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Corrected entry: After the first street race the police come and when Brian gets back into the GTR he doesn't switch the engine on, even after turning it off moments before.


Correction: Brian never turned the engine off.

Corrected entry: It's completely crazy to reverse while travelling such a high speed in the spin scene at the highway. This can be harmful to the engine as well as the gear box. In fact, not only harmful, but most likely destructive.

Correction: You can travel at whatever speed you want in reverse provided the gear ratio is setup correctly. Having a reverse gear that does 100km/h is possible, but trying to reverse out of a driveway using such a ratio would be like trying to take of in 4th gear. It's not practical to run a gear ratio of this size, but that's not to say that it can't be done.

Corrected entry: When Brian and Rome kick the windshield out of the Camaro, it falls on the hood of the car. The shot goes wide as they begin to reverse, and there is no windshield on the hood, and not even any glass shards on the hood or dashboard.



Correction: When the shot widens and the Camaro reverses, the windshield that O'Conner and Rome kicked out slid down the hood to the ground.

Corrected entry: The ESDs could never work the way they're supposed to. Those three prongs are connected to the outer shell of the car and would not be able to send any voltage/electronic message to the ECU of the car and affect the car the way it did (brakes, engine revs, etc).

Correction: The body of the car is attached to the frame. All of the electronics of the car are grounded to the frame. So if you put power to the grounds it would short out all the circuits, causing the ECU to fail. But steering and brakes are not controlled by the ECU, the cars would just slowly come to a stop.

Corrected entry: Brian turns up to the first race and suggests upping the stakes. They are upped, but everyone has the right amount of money in bundles. They didn't know the stakes would be raised, and certainly not to what. So it's near impossible that all 3 would have the exactly right bundles of money.


A Demon Premium member

Correction: Just because people don't behave like you would doesn't make it a mistake. There's no reason to think that people gambling on street racing wouldn't have more money with them than the stakes would be. Plus, money (at least in the US) comes bundled in specific amounts and gamblers (of all types) would know and bet based on these bundles.


Corrected entry: The number of bullet holes in the blue car's window at the end changes instantly.


A Demon Premium member

Correction: The number on the windshield right before showing Verone hearing a gunshot is 4. The 5th comes from the shot you hear while they are showing the boat.

Corrected entry: When Brian lands after the bridge jump, if you look closely you can see he brakes. The last thing he would do in a race is brake.


A Demon Premium member

Correction: Of course you have to brake in a race. There's any number of reasons for it. First and foremost he is carrying too much speed, and losing control, setting up for a corner, possibly something began shimmying at speed (very likely after doing a jump), there's tons of reasons he might have had to brake.

Corrected entry: When Brian is playing chicken with Fonzi, the first shot establishes that the cars are only about a second apart from each other. Yet they have at least 5 seconds before they pass. At their combined speed, they would travel the entire quarter mile in only 5 seconds.


Correction: The shot is probably not done in real-time but in slow motion for dramatic effect.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Brian arrives at the race in his skyline, there is no GTR at the race. However, you can clearly see the GTR during the race.

00:04:30 - 00:09:15

Correction: During the nearly 7 minute race, there are no scenes which show a GTR. When Brian arrives at the beginning of the race, there is a brief overhead shot of the crowd and cars, which does not show all the cars there. There's more than enough time for the GTR to show up for the end of the 7 minute race. If you mean the GTR badge on Brian's car, you need to specify there is no emblem, and where it is, or should be.


Corrected entry: When Brian and Roman drive to the impound yard they skid to a stop, which kicks up a lot of dust that settles on their cars. When they arrive back at Carter's, the cars are spotless.

00:32:30 - 00:34:05

Correction: The amount of dust that lands is very minamal, when they arrive the dust can't be seen due to the length of the shot.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When the driver of the Supra crashes, look closely and you'll see the rear bumper come off. But when he climbs out, it's still on.


Correction: I've watched my version and can't see this mistake at any point even with slow-mo.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Right after Brian hands the money over to Tej at the first race, he walks over to his car and it seems that he's about to get into the car. But MUCH later we actually see him approaching his car again, opening the door, spotting Monica and getting in.


