The Matrix Reloaded

Corrected entry: A real power station in Sydney (the White Bay Power Station) was blown up for the - what else - power-station-blowing-up scene. It was slated for demolition anyway and the film makers requested that they organise it and film it. A lot of people got quite excited about it and turned out to watch it all happen, but in the end it was a bit of a let-down - it's obviously been enhanced for the film.

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Correction: The power station wasn't blown up - just a set on the site. The power station still exists and was recently used a filming site for The Great Gatsby. "Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is undertaking conservation works including roof repairs to the buildings to make them weatherproof and reduce further degradation to the remaining internal plant and equipment." Wikipedia.

Corrected entry: When Neo meets the Architect, the Architect mentions that the matrix was created 6 times. The first two were disasters, and a solution was found by the oracle for the 3rd version. That means the 3rd version would allow "The One" and a "Zion" to exist; this meant that "Zion" was created 4 times (3rd, 4th, 5th version, and current). The architect mentioned that it will be the 6th time they destroyed it.


Correction: No there was always a Zion, the humans were simply waking up en masse necessitating Zions rapidly recurring destruction before the 3rd Matrix.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo has his talk with the Architect you can see scenes from the original Matrix on the TV screens that cover the wall.

Correction: The camera shows this a few times, so this isn't trivia.

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Corrected entry: During the scene in the 100 Agents fight, Neo has a pole which you can hear whistling in the air. However, this is only possible if the pole is open and hollow, which is not the case. Both ends of the pole are closed (best seen in the shot after the agent hurled into the air lands) and the flexibility (best seen when Neo kicks the pole into an agent) suggests that it is a solid stick.


Correction: The flexibility has nothing to do with anything since this is the matrix were buildings ripple like a pond when helicopters crash into them. The pole only needs to be open on one end to whistle, and it is. Even if it wasn't, again, this is a computer program simulating real life, not actual real life where real physics apply.

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Corrected entry: The twins are a reference to Alice in Wonderland's twins Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

Correction: There is no corrolation between the twins and tweedle dum / dee. Dum and Dee fight between themselves, are overweight and very childish. The Matrix twins bear no similarity at all. You might as well liken them to any twins featured in any story.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, someone mentions that the door to the 'Source' is on a floor of the building that cannot be reached by elevator or stairs. Yet when Trinity decides to go into the Matrix, Link tells her to go to the 65th floor. How would she be able to get there without elevator or stairs?

Correction: She's pretty resourceful. She could have found a way to get to the roof and then down from there, for instance.

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Corrected entry: If anyone's wondering what happened to Tank, this story might help explain:,1,11831,00.html.

Correction: This website doesn't exist anymore.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the keymaker gets shot after trying to escape all the Smiths in the hallway, he is shown to have at least 4 bullet holes in his chest. When he is speaking his dying words to Neo and Morpheus he is breathing deep and clear, this would be impossible without choking up all the blood in his lungs.

geoffrey schick 1

Correction: Because he's a program, and he knows it. He knows those aren't really bullets, just more programs. And he knows that those "bullet" programs are designed to render his programming inoperable. That's why he's "dying," but he's not choking up his blood because he knows he doesn't really have any.

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Corrected entry: When Trinity is turning off the power for the city blocks at the end, she types in "Disable nodes 21-48". No problems here, but when the computer is doing that, you see the computer turn off the nodes or city blocks one after the other. The last shot on the computer shows, though, that node 48 turns is disabled so the process is complete, but then, Trinity says "Come on....please" as she is kind of praying that it turns off in time. It has already turned off. After that, it shows that the lights turn off at least 5 seconds after the computer has disabled them.

Correction: If you send an e-mail to yourself, you don't receive it instantly. Even though you get a delivery confirmation, it still takes time for the information to travel. The computer tells Trinity that the nodes have been disabled, but the information has not reached the nodes yet. This is what she is anxiously waiting for.

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Corrected entry: In the highway, when the agent in the police car jumps to another car and flips it over, the wheels keep turning, then there's a quick slow motion and we see the wheels completely motionless, and in the next scene the car is again flying and the wheels are turning around.

Correction: The wheels keep turning, then there's a quick SLOW MOTION and we see the wheels motionless, which then start turning. There is obviously hardly any motion in a slow motion stage.

Corrected entry: After the agent crushes the Oldsmobile, the entire front is totaled, but when the agent jumps onto Trinity's car the front of the CTS has only baseball glove size dents. Trinity's car should have suffered the same fate.

Correction: When the agent crushed the Oldsmobile, he probably applied extra force for more momentum.

Corrected entry: This is another one of those Matrix/Bible parallels. There is a Bible passage that says that disiples are to "set their faces like flint", or show no reaction to, the evils of the world. In other words, they are not to give in to temptations. The connection is that in all of the movies, none of the heroes smile or make many expressions while in the Matrix.

Correction: This isn't true. After Neo fights with Seraph, he says "I had to be sure." Neo replies "Of what?" Then Seraph says "That you were the one." Neo grins while saying "You could've just asked". They make few expressions, but they make them.

Corrected entry: During the 'burly brawl' scene you can see at certain points that the 'metal' bar bends most noticeably when Neo kicks the bar at agent smith and it rebounds of agent smith.

Correction: These are literally superhuman beings (inside the Matrix at least). Bending a metal bar is nothing for them, especially Neo. Look at the strength he displays in knocking a Smith clone into a second story window with one arm. Bending the bar a little with a kick is nothing.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: In the freeway chase, when the agent's police car is shooting Trinity's and pushing it against the side, you can see a (pretty big) microphone next to the police car's rear-view mirror. This happens in the multiple takes of the scene we see from inside this car.


Correction: This is not a microphone but a handle for the spotlight that most policecars have equipped to their car.

Corrected entry: In the Matrix, Morpheus says in the Matrix it's 1999. That means at the latest, in this movie it could be 2000, with 6 months passing mentioned by Morpheus. Yet there were cars from 2001 to 2003 on the freeway.

Correction: Those cars are later models in the real world, but obviously the world of the Matrix isn't the same as the real world and it is possible that those models of cars were simply made earlier in the Matrix.

Corrected entry: in the conclusion of the freeway chase, the Cadillac CTS's gas door cap takes a bullet (look closely), yet the car does not explode.

Correction: Despite what you've seen in movies, shooting a car's gas tank or related fuel lines does not guarantee that the car will explode.


Corrected entry: In the first Matrix, the characters barely escape the agents with their lives, including Morph who ends up getting captured. The rule is, "You see an agent, you run". Neo is the only one who can defeat them. How is it, then, that in "Reloaded", in spite of the fact that Neo notes the agents are "upgrades", everyone seems more than capable of holding their own against the agents?

