected entry: At the observatory when Madison shoots Ray Carter we see that his shirt gets splattered with blood. In the next shot when he is holding his breast and tumbling backwards, his shirt is clean.


Correction: Very close observation on DVD zoom - 1) Ray gets shot & 3 chest bursts appear... 2) stumbles back with arms to chest - his arms are covering the shots, making appear as though not there... 3) as he falls back off the roof, the camera angle cannot see that part of his chest.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the Coal Bowl scene, the Thin Man and his motorcycle smash into a bridge support and you can see that one of his boots falls off or is ripped open to reveal a white athletic sock underneath. In the next shot, both of his boots are on properly and no sock is visible.


Correction: I don't believe it's a sock, and there's no obvious boot being torn off. However, in the smoke & dust, the left leg/boot on the other side of the falling bike could be mistaken for white - it looks like a plaster cast, actually.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the angels first meet Madison, she is holding her surf board. Then, when she drives away in her car, she seems to forget to put the surf board in before she drives away.

Correction: The surfboard cannot fit in a Ferrari Enzo. Madison chocks the board in the sand, gets in the car & drives away - she doesn't forget it, she abandons it. When you can afford a $650,000 car, you can afford to replace a board.

Corrected entry: Bill Murray did not reprise his role as Bosley in this film because of a massive fallout with Lucy Liu during the filming of the first film. He vowed that he would never work with her again.


Correction: On "Access Hollywood" Bill Murray admitted that he and Lucy had had a fight, but it was over some of her lines in the script and they made up shortly after. The real reason he wasn't in the sequel was because he hadn't got along with someone behind the scenes and vowed never to work with that person again, not Lucy.

Corrected entry: When Dylan and Alex are under the surfer's car going through his wallet, they come across a flyer for the motorcycle race they will later attend. Why would there be a flyer for an underground motorcycle race that costs $2,000 to get into and has no rules?

Correction: The flyer is advertising the "Coal Bowl" dirt bike track only. I am sure it would just be an ad to get riders there and then they would find out about the no rules racing.

Corrected entry: Whilst shooting the welding scene, Lucy Liu's pants caught on fire. Luckily she wasn't hurt.

Correction: It is actually the scarf around her neck that catches fire, not her pants.

Corrected entry: In several shots in the film the 'Bell System' logo on Charlie's speaker disappears and reappears.

00:27:35 - 01:18:00


Correction: This is just because the cameraman alters the zoom between shots - when he's zoomed in, the logo gets cropped. It is a common technique to change zoom during dialogue to make the shot more animated (although it's a bit pointless to do it when one of the protagonists is a speaker).

Oscar Bravo

Corrected entry: In the scene where Demi Moore's character shoots the Angels, she uses .50AE Desert Eagles (they are the only version available with gold plating as a "standard" option). The rounds fired by these guns are so heavy that, even in the highly unlikely eventuality that they did not penetrate the kevlar, they would still have killed the Angels by sheer blunt trauma.


Correction: All the DE series from Baby Eagle to .50AE are available in gold plate meaning it could have been the .357 round that hit them causing far less damage. Blunt trauma is also unlikely to kill unless directly over the heart or solar plexus. Furthermore, a ballistic plate in the center of the armor can provide even more protection.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the first part of the beach scene, Natalie is surfing which means she is wet, but in the scene where she meets Madison Lee for the first time, she is totally dry.

Correction: If you have been to the beach on a hot day you will notice that it only takes a few minutes for your body to dry. Natalie's hair is still wet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Angels are investigating the crime scene and spot the footprints, they start talking about the torn ligament in the guy's leg. The computer graphics shows the RIGHT knee with the dodgy ligament. however, in the surfboard scene, they spot him by the scar on his LEFT knee.

Correction: Look closer. As it goes to an x-ray view of the guys leg we are looking at his left shoe and the picture scrolls up to his left knee.

Corrected entry: Madison Lee uses twin gold Desert Eagle .50 handguns. The recoil from Desert Eagles requires you to have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger to remain standing. Someone with Madison's figure would get knocked on her butt from firing those pistols.


