X-Men 2

Corrected entry: When the X-Mansion is being attacked, Wolverine jumps off the stairs onto two soldiers and throws them backwards with his claws. The soldiers are level with his wrists as they begin flying back. If they had been thrown in such a way, they would have followed the same path through the air as Wolverine's claws.


Correction: There are four soldiers not two. The first two he drops on and the second pair he stabs low and flips them backwards with a turn of his arm.

Mike Ajax

Corrected entry: How did Stryker manage to get a hold of Cerebro, when Professor X is the only person that's capable of entering the room?

Correction: We saw him using a device that allowed him to bypass Xavier's security lock.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene in the museum food court when Professor Xavier freezes time, just before the shot cuts away from the boy who has been set on fire by Pyro and extinguished by Iceman you can see a big drop of the SFX "ice" fall from his chin. If time was frozen for him then obviously it wouldn't do that.

Correction: Time isn't frozen - Xavier has no power to do that. What he's done is mentally freeze all those present in their tracks, effectively locking their minds so that they aren't capable of movement and they aren't aware of anything going on around them. Time, gravity and so forth are all fully in operation as per normal, so it's entirely reasonable that ice could fall off the boy's chin.

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Corrected entry: In the middle of the Wolverine/Deathstrike fight, there is a scene showing Iceman, Rogue, and Pyro waiting on the jet. Pyro stands up and says, "that's it," and lowers the ramp to leave. Iceman jumps up and says, "Paul, where do you think you're going?" The problem is, it was established at least twice (most notably when he's talking to Magneto) that Pyro's birth name is John. Even odder, the actor who plays him is Aaron Stanford, so it makes absolutely no sense for Iceman to call him Paul.



Correction: He calls him pyro. not Paul. he just says it very quickly.


Corrected entry: In the climax, when Wolverine struggles getting towards Jean, some of the flesh on his body is ripped off by Jean's mutant power. The flesh then is quickly back by Logan's rapid healing ability. But the hair on his chest also comes back the same as it was before. This is not supposed to happen.



Correction: First, this is for the wrong film. The sequence you're describing is from X-Men 3. Second, as you say, these are *mutant* powers. The very definition implies that the abilities don't conform to anything natural as we understand it.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Wolverine is told by the police to drop the knives, he eventually retracts his claws and the skin heals instantly, but he's still got wounds on his arms from several minutes past.

Correction: The wounds on his arms were more severe when he received them, so they're taking longer to heal.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the X-Men save the children at Striker's installation, they find where they are and then there is a shot where they pan down to them, and in the background you can faintly see Nightcrawler, before he transports down to them.

Correction: Dupicate submission.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Hank McCoy is shown on the TV screen in the bar, he wants to "round mutants up by the truckload" but in The Last Stand, he obviously wants mutants to fit in.

Correction: He was being sarcastic. He says "mabye it would be easier to round mutants up by the truckload" sarcasticly. If we could hear what he says afterwards we would probably hear him defending mutants as he is one.

Corrected entry: If Kurt didn't know who he was before he attacked the President, how did he know he did the angelic symbols himself?

Correction: The drug that Stryker used on him only caused short-term memory loss. He made the symbols before Stryker got hold of him.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Magneto asks John what his real name is, Wolverine wasn't there to hear it. However, at the end, when Rogue asks where John is, Wolverine says "Pyro?"

Correction: Wolverine could have been told Pyro's real name at any point.


Corrected entry: When Colossus opens the door to the hidden passage it opens to the horizontally to the left, but when John, Bobby, Rogue, and Wolverine escape the door closes vertically.

Correction: It's a different door. The mansion has multiple escape routes in case one is inaccessible.

Corrected entry: When Nightcrawler is attacking all the guards at the White House, after a guard says "Lock this place down", one of the guards lies flat on his back, yet in the following shot he is on his side.



Correction: He could have rolled over when the camera wasn't on him. It doesn't take that long to roll onto your side.

Corrected entry: When William Stryker is in the school and is walking towards Cerebro, there is a large metal box to the right of the screen against the wall, in the following shot a large door has appeared next to it, that wasn't in the previous shot.



Correction: There actually is a door there. It's just hidden in a recess like all the other doors.

Corrected entry: In the fight sequence between Hugh Jackman and Kelly Hu in the chamber where Stryker modified Logan, just after they both crash into the glass shelving, there is a shot where you can see the cable pulling Logan into the air.

Correction: Actually, what you see is one of Deathstrike's claws. It looks like a wire, but I watched it many times and it's definitely one of her claws.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, when the President is making his speech, he is interrupted by the X-Men led by Xavier who has stopped all the presidential staff so he can reveal info about Stryker to the President.This is all well and good but what all about the tens of thousands of Americans who will be watching? They will have seen all of Xavier's brief, unless he could stop that many people without seeing them, or know who to stop out of the entire country.

Correction: He or somebody from his crew could easily have switched off the cameras or interrupted the transmission in any other way (they are powerful enough). The people watching would just think that there was a problem with the transmission of the speech.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: The Terminator Connection: 1)The T-1000 in T2 can be summed up by the words 'Blades' and 'Imitation'. Here, Wolverine has the blades, and Mystique has the imitation. 2)Colossus forms a steel skin to avoid bullets, like a terminator's, and also resembles the T-1000 when he does so.

Correction: First of all, a Terminator does not form a steel skin to become bulletproof. Either they have organic skin (T 800-series), or they are all metal to begin with (T-1000 and T-X). Secondly, small similarities between movie characters do not necessarily mean they are connected or inspired by one another.