Correction: More capable? Trinity gets beat up pretty badly and Morph, even with a sword, needs a hand in defeating the agent.

Corrected entry: When Trinity jumps out of the window and an agent is chasing her, she gets a few severe glass cuts. Once she is resurrected and back in reality, though, her face seems to be just fine. It was stated in the first movie that every wound you get in Matrix is going to appear on your physical body, too.

Grigory the Wanderer

Correction: This seems to be an odd point in the matrix. In the first film, where Neo gets shot repeatedly in the chest/stomach, the wounds don't appear in the real world. It seems that only wounds that the body can re-create easily (such as when neo falls, he spits up blood, his body could create this by biting his tongue or cheek or something) actually appear in the real world, but the effects (pain, death in extreme cases) still carry over as these are controlled by the mind. So the wounds wouldn't show up on Trinity's real body, but she probably still feels some pain.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: As Neo, Morpheus, and Keymaker are walking down the white hallway of doors, they encounter Agent Smith who says "Sorry, Dead end". The hallway fills with hundreds of Agent Smiths, and the Keymaker has the empty hallway behind him. The Keymaker turns 180 degrees to run away, but there is still empty hallway behind him. Neo, Morpheus and the Smiths have all disappeared.

Correction: Just before they meet Agent Smith they turn 90 degrees ('Here, just here') into another identical hallway. When the Smiths appear the Keymaker backs up to the intersection and looks to his right, then left and then turns into the original hallway they turned out of, hence Neo, etc., would be to his right as he turned 90 degrees.

Corrected entry: In one scene we see Persephone reapplying her nude/pale pink coloured lipstick while she is in the men's room, talking to the crew. In the next shot, she has a different colour lipstick on all of a sudden. Instead of her lips being nude/pink-colored, they are now lined with a darker colour and not filled in with lipstick.

Correction: Her lipstick doesn't seem to change color - it is always pale pink.

Corrected entry: In the highway fight scene between Morpheus and an Agent, the truck they are riding passes the same energy plant seen in the background at least twice. And at times it seems they are about to pass it and in another shot it's far away again.

Correction: The truck passes the plant only once.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Link is talking to his wife, the way that his dreadlocks hang over his shoulder changes between shots.

Correction: It only changes once, because Link is moving his head during the conversation.

Corrected entry: In the freeway chase, when Niobe catches Morpheus on her car, he smashes the windshield. When Morpheus looks through the windshield at Niobe, just before making the jump over the car and back onto the semi, the window is perfectly intact.

Correction: When Morpheus is looking at Niobe, the windshield isn't visible, and the camera is looking from the top of the car. In Enter the Matrix game, there is a videoclip with the same scene; there the camera is looking through the windshield when Morpheus is looking at Niobe, and the windshield is smashed.

Corrected entry: In the final scene of the movie, when Trinity is shown holding Neo's hand on the bed there is a gridlike thing clearly visible behind his head. But when the angle changes to above and moves over to show Bane lying opposite, the grid disappears.

Correction: The 'thing' is actually sort of a control panel; it cannot be seen when the view moves to Bane because it's located at a side of the bed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Morpheus is fighting the twins, he's cutting their car. when the car explodes, the twins are back to be ghosts and flying in the air. but if they turn them selves to ghosts, it's should cure them and they can come back and revenge Morpheus.

Correction: Since they don't appear from this point forward, it can be assumed that the Twins are killed, and them reverting into their ghost form is probably their process of death. And they weren't flying, they were being thrown up by the explosion.

Corrected entry: None of the traffic seems affected by the car crashes that occurred during the chase. It is continuously flowing.

Correction: Nobody takes any notice because people see and know what they want to- as is made clear in the first one, when he does his 'superman thing,'

Corrected entry: When Neo flies away from the Hundred Smiths, we see the Smiths watch and start to wander their separate ways but if you watch the Smiths as they walk off (except for the last three) their hair changes from Smith's style to the style of the stuntmen used for the sequence.

Correction: They didn't even use CG heads for most of the Smiths during that scene, save for one or two in the back. (The ones whose faces look somewhat flatter and awkward compared to Hugo Weaving's.) Most of the Smiths were done by filming Weaving multiple times doing a "look left, look right, walk away" thing, and then combining them all into one image. The "change" in their hair is simply the result of the lighting. You can even see the hair of one of the front three Smiths that you speak of begin to "change" as he walks away.

Corrected entry: In the freeway scene, Trinity is going to turn the motorcycle 180 degrees. When she has turned the motorcycle and drives away, the motorcycle has now a green color, yet in other shots the motorcycle is black.

Correction: The paint used on the bike is a pearlescent paint, this is a paint which looks one colour but when you look at it at a certain angle it appears to have changed colour. The reason they have made it a black/green colour is to keep with the fact that there is a green tint to everything in the Matrix to represent the code.

Corrected entry: After Trinity turns back around on the motorcycle, the police start to follow her. How in the world did they know that Trinity had turned around on her motorcycle and that she would be coming around to their exit only a second or so before they got there?

Correction: The agents sent word to the police. But it wasn't a second or two before she got there that they knew. The police knew that she had been turned around for some time, it was just chance that they came so close to intercepting Trinity.

Corrected entry: Niobe says that the machines are digging at about 100 meters per hour, their current depth is 2000 meters, and they will reach Zion in 72 hours. This puts Zion at a depth of 9800 meters, or 9.8 kilometers. In the Final Flight of the Osiris in the Animatrix, Zion's depth is given at 4 kilometers.

Correction: The captain of the Osiris said that Zion is 4 kilometers straight down. Niobe is most likely compensating for the twists and turns that the machines would have, and did, make on the way to Zion.

Corrected entry: When Neo is fighting with Seraph, there's a shot of him doing a backflip, but he is still on the same table the shot later.

Dr Wilson

Correction: He doesn't jump. He bends backward to avoid being hit by Seraph.

Dr Wilson

Corrected entry: In the freeway scene, during the part with one of the twins in the back of the car fighting Morpheus, one shot shows the twin putting a knife against the keymakers throat. If you look out of the rear window, you will see a white van. Then there is a quick shot of Trinity. When the camera cuts back to the twin and the keymaker, the white van is gone and is replaced by a black van.

Correction: It's the same white van. Just before it gets to the point where it moves out of camera shot you can see the van coming out of a shaded area.


Corrected entry: During the chase scene on the freeway, the Agent driving the police cruiser empties a magazine into the Cadillac that Trinity is driving. You can see the bullet holes being punched into the car door. Two or three holes are seen hitting in line with Trinity's chest. The Agent weapon of choice is the Desert Eagle .50 AE which would have went through the door, through Trinity, and into Morpheus, if not through him. Yet, the holes appear and she keeps on going.