Correction: If it seems like he is going to get into his car, he might get distracted by something off camera then walks back and spots Monica.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brian and Rome get out of the customs office and discuss a whole new strategy, Brian calls Tej and asks him for help. Brian is wearing a blue shirt and Rome is wearing a white tank top. In the next scene, Brian and Rome are wearing completely new outfits, but when they have a look at the stored cars, they are wearing the previous outfits again (blue shirt, white tank top). And in the next scene it's the same again: While they are sharing memories at sunset, Brian is wearing his grey shirt again and Rome wears also his previous outfit.

01:07:30 - 01:08:25

Correction: While it's most likely a mistake, given these are separate scenes there's no definite continuity error here.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Rome and Brian go to collect Verone's money there is a grey Dodge parked outside of the trailer home. Just before Enrique opens the door, in the lower left hand corner the cameraman is backing up.


Correction: It could well be Enrique's partner, Brian or Rome.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Even though Roman is "parked so close to the derby" this would not satisfy the house arrest thing. For one you have to have a phone for the ankle bracelet and I doubt that cell phones work, since that would defeat the purpose.



Correction: We never see inside Rome's caravan/trailer so he could have a main phone line.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Brian and Rome are going to rescue Monica, they are talking the whole time as to what next to do. We see several edited-in backgrounds at every close-up, and in one of Rome's closeups we see a road pointing straight at the car. This would be impossible, the road where Brian and Rome are driving is parallel to the sea, and that would mean that this street would lead right into the sea.


Correction: We don't see the other side of it though - any reason it couldn't just be a T-junction joining their road?

Corrected entry: In one of the last scenes, Rome says something about "... stay here in Miami to keep you out of trouble bro". There's a close-up of Brian, and Rome's visible in the right corner as he starts to speak, but his mouth doesn't move.


Correction: Rome only goes "hmm" which dosen't require you to open your mouth. Then when he is out of shot he carries on.

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Corrected entry: In the scene towards the end when Brian and Rome jump onto the back of the boat, Rome complains of a broken arm and Brian hits his head and is holding his forehead with his hand and reveals a bruise. Back on land, the bruise is gone.


Correction: It's not a bruise it is actually a shadow cast by the way his hands are positioned. This is why it's not visible on land.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Brian is racing the blue muscle car, you can see that the blue car's numberplate is "Year One", but when the "ejecto seato" is being talked about it has a different numberplate.

00:46:15 - 01:09:05

Correction: The "Year One" plate is only on the front. When racing for the cars, and when adding some extra Nitrous the plates are always "Year One" on the front and normal on the back.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the highway scene, with all of the potential employees racing to the boatyard, just before the shot of the Mustang going between the two trucks, there is a frame or two of a boat being towed on a trailer, then suddenly it's replaced by the Mustang shot.


Correction: The shot is from the left of the left lorry. It shows the mustang going down the right side of the left lorry meaning it's going between the two. Not a mistake.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the whole sequence where Rome and Brian are racing with the other guys to get to that impound lot, you can see several shots of Brian's feet and his socks are grey. However, when he gets out of the car again, his socks are white.


Correction: This is due to shadow of the items in the car. This makes it look grey.

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Corrected entry: At Verone's house, just after Verone says "meet me at a club tonight", there is a shot looking up and as Brian and Verone are shaking hands Monica is beside them. However, in the previous and following shots Monica is standing behind Brian and Roman.



Correction: Trick of the camera. Monica is behind them all the time.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: During the initial race sequence the Corvette has its top down until it crashes, when we see the top is up.


Ian Hunt

Correction: In the inital race, all cars except the S2000 have got hard tops.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: Immediately after the fly through of the car's electrical system, we see the US Customs tracking computer display. It reads Skynet.


Correction: How is this trivia? An item that can be spotted by just watching is not classed as trivia.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When the cars are on the highway there is a scene when the Evo is speeding past the camera at the close up angle, beside the Evo there is the grey Corvette and behind is the orange and then the blue muscle behind it. In the next shot the blue car is in front of the orange car.


Correction: It's very plausible that they switched places as Brian and Rome do it all the time.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the race at the beginning, the front of Suki's car is all banged up. However, when the cops arrive, as Suki drives the car the front is completely fine.