Corrected entry: If you have the DVD of X Men 2, in the scene where Rogue falls out of the jet, right after the shot where Bobby yells out "Rogue" the camera shot moves to Logan who Shouts "No" (If you have the DVD) slow the movie down by 1/2 or a 1/4 and as you watch, you will see Logan look strait into the camera as soon as he turns around.


Correction: When Logan turns and briefly glances toward the camera lens, it can be presumed that he is simply glancing at the area of the camera as if the camera is not there.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In the flashback of Wolverine running out of the Weapon X base he has his dog tag on, but it disappears as he runs out.



Correction: No it doesn't. If you look carefully just below the hair line, his dogtag chain is visible signifying he's still wearing his dogtags.


Corrected entry: When the X-Men's jet was about to crash and Magneto saves them by preventing the crash, how did he also know to repair the hole in the back of the jet? As the jet comes to a stop, the nose of the jet is facing Magneto.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Magneto's highly attuned to metals - as we see when he picks up on the metal in the guard's blood - and things constructed using them. When he took control of the plane, he sensed the disruption caused by the attack and bent the metal back into shape.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film, Magneto & Mystique are approaching the guarded Cerebro machine. There are around 8 guards, but when Magneto pulls all the pins out of their grenades, and then collects them into a pile, there are around 30 pins.

Correction: High chance that the guards carried more than just one grenade each.


Corrected entry: Magneto only escapes his prison by ripping the excess iron out of the guard's blood, which Mystique injected. There was an even better opportunity to escape earlier, when Miss Nagai came in and attacked Cyclops. Miss Nagai has an adamantium skeleton, just like Wolverine, and he could've easily ripped this metal out instead.

Correction: Indeed, and had he not been in the process of being gassed into unconsciousness at the time, he might have done that, but the whole gassing thing can really foul up your concentration. Besides, there's no evidence that Miss Oyama (please note the name) went any closer than the antechamber while he was still conscious - from the fact that they perform the scans there, it's fair to say that Magneto can't manipulate any metals in that room.

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Corrected entry: When the X-Men are running out of the dam, Ororo and Kurt are holding Professor X up. Kurt is on his left, and Ororo is on his right. In the next shot, they've switched spots. They could have stopped and swapped places, but that would have slowed everyone down considerably, so they probably didn't.

Correction: In every shot, Storm is on the Professor's right and Kurt, his left. The camera keeps moving from a back view to a front view, so Storm goes from the right side of the screen to the left but always stays on the Professor's right.


Corrected entry: When Cyclops goes to check if Jean Grey is alright after recovering from Stryker's mind control, we see him walk around and grab Jean before quickly assuring her that he is fine. Trouble is, we only see him walking to find her. Given their serious situation and his love for Jean, he would definitely have being moving much faster (running even).

Gavin Jackson

Correction: Given that he's just attacked her, rushing up to her would be the worst thing to do - far better to approach at a more measured pace, despite his concerns, to give her time to see that he's not being hostile, so that she doesn't lash out and fling him across the room again.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Xavier is being brainwashed into killing all the humans via Cerebro, there's a fly-through of the Cerebro map and all of the screaming people. Earlier you could see the outlines of the continents because of the people, but in this fly-through, Japan, Great Britain and Ireland are missing, even though they are not uninhabited.

Correction: Look at all the people we see when in Cerebro - can we see all their small details, such as their face? No, we can't. Compared to the size of the Earth's continents, Britain, Ireland, and Japan are only small, therefore they're not shown, as Cerebro isn't visually accurate.

Corrected entry: Obviously Jean has new powers is X2 and Cylops mentions Liberty Island to her in the museum scene. Now watching the Liberty Island scene again in X-Men 1 when Wolverine is trying to slice up Magneto's machine, you'll notice two things. 1. There is some sort of firey substance around Wolverine's hand. Possibly Jean helping him and not realising? 2. When the machine has been destroyed, Jean looks shocked/surprised at something. Possibly the display of power, or maybe the radiation having an effect on her?

Correction: If the comics are anything to judge by, the radiation is not the cause of her new power. In the comics, Jean is possessed (and revived) by a being known as Phoenix, which has phenomenal telepathic/telekinetic abilities. The fiery signature that occurs in X2 is obviously related to this, and foreshadowing the possible arrival of the entity. The radiation had nothing to do with it (especially as it's mentioned that it doesn't affect mutants).

Corrected entry: At the end of the first X-men movie, a chunk of Rogue's hair goes dead-white from the strain of operating Magneto's machine. In this movie, the chunk of hair is bigger is obviously bleached-out, not exactly white.

Correction: At the end of X-Men, Logan waves a hand towards Rogue and she says 'I kinda like it.' I imagine that the white hair probably faded a while after she got back to the mansion, but she continues to dye it because she likes it. Notice also 'We love what you've done with your hair.'

Corrected entry: When Storm and Jean are getting Nightcrawler from the church and he falls down, you can see him flipping over with his feet about to go over his head. Just as he is about to stop, he starts rolling the other way (evidence of a deleted harness).

Correction: Jean stops him from falling to the ground with her powers. When she saw that he was "spinning" she could have spun him back around to hold him in a better position so she and Storm can talk to him.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Nightcrawler tries to kill the President, the Agent who shoots him is lying on the floor right behind him. This means that Nightcrawler was shot in the back of the arm. But when Storm and Jean are cleaning his wound in the church, the bullet hole is more in the center of his arm.