Correction: Not if the Agent is using hollow points. More damage to his victim, but poor penetration.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When one of the twins has his arm through the door to the car park and the other twin is coming up out of the floor, the other twin flies through the door you can look through him and see that the door is shut and the twin is standing at the closed door without his arm in the door.

Correction: If you look closely, you'll see that the twin by the door has his arm still through the door. At first I thought the same, but on closer inspection you can see that what appears to be the twin by the door's hand is in fact just the hand of the twin who is flying through the door.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo removes the bullet from Trinity's abdomen, the deformation patterns on the bullet are inconsistent with a body impact; the bullet has simply crumpled like an accordion, rather than expand as that particular round is designed to do in a hydrostatic environment.


Correction: Making physics arguments in the Matrix doesn't really work. First of all, the Agent is firing a Desert Eagle .50AE. One of those bullets will go right THROUGH you. No crumpling or anything. Explanation within the storyline: Trinity has a good understanding of the Matrix, and she's putting all of her mental resources into getting out alive. So the bullet crumpled and didn't go deep into her body hardened by mental force, rather than going all the way through. Like it would have done to a normal person.

Corrected entry: When Trinity and the keymaker are about to jump off the overpass you see almost the end of the second half emerge from under the overpass as they jump. By the time they should have landed on the trailer it would have been at least 20 feet down the road but they land at the front of the second half.


Correction: This entry would get an A in physics, but is not relevant here. Speeds are continuously slowed down and sped up so that we the viewer can get the best idea of what is going on. We see this jump in different speeds of slow motion, so this type of analysis is not accurate.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the brawl, if you look at one of the Smiths just to the left on Neo, his face looks plastic.


Sol Parker

Correction: "Looks like" is a phrase that is used when you are unsure of something, and similarity - often based on perspective - differs from person to person. While you say it is plastic, others might say it's realistic.

Corrected entry: When Neo first starts fighting the Smiths, two grab him by the arms and he does a flip kick thing and kicks two in front of him. In slow motion you can see at least with the left one that he doesn't come anywhere near.


Sol Parker

Correction: non-linear time(from .5 sec to mins) is a technique used very often in M2, it is a repeated motion w/ different angle

Corrected entry: Near the end of the Burly Brawl, Neo leans right back and swings the pole around himself. The top down view of this shows the Smiths come right in close to Neo but in the next slow-mo shot of the Smith jumping up high the Smiths are much further away from Neo.


Correction: At 58:17, you can see there's only 1 Smith that is behind and very close to Neo. The rest (behind Neo) are at least 2 people width away from him. From the next angle, the close-to-Neo Smith is definitely behind him, while the 6th frame after the change you can see his fist, the others are at a reasonable distance.

Corrected entry: When the Nebuchadnezzar is arriving at Zion at the beginning of the film they are just about to go through the gate. Here, Link's face illuminates from the light inside Zion but in the next shot the gate is only now opening.


Correction: The blue light comes from the monitor and scanners and other apparatus in the cockpit, while another dim orange light comes from a light that is in the Nebuchadnezzar's cockpit.

Corrected entry: In the fight scene between Neo and the Merovingians, Neo stabs one of the guys in the gut and he breaks the railing and falls off the balcony. Neo jumps down immediately after him, and you can see a large part of broken cement pass through Neo's foot unhindered.

Correction: Mistake 1: Look frame by frame. What you see when it is half invisible is not hidden by Neo's foot, but by the "tail" of Neo's suit. Mistake 2: They are not the Merovingians, they are Merovingian's henchman. They are lycanthropes or vampires Merovingian keeps.

Corrected entry: The agent shoots bullets which are headed straight for the windows behind Trinity at the beginning of the film when they are falling out of the building. The windows never smash

Correction: As the bullet trail shows, the bullet is heading for the wall underneath the window, not the window itself. Even IF the bullet is heading for the window, under bullet time, it has not reached the window yet

Corrected entry: When the neb is coming into Zion, you don't see anyone at the direct base of the gate, you see someone closer to the center of the loading dock. When the gates close, you see a person in a giant mechanical suit and he slowly turns around, and slowly takes a few steps. There would not be enough time for that to get to the base of the gate.

Correction: Nope. A closer look at the scene shows that not only is there an APU moving in the distance, but there is a stationary APU standing right under the ship as it enters, in the exact spot we see it in the next shot.

Corrected entry: In the first Matrix movie, the phones they use are Nokia 8910 I think, well whatever they were, in this movie they changed to the Samsung ones, maybe because Samsung sponsored Reloaded?

Correction: The phones used in the second movie where made up. Samsung later made a similar model

Corrected entry: In the freeway scene when the agent jumps on the car which then flips over. If you loo carefully you see there is no driver.

Correction: In the documentary, the drivers was inside the car, wearing heavy protection.

Corrected entry: When Neo is talking to the Oracle in the bench, the Oracle puts on her glove in her left hand just before Seraph says 'We must go'. In the following close-up shot, when she stands up, we can see for an instant her left hand without a glove.


Correction: After she puts the glove on her left hand, we see one more shot with the glove on and then we don't see it again.

Corrected entry: In the freeway scene right before the Agent runs into the water barrels, he rams Trinity's car twice. The first time he does, if you play it in slow motion, you can see that Morpheus isn't wearing his glasses.

Correction: I have watched the the scene in slow-motion and he does wear his sunglasses.

Corrected entry: During the Highway Chase scene, several Agents refer to The Keymaker as an exile and try to delete/destroy him. But The Keymaker still has a purpose, to lead Neo to The Architect and The Mainframe so the code Neo carries can be reinserted to save the entire Matrix from a cataclysmic system failure. So why are The Agents (the very programs who are trying to protect The Matrix) following actions that ultimately would lead to its destruction?

Correction: Simply put, the Agents could not do their job efficiently if they were in on the joke. They think Neo is an anomaly, it is obvious they don't know what is going on.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the scene on top of the truck, when Trinity is starting the motorcycle, she says to the Keymaker to "hop on". But when she starts the bike, a shot is shown of her legs and the lower part of the Ducati. Only one pair of legs ... Note that the wheels are already spinning, so it would have been impossible for the Keymaker to take a seat on the bike at a later point in time.


Correction: The Keymaker didn't put his feet on the lower part of the bike. The next shot (when Trinity jumps off the semi) shows that his legs are crunched up above the back tyre.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the Chateau battle, Neo stabs the ponytail thug with a sword and kicks him off the balcony. Neo steals the thug's spear & jumps downstairs as the remaining henchmen follow. The Asian thug then breaks the spear in half with his spiked club. When Neo beats the henchmen with the 2 halves, the spearhead has disappeared.


