Who's Harry Crumb?

Who's Harry Crumb? (1989)

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Factual error: When Harry is standing on the ceiling fan, the young boy pulls the lever backwards to increase the speed. If you read the side of the lever, you can see that the boy is actually pulling the lever to the slow direction. (00:40:30)

Audio problem: When Harry and Nikki are driving in the vintage speedster with no brakes, Nikki is heard saying "same old family crap", but her lips mouth "same old family shit".

Other mistake: When Harry is being spun round on the ceiling fan you can see that they aren't moving fast enough to hold his body in a stretched out position,especially considering his bulk.

Visible crew/equipment: After Mrs. McIntyre sits down and asks about the pictures, John Candy asks "Did I get these pictures?", and an orange falls from the tree onto the desk. After that a gloved hand is seen rolling the orange off the desk. (00:09:00)

Justin Davis

Visible crew/equipment: When Detective Casey and the police officer drives off to pursue Draisen's signal, you can see the entire film crew reflected in the side window of the police car. (01:09:00)


Helen Downing: Back then, dinner and a movie might have gotten you into some girl's panties, but it's gonna take a lot more than that to get into mine.

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Answer: It's not a real movie and it's not Kathleen Turner. It was just done for the scene. The two people in the "movie" are Patrick McKenna and Daliah Novak who are credited as "TV Man" and "TV Woman."


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