Correction: Having just watched this part of the film I can say that the front of her car is missing the bumper throughout.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In that scene where Brian is introducing Rome to Tej, there is a big waterski-race going on, and Tej is following it apparently with great interest. Yet he's always looking in the wrong direction, for the waterski-racers have to get past the house-boat, which is seen to Tej's left.

Correction: Having just watched this scene, he is always looking in the right place.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where the two thugs and their boss have searched Paul Walker's houseboat for the girl they turn to leave, satisfied she is not on board. Just after they have left Paul Walker's friend turns to him and comments really loudly about the girl on the boat. Surely they would have heard him?

Correction: If the thugs were in deep conversation they wouldn't have heard anything.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: At the start of the film you see Tej on the phone and when he walks into the room, beside him you see a red cabinet and a calendar next to it. In the next close up view beside him there is a harnessed alloy.


Correction: The wheel is off the car on the ramp. You are looking at the side of Tej's face and the cabinet is straight on.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When Roman and Brian arrive at Tej's garage they approach into the backyard, where the water-skiing is held, and if you keep your ears open you can hear a girl shout out, "I love you, Tyrese".

Correction: I've reviewed this scene three times and don't hear that.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene when you see Tej, Suki and Jimmy playing cards, you see Rome leaning against the blue Yenko and in the background you can see two blokes one looking at the camera and one pointing.


Correction: This is incorrect. First of all, there isn't two guys, there are actually three. When we see Rome leaning up against the blue car, you see two guys but the 3rd guy is behind a post, and they are simply talking to him. So when you think the one guy is looking at the camera he infact is not, he's talking to the guy behind the post.

Corrected entry: When Brian and Rome are racing Fabio and Fonzie for the pink slips, look at the speedo just after Brian applies his nitrous. It's already at 120-140ish. A few shots later, you see Brian change gear, and the speedo moves up to where it previously was.

Correction: "A few shots later" gives him plenty of time and opportunity to have slowed down for any number of reasons.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Brian and Rome are going to rescue Monica in the blue Dodge. Brian tells Rome to "put on his seat belt", and Rome subsequently grabs for it, but you notice afterwards, the he's NEVER wearing a seat belt. Not during the jump, not after the jump, and it's most obvious when they're talking inside the car after Brian shot Carter.

01:31:30 - 01:33:05

Correction: The seatbelt is red just like his shirt. The two bars going verticaly down his shirt are the logos that are on the belt.

James Storck

Corrected entry: When Brian is spinning the Evo around so he's driving in reverse, the cars he's passing are not moving (notice the rims - they are not spinning).

Correction: The cars are moving, it is just that at certain speeds, usually highway driving speed, standard movie cameras don't have a high enough frame rate to film motion of wheels, therefore they appear to be still.

Corrected entry: The first time Brian's car gets hit with the ESD it shorts out his electrical system but for some reason he is acting like his brakes don't work. National DOT standards and all the laws that govern automotive design and manufacture strictly require that no part of the braking system rely on electronics. This is because electronics are not reliable enough for such a vital part of driving safety. Even if illegally modified, a racer wouldn't make his brakes rely on the electrics for the same reason. While the brakes might be less responsive, they wouldn't be as unresponsive as depicted.


Correction: An ABS system, on most new models, IS an electronic component of a braking system, and would be shorted by the ESD. The reason the brakes become less responsive is because the engine stalls, causing the power brake booster to be inoperable due to lack of vacuum from the engine. This may cause the brakes to be as unresponsive as shown. Having driven a 67 Camaro SS with no power brakes, you need to apply a lot of pressure to the manual brakes to stop. And also having driven cars with failed power boosters, it is at least as much, if not more, pressure required to stop the car.

Corrected entry: When Brian and Rome decide to chase the boat in the Yenko they have to back up. You see the rear tire spinning in the dirt then it stops spinning but you can hear the other tire spinning. This is not possible if this is really a Yenko. In a Yenko Camaro the suspension consisted of a 12-bolt with 4.10 gears, Posi-traction, multileaf springs, and special shocks.


Correction: Even if it was a real Yenko, it's more than possible that someone, somewhere, during the car's over 30 year life would change the rear end. Positracs are great for straight line traction, but notoriously poor for handling. If the car was used for competitive street racing, someone could have swapped the rear end for a limited slip differential for better handling characteristics. We don't know this particular car's history.