Correction: The spearhead has not disappeared - Neo is holding one of the halves in his left hand close to the spearhead, and it can be seen consistently throughout the last part of the fight.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Smith copies himself into his first body and enters the telephone afterwards, the first person to go through that telephone is holding something in an envelop and says that its really important. He then gives it to Neo, and Neo knows he has to go meet the oracle. How is it possible to transfer an object from the purely fictional matrix, to the "real" world?

Correction: Like every other 'physical' item within the Matrix, the envelope is representative of something else (eg. the blue or red pills, which in reality are programs designed to either take a person back to the Matrix, or help the crew pinpoint their physical location in the power grid). Think also of the tape that had to be dropped off at a certain point inside the Matrix, in the Animatrix short 'Final Flight of the Osiris'.

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Corrected entry: When Trinity hacks the computer system, the program displays "exploiting SSHv1 CRC32". This is the name of a security bug which exists in the real world. But this in-joke backfires because the bug has also already been fixed in the real world; there is no way the exploit would still work in the time of the Matrix.

Moose Premium member

Correction: There are many, many systems that are running unpatched, easily-exploited software.

Carl Fink

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo fights three agents intruding Captain's meeting he is flipping around a pole and kicking the big bad guy. However, the agent's body begins twitching in the air well before the kick is actually delivered.

Correction: The agent is not twitching away from the imminent kick, he is pulling the right side of his body back to punch Neo. The punch never lands because Neo kicks him before the agent sends it forward.


Corrected entry: In the car chase on the freeway, we see a car flipping over, complete with lots of broken glass etc - however the glass is going upwards with the car, as if it was recorded in the opposite direction and played back in the film in reverse, making the shot look slightly odd.

Correction: It may look odd to the submitter of this "mistake", but the fact is that the scene was shot in real-time and simply slowed down. It wasn't reversed or manipulated. There's nothing remarkable about broken glass flying upwards during a wreck.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When the chancellor's speech is completed at Zion, he is about to introduce Morpheus. The audio dubbing is a split second off, you can hear the crowd start their massive cheering before he even made the introduction.

Timothy Conard

Correction: The crowd is anticipating based on the first syllable the chancellor pronounced - it sounds weird, but it's very common with popular speakers at large events, where the first name is heard and the last is drowned out.


Corrected entry: In Neo's dream about Trinity falling, she crashes into a car down on the street. In the very start of the shot that focuses on the car, the car slightly moves forward. This is very clear when played frame by frame.

Correction: The car is NOT stationary, if you watch over trinity's shoulder as she falls you can see the car moving.

Corrected entry: When the Twin shoots Trinity's Caddilac with about 100 rounds, it never blows up, but when he shoots other cars a with about 10 rounds, it takes them out and completely totals the other cars.

Correction: The drivers of the other vehicles panic when they are fired at, and so lose control of the vehicle, Trinity doesn't lose control, and so doesn't get totalled.

Corrected entry: After Morpheus' brief encounter with the Virus twins, he gets in the car with Trinity and the Keymaker. When he enters the car, the door doesn't make a sound when he closes it.


Correction: You can hear the door shutting right after Trinity looks away from the twins and looks straight ahead towards the exit of the carpark.

Corrected entry: After the Keymaker is shot, he is shown turning around with little or no blood above his apron, but the next shot has his shirt soaking with blood around the holes in his shirt.

Correction: The blood is definitely there, there's a shadow on the Keymaker's shirt, so you can't see it.

Corrected entry: During the Ch√Ęteau fight, Neo hits the bad guys several times with the butt-end of his sai daggers. Wouldn't this fight go a lot quicker if he used the pointy ends?

Correction: Bludgeoning attacks are not necessarily "inferior" in some way to piercing attacks. A well placed smashing strike can do more damage than a stab. Neo would have used the weapon as it was most effective, whether by slashing, stabbing, or striking hilt first.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the chase scene Morpheus and Trinity are desperately trying to get to an exit that Link has set up for them, and they are also trying to keep the Keymaker safe. But these goals are not consistent with each other. When they get to the exit they are going to have to leave the Keymaker (a program) sitting on the highway by himself, which would defeat the purpose of rescuing him.

Correction: Since the Keymaker is a program when they got to the phone they would be able to download him out of the Matrix. Not into the real world, but into a construct, as used extensively in the first film.

Corrected entry: This happens during the scene when Morpheus cuts "The Twins" car with a sword, and shoots it. Watch how close Morpheus is to the car when he shoots, then when it explodes look around on the ground. There is a wide angle camera shot, and Morpheus is not there any more, even though he was about 10 feet from the car. Then when the shot goes to a higher angle, Morpheus reappears. He also looks transparent and 2D in some of the higher shots of the road.

Terri Engblom

Correction: You actually do see him. When the car explodes you see Morpheus at the left side of the screen. Probably only visible in widescreen.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, when agents are killed, they revert back to the form of the person that they stole their body off. Throughout Reloaded, especially in the first fight scene (Upgrades), when agents are killed, they stay in their 'agent form'

Correction: Neo did NOT kill the Agents in the first fight scene, only knocked them out. In none of the other scenes where Agents actually take a bullet or are part of a car crash do we actually see the bodies left behind, so it's reasonable to assume they exited the bodies then just as before.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: The Keymaker gets shot by some 5 Desert Eagle bullets, a weak guy like the Keymaker (even in the Matrix) would have either exploded or flown three feet back. His insides would have been all over the floor.

Correction: Nope, that's just a movie thing. The way he reacted to the shots were actually quite realistic. Bullets don't throw people around or blow holes the size of plates in people.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: This refers to the freeway chase scene where one of the Twins "flies" into the car and starts fighting with Morpheus. During the fight Morpheus twists a seatbelt around the Twin's arm to immobilize it and put him at a disadvantage. Shortly after that the Twin uses a knife blade to cut the seatbelt in order to free his arm. But the Twins can both pass through solid objects like ghosts, so why wouldn't the Twin simply make his arm "dissipate" through the seatbelt instead of going through all the trouble of cutting it with the blade?

Correction: At no time during the film does either of the twins dissipate just part of his body. It appears that if he goes "ghost" it happens to his whole body. If he were to become incoherent simply to free his arm from the seatbelt, he would pass right through the car.

Timothy Cheseborough

Corrected entry: During the Freeway scene, the number plate on the car that Trinity is driving changes from "DA 2003" to "DA 203" and back at various intervals.

Correction: It is always "DA 203"


Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo catches Trinity, Trinity is falling from a building with her feet pointing towards the building. Neo should catch her with her feet pointing to his left side, but when he puts her down on a nearby roof top, her feet are pointing to his right side. I can't remember seeing him flip her around in mid-air.

Correction: Definitely wrong, this one - he flies in from behind us, and catches her from her right side. As such her feet are pointing to his right, and they still are when he sets her down.