Correction: In the church scene you can see it's not a hole but more of a deep scratch. The bullet didn't enter it just scratched the side of his arm. That's why the wound is there, not in the back of his arm.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie in the museum scene when everyone other than the mutants are stopped and frozen in time, look closely and you will see a young girl who slightly moves positions even though she is supposed to be completely still.

Correction: They are not frozen in time. Prof X took control of their minds so they would be unaware that any time had passed or that anything had happened. If someone needed to adjust for balance the professor would have allowed it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Logan was shot and the bullet pops out of his head, the slug is intact. Considering that his skull is adamantium, it should have been squashed flat from the impact.


Correction: The slug isnt completely intact, it's flattened somewhat just not completely. When a bullet is stopped by something it doesn't have to completely flatten.

Corrected entry: When Wolverine is shot in the head, his Adamantium skull blocks the bullet, which means he only has a simple flesh wound. Based on this and on how fast he heals from far worse injuries, it shouldn't have taken him so long to heal, and it shouldn't have knocked him out in the first place.

Correction: The wound doesn't heal as fast because the bullet is lodged in place - it's only once it's been worked loose that the healing can take place, and, as we see, this is exactly what happens. It's also reasonable that Logan should be knocked out - his brain is effectively encased in a metal casing, which has just been hit, at extremely high velocity, by another metallic object. It's like standing inside a bell when it rings - the vibrations are more than enough to make you dizzy - this would be far worse. The shockwaves running through his brain would be more than enough to knock him senseless.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Nightcrawler's bottom teeth change from straight to jagged throughout the movie when Storm and Jean are cleaning his wound in the church and he says "....here", they're straight but when he's 'hissing' at the President they're jagged.

Correction: At least in these two scenes, they're always jagged - it's more obvious when he opens his mouth wide, because they are contrasted against his throat, but even when his jaw is closed, the tips of his teeth are pointed.


Corrected entry: Many Dr. Pepper bottles can be seen in this movie. When the bully's cigarette explodes, he knocks over a table and a Dr. Pepper bottle spills. The obvious one where Bobby freezes it. When Logan is looking through Bobby's fridge.


Correction: This is simply product placement advertisement, and therefore not actual trivia.

Corrected entry: Logan takes a bullet to the head which knocks him out. The scene develops where the wound begins to heal (finally) and the slug pops out. Lead is a soft metal and adamantium is the hardest and indestructible. How did the slug lodge? There's not enough flesh in that spot to hold it in place.

Correction: It lodges for the same reason you can stick a coin to your forehead. I'm not quite sure what that reason is, but if it works for a coin being pressed by a hand, it would definitely work for a malleable bullet travelling at extremely high speeds.

Corrected entry: In the Oval Office at the end of the film, Professor Xavier uses his telepathy to freeze all the people in the room. When the shot switches to a front view of the X-Men, watch the frozen people in the background closely. They are all quite good at being perfectly still, except for a blonde woman who is blinking rapidly and breathing heavily.


Correction: He only freezes their consious minds. The unconsious part of the mind controls breathing, heartbeat, etc. Think about it. If nobody breathed while he froze everybody, they'd all be dead when they woke up.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the X-men's jet had just gotten hit by the missile, and Rogue is thrown from the plane, Nightcrawler warps out and grabs her, then warps back into the plane. Doesn't he later say in front of Cerebro that he can't warp to places he can't see? I don't think he possibly could have seen into the plane from below and behind it.

Correction: It's more that he has to know it's safe to warp to places (ie. know where walls and other objects are), than that he needs to have actual visual contact.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: In the end, when the President is visited by the X-Men, Professor X has stopped time, but right before he speaks, you can see a female journalist in back of him blink 3 times after the lightning stops.


Correction: The Prof. only froze their consious minds. The subconsious part of the mind controls things like breathing, blinking, heartbeats, ect.


Corrected entry: In the shot where the guard is holding the tray at the metal detector to take it to Magneto the drink in the glass is brown, but when he is walking up the tunnel the drink is green.

Correction: A simple lighting situation. Not a mistake, just the appearence of the drink altered by the intensity of the light in the scene. Brown and Green are often confused when situations like this occur.


Corrected entry: When Deathstrike and Wolverine are fighting in the end on the wire cage on top of the tank, watch the way she uses her 'claws'. When she stabs Wolverine in the back, her hand is clenched in a fist but her hand should be outstretched since the metal comes out of her fingers.

Correction: Watch the scene frame-by-frame and you will see that the hand is not clenched in a fist but outstretched like it should be.

Corrected entry: When Stryker stands in the Oval Office to talk about his plan for invading Xavier's school, you can see an 'X' behind him in the decor, just above the door.

Correction: This is not actually an addition for the film - the "X" exists as part of the decor in the real White House.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Nightcrawler is set up all through the movie as being a Catholic, using a rosary and so on, yet when he recites the 23rd Psalm, he recites the Protestant version and not the Catholic one.

Correction: There are not different versions for different religions, just different translations, he would recite the English version he was more familiar with. Since he was a native speaker of German, not English, he would have originally learned them all in German.

Corrected entry: Pyro says that the mutant gene is carried by males, yet Iceman's brother is not a mutant. This is impossible. If the mutant gene is carried by the father, then the gene must be on the Y chromosome. Refresher: Males; XY Females; XX. This means that the father must be a mutant as well unless something triggers the mutation in the fetus. Which also means if a child ends up being male, it will always get the father's Y chromosome, and the brother to Iceman must be a mutant also.

