Finding Nemo

Corrected entry: When Marlin and Dori are at the sharks' house, the bombs blow up with huge flames. That's not possible, since you can't have fire without oxygen.

Correction: Flames are possible underwater because mines contain chemicals with oxygen within the structure of the fuel.

Corrected entry: Jacques the cleaner shrimp is in a lot of trouble. He is sharing an aquarium with Bloat, a long-spined porcupine fish. Shrimp and other crustaceans are their favourite food.

Correction: Suspension of disbelief. Sharks eat fish, and don't try to rehabilitate themselves to not eating fish. Besides I'm sure the others would have convinced Bloat not to eat Jacques.


Corrected entry: When Nemo first finds himself in the fish tank, the starfish tries to report the dentist's actions but her voice is muffled by the glass pane. She has to pull away to talk. However, when the other fish watch the dentist, the starfish is talking perfectly normally and not muffled, even though she's pressed up against the glass again.


Correction: Not exactly. If you look closely, you'll see the starfish doesn't have her mouth completely against the glass when she informs the tank about the dentist. Since we aren't shown an outer shot of the starfish's muffled voice before, it can be assumed she had her mouth right against the glass the first time.

Corrected entry: After Marlin's wife, Coral, gets eaten in the beginning of the film, Marlin should have changed to a female clownfish while introducing a secondary male into the anemone. This is because clownfish are born hermaphrodites, but children watching this movie might get a little confused.


Correction: If this is a deliberate mistake, then I suppose it's also a deliberate mistake that Marlin speaks. And blinks. And has higher brain functions.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: The name and address on the diver's goggles are P. Sherman, but when Nigel comes to tell Nemo in the tank that his Dad is on the way, he calls the dentist Diver Dan. The goggles have to belong to the dentist because the other diver has blue goggles.


Correction: This is simply a nickname from Nigel, nothing more. Diver Dan is a 1960s TV series.

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: If you look at Bruce the shark it looks like he has three sets of bottom teeth and only one set of top teeth.



Correction: Not one species of aquatic life in this entire movie is anatomically correct. It's a cartoon, that's just the style in which it was made, not a mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Bruce The Shark could not possibly have known that sea mines explode. To him, they'd be globes of metal bobbing about. If one of the mines in that minefield had gone off - allowing Bruce to see what a mine does - they would all have exploded. The shock wave underwater would have detonated all the mines - it's called a sympathetic or adiabatic explosion. Even if Bruce survived the experience, the minefield and wrecked submarine wouldn't have.

Correction: How could he not possibly have known? It may be information that was imparted to him, much like he imparts it to the other characters. Or, considering it's estimated that Great Whites may live for 100 years or longer, he may have witnessed a mine explode at another in his life (like during WW2). Finally, under perfect conditions, one mine may detonate all the remaining mines, but perfect conditions don't always exist.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where the water in the whale is going down, Marlin asks the whale, "Do I taste good, Moby?" a reference to the popular whale book, Moby Dick.

Correction: Far too obvious to be trivia.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Mr Ray arrives at the school near the start of the film the kids all scream his name, after which one child is heard saying 'Come on, Nemo'. Nemo had not introduced himself and nobody else had told them his name.

Correction: When Nemo meets the little squid, seahorse and other fish, he would have introduced himself then; there was plenty of time for him to have made introductions in the time that his father was talking with the other parents.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce the shark takes Dory and Marlin to the sunken submarine, you can see Marlin through Bruce's fin.

Correction: I realize that it looks exactly like Bruce's fin is translucent. However, if you pay attention to the direction of his fin movements, his fin goes down far enough that we can see Marlin IN FRONT of it and not through it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the dentist is doing a root canal, Bloat says "rubber dam and clamp installed?" and another fish replies "yes", but when the picture goes back to the dentist and patient you can plainly see that there is not a rubber dam on the patient. A rubber dam is a large piece of latex attached to a metal frame, to keep water from the dental handpiece from going into the patient's mouth. Although all of the dental jargon in the film is precisely accurate, this device would have been very noticeable.

