The Brave Little Toaster

Corrected entry: Why would Rob's apartment have both an old-fashioned black and white TV and a hi-tech projector?


Correction: What does one have to do with the other? Even today, believe it or not, there are people who still own and use their black and whites, and have purchased other TVs and other modern electronics over the years.

Corrected entry: When the appliances are leaving the house for the first time, Lampy sees the sun and says something like, "I wonder where the switch is", leading us to believe that he doesn't know what the sun is. However, when everybody is in the mechanical parts warehouse, while they (including Lampy) are singing a song, they look out of the window and call the sun "the sun," meaning that they now know what the sun is. At what point did they all learn this?


Correction: They may know that the Sun is called "The Sun," just like they know they are a Lamp, a Vacuum Cleaner, a Toaster, etc., but they don't know how it works.

Corrected entry: When the Hanging Lamp notices that Lampy's bulb is broken he gives him his own light bulb. The problem is that he still shines light even though he doesn't have his bulb in anymore.


Correction: He does still have a bulb. He says "Here, you can have one of mine." Apparently, he has more than one bulb to spare.

Corrected entry: When all the appliances are moving around and cleaning the house, they are not plugged in. However, when they go to find the Master, they need a car battery to travel to the city. And the night of the thunderstorm, they say that the battery died, or is dying, but the grumpy vacuum can still rescue Blanky.

Correction: The appliances can indeed go without electricity, just the same way humans can go without food for periods of time. Also, the battery got recharged after Lampy used himself as a conducter for the lightning.


Corrected entry: The length of Kirby's cord changes drastically throughout the movie. When he rescued Blanky, it was at least 25 feet, but as they were crossing the waterfall, it was only about 7 feet.


Correction: We are talking here about household appliances that can walk and talk. Why should they not be able to alter the lengths of their cords? They are not bound by the rules of 'real life'.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: After toaster's nightmare, why does lightning strike the ground in front of a tent full of metal appliances?


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. and to answear it lightning strikes randomly and does not always strike metal objects.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when the photo of the Master is broken, the pieces of glass change position and then disappear altogether.


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Elmo St. Peters: Now where did that radio go? I could have sworn I left it right here in this very spot. What did it do, just get up and walk away?

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Trivia: Take a moment and have a look at the pictures that the TV guy takes out of the filing cabinet.


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Question: Why did they need the battery attached to the chair exactly? They were able to move around previously without being plugged into the wall, so why the sudden change of being unable to move without the battery?

Answer: A couple things I noticed, in the beginning a lot of times the cords are missing when we should see them, so perhaps Kirby is suppose to be plugged in the whole time. They made it clear he was plugged in as they were leaving, even though they also made it clear Toaster didn't need to be plugged in. But also, it could be the same as lacking a lunch. They could move around without being plugged in, but would still need power at some point the same way people would need to eat. Or because Kirby is doing the heavy work. In the book they made it clear the vacuum needed to be plugged in and was using extension cords at first as they rolled around outside, but they didn't make any indications the other appliances were still plugged in, but the other appliances couldn't move like the vacuum, and certainly not as freely as in the film.

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