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Street Fighter (1994)

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Audio problem: When Chun-Li's group is pretending to be the magicians, she ends the act by jumping into the outstretched arms of Balrog and Honda. You hear Honda say, "How about our explosive finale?" His lips don't move, even though you hear him say it.

Bison: Dee Jay, has the AN deposited the twenty million in my Swiss bank?
[Dee Jay checks and finds the account empty.]
Dee Jay: Hell no, General.

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Trivia: When Honda and Balrog are throwing the barrel around with Chun Li in, the barrel says Capcom, Street Fighter's creators.

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Question: In the credits, T. Hawk is listed, I didn't see him anywhere, who is he?

Answer: When Guile storms Shadaloo headquarters with the stealth boat, he is accompanied by Cammy and a hugely modified (in terms of character) T-Hawk. At one point Guile asks about T-Hawk's headband. Being an aid to Guile, T-Hawk is in other scenes, but these are the most obvious.

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