Correction: Perhaps the fish don't know what they are talking about, seeing as how they are just fish, they might think a rubber dam and clamp are completely different things than they actually are. Therefore, it's a character mistake, not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marlin is taking Nemo to his first day of school, they pass two fish playing keep-away with a hermit crab's seashell. In the next shot the fish and crab are in the background still making the "keep-away" motions, but the shell is gone.

Correction: These are two different fish and a different crab. The "keep-away motions" are simply the fish jumping with excitement.

Corrected entry: At the start when Marlin takes Nemo into the school playground there is a shot of two fish bullying some kind of shelled sea creature, in the next shot behind Nemo the two fish bullies are a different colour.

Correction: These are two different fish and a different crab.

Corrected entry: After the Jellyfish adventure, Marlin and Dori are with the turtles. Marlin swims and sees Dori is in the turtle's shell, and she says: "29...30.", and then she starts seeking for the baby turtles. Earlier (and later) in the movie, you can notice that she forgets things in a few seconds. If she has such bad memory, how did she manage to count up to 30 without forgetting that she was playing "hide and seek" with the baby turtles?

Correction: Having Marlin around Dori's memory steadily improved as she states later on in the film. The best example of her improving memory was the fact she remembered the address of where they were going for almost the entire journey. Remembering what game she was playing and how far to count to 30 wasn't too far of a stretch at this point.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: All of the fish in the tank in the dentist's office come from the ocean, so it must be a saltwater tank. However Giggles, the fish that Darla killed in the picture, is a goldfish. Goldfish live in fresh water, and wouldn't be able to live in salt water.

Correction: There isn't much evidence to say that he kept the goldfish in that tank. All we know is Darla had the fish and probably had a tank at her house. The dentist never talked about having that fish, he just had a picture of Darla and the goldfish.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the dentist office, when the dentist accidentally hurts his patient (who screams while his mouth is still open) the dentist says something like, "Sorry Mr. Prime Minister." If you look closely, he IS the cartoon version of John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia.


Correction: He looks nothing like John Howard. John Howard has white hair, is in his 60's, and has a round shaped head. The man seen in the dentist chair has black hair, looks to be in his late 20's - early 30's, and has a long vertical shaped head.

Corrected entry: With more than 400 dead - if you count the eggs and "Coral" - this is the Disney movie with the highest body count.

Correction: I disagree - take Mulan for example, with the Hun army (count in thousands), most of the Chinese army, the villagers (they found no survivors), the firework attendants. Other good candidates would be "Atlantis: the lost empire" (2001) where an entire city with thousands of people are drowned, and "Dinosaur" (2000) where a meteorite hits, causing climate change and killing millions of dinosaurs (off-screen, admittedly).

Corrected entry: When Nemo is going through the plumbing pipe, he escapes through one of the air holes at the top of the pipe. But he would've been in the bottom portion of the pipe with the water, not on top with the air. Even if he did jump at one of the holes, there wouldn't have been any suction powerful enough to pull him through.

Correction: When we see Nemo travelling through the piping system, he is above sea level. Once under water (below sea level) the pipes are completely filled with water, except for the few bubbles of air we see.


Corrected entry: When Nemo goes up the filter the second time, the tank fish apparently pull up the same fake plant from the same spot they pulled it up the first time he got stuck in the filter. Since when did plastic aquarium plants grow back?

Correction: The plant is actually a fake plant. It was replaced in its correct spot after the first time they used it, so therefore, it was still there when they needed it again.

Corrected entry: At the end when those fish escaped the dentist office, where was the shrimp?


Correction: I heard this mistake elsewhere and I checked - the shrimp (Jacques) is there, just hidden behind some of the others, he is towards the left of the screen, I believe he is behind Bloat and Deb, but I'm not 100% sure.

Corrected entry: The three sharks said they were vegetarians. Bruce said their motto was, "Fish are our friends, not food." Sharks need to eat fish or they'll die. So, it's impossible for sharks not to eat fish.


Correction: Sharks can't talk, either. Neither do stingrays teach small fish of all kinds, and turtles are not surfer like hippies. It's a kid's cartoon, the exact dietary requirements of sharks don't really have to play into it.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: The divers who capture Nemo return to their boat, which displays the US diving flag (red and white). But on the Great Barrier Reef, dive boats show the international dive flag (blue and white).