Correction: Every human being has an X gene, and males have a unique Y gene, so the mutant gene might as well be the father's X gene. Thus explaining the existance of female mutants. Maybe the females carry the gene, but what could be called an "inactive version" of it, reproduction-wise. There's also the much simpler explanation that Pyro was lying to wind up Bobby's father, who's already pretty uncomfortable with the idea that his son's a mutant.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When Nightcrawler is running down a long corridor, a guard is firing at him. Then Nightcrawler teleports and the guard stops firing for a moment. However, he resumes firing before Nightcrawler reappears and kicks him through a doorway.


Correction: The reason could be that the guard did that because he was scared and confused. He already knew Nightcrawler was a teleporter and he couldn't guess when and where he's going to appear again. So maybe what happened was that he saw Nightcrawler teleporting and stopped firing for a moment because he was shocked and then he started firing at the air again "just in case".

Corrected entry: After the gas is released in the plastic prison, Xavier turns around, reaches for the plastic doors and calls Scott. Right before he passes out you can see smear marks from his makeup on the door from a previous take.

Correction: It's not make up. His breath condensed on the plastic and was then smeared by his sweaty hand prior to being rubbed by his head.

Corrected entry: After the attack on Xavier's mansion we hear from one of the characters, possibly when Stryker's soldier reports back to him, that they have six children held captive. When we get towards the end of the film the camera makes it quite awkward to notice but there are only five children held captive. You can see this slightly clearer when Mystique is watching the CCTV cameras and when Nightcrawler tries to rescue them, as well as when they finally emerge from the base and are mostly in a line.

Correction: The camera angles do create an illusion, in that all six kids are only in frame for one shot. I could identify six different actors. It's difficult because Jubille and the other girl both have black hair and are wearing blankets.

Corrected entry: In the scene in which Xavier is being tricked into entering Cerebro II, we can see a soldier pushing Jason while in his wheelchair into Cerebro II. In the illusion, Xavier and the little girl(Jason) enter the room and have the door swiftly close on them. If Xavier was leading Jason(little girl) and the soldier then where did this soldier go after the door closed on them? Jason couldn't have kept on pushing himself forward without the soldiers help. In the next scene involving Cerebro II the soldier is gone.

Correction: At one point Stryker enters Cerebro II without disturbing the illusion, so it's highly possible that the soldier could leave without doing so as well.

Corrected entry: When the X-Men discover that Magneto has reversed Cerebro to target regular humans Cyclops goes to blast the door but Jean tells him not to as opening the door while the Professor is linked to it would kill him and everyone linked to him. So how come Magneto was able to open the door in the first place without killing all the mutants who were linked to the Professor?

Correction: Jean Grey does not tell Cyclops that OPENING the door in any way would kill everyone, only that BLASTING it open would kill everyone. Merely opening the door would likely not cause a problem. Not only this but Magneto doesn't use his powers to open the door. He uses his powers to turn off dark cerebro. That's why you hear whirring and the professor touching the panel and saying "That's strange." Then he uses his powers to open the door. He would know not to force the door open, it would break dark cerebro and ruin his chances to kill the human race.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Lady Deathstrike is fighting Wolverine, notice when Wolverine stabs her with both hands, you can see the wounds on her face healing almost completely, then they switch to Wolverine and back to Deathstrike, and her wounds are just starting to heal.

Correction: There is only one wound just begining to heal when it cuts back, it was the thickest and deepest before they started so it should be the last to finish.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Professor X and the "little girl" are about to enter Cerebro (at the X door), the little girl's eyes are the same colour. The rest of the movie she has a blue and green eye.

Correction: According to the book the professor saw the girl as having two blue eyes until they got into Cerebro, presumably when the inhibitor was removed.The earlier shots show two different colors to let the audience know what is going on, then the shot of her outside Cerebro to show us why the professor hadn't caught on.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wolverine sniffs out a beer in Bobby Drakes house, you see that when he opens the fridge, his beard joins from each sideburn all the way around and under his chin. But when they cut to him taking a swig of the beer, you see that the hair from under his chin is shaven like his top lip and the front of his chin.


Correction: Wolverine's facial hair stays consistant throughout the entire movie. It's just that when you see his chin from below it is being darkened by shadow.

Corrected entry: When Xavier is captured by William Stryker, Stryker puts a 'neural inhibitor' on him. Jason then begins doing his mind control on Xavier, causing him to enter Cerebro. When he enters Cerebro, the 'neural inhibitor' is gone.

Correction: Since the neural inhibitor would have to be removed so Xavier can use Cerebro, Stryker most likely gave the soldier that pushes Jason orders to remove the inhibitor at some point before Xavier enters Cerebro. Once the illusion was established firmly enough, it probably wasn't needed.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie, when the renegade colonel is in the oval office, he looms over the President and says that when the president was still very young, he, the colonel, was flying Blackhawks over Vietnam. The UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter wasn't added to the military inventory until the 1985-1989 timeframe, and the Vietnam War ended in 1975.

Correction: He said Black-Ops not Blackhawks. It is a type of mission not vehicle.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Magneto is pulling the metal out of the guard's blood, how come the guard remains still in the air? The metal would exert a force on the body when being pulled through the skin and out, and would pull the guard towards him. Since Magneto can only control metal, he could not push the guard backwards in any way.