Correction: The Desert Eagle uses a gas system with a rotating bolt, which eats a lot of the recoil energy. Besides, the .50 Action Express round fired by it is a pistol round, despite being confused by many with the .50BMG machine gun round (as fired by the Browning M2 and the Barrett M82, for instance), and as such does not produce anywhere near as much recoil. In fact, it has less muzzle energy than the Desert Eagle chambered for the .440 Cor-Bon. There would be no difficulty firing the DE, though she would probably stumble a bit considering that she held each one-handed. Consistent with standard movie physics though.

Corrected entry: As they leave the Mongolian bar by the window, Ray Carter is ahead of Alex. But Alex lands first.



Correction: It is not that Alex lands first, just farther down the hill. Maybe she had more more momentum jumping through the window than he did.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the angels are going through the surfer dude's things, he is in his towel next to his car, and Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu are checking him out from under the car. He gets into his car, then in the next shot, Drew Barrymore is still looking up his towel at him, as if he were still standing next to the car.

Correction: She just glances up after the door closes. She isn't looking up his towel because she has a very different expression on her face.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the girls are dancing in the bar at the harbour, Lucy Liu pulls off her right glove with her teeth at the start of the routine and a few shots later she slaps her bum with that hand and it is gloved.

Correction: After she has pulled off the long glove with her teeth there is still another glove on her hand - that's the one she is wearing when she slaps her bum. There is another shot of a bum being slapped by a hand with a long glove - but that's a different dancer since she's wearing a different colour dress.


Corrected entry: A truck containing a camera and crew is visible on the bridge during some of the leaping bike shots within the dirt bike race sequence.

Correction: There is a truck up there but it is not out of place (it is a road leading to the docks) and there is nothing to suggest it is a crew truck.


Corrected entry: At the start of the film, a chopper falls off the truck and we see that the rotor blades are folded up as it begins to fall. A few seconds later when it is falling the blades have unfolded.


Correction: The shot which starts with the helicopter leaving the truck with its rotors folding continues to show them unfolding.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Cameron Diaz is moving in with her boyfriend, look at when Lucy Liu is holding the TV. The whole time she is holding it, and after she hands it to her boyfriend, the remote stays perfectly balanced on the top. It is obviously glued down.

Correction: Some people use Velcro to prevent wandering remotes.

Corrected entry: Dylan mentions that she and Seamus spent a lot of time 'driving around listening to metal'. There is then a cut to a flashback with Livin' on a Prayer playing. I'll freely admit that I'm no expert on musical genres, but Bon Jovi are rock, not metal.

Correction: Surely this was meant to be a joke, I got the impression that she was trying to make her and Seamus sound cooler than they actually were

Corrected entry: In the 'Hammertime' scene, Diaz watches MC Hammer on the TV in the lounge. Later, Drew is carrying the same TV into the house.


Correction: Is it not possible that she could have two televisions? I know many people with two TV's in their home that are the same because of some deal they got when they bought it.

Corrected entry: When all of the rings have been put in the champagne, the ones the Angels are after float to the top. But the rings are supposed to be made of titanium, which is far too heavy to float.


Correction: The angels mention the fact that the rings are completely hollow, with only a thin titanium shell for strength, so they may have been light enough to float. The bubbles in the champagne would have helped the floating process as well.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: Since Carter is part of the plot, why is he getting beaten by the Mongolians in the opening scene? He doesn't know the Angels will rescue him, so he doesn't need to fake his death in such a painful and convoluted way.


Correction: He isn't. It is all fake. The guards are pretending. Proof is that his ribs aren't broken, as the Angels notice later when he catches the keys in mid-air.

Corrected entry: At the beach scene when Demi Moore is about to drive off, we see that she gets into a Lamborghini, and Lamborghini doors go up. In the next shot, she pulls the door shut from the side.

Correction: The car is actually a Ferrari Enzo. Which (like the lambo) has scissor opening doors. But on the Ferrari the doors open up and out, so on certain angles they would appear to close like regular car doors.

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