Correction: The traditional red & white diver-down flag is intended to protect divers themselves, while the blue & white alpha flag is intended to protect vessels from collision. Please see for further details.

Corrected entry: When Nemo goes into the filter for the second time to try and block it, the other aquarium fish panic and try to get him out, by using the long thin plant again. However, the only way for Nemo to reach this plant would be to block the filter, so would have no need of rescue. In other words it's impossible to escape the filter once he's in it without blocking it, so the other fishes' plan to get him out was a bit pointless.

Correction: The other fishes know that Nemo was successful in blocking the filter briefly last time, so it's reasonable for them to assume that he'll manage it again - getting the plant is to pull him out afterwards, assuming that it's all going to go wrong like it did last time. Besides, there's nothing else that they can do - it's better to do something, even if it might be pointless, than do nothing at all.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: In a few scenes, you get clear views of the inside of the filter. All that appears to be inside it is the rotating fan that Nemo jams. Shouldn't there be some kind of changeable filter pad? It seems impossible that the filter could actually clean the tank with just a rotating fan.

Correction: The wheel is actually called a "Bio Wheel", which is a filter. The wheel over time will develop bacteria, which kills any foreign material in the water that flows over it. Sometimes you will find charcoal bags in the filter case but it all depends on what type of inhabitance you have in your tank.

Corrected entry: When Marlin wakes Dory whilst she is sleeping on the diver's mask, they cause the sunken submarine to slip further down into the abyss. This makes a small cloud of dust around Marlin and Dory, but we see no falling mask below it. A few seconds later we see a shot of the mask falling, but you can only just see it before it falls into the darkness - a long way beneath the submarine. I don't think that a small mask could fall that far through water in a few seconds.

Correction: Actually, it can. I am very clumsy and used to go boating a lot, and when I dropped a mask, they would go really far, really fast.

Corrected entry: When Nemo swims out to the 'butt' it has its anchor down. However, after he is captured they leave without pulling the anchor up.

rabid anarchist

Correction: They show the anchor being pulled up as the divers are getting back into the boat.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marlin and Dory are inside the whale's mouth, you should not be able to see anything at all since there would be no light source inside the whale.

Correction: What were they supposed to do, have it pitch black with the fish talking?

Corrected entry: In the scene where the fish tank has been cleaned by the newly installed laser fish cleaner, the machine states that the water temperature is '82 degrees.' In Australia the celsius scale is used; therefore, it should be about '28 degrees.' It is actually illegal to import or sell any instrument using 'Imperial' scales. You couldn't buy a Fahrenheit thermometer if you tried.


Correction: I'm from Australia and Imperial measuring items can be bought here.

Corrected entry: When Nigel drops Marlin and Dory back into the water you can see in the close ups of the fish that it's starting to rain. However in the shots of Nigel it isn't, and when they go under water you can't see any raindrops hitting the surface above them.

rabid anarchist

Correction: The shots of Nigel do indeed show the same tiny circular ripples in the water that are shown during the closeups of Dory and Marlin. The drops themselves are never seen and are obviously too small to be noticed while still in midair - only the circular ripples show where they're landing. As for why the ripples aren't visible when the fish are underwater, look how far beneath the surface they are in that shot and how agitated the surface itself is. It would be virtually impossible to notice the tiny ripples at that distance.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the turtles are migrating, it shows hundreds of turtles. But turtles are solitary migrators.

Correction: In the commentary the point is made that we don't know for sure if turtles are solitary migrators, and that the idea of them migrating together is pretty cool and looks good.

Corrected entry: When Nemo is stuck on the dentist tools, Gil goes to the top of Mount Wannahucalooge. Brother Bloat inflates and the mountain goes slanted. But Bloat deflates and the mountain is still slanted

Correction: When you move something in a fish tank to an angle, it tends to shift the small rocks in the bottom and stay that way

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nemo is going to try block the filter in the tank for the 2nd time, he picks up a whole mouthful of pebbles from the bottom of the tank, but when he surfaces, he only has one.

Correction: He drops one as he floats up, and the one that he does keep is about the size of two pebbles and is wide and oddly shaped. This could give the impression that it is more than one, but he just chose a much bigger pebble, knowing that a small one won't hold the fan.