Correction: Magneto could have left some of the metal inside the guard. If he pulled particles of metal away from each other, it's believable that he could do so in such a way that the ones he left stationary stayed inside the guard while the ones he pulled towards him passed through his skin.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the military is raiding the mansion Wolverine gets seriously angry and starts stabbing the men. During this whole sequence he never has any blood on his claws.

Correction: The military officers were wearing several layers of clothes and a bullet proof vest, enough fiber to absorb the blood from the claws, so they came out cleanly.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stryker enters the fake Cerebro to give his final instructions to Xavier, he punches a code in a nearby panel to open the double doors. But in an earlier scene the Professor enters the same room and there is no one anywhere near the panel to open it (the guard was behind Jason's chair, and couldn't have got to the panel in time). With no real retinal scanner (it was only an illusion created by Jason), how did those doors open?

Correction: Stryker possibly would have had more than one guard escort Xavier and Jason or already had them at the door to assit. Jason would then have projected the illusion of the retinal scanner to coincde with a guard punching the code in.

Corrected entry: All Storm's previous appearances suggest that, although she can control the weather, she can't make weather effects appear in places where they couldn't normally occur (for example, in the first film, she couldn't just shoot Toad with a lightning bolt while he was in the building; she had to blow him out of the building so he'd be exposed to the sky). So how can she create a snowstorm inside Cerebro 2, deep underground and protected from the elements?

Moose Premium member

Correction: Actually, the reason Storm could not or did not make a lightning bolt to fry Toad inside the Statue of Liberty is because the Statue is composed of copper, an electricity conductor, and she knew it. If she had caused a lightning bolt,it would have sent electricity throughout the entire structure and fry anyone in contact with the shell of the statue. If you listen to the earlier dialogue, Cyclops tells her to fry Magneto, but Magneto says something about a bolt of electricity and a big metal conductor.

Corrected entry: When the missile from the fighter jet strikes the Blackbird, it hits and explodes at the back of the jet above the engines. However, the damage is shown internally in the rear ceiling of the cabin which Rogue gets sucked out of. Later external shots show this as well.

Correction: The missile doesn't actually hit the jet. If you watch closely, Jean manages to deflect it upward at the last second (or the jet dives down) and it explodes above the jet, tearing the hole at the rear of the cabin.

Corrected entry: In the scenes shot in upstate New York / Boston, the weather is warm and sunny, probably either summer or early autumn. But in the scenes portraying the post in the BC Rockies, it is the dead of winter, with tonnes of ice and snow. Although the two climates are very different, the difference is far too drastic. If it were early fall in Boston, there would possibly be frost up in the northern Rockies, but not full out winter.

Correction: Actually, there is lots of snow in the mountains in northern parts of BC in early fall. In Fort St. John for example, they can get snow in July (it usually doesn't stay though) and they're not even in the mountains. Even in southern BC, some of the mountains have glaciers year-round.

Corrected entry: In the bar scene where Mystique meets with the prison guard the TV is on and you can hear it. When the guard tells the bar tender to turn it off the bartender just changes channels. After Mystique carries the beers over to the guard to talk to him you can still hear the TV, but if you look you'll see that it's been turned off.

Correction: In some bars and restaurants they have more than one TV all set on different channels. the TV noise heard in the background could be from another TV in another part of the bar not visible on screen.

Corrected entry: When the dam starts to break apart at the top the water shoots straight out. This is physically impossible. As any engineer knows the water pressure is highest at the bottom part of the dam and very low at the top. The water should have been just pouring out not shooting out.

Correction: Water pressure builds very rapidly and the dam is BIG. For each 10 meters the pressure is an additional atmosphere and that is more than enough to make water shoot out.

Corrected entry: Given how Mystique can apparently infiltrate any place with her shapeshifting abilities and other talents, why didn't she just free Magneto herself by impersonating the guard, rather than this convolute plan involving injecting him with iron? Or better yet, since Magneto is allowed guests, why not impersonate Xavier?

Correction: Mystique would have needed a pretty good pretext to get him out, regardless of who she pretended to be, and still couldn't have taken anything in that might have aided his escape. Hiding metal in an unsuspecting guard is far more effective, especially since the area would have been locked down as soon as the escape became apparent.


Corrected entry: Stryker says that the Mutant School is in Upstate New York, but when they show a close up of the sign on front gate of the school, its says Westchester County. Westchester County is not in upstate New York.

Correction: Speaking as a resident of Upstate New York, trust me. When you tell anybody outside of the state that you're from "New York", everyone assumes you mean New York City. Therefore, EVERYTHING is considered upstate.

Corrected entry: Think that maybe professor X would wisen up in securing Cerebro. It's obvious from the first movie that the eye scan isn't effective (especially because some one like Mystique can change her eyes, and she's still out there) yet he obviously did nothing because Stryker gains access with his machine. You'd think that he might do something simple like, I dont know, password protect it like the government files that Mystique couldn't access.

Correction: According to interviews, only three weeks lapsed between the two movies. It's believable that he simply didn't get around to it in that time.

Corrected entry: When the F-16's fire missiles at the Blackbird, Jean diverts one and the other hits them. Why does such a sophisticated aircraft not have something so simple as chaff (radar missile decoy) and flare (infared missile decoy) dipensers? No ECM generators either.

Correction: The jet is a transportation vehicle only, not a military-style aircraft. Just because it has the advance radar & electronic equipment to see they are being targetted etc, does not mean that it has to have the evasion equipment that is standard on a military jet.

Corrected entry: At the little campfire, why was Magneto able to sense Nightcrawler in the tree? Wouldn't it be Jean Grey who would first notice?