Corrected entry: In the freeway chase scene, when the agent jumps off the bonnet of the car it goes flying, when it shows a side view of the car flying past put it on pause. You can blatantly see a white car complete with a camera company logo, and the camera man out the window.

gandolfs dad

Correction: The white car is the police car that the agent jumped out of. The logo is the police shield. I can't see a person, but if there is one it would be the agent driving the police car - as you can see in the next he is watching the action.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo fights all the Smiths with the pole, he jumps up in the air and impales a Smith with the pole on the ground. When he lands he gets punched back and then runs horizontally in a circle on the Smiths, using the pole as post to hold. If you watch closely, you will notice that the pole disappears when he gets punched, only to reappear right before he runs around with it.

Correction: The pole is there in every frame; in some it is moving quickly and is very blurred.


Corrected entry: Part way through the "100 Agent Smiths" scene, Neo is just about to kick one of the Smiths. However, if you look closely, the Smith rises up vertically into the air long before Neo even lifts his head. Its only when Neo kicks him that he flies backwards out of shot. Bad wire work.


Correction: This is much too vague without a timecode. I couldn't spot anything matching that description.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Morpheus is fighting the agent on top of the semi, Morpheus is about to fall off the side when he reaches out to grab the agent's tie. When he grabs it, the agent tries his best to hold on to the tie to keep himself from falling off the truck and thus saving Morpheus. The agent should have just fallen off the truck to kill Morpheus and sacrifice himself, since agents are programs which can die and still take over another body.


Correction: It would have been unfortunate for the Agent to sacrifice himself when he would have to change into another person, and go through a lot of trouble to kill the keymaker. It's just easier and more logical to kill Morpheus and then the keymaker. In fact, that's what would have happened if Morpheus hadn't lucked out by Niobe saving him.

Corrected entry: A case of dodgy wire-work comes into play in Niobe's fighting scene at the power station. When she goes to kick one of the guards, she doesn't jump into the air as Trinity or other characters do - she is obviously pulled into the air. Watch closely and you'll notice.


Correction: This is a matter of opinion. To me (and obviously to the filmmakers) it appears as if Niobe simply leaps up using as little energy as possible - a very spare and economical fighting move.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trinity is falling from the building, we see her from the Agent's point of view, with an empty street below them. A few seconds later in the same scene, the Agent falls onto an unmoving white car, which was previously not there.

Correction: The car is there. It enters the left of the frame just before Trinity is shot.

Corrected entry: If the Keymaker is "meant" for all intents and purposes for deletion, and if "The One" is a never ending circle, ALWAYS meant to go to the source - how is The One supposed to get to the Source without the Keymaker? The deletion of the Keymaker would end the cycle, causing the machines to be left without human power, or would allow Zion to grow out of control.


Correction: The very act of targeting the Keymaker for deletion is what triggers the series of events we see in the film from the part at the Frenchman's house onwards. The Keymaker is targeted, but is never intended to be deleted until he has served his true purpose, to deliver Neo to the Architect.


Corrected entry: If only Seriph or the keymaker can open the "back doors" to the Matrix, with the special keys - why, and more importantly, how can the many Agent Smiths come through any and every available door at the end of the film? They need the right key to turn the locks. Every one of those Agents couldn't possibly have a key.


Correction: In the first matrix Morpheus explains that agents are 'guarding all the doors and holding all the keys' also that they can 'move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system'. Smith, who is now free from his programming as an agent, has the ability and 'freedom' if you will to further portray or freely execute the ability that agents have. Each clone is an exact duplicate of the original smith so each clone has that ability as well. They can easily gain access to anything they please, including the back doors that need 'special keys' being held by the keymaker and seraph.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo is fighting the French guy's henchmen, at the end of the fight Neo stabs one of the guys with a sword. But if you look closely, the sword is actually not penetrating him at all. It is actually going under his arm.

Correction: No it does not. It is even a close up of the sword as it enters the body, and it enters just above the belt buckle.


Corrected entry: Morpheus leans down from the side of the truck and plunges the katana into it. Later in the scene he climbs down onto it, and his head is almost at the top of the truck, he could never have plunged it in that far down. Even later he is able to pull it out again when he leans off the side.

Correction: Duplicated mistake

Corrected entry: In the highway scene where Morpheus stands in between the two trucks, the katana is on the left truck. When he catches the keymaker, he throws him onto the truck on the right and then fights an agent on the same truck, but when he is hanging on the side of the truck the katana magically appears.

Correction: You're mistaken. Morpheus throws the Keymaker onto the same truck that the katana was jammed into, which is why he is able to pull it back out when his fight with Agent Johnson doesn't go well.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo, Morpheus and the Keymaker enter the building to find the Source, they turn a corner to be faced with Agent Smith. When the camera switches back to them they are no longer standing on a corner but in one long straight corridor.

Correction: Because the corridor is nearly all white the gap where the other corridor joins is hard to see but it's definitely there.

Corrected entry: Why does Trinity jump out of the window at the start/end of the film? She can't fly like Neo, and we know they can still be killed in the Matrix.

Correction: Trinity runs from one of the agents through the only door to the room, and another agent crashes through the wall to her right. There is no other way out of the room. We know the survival skills of people plugged into the Matrix are based on running on instinct. She has no time to think or call Link for directions in that split-second, and so takes the only possible and available route out which is through the window. Her instinct for survival isn't parallel with fear or consequence, but necessity.

Corrected entry: In the freeway scene, when they are coming out from behind the truck, the shot-out tire is inflated then deflated again.

Correction: Wrong. Once shot out, the tire is never again seen "inflated", just as it should be. The tire occasionally changes shape as the car swerves back and forth (as would occur naturally) but it never "reinflates" itself.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When neo is talking to the Council member because they both can't sleep, the Council member mentions that he doesn't like sleep, and has been sleeping for 11 years so he figures he'd make up for the lost time, this would mean that he was plugged in. But there is no plug in the back of his head, and its not in his hair.


Correction: We see plugs in many of the stars of the film because they still need to use theirs to reenter the Matrix. It is reasonable to assume that people like Councillor Hamann (and some of the other people we see, for example, during the celebration scene) would never need to reenter the Matrix and would want all evidence of their prior lives removed, plugs and all.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: During the freeway chase sequence, Morpheus is fighting against an Agent on the top of a truck. Morpheus wards him off pretty well considering that he got his guts kicked out by Agent Smith in the first movie. Quite a progress in contrast to Trinity who while fighting against an Agent in the skyscraper gets herself thrown around like a doll and even takes a bullet in the belly. It's never explained why Morpheus has suddenly become so powerful.