Corrected entry: In the first race, it is very obvious that sometimes the cars have mirrors, and sometimes they don't. In almost every shot you can see no mirror in the interior of the car (which is quite appropriate, for streetracers normally don't have mirrors in their cars), but there are one or two scenes where Brian is looking into the mirror, and suddenly the mirror is right where it should be.

Correction: This makes no sense whatsoever, why WOULDN'T streetracers have rear view mirrors in their cars? All the better to see what their competition is doing behind them, or to see the red and blue lights of pursuing police officers? Generally rearview mirrors are only removed for movies, giving better shots for the actors inside the car.

Corrected entry: In the first race sequence between the four cars, most of them are racing with their windows open. No one would race with windows open (this makes your car less streamlined as wind flows into the windows (racing with a convertible isn't seen very often either)), especially when there are thousands of dollars on the line.

Correction: This is more of a character issue than movie mistake. Besides, it is possible that they do not want to use their A/C for racing, as it takes more horsepower away than having an open window. In the humid conditions around Florida, you usually need either A/C on, or windows open just for ventilation.

Corrected entry: During the first scene Suki (the girl) is shown racing a convertible. They were going approximately 90 MPH and her hair was hardly blowing.

Correction: Some cars have amazing wind turbulence resistance, even at 90 MPH.

Corrected entry: During a boat race, someone is talking through a kind of microphone (in don't know the correct American word, because I am from the Netherlands). As soon as the main characters start to talk to each other there is coming no more sound out of the microphone. After they have stopped talking, it suddenly is possible again to hear the microphone.


Correction: What you're referring to is called a megaphone. It's "activated" by pressing a trigger at the top of the handle. Tej released the trigger when he was talking to just his friends, thus no sound from the megaphone. When he wanted to address the crowd, he pressed the trigger to "turn it on".

Corrected entry: Dom's RX-7 that he uses in Fast and the Furious appears with it's new Latino Owner in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Compare the side graphics of both cars. It's the same.

Correction: Rx-7's are not exactly rare cars. There are hundreds if not thousands of them. It's no surprise that there are two cars of the same make in separate movies.


Corrected entry: Does anyone else think it odd to have hydraulics and huge sound systems in "race" cars? Hydraulics add a considerable amount of weight to a car. The last thing you want in a race is extra weight. More than one car is seen racing with big sound systems. Brian's and Rome's car both have big sound systems.


Correction: Note that these are "Street Racers" and many wouldn't know the difference between a "Race Car" and a "Rice-Burner." Also, many of the cars are built to show-off or attract Girls, so sacrificing handling for [email protected]$$ sound systems and Neon that add weight is seen as a fair trade-off.

Corrected entry: In the scene when they get the package from Verone's Ferrari, Roman gets out a revolver and shoots the cops car about sixteen times without reloading. A revolver holds a maximum of six bullets.


Correction: Roman had a semi-automatic pistol, which can hold 16. Fabio had a revolver.

Corrected entry: If Eva knew she would be collecting Brian and Roman's licenses to run a background check wouldn't they give them aliases so Veron wouldn't know who their real names and could have them killed or hunt them down himself when he got out?


Correction: If she did do that wouldn't Verone think it would be strange that when he had them followed he was surprised that other people called them other names like at Tej's. By the time Verone gets out they could be in witness protection or moved somewhere.

Corrected entry: There would've been a much easier way for Monica to escape from the bad guys. There is one shot inside the houseboat where you can see some small stairs leading up to the roof of the boat, so she really needn't have climbed out of that small window in the roof of the bathroom.

Correction: Yes, but the stairs were such an obvious place to hide, Enrique and Roberto were sure to search it.

Corrected entry: Has anyone else noticed that no one in the film says the word "NOS" like in the first movie? Even on the steering wheels where the NOS stickers were, they now say N2O. This is because NOS sponsored the first film and they didn't this time.

Correction: This is also because the writers made sure of the correct term for it, because "NOS" is a company name as well as an abbreviation for "Nitrous Oxide System." The correct term would be strait Nitrous, or Nitrous Oxide.

Corrected entry: When Paul Walker is racing the Lancer Evo against Fonzi's muscle car half way through the film, there is a shot of the Evo pedals which have the Nissan GT-R logo on them.