Correction: Yes, but Jean isn't likely to care if the conversation is overheard by somebody else that's on her side, so she wouldn't have said anything.

Corrected entry: When Bobby freezes the coffee in the cup, he manages to defy physics and prevent the frozen liquid from expanding at the same time.

Correction: Water expands due to the slow freezing process, allowing gaps to form between the water crystals. Iceman's power allows him to instantly freeze things - no time for gaps to form. SO he does not contradict the laws, he just does it so fast that no gaps form. This can be done with a deep cryo chamber in a lab.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wolverine is fighting Lady Deathstrike, he claws the metal railing. Only one piece falls out. Wolverene has three claws on each hand, so shouldn't two pieces fall out? The one piece that's cut out doesn't have any mark on it from his middle claw either...

Correction: The sequence was very fast. If you download the trailer with clips from the fight, you can slow it down and you'll see the pieces fall apart into 2 pieces. Thus indicating that he did slice them.

Corrected entry: In the fight scene between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike, she manages to cut him up pretty bad and puncture his back many times with her claws. Yet in the scenes following the fight his clothes are in perfect condition and they contain no blood. I know he can heal himself, but are his clothes self healing too?

Correction: This isn't so much a movie/comic discrepancy as it is a question that's answered within the comics. The X-Men's uniforms are made of Unstable Molecules, a material invented by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four that works in conjunction with the wearer's powers. (Unstable Molecules are the reason that the Human Torch's costume doesn't burn up when he flames on.) They do, indeed, "heal" shortly after a battle. We also actually do see Wolverine's costume quite torn up as he is outdoors talking to Stryker the final time. The cuts are very long and thin, and would be hard to notice in the darkness of the base's interior.

Corrected entry: When Mystique (as Jean Gray) tries to have sex with Wolverine, he notices the scars from when he stabbed her at Liberty Island. If Mystique is really capable of duplicating other people according to height, weight, voice, etc., shouldn't she have been able to hide those scars?

Correction: Yes, but there is another explanation as well. She wants to give away that she is NOT Jean. In a way she wants to be found out, but hopes that he will have sex with her anyway. Love makes you do crazy things, and believe crazy things as well. There is a story in the comics where Wolverine has sex with a disguised Mystique, she thinks she decieved him but he claims he knew all along because of his senses - this could be the movie equivalent.

Corrected entry: When Nightcrawler is first seen in the White House his face is flesh coloured (makeup, no doubt). As soon as he starts kicking ass, it's blue.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: When he peeks through the door and pounces across the floor towards a guard, you can see that the white/flesh is sweating off. There are streaks in it with blue showing through.

Corrected entry: When Stryker unchains himself from the chopper, he gets up just before Xavier attacks all humans, he then collapses in front of the chopper. When Magneto and Mystique show up Stryker is sitting leaning up next to the wheel with the chain looped over him. He might have sat up somehow, but why would he have looped the chain over himself again?

Correction: Stryker isn't chained when Magneto & Mystique came to the chopper.

Corrected entry: Mystique injects the security guard with a liquid metal which is later revealed to be iron. Regardless of whether it's suspended in liquid, molten, or anything else, enough iron to make 3 decent sized ball-bearings, injected into the body, would kill you.

Correction: When Magneto says he must have too much iron in his blood, this is meant as a pun. The liquid is not iron but resembles mercury or something similar. Since they already have one made up metal alloy in the movie (adamentium) it is possible to have another. This one would stay in liquid form and not be harmful to the human body and be able to pass a security scan.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jean Gray is outside the X-jet diverting water from the burst dam, there is a shot of Storm and Nightcrawler inside the jet. Look at Nightcrawler closely - you can see that he does not have his yellow contact lenses in, in the next shot they are back.

Correction: Sometimes you might think that he hasn't got them because he doesn't look straight into the camera or the scenes switch so fast.

Corrected entry: When Stryker is visiting Magneto in his cell he appears to be wearing metal-framed glasses.

Correction: It's next to impossible to tell if they're metal or not. But you have to give Stryker the benefit of the doubt, considering that he is the person who built the plastic cell in the first place, and he'd surely know better than to use metal frames.

Corrected entry: In the scene when they find nightcrawler in the church, he turns away from them and they see the drug circle on the back of his neck. he touches it with his fingers and his fingernails are yellow. however, later on, in the jet and also when he is talking to Storm, his fingernails are blue like the rest of his body

Correction: His fingernails are still yellow when he is in the jet. The light's not as bright.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the police have arrived at the Drake residence and are ordering Pyro to "get down" after shooting Wolverine, Pyro decides to take matters into his own hands by firing flame first at one officer THEN at the other. The officers obviously have itchy trigger fingers and good aim (judging by how quickly and accurately they pegged Wolverine in the head), so wouldn't it stand to reason that the female officer would have shot Pyro while he was "flaming" the male officer?

Correction: They won't because they are taken by surprise and they freeze. It's a very abnormal situation for the officers. They are maybe very well trained, but they are definitively not trained for such a situation.

Corrected entry: In the climatic finale where Jean Grey left the X-men jet to stop the water from the dam, would it not be easier and more logical to have Ice Man create a wall of ice and Jean Grey to just lift the ship away?

Correction: Ice Man is still a young mutant, probably he doesn't have full control over his powers yet. Sitting in a plane with a huge flood on the way might disturb the young boy so that he is unable to concentrate enough to use his powers, let alone think about how he can use them.