Correction: Agent Smith in the first film was the premier Agent, the strongest and fastest and most powerful of them all. Something else to keep in mind: Morpheus only managed to do so well against Agent Johnson because he had a weapon, giving him much more of an edge in hand-to-hand combat. Even so, he gets flung around quite a bit himself and the end result is the same: he still loses the fight.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Neo is fighting the three agents at the meeting he knocks the last one into a street lamp. When he hits it the bulb falls and the bulb stays lit the whole fall down.


Correction: When Neo knocks the Agent against the street lamp, what falls down isn't the actual bulb, but the thick glass that covers it. The bulb remains in its place, and the glass falls down, appearing to be producing a light of its own, when it's actually just reflecting the light coming from above.

Corrected entry: At the end of The Matrix, Neo puts on his sunglasses and looks up. He then just flies. In The Matrix Reloaded, he always crouches as if he is about to start speed skating and causes the ground to ripple around him, whereby he then jumps and does his "Superman" thing (as Link puts it).

unkajes Premium member

Correction: At the end of the Matrix, he looks up and the camera zooms away into the sky. He had time to do his crouching routine before jumping in the air.

Corrected entry: In the freeway chase where the agent jumps on the front of the car causing it to flip once he jumps off, we see a shot of the car landing on its roof and there is no one in the car.

Correction: Watch the trailer in slo-mo. The driver is in the car and pushed backwards by the force of the flipping/crashing. In the cinema, it happens too quickly to notice the driver.

Corrected entry: When Trinity is about to jump down with the keymaker to the bikes in the freeway scene, she is on the left side of the keymaker. When you see them in mid-air, she's suddenly to the right of him.

Correction: Trinity leaped forward and to the right. Because she made a stronger leap than the Keymaker, who is considerably less athletic, the first two shots show her rapidly passing him in mid-air. By the time the camera shifts to the low-angle shot, she is far enough out in front of him so that she actually appears to be to the right when they are seen from directly behind and from a low angle.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the freeway chase scene one of the twins is shooting at the Cadillac to his left. They are separated by one lane and the twin has a clear shot. Both cars then pull up to another car traveling in the middle lane and the twin's shot is blocked by this tan SUV. The twin decides to shot through the tan SUV and you see blood sprayed on the windshield. In the next shot you see all three cars from the front and the tan SUV flips over forward. There is now no blood on the SUV's front windshield.

Correction: There's no blood sprayed on the windshield at all. The red color on the windshield that you see in the shot from the side is visible even before the Twin fires. It's a reflection from the outside, which of course would not be visible from a different camera angle.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: During the entire time that Trinity and Morpheus are being shot at by the twin in the car, we never see him reload his gun, despite the fact that he fires about 350 shots at them from one clip. It can't be due to them being able to bend the rules of the matrix, as eventually he runs out of ammo, looks at the gun in disgust and ditches it.

Correction: Just because we never SEE him reload his gun doesn't mean that he didn't do it at all. There are any number of times when the camera cuts away from him; he could have been reloading during any of those.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When Neo and Trinity leave the elevator in Zion and people go talk to Neo, Trinity leaves but Neo asks her to wait. There is a very tall guy behind Trinity while she speaks. When she turns around there is nobody there.

Correction: In the wide shot of her stepping away, there is a man with a ponytail standing to her left, that is the man who was previously behind her.

Corrected entry: In the first movie we are told that the clouding of the sky eliminated all life on earth because of the lack of sun - so why are Trinity, Neo, Morpheus and Link able to calmly step out of their ship before it explodes, as there would be no air to breathe without plants?

Correction: Two Theories: The original movie never said that clouding of the sky eliminated all life on Earth. Both the original Matrix and The Animatrix state that the sky was clouded by humans to block out sunlight, so that machines would not have access to solar power. So techically the air could still contain enough of the proper gases to allow humans to breathe. Secondly, In Matrix Reloaded, we learn that the machines have been aware from the beginning of the existence of Zion and humans outside the Matrix, and they in fact allow it as a way to protect the anomaly that allows the Matrix to function and remain compatible with the plugged-in humans. In this case, perhaps they produce the oxygen?

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: In the Chateau where Neo fights the Merovingian's men, after the men shoot at Neo, only to have their bullets stopped, they all drop their guns. Throughout the rest of the scene, the guns are nowhere to be found.

Correction: Wrong. The tommy gun ends up near the edge of one of the black squares on the floor; another rifle ends up near the edge of the curl at the end of the left staircase; still another one ends up at the base of one of the statues; the others can be seen in several shots during the fight. Not a single one of them disappears.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trinity is speeding away with the Keymaker, how can the Ducati be slower than the cop cars which are obviously gaining on her? It can't be due to traffic - when she's on the hard shoulder, with completely empty space in front, the cops are still alongside.

Correction: Cop car speed aside (a constant source of debate), why would Trinity put the Keymaker in that kind of peril? She was obviously trying to find a way to keep the police at bay, not outrun them.

Corrected entry: Right after the explosion with which Morpheus finishes off the Twins,Trinity voices concern over Morpheus' well being by calling his name. But Link replies by saying that Morpheus is all right and asks Trinity to keep moving. How were they able to speak to each other without using that all important mobile phone? They weren't already connected, because in the very next shot you see Trinity ring up the operator asking for a download on how to hotwire a motorcycle.

Correction: They don't talk to each other. Trinity just say it and Link is sitting in front of the monitors watching it like a movie and just says it like other people would say it.


Corrected entry: After Morpheus slices the car the Twins are in, you see the car skidding to a stop. The camera cuts back a fraction before the car actually stops, but it's obviously moving very slowly. However when you see the car in the next shot, it's flipping over. There is no way that its minimal momentum would have flipped the car, cut with a sword or not.

Correction: The shot was, as was much of the movie, in extreme slow motion. It appeared that the truck did not have sufficient momentum to flip, but when the scene cut back it was closer to normal speed.

Corrected entry: As in the first film, the Agents are firing .50 caliber Desert Eagles. The Agent in the police car fires several shots that hit the car door right next to Trinity. A shot from a Desert Eagle would not only go through the car door, it would probably go through Trinity and hit Morpheus as well.

Correction: Not necessarily. The Desert Eagle also comes in a .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum model. Also dependant on whether or not the bullet would go through the door is load amount (how much gun powder is used to propel the round), the grain weight of the bullet, and what type of bullet (full metal jacket, hollow point, lead tipped, ect...) Not to mention the physical characteristics of the Cadillac's door.

Corrected entry: This happens in the scene in which Trinity is about to leap off the window, and she runs across an office while an Agent fires at her. Although the side walls of the office are far away from Trinity, the agent hits a LOT of objects that are close to the wall (desks, cabinets, etc). You can see that on the side shots. Considering the distance of the target and the fact that it's an Agent, this isn't very likely.