Corrected entry: This error relates to the whale that gives Dory and Marlin a ride near the movie's end. A whale's spout is actually water vapor from its lungs. It's a common misconception that whales take water through their mouth and squirt it through their blowholes. While this may or may not be physically possible, it's not done on a regular basis at all - it would be akin to a human snorting water out his nose.

Correction: But, since it can be done, and the point is made that the whale is trying to help Marlin and Dory get out, he may well have done it on purpose for them.


Corrected entry: After Dory drops the mask into the dark black abyss, Dory and Marlin swim vertically down to get it. When they see the speck of light, they are looking down at it and therefore should be swimming down to reach it. But when Dory and Marlin appear, they are swimming across the ocean bed to reach it. How did they reach the ocean bed and swim across to see it if they were swimming down and couldn't see anything in the first place?

Correction: Yes, they begin to swim down, but they could have seen the little light to the side of them and started swimming sideways to it.

Corrected entry: The size difference between Dory and Marlin is far too small. A Clownfish is smaller than a Royal Blue Tang's tailfin.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: The size difference is not always that great. Check out this picture (fifth from top):

Corrected entry: When Nemo is jumping on Marlin the first day of school, the shot pans upward and it looks as though there is some sort of coral or plant life formation directly above the anemone. In all other shots there is nothing between the anemone and the ocean's surface.



Correction: All exterior shots of the anemone show all sorts of plant life all around - it's quite obviously situated near the bottom of the reef where the ocean life is the most lush. The submitter may have been confusing this anemone with the one Marlin and Coral had bought at the beginning of the film, which is situated in a wide-open environment. This isn't the same one that Marlin and Nemo live in presently, though - the events that took Coral away from him have taught Marlin that a better habitat is well-protected, so they moved to a different neighborhood.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: The address on the mask is on the inside when put on right. But when you look at it here it's on the outside. With no bend in the band when Dory reads it.


Correction: In the scene where the mask is wrapped around the rock, the front of the mask - -the outside of the lenses, that is - -is against the rock, and the strap is doubled back on itself, though not twisted. Thus the address is on the outside of the band when Dory reads it. (In every other scene where the address is visible, either the address is on the inside or the strap is twisted.)

Corrected entry: When one of the fish in the tank asks Gill why this escape plan would work when the others didn't, he says that now they have Nemo (who is small enough to fit in the filter). However, both the french fish and the purple and yellow fish are smaller than Nemo.

Correction: The French one is a crustacean, therefore wouldnt be able to jump into the filter and then swim through the pipe. The yellow one's size does differ from Nemo's as the yellow one is more vertical than wide so he would have a very tough time going through the tube, and the purple one has an extreme phobia of germs and the filter is very filthy so most likely he wouldnt go near it.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie when Nemo goes on his first day of school, the teacher gives them a tour of the ocean. He tells all the fish to get on his back and they all do. But when the teacher starts moving and turning, the fish aren't holding on to him (there is a clear gap between the fish and the teacher). How, then, could they miraculously keep pace with the teacher.

Josh Appelbaum

Correction: The fish are swimming with Mr. Ray.

Corrected entry: When Nemo actually jams the fishtank filter gears and the others are trying to get him out, how did he get out so fast? We saw when he failed to jam it that the tube to get out in was tight and took a little while to get through. But it only takes him several seconds.


Correction: Couple of possibilities including: 1) the usual theatrical device of time compression, not showing every single event that occurs onscreen; 2) the fact that because the filter is OFF this time, Nemo doesn't have to struggle against the current and can get out much more quickly.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When the mimicker fish talk to Dory, they tell her to ride on the EAC for about 3 weeks. At the same time, Nemo is told he only has 4 days before Darla comes. When Darla does come, Marlin and Dory have already exited the EAC and are already in the dentist's office at the same time Darla comes.

Lin Miaw

Correction: 3 leagues, not weeks. It sounds similar, especially because of the way the voice is muted.

Kathy Tjarks

Corrected entry: In the scene where the dentist's niece shows up, we see her tapping an aquarium that has Nemo, Gil, etc. in it in the waiting room. Then she goes into the operating room and the same fishtank is there.