Corrected entry: During the movie, Xavier is just barely stopped from killing the entire human race unintentionally. However, he does manage to put the humans in a temporary state giving them seizure-like symptoms. Now, what the movie doesn't mention is; wouldn't there be millions dead already? I mean, so many people would have died from things where you need FULL consciousness, like driving, swimming, flying. Plus the old and infirm, who probably couldn't have withstood an onslaught like that.

Correction: When the camera is panning through what is happening in cerebro you can see many humans who are gripping their heads in pain, and then all of a sudden vanish, meaning that alot of people did die because of what happened. Also when the President is preparing for his speach he says something about the attack which nearly annihilated our way of life, which again shows that many people died.

Corrected entry: We're told in the first film that the X-jet is stealthy - invisible to radar, etc. If that's the case, how on earth did 2 F-16s manage to track it down and get a lock on it?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: The police told the air base about after they left, and the pilots found it with their eyes. It may be fast, but something as big as the Blackbird is pretty noticable.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Nightcrawler is attacking the president and the secrect service agents, he is seen "jumping" from room to room with the doors closed. Later in the movie Nightcrawler confirms himself that he has to see the place he needs to "jump" into and cannot do it blindly or he may end up in a wall.

Correction: But at the time he wasn't under his own control - Stryker was controlling him, and he probably didn't care if he ended up teleporting Nightcrawler into a wall. Plus of course, Stryker has been to the White House before, so knows the layout. Also, if you watch carefully, Nightcrawler knocks most of the doors off of their hinges, allowing him to get a clear view of the rooms.

Corrected entry: The sign at the gates of the Alkali Lake complex says that it was run by the Department of Natural Resources. The complex was a Federally run facility in Canada, so the sign should be in both English AND French.

Correction: Not really true. There tends to be less and less French the further west you go. Quebec has no English but Ontario has both etc. Also, how old is this base? We haven't always had the language laws we have now.

Corrected entry: When Cyclops was helping Jean Grey get on the jet to flee before the dam burst, you can see that Jean Grey is running with BOTH feet, and not limping on one foot as she supposedly "broke/sprained" her leg earlier.

Correction: It has to do with the apparent jump in her mutant abilities. Once Cyclops helps her into the jet she refuses his help when he tries to continue caring for her. With an odd look on her face, she mentions that she's fine then later runs outside and does battle with the tidal wave. She's flipping switches, lifting the jet, holding Nightcrawler inside, pushing back the wave, and controlling the flight-stick all at the same time. I think that once she knew what she was going to do she used her own "TK" powers to get her act together. Why would a woman that can lift and hold things with her mind need some dude or crutches for that matter, to lean on. She held herself together, literally.

Corrected entry: The supposedly claustrophobic Storm is often seen gallavanting about in narrow hallways, corridors, tunnels, and a tent. Heck, even the Blackbird Jet seems pretty cramped. As this is not mentioned in either movie, it wouldn't be a problem EXCEPT THAT on the X2 website, "claustrophobia" is listed as a weakness in Ororo's profile. As this obviously refers to "movie-Storm," the on-screen incarnation SHOULD fear enclosed spaces.

Correction: As someone who also suffers from claustrophobia, I can be pretty sure when I say that each situation would have been within the comfort level. For example: The blackbird was cramped, but spacious enough so as not to suffocate her. The corridors were tight, but wide enough for a number of people to walk in at a time. You never see her tent, but most likely she left the flap open (that's what I do).

Corrected entry: When the X-jet is crashing, Magneto just happens to be at the place it's falling down? Talk about luck!

Correction: Not luck, just Magento's great thinking and planning. He figured that the jet would return to the mansion, and it was. He probably noticed the battle and knew the X-Jet was damaged. It was already on it's way down, Magneto just used his ability to control metal to bring it towards him. It did not fall to him, he pulled it.

Corrected entry: When Wolverine is talking to Bobby in the kitchen, after Wolverine has got Bobby to freeze his Dr. Pepper for him, there is a shot from behind Wolverine's shoulder asking Bobby a question. But while he's doing that, at the same time he's drinking from his soda bottle.

Mark Cuss

Correction: Yes, but he finishes the question just as the bottle reaches his lips and we hear moving liquid. Possibly cutting it a bit fine and risking spillage, but hey, he's Wolverine...

Corrected entry: When Bobby freezes the coffee in the cup, he manages to defy physics and prevent the frozen liquid from expanding at the same time.

Correction: Speaking as an ex-chemistry teacher: water is really weird. It expands if you cool it to the freezing point OR IF YOU HEAT IT. That is, the frozen tea, and the very hot tea, might be the same amount LARGER than lukewarm tea. It's perfectly plausible that hot tea could occupy the same volume as frozen tea, although I haven't checked the coefficient of thermal expansion for tea to be sure.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wolverine meets Stryker for the first time (in the mansion), there are obvious blood stains on his shoulders and face. That's impossible seeing that he has healing abilities and can heal without leaving any visible marks or bloodstains (ie. the bullet that hit him straight in the forehead).

Correction: His wounds heal, but the blood stays. The blood is still there, when his bullet wound heals.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the Professor is waking up from being captured, watch the "neural inhibitor" he is wearing. Some times it has blue neon lights, some times the lights are absent.

Correction: The lights are on the inside of the device so the angle of the camera caused them to be blocked out at times by the device itself.