Correction: Some tuners have been known (and documented around the web, like in beaterz.com and other Anti-Ricer sites) to mix parts, stickers, and logos from various cars and after-market parts sources to create the "illusion" that they have said equipment, or to appear they have a certain model (i.e. put on Type-R stickers on Domestic Accura Integras, or Skyline GT-R Badges on Honda Civics) or for completely different reasons. Perhaps Walker's character liked the GT-R pedals for racing reasons (easier to push, or less chance to get caught in when changing pedals).

Corrected entry: In the scene where all the racers are supposedly speeding down I-75 in South Florida, the shot widens to show some very tall mountains in the background. There are no tall mountains South Florida. The highest point in Florida is at a whopping 345ft above sea level, unless you count the rides at amusement parks in Orlando. Obviously this was filmed somewhere else.

Correction: The woman in the background speaking to Markham says "I've got them heading south on I-95," not I-75.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, during the first race, if you look at the Camo Supra, the neon lights under the car keep changing colours. It goes green, then red, then back to green and then back to red (and it keeps doing this the whole race.)

Correction: Color change neon lights are available.

Corrected entry: At the start, when Brian and the Supra-racer reach the bridge (near the end of the race), we see a shot of the speedometer of the Supra (orange car). It's just reached the 180kph mark, and it's still rising. However, a short while later, we see Brian's speedometer and it's just cleared 160kph. How could Brian's car have overtaken (or jumped, in this case) over the Supra when it was travelling slower?


Correction: Brian uses his NOS to get a great boost and pass over the Supra; he is going slower so that the Supra would go farther and give him more space to accelerate

Corrected entry: After Brian and Roman pick up the package from the red Ferrari in the impound lot, Brian tells Roman to "put his blouse on". He does but doesn't button it and gets in the car. Then, in the next scene, when Roman gets out the car, his shirt is perfectly buttoned. He would have no time inside the car to button his shirt seeing as they are travelling over 100mph.

Correction: It took Brian and Roman about 5 minutes of film time to reach the boat yard. Roman would have had plenty of time to button his shirt.

Corrected entry: When, in the final chase scene, Brian O'Connor is chasing the boat, he is in a channel (you can see the opposite margin) but after he does the car jumping stunt and finishes fighting all the bad guys you can't see land anywhere around the boat.

Correction: The reason why you can't see land around the boat anymore is because it just exited a channel. Watch the scenery around the boat to see this.

Corrected entry: When Brian O'connor smacks the gate of the supposedly real impound lot with his car he hits the gate going nearly 100 MPH. This would definitely put a huge dent or something on his car, but when he stops the front end is shown and it is completely intact.

Correction: First thing, he isn't going 100 mph, I'd say baredly 50 mph. If you have the DVD, go frame by frame, you can see that the bumper is damage in the first two shots that you can see the car. Basically there is a dent that you can see in the first 2 shots of the scene.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film when Paul Walker calls Ludacris on his cell phone, he uses the walkie talkie, not his personal cell phone. You can't make regular calls on an ordinary walkie talkie.

Correction: Tej's phone is a Nextel cell/CB radio. It's a phone that can work on the CB band. I would Tej could possibly still be in range of the CB, I think some have a range of 2 miles.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brian does the stare-and-drive on Monica, when he stops his car is about 4 inches before the white line, yet in the next shot it's halfway past the white line.

Correction: It's quite possible Brian makes a rolling stop.

Corrected entry: When Rome and Brian are driving in the impound lot, watch the segment after Rome laughs out loud. Before they make a right turn, the Eclipse was following the Evo. When the camera switches to the next shot, the two cars are side by side.


Correction: When they both arrive at the impound lot, you'll notice that Brian puts a little drift when he parks (slides), and Rome just stops in angle, slowing down.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Brian and Rome are Racing Fonzie and Fabio, Brian appears to shift down as he is turning around the barrels. If you watch closely, you can see, all he is really doing is moving his hand in the shifting motion. (Note, this mistake happens several other times while Brian is driving the EVO.)