Correction: There is a different agent that is shooting her from the side, not the one from behind her which is what you are talking about. You see him walk through a door and Trinity starts running away.

Corrected entry: The French guy's henchmen tried to shoot Neo, but he stopped the bullets. The guys were about 3-4 metres from Neo, but the bullets were spread across quite a wide rectangular area in front of him. He doesn't stop them very far away from himself, so why aren't they all bunched really close together?

Correction: Because they intentionally shoot in a wide area to hit Neo even if he jumps or roll over to avoid being hit.

Corrected entry: There is no "West 101" - Highway 101 only runs North and South.

Correction: It's never specified which city/cities action takes place in within the Matrix. As such, it doesn't have to follow any specific highway naming conventions.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: A lot of people in Zion wear dirty and/or holey clothes (including Neo, who at one point wears a sweatshirt that's more grey than white). But in the scene where Neo asks Trinity not to go into the Matrix, there is a close-up of their hands and you can notice that both have manicured hands and Trinity has clear nail varnish on. How come they can find nail varnish in Zion when there is not enough washing powder to go around?

Correction: Because they are famous and get many gifts as shown when they came out of the elevator.


Corrected entry: During the part just before the twin gets his arm caught in a door, Trinity and the keymaker are by the door, it cuts to Morpheus picking up a sword, then the twin in front of him solidifies. Trinity and the Keymaker go through the door with Morpheus now right behind them, and close it - Morpheus has somehow got past the twin with no problems and is in the car park with them.

Correction: We never see the Twin becoming solid -- we only see him coming up through the floor. Morpheus would have run through him before he came all the way out and went solid.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Isn't it weird that agents can easily dodge full clips of automatic machine guns at point blank range yet they can't dodge slower punches, kicks or katana blades?

Correction: The oracle explains that everything from birds to trees have a program that governs them. So do bullets. However, punches, kicks, and katana swings are all done by someone. If done by those that know how to bend the rules as well, who's to say they couldn't be hit?

Corrected entry: In the highway scene there is a lot of extreme driving occurring, which at many times results in cars crashing. Although these crashes occur many times behind our heroes, there seems to be a plentiful supply of fresh cars coming from behind who managed to dodge the accidents and speed up to catch up to our heroes, just in time to be involved in another accident.

Correction: The cars that the main characters are in are going a lot faster than the others are. They simply move fast enough for them to pass the normal cars up, thus placing more cars behind them.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the huge number of agents are fighting against Neo, you can see some of them running through a door. On the first shot, the door opens to the left side. The second shot shows the whole thing from above and the door opens to the right side.

Correction: Agents are coming through 3 doors.

Corrected entry: In the chase scene, one of the cars (perhaps the same one above that's missing the gas tank?) that flips end over end is missing its drive shaft.

Correction: The car, an Olds Aurora, has no driveshaft as it is front-wheel drive.

Corrected entry: Granted, Zion's population is a mix of people freed from the Matrix and people born outside of it through natural means, but there are a lot of closeups of the dancing humans after Morpheus's speech and I did not see one person with any plugs in their arms, chests, or heads aside from Niobe, Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo.

Correction: You can see arm and chest plugs on some of the dancers after Morpheus' speech. It isn't just Niobe, Neo, Trinity and Morpheus that have them in this scene. It's also important to remember that it's almost always CHILDREN who are freed from the Matrix - remember Morpheus' comment in the first film, about making an exception in Neo's case? Yes, more people have been freed in the last 6 months than in the previous 6 years - but almost all children, who would not be at this temple meeting. Later on, when the Kid gives the spoon to Neo, he mentions that it's from 'one of the orphans'; more evidence that there are a lot of parentless children in Zion.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: In the first scene of the movie, when Trinity launches her motorcycle off the roof of the parking garage, we see her flip off, and land with her left leg folded under her, and her right leg straight out. We they cut back to the wide shot, she is standing up much taller, with both legs spread.

Correction: Between these shots is one where the guard outpost explodes. It can be assumed that Trinity stands up.

Corrected entry: When Trinity knocks out the secondary power supply during the end of the movie, there are lights all around when she jumps out of the window - what happened to loss of power in 27 city blocks?

Correction: I think this is a misconception of where the backup grid and its controls are located. Doesn't seem feasible to me to have the location of your backup power routing computers INSIDE the grid that might lose power.

Corrected entry: During the highway chase scene, when Morpheus is battling an agent, it is clear that even though they are on top of a high speed truck, wind has no bearing on either of them or even the keymaker. The only time wind comes into play is when Morpheus is on the edge, about to fall.

Correction: How many times have we seen the "rules" of the Matrix being bent or broken with impossibly high leaps, blurringly fast moves, and other gravity-defying stunts? Is it so hard to believe that Morpheus and the others could choose to ignore the wind too? And it wasn't windblast that knocked Morpheus off the edge of the truck, it was the fact that he lost his balance and fell.

Corrected entry: During the freeway scene, wrecks are constantly happening. When Trinity turns the bike around and goes the opposite direction, they've all disappeared. The Matrix doesn't change things that radically.

Correction: All the accidents happen before Trinity and he Keymaker jump from the viaduct, so they couldn't come across them.

Corrected entry: A lot of people might not agree but watching the big rave / dance scene in Zion just did not seem right to me. 250,000 Sentinals are drilling their way towards the city and will hit their target in less then 72 hours. The humans have nowhere to run. Does this seem like a good time to have a party? Wouldn't it be more prudent to prepare the city's defenses or even be working on more of them? I wouldn't care how motivating Morpheous's speech was, I'd be more worried about the machines then my dance routine.

Correction: This is an opinion rather than a mistake - plus he does a very good job of portraying the machines as nothing to be afraid of, given their inability to attack Zion in the past, and inspiring everyone to shed their fear.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Trinity is falling down to the ground with the agent shooting at her, with the tight outfit she had on, where did the two machine guns came from?

Correction: She picked up those guns from the floor during the previous fight scene.

Corrected entry: When Morpheus is pulling the Keymaker off Trinity's motorcycle and onto the truck, he sticks his sword into the side of the truck and stands on it to reach him. However, he sticks the blade in vertically, so the edge faces the ground. Given that the sword cut easily through the greater part of the Twins' vehicle, shouldn't his weight be enough to force that strong, sharp blade down the side of the truck?



Correction: Debatable, as while he does stick it vertically, the blade is also pointing upwards, meaning the blunt side is facing the ground, and would be a lot harder to force through the metal.

Corrected entry: After Niobe's car windshield gets smashed by Morpheus we see a side view of Morpheus jumping from Niobe's car to the semi truck. In this view we can see that Niobe's windshield is no longer broken.