Corrected entry: Xavier's school has all the technology that money can buy... except for an alarm system? How many mansions wouldn't have security systems to protect against burglary? And how many secret superhero training facilities wouldn't have security systems to alert them to possible enemy attacks? It's utterly implausible that Stryker could have infiltrated that mansion without a single alarm going off.

Correction: Due to the fact that it seems people are always moving around and coming and going at the mansion, false alarms would be frequent enough to not arm it. Also since they had the blueprints to the mansion they also probably had schematics to any security system and the advanced team would be able to defeat or circumvent it.

Corrected entry: With regards to the Department of Nartural Resources sign at Alkali Lake - Canada doesn't have a Department of Natural Resources, they have a Ministry of Natural Resources.

Correction: There is in fact a Department of Natural Resources in Canada. The official web site is http://www.cfl.forestry.ca/CFL-LFC/who_we_are/role_nrcan.html

Corrected entry: We see Magneto pulls the pins out of the security guards grenades, however, a real grenade would not explode if this happened. The handle, called the spoon, has to be released from the grenade first. (This is to ensure that the grenade does not explode until it leaves the thrower's hand after the pin is pulled.) The spoons of the grenades on the guards appear to be held down by the loops holding them in place, and we never see the spoons come off or hear them hit the floor.

Correction: Actually... if you watch closely, the scene cuts between angles pretty quickly, you will see the handle (spoon) pop off on some of them after the pins are pulled.

Corrected entry: Early in the movie when Logan is at the 'abandoned' military base, watch his hair and eye brows. The style of both changes significantly between the first shots and the later shots. This is because they had to film the later part of the scene towards the end of filming, when his appearance had been changed considerably, mostly because he was in the middle of shooting Van Helsing, which will be released in 2004.


Correction: Duplicated.

Corrected entry: If Stryker is a US Army Special Ops officer, what the heck is he doing in Canada developing the Weapon X Project on a Canadian citizen (Logan)? Does the US now sanction the use of their officers in foreign scientific espionage?

Correction: It's explained in the comics that the Weapon X project involves many different countries, USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, and numerous others that haven't been divulged yet.

Corrected entry: Why bother creating a new cerebro? Stryker took over the mansion, gained access to Cerebro, and could have just brought his son Jason and Professor X to the mansion.

Correction: The US Government knows he has taken over the mansion. If he carried out his operation from there, then they'd know who killed or tried to kill all the mutants. That could start a war between the humans over the mutants' death.

Corrected entry: Iceman's parents are told that the mutant gene is passed from father to son. This is a contradiction in terms; mutation, by definition, means some change that occurs in the genes AFTER they have been combined from the mother and father.

Moose Premium member

Correction: However once the mutation has taken place it can THEN be passed on.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the X-men appear in the White House when the president is about to adress the nation, Storm is controlling the weather but when the X-men appear for the first time, her eyes are still their normal brown.

Correction: Storm isn't controlling the weather the whole time - she set up the storm, which could stay on its own, then they appear in the office, then they disappear and Storm calms down the weather.

Corrected entry: One supposes the Professor could pronounce his last name any way he'd like, but not only is it pronounced Za-vier in the dictionary, there isn't a single word in English beginning with X that is pronounced "eggs" as the "eggs-avier" in the movie. Its always like "z".

Correction: The X-Men 1.5 DVD has Hugh Jackman's first reading, and Bryan Singer (reading Jean Grey) pronounces Xavier's name correctly, ie. Za-vier. This suggests that the decision to pronounce the name the way they finally did was deliberate, perhaps to emphasise the fact it starts with an 'X'.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Nightcrawler is about to kill the President pay attention to the knife. When Nightcrawler gets shot in the arm he drops the knife and it leaves a mark on the right side of the desk from the President's point of view. After the attack when Striker says "That was really close" the mark is on the left side of the desk from the President's point of view when he was laying his back on it earlier.

Correction: Pay closer attention. When Nightcrawler drops the knife it lands in a leather section of the desk (there are 3 of them). When Stryker looks at the mark left bt the knife you can only tell that it landed close to the left edge of one of the leather sections, exactly the same spot it was dropped by Nightcrawler.

Corrected entry: When Professor X asks Wolverine to put out his cigar while in Cerebro, he looks around, and finding no other alternative, stubs it out on the palm of his hand, causing him obvious discomfort. It's not like there's anyone else around to show off to, so why not just stub it out the sole of his boot? Some people say Professor X made him do it, but it's hardly in his nature to deliberately cause someone else pain, even if he'd heal from it quickly.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Correction: It was done to show the audience his mutant power of quick healing.

Corrected entry: When Logan returns from Alkalai Lake in the beginning, Jean tells him that she and Storm are taking the jet up to Boston to pick something up (Nightcrawler). But Xavier doesn't know yet that Nightcrawler is in Boston; he doesn't track him to Boston until a subsequent scene.

Correction: While he doesn't know Nightcrawler's exact location, it's entirely possible Xavier knew Nightcrawler was just in the general area of Boston. He could have sent Storm and Jean the exact coordinates as soon as he found them.

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Policeman: Put the knives down!
Wolverine: I can't.



In the end, when the President is visited by the X-Men, he receives a blue binder, which is laid in front of him on the table. When they have left, you see a shot including the President's desk, and you can see that the only thing he has on the table are some sheets of paper, stapled in the upper left corner, opened up. Then the shot changes to a close-up of the President, and then back again, and you see the blue binder in front of him, closed, and the papers have disappeared.



During the scene in the bar with Mystique and the prison guard the person on the TV is called Dr. Hank McCoy, this is the real name of X-Man The Beast.