Correction: That's right, it is the same fishtank. The tank is built into the wall between the waiting room and the dentist's operatory, so it's visible from both rooms.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Darla comes to see her uncle on her eighth birthday. She is wearing braces. They shouldn't be fitted until after all the milk teeth are out (I know, because an orthodontist messed up on mine).


Correction: My daughter had her "phase one" braces around that time. They can be done early (and on baby teeth) if they are messed up enough.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Dory's flashback sequence after she meets Nemo includes a shot of Nemo being captured by the scuba diver. But Dory wasn't there to see it and wouldn't have had any memory of it (even if she could remember).

Correction: Marlin told her what happened to Nemo and how he was captured.

Corrected entry: When Nemo swims out toward the boat, the ocean around them is clear. So how come the fish didn't see the two divers?

Correction: The divers were on the ocean floor and swam upwards toward the dropoff when the dentist spotted Nemo (remember, the dentist thought he had 'saved' a struggling Nemo). It's possible that Nemo, Marlin and friends didn't notice the drivers below as they were so focused on themselves and the boat.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Bruce is chasing Dory and Marlin, the mask gets stuck in Bruce's mouth. At first, the mask is in the left side of his mouth, but when Dory and Marlin are in the hole in the sub where the torpedo is, the mask is in the right side of his mouth. Once the torpedo is released into Bruce's mouth, the mask is on the left side again.


Correction: If you look close when Bruce is slamming his head into the tube, the mask is not hooked to his teeth. It is just floating in his mouth so it could get jarred from one side to the other while his is going nuts.

Corrected entry: The address on the mask says that the dentist is in Sydney, although he doesn't actually live in the city of Sydney. You see, the opera house is located on the southern side of the Sydney harbour bridge and you can see it when there are shots looking out of the dentist's window on the opposite side of the harbour. So in actual fact, the dentist's address should be either North Sydney, Kirribilli, or Cremorne as these are the suburbs on the north side of the harbour that would have those views of Sydney harbour. Even the city of Sydney has different towns within it so it would of been impossible to find Nemo with the information on the mask if it hadn't been for the pelican.

Correction: The window that you can see the opera house through is the window of the dentist's office, where he works. He would not want a lost mask mailed to his office, but to his home, and a person who makes as much money as a dentist, doesn't live in their office. The dentist lives in Sydney, his practice is in North Sydney or wherever. They never make their way to the specific address on the mask, as the pelican takes them to where Nemo is, which could easily be somewhere else.

Corrected entry: When Nemo gets stuck inside the tube (after the pebble dislodges), the tank fish band to free him. As the others bring the plant to push up the tube, Bubbles uses his tail to slap off a cap on the bottom of the tube that was not there previously. Further, it never reappears in the film from that point on.

Correction: Actually the cap is there when Nemo gets stuck in the tube. It is pretty much the only thing keeping him from getting sucked in all the way. Also the cap is at the bottom of the tank later on where it should be. You can see it when Nemo grabs the rock and is swimming up to the filter to stop it after hearing his dad is coming for him.

Corrected entry: When the 'but' is motoring rapidly away from the site where it picked up Nemo, it can be seen in one of the above-water shots still flying the red-and-white 'Diver Down' warning flag. Clearly, the two divers are IN the boat at this time.

Rooster of Doom

Correction: The flag is still present, true, but it's at the BOTTOM of the pole; in other words, it's been lowered and is no longer "flying".

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Marlin and Dory are nearing Sydney and are about to be eaten by the whale, Dory says "Oh look, Krill" but Krill are only found in the antarctic near the polar ice caps, not near Sydney.

Correction: There are actually 85 species of krill worldwide. They inhabit many marine ecosystems on the planet, including Eastern Australia. The Antarctic krill is certainly the most abundant but they are not the ONLY krill. 2 References provided below.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Nigel the Pelican tells the Seagulls to "Shut Up," he overhears a conversation between a few pelicans nearby talking about Nemo. So he quickly runs to them and wants in on the info. All he heard was "Last I heard he was heading towards the harbour" before he quickly flew to the tank where Nemo is in. When he gets there he talks about Marlin travelling to Sydney, but he also talks about him battling sharks and jellyfish. Not only that he knows his name "Marlin." When all that he heard from the group of pelicans was "Last I heard he was heading towards the harbour".