Correction: Look closer, right before Brian pulls the U-Turn around the barrels, he is in fact shifting the shifter into either neutral or a lower gear then pulling the e-brake so that he can power slide the Evo.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene, Paul Walker shifts his car an awful lot of times. When you're driving 100 miles per hour, you should be in fifth (highest) gear. A few standards have six gears, but even so, if you're driving 100MPH, shifting is unnecessary.

Correction: Brian shifts so often because they take two sharp curves. The Skyline has six gears. When they take the first curve, every racer drops down to second gear. They get back up to fifth (or sixth, in the Skyline's case), then take another curve, drop back to second, and shift back up again.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Paul Walker and Tyrese are saying good-bye to Eva Mendes, Paul Walker says "bye Eva" where in reality he should have said "bye Monica".

Correction: They never say good bye to Monica (Eva). She just says nice working with you and he says you too.

Corrected entry: In the intro race, the racers all seem to have 5,6 or 7 gears, but Brian has at least 12, as every scene he is in, it shows him changing a gear...wierd car don't ya reckon?

Correction: He is down shifting to get more power and speed and then upshifting again.

Corrected entry: The black guy who drives the supra wipes out in the first major drag, does some serious damage to the car when it hits the advertisement structure, maybe even a write-off. A day or so later when they leave the huge warehouse with 100 or so cars he comes out with his now intact supra.

Correction: As seen in the first race, Slapjack is pretty familiar with the street racing world. He could have easily fixed the Supra. It was, in fact, at least 2 or 3 days, which would have given him plenty of time to repair it.

Corrected entry: After the fight whilst Brian and Roman go to see the FBI man and the other cop Roman picks up the cop's lunch and starts to eat the burger. After a bit of banter Roman chucks the half eaten burger on the table and leaves. In the next shot in Brian's car it has amazingly appeared back in his hand.

Correction: You see Ronan put the burger down but if you watch him he picks it back up in the same movement, that's why he still has it.

Corrected entry: In the beginning scene, where Brian races for the very first time in this movie, it is said that they are racing in Miami. If you look in the background, you see they race around Staples Center, which is in Los Angeles.

Correction: Look closer...It is the arena where the Miami Heat play.

Corrected entry: When Brian and his mate are running from the cops on the interstate, they are being chased by numerous police cars. The cars they have got are highly tuned street racers, so shouldn't they be able to outrun the standard cop cars easily?

Correction: Standard cop cars are also extremely modified, so they can keep up with almost any car on the road.

Corrected entry: When they return to the mansion with the cigar. The owner mentions they now owe him a new gate for his boatyard. What about the car window they bashed out?

Correction: Carter Verone said, when the pair returned with the cigar, that he didn't care about the car at all.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Brian and Roman kick out the windshield because it is cracked. However, there is a shot where the rear view mirror is in its original place. Either the rear view mirror should have fallen off with the windshield or it is floating in midair.

Correction: In this scene Brian and Roman are driving a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The rear view mirror is mounted on the roof cross brace, not mounted to the windshield. The windshield can be kicked out and the rear view will remain on the car.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Verone says that he only told one person about the airfield. However, he told Fuentes, the two Spanish thugs, and the driver of the Navigator. How did he know which person told the police?

Correction: He did only tell one person, Fuentes. When Brian mentions the airfield to the 'thug', the thug said "who said anything about an airfield?"

Corrected entry: Brian and Roman talked about the days when they used to race, but if that is the case, why did Brian have such a hard time learning to drive the Eclipse in "The Fast and The Furious"?

Correction: It could be assumed that when Brian and Roman used to race, they raced RWD stock cars or American cars. Brian didnt have trouble learning to drive the Eclipse, what he had trouble with was controlling the NOS and the torque steer from the Eclipse with all that horsepower and pull off the line. Rear wheel drive cars do not have torque steer.

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Brian O'Conner: You ready for this?
Roman: Come on, man. Guns, murderers and crooked cops? I was made for this, bro.



In the first race, the Supra crashes down after jumping the bridge, and a side shot shows that the Supra's rear wheels have changed from the expensive chrome items to the standard Supra wheels.



There is one error in the Tag Team race: the street is not that long. (I should know, because my dad works on that street.) In the movie, it took a little while to finish getting down that street which was unbelievable, especially at the speed they were going. In reality, if you were to race down that street from where they started (without turning back) it would take you an estimated eight to nine seconds.