Correction: Yes, it is. From the side, the only part of the windshield that is visible is the driver's side half of the windshield, which was mostly intact. You can still see the faint white traces of cracks even from that angle, though.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: During the highway chase scene, Trinity and the Keymaker jump from an overpass onto the bed of the tractor-trailer carrying the motorcycles. The shot of their jump shows the truck passing under them, moving considerably faster then they are - however, the next shot shows them landing on their feet squarely and not falling backwards. This would have required them to be moving forward as fast as the truck - to have jumped out from the overpass with a forward velocity equal to the truck's - something that the previous shot shows they did not do.

Correction: Since they are in the matrix and they know that not all the real world rules of physics apply in the matrix that is something that could happen.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neo is fighting the Smith clones, he uses a metal pole to bat Agents away. He hits one agent up and through the window of a nearby building. In shots afterwards, the window is seen intact.

Correction: He bounces off the window - you can hear it if you listen closely.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Trinity jumps out the window and is fighting the agent, there are no cars on the ground, then when she lands she lands on a car.

Correction: As Trinity gets closer to the ground you can see a car moving so that it is where she is going to land. It isn't a parked car. Also that is a dream sequence so it is kind of irrelevant anyway.

Corrected entry: After Trinity steals the motorcycle and turns back heading into traffic, she passes an exit ramp. The yellow arrow painted on the road points up the ramp. Several police cars drive down this ramp in the opposite direction heading right into traffic themselves. So much for public safety.

Correction: Don't you think the police would be pretty desperate to capture them? I know they weren't really smart in the first movie, but they probably had a clue.

Corrected entry: When Agent Smith transforms one of the rebels into another Smith, several times during the movie and the original we see characters reading the screens in the real world and being able to tell that there is an Agent, so presumably the operator could tell that the rebel was transformed into an Agent, so why didn't he hang up so Smith couldn't get out?

Correction: That's making the assumption that every operator knows everything at all times. No operators knew what Smith was until Neo said that it was an Agent. The operators just knew that it was something different.

Corrected entry: In the highway scene when the agent jumps off the middle car and lands on Trinity's car, you can see that in Trinity's car there aren't actors. You see a camera man and a women with blond hair driving.


Correction: It's actually just the pale headrest around Trinity's head looking like blonde hair - the "cameraman" is just Morpheus still fighting one of the twins.

Corrected entry: This happens in the scene where Neo fights the Frenchman's henchmen. Together, the henchmen shoot hundreds of bullets at Neo, which he stops with his hand. However, when they begin to fight hand-to-hand the bullets are no longer seen on the floor. The bullets reappear later on in the scene.

Correction: If you watch the fight scene as things are broken and falling to the ground you can see the bullets.

Corrected entry: When Trinity is attempting to hack into the power grid she uses a secure shell connection and types it in wrong. She types ssh -l root. The correct syntax would be ssh -l root (IP address or name).

Correction: This is not true - ssl -l user ip-address works but ssh ip-address -l username works too.

Corrected entry: If Morpheus can cut Agent Jackson's face with his sword and cause him to bleed and Trinity shoot one of the Twins in the arm and he bleed, why is it that Neo can whack the many Agent Smiths with a steel bar and no one have a bruise or even a bloody lip?

Correction: Because both Smith and Neo understand the matrix far better than any agent or being within it. In every fight scene Neo is in, he sustains zero damage. Why is it hard to believe that they "know" that its nothing more than a computer program. You don't get hurt unless you think you are hurt.

Corrected entry: In the hallway right before the Keymaker is shot, there are several close-up shots of Agent Smith as he is talking to Neo. At this time, you can see the camera lens in the reflection of Smith's sunglasses (the camera is really close to Smith's face, so you have to look closely, but it's there).


Correction: No, thats his eye.

Corrected entry: There is never any gasoline in any car or motorcycle that is transported on a truck. How did Trinity steal it?

Correction: Actually this is wrong. I went to go new car shopping the other day and there was a car transporter there. I watched the guy lower the platforms and drive some cars off before I had to go.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, Trinity's neural plug is large, silver, and on the back of her head, visible amongst her hair when she turns around. In reloaded, it has shrunk, turned black, and moved to the back of her neck (there wasn't one on the back of her neck in the first movie).

Correction: Everyone (who has implants) has the small black one on the back of the neck. It isn't the large neural plug which can still be seen in its usual spot.

Corrected entry: When Neo is fighting the Smiths with the metal pole in the playground, there is one part where Neo and Smith are holding it and it bends as if it were plastic.

Correction: You can reason that this was intentionally done by Neo to help him fight Smith.

Corrected entry: When Trinity is trying to shut off the power, the computer gives her the choice Y/N. It closes up on the keyboard, and she presses enter. When you see the screen next, it says that she presses Y.

Johny English

Correction: When asked the yes/no question in most computer programs it is the default setting for enter to be yes.

Corrected entry: In the freeway scene, when the 2 agents smash the 2 truck together head on, the trucks crumple like a can, and then the trailers do the same. This would not happen, as the trailers are approx. 4 feet behind the truck. At best they would have some damage to the nose, and then jacknife off to the side.

Correction: This is the Matrix; the semis crash however it would want them too. Remember in the first movie when the helicopter crashed into the high rise building, the glass windows rippled all the way to the edges before exploding outward; same concept here.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, when Neo is recovering from being unplugged from the Matrix, there is a scene where they removed all of the metal plugs from his body - except for the last one in the back of his head. In Reloaded, all of the plugs are back.

Correction: They never removed the plugs from anyone, they only cleaned them out.

Corrected entry: Throughout both the Matrix, and Reloaded, we see that it takes at least five seconds or more for a normal person to "transform" into an Agent. Yet on the Freeway chase, one Agent transforms from a human into an agent with his arm stretched out ready to fire in about a second, the time it takes to pass an obstruction.


Correction: Not quite so. On Matrix, when Neo is running away from agents, he runs thru some house department and gets thru a kitchen. There's an old woman with a kitchen knife on her hand, when Neo continues running he listens the knife hitting the door frame and when he turns back he sees an agent instead of the old lady. This transformation took also a fraction of a second. The Matrix can transform people into agents very fast indeed. We just don't know what affects the speed - possibly the weakness of the "host" mind.

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Morpheus: Does the Commander have a plan for stopping 250,000 sentinels?
Niobe: A strategy is still being formulated.
Morpheus: I'm sure it is.



During the scene where Neo is talking to Agent Smith in the park area where Neo was talking to the Oracle, there is a close-up on Agent Smith's face. In his sunglasses you can see a bright white screen to reflect the light onto the faces of the actors. This isn't visible in any non-reflected angles. You can also see the cameraman on the other side.



Monica Bellucci's dress is some what see-thru. You can see that she isn't wearing underwear.