Correction: He actually heard the whole story. While the seagulls are chasing the crab, the other pelicans are telling Nigel the story. When the camera again shows Nigel, he is hearing the ending of the story. This is just a normal cross-cutting trick in movies so that they don't have to tell the whole tale over again, just to make a character aware of it.

Corrected entry: In the scene showing Marlin holding the egg that would become Nemo his fins were white. Later his fins are orange.

Correction: Marlin's fins are white because of the moonlight. He is actually a little bit more pale than usual in that scene. The Fins are really thin and they could have looked white because of it.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the fish tank where they all say where they are from the starfish says that it is from ebay which is untrue because you are not allowed to sell animals on ebay.

Correction: Except that is a fairly recent addition to Ebay's rules. We have no way of knowing how long the dentist has owned his fish; he could have acquired them long before the rule went into effect.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: If the fish in the dentist's surgery think you get flushed down the toilet when you die, why doesn't Nemo just play dead in the tank, the way he does later on in the film in the bag, then he will get flushed and be free? Which is much easier and quicker than Gill's plan.

Correction: Because the original plan allowed for ALL the fish to escape, so by letting the tank get dirty they could ALL be put into bags and go out the window. Nemo only played dead to be flushed when their original plan didn't work, and he was about to be given to the Dentist's niece who has a tendancy to kill fish.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the fish are floating in the ocean waiting for the starfish, how come the bags they're in aren't sinking? Even if they did have air at the top why are they at the top of the bag where the air is?

Correction: When I add new fish to my tanks, I put the bags they're in into the tank, to acclimate them to the new water temp. These bags, which are just like the ones in the movie, float on the top of the tank, they do not sink.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dory and Marlin are about to get squirted out of the whale, Dory tries to speak whale. Marlin gets angry and tells Dory that she can't speak whale. When he does this, he calls her Nemo instead of Dory.

Correction: This is not a film mistake, it's a story element and was deliberate on the part of the writers. The sentence is a word-for-word repetition of Marlin's chastising of Nemo earlier in the film. When Marlin realizes what he has said and what he has called Dory, he also realizes that he has been too hard on her (just as he was too hard on Nemo), and decides to trust her by letting go.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: How can Dory tell Nemo's dad she has a short term memory problem if she has a short term memory problem?


Correction: Short-term memory loss is not a short-term condition; that is, Dory has probably had the condition for a long time and so is better able to remember the fact that she has it.

Corrected entry: When Nemo is in the fishtank there is a blue fish who thinks her reflection is her sister - why does no one else have a reflection?

Correction: They do have reflections. In one of the scenes where the camera is behind them and looking past them while they look at the dentist, reflections for all of them can be seen. They must just ignore their own reflections.

Corrected entry: When Nemo is sent down the drain, the water would be freshwater. Saltwater fish cannot physically survive in freshwater, so therefore, Nemo would be dead or at least knocked out by the time he gets out.

Correction: Nemo only spent about a minute or so out of the water. Freshwater wouldn't kill him instantly - and the minute he was in the drain would probably tire, disorient him, etc. It wouldn't immediately kill him. I once had a fish jump out of a bucket onto my floor for about 3 mins, and he was just fine when we scooped him up and put him back.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, they show the fish going under the water to breathe when they are looking out over the surface. When Dory and Marlin are on the dock (out of the water) they are panting heavily, breathing in and out. Fish with lungs and gills? If they are then why did they need water for air earlier?

Correction: They are gasping for air because they are out of the water. If you have ever seen a fish out of water this is exactly what they do. They aren't breathing, they are just trying to.

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Gurgle: Oh, the human mouth is a disgusting place.



When the dentist wants to put Nemo in a bag, he has a Ziploc (a plastic bag with a zipper) but when he finally catches him, it has changed to a normal plastic bag.



The dentist's name, P. Sherman, is an homage to the many Filipino crew members, whose native accent made the English word 'fisherman' sound like P. Sherman.