The Hunted

Continuity mistake: When Tommy Lee Jones is reading the letter at the end of the movie, there is no signs of scar tissue on his hand, even tough he was cut there during his last fight with Benicio Del Toro.

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Continuity mistake: When Benicio Del Toro is smashing into all the cars in the traffic jam, he does some major damage to the hood. Later, when investigators examine the abandoned car, the hood isn't bent or damaged at all.


Continuity mistake: When Tommy Lee Jones is pursuing Benicio Del Toro under the city his shirt is wet almost all the way to his trousers, when he gets out of the hole its wet only on the top of his back


Continuity mistake: As Aaron Hallam is leaving his girlfriend's house, he steals her car and races off as fast as possible. He easily passes LT Bonham. However a moment later LT is even with the car again.


Continuity mistake: In the short aerial shot of Hallam and Bonham climbing up the bridge there is no train on the bridge below them.



Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Tommy Lee Jones is hanging upside-down over the raging river, he pulls the wooden stake out of his leg. Blood starts gushing out and it leaves a pretty big hole in his thigh. Yet during his end fight with Del Toro, there is no marks on either thigh.


Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, when Del Toro gets stuck in traffic, the car behind him stops just a few centimeters before. But when he decides to make room using his car, suddenly the car behind him is a few feet back, providing him with adequate space to drive in reverse


Continuity mistake: The colouring of the wolf's paw varies. When Tommy Lee Jones is tracking it, the paw is black. When the snare is being removed, it is pink with blood, and when the wolf is finally running away, the paw is white.



Continuity mistake: When Bonham follows Hallam down the river he is seen walking on the right bank. In the next shot he is walking on the left bank. (One could assume that he is going back and forth, but that would be very counterproductive on the hunt for someone who is swimming down a fast-flowing river).



Continuity mistake: In the scene where they visit the girlfriend, Connie Nielsen has straightened her hair and changed her clothes. Suddenly they are in the girlfriend's attic looking at the safe that was just mentioned in a previous scene, and she has wet curly hair and a wet-shirt on.


Continuity mistake: When Tommy Lee Jones is pursuing Benicio Del Toro in the river, he gets very wet. In the next shot his hair and clothes are dry and clean.

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Continuity mistake: When Bonham steps into Hallam's trap and goes down the cliff doing a bungee jump there are huge trees right next to the trap. Seen from below there are no trees.



Continuity mistake: The letter giving the Department of Defense jurisdiction over Hallam is dated March 5 2001. The caption about 12 minutes into the film ("Silver Falls, Oregon, 2003") sets it in 2003.



Continuity mistake: When Hallam goes after the two deer hunters he throws a knife into a small tree. When Bonham looks at the hole later it's much too wide, as if the wood had been carved out.

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Continuity mistake: During the first fight between Bonham and Hallam the dirt on both their faces keeps changing and is almost gone by the time the fight is over.



Continuity mistake: When Bonham follows Hallam through downtown Portland, shortly before Hallam hides behind the Budget truck, Bonham overtakes a blond lady in a rather unbecoming black-and-white sweater twice.



Continuity mistake: When Bonham finds Hallam in his girlfriend's house the right shutter of the window is higher. When Hallam dives through the window the right shutter is lower.



Continuity mistake: Hallam hops from the roof of the train on to the steel construction of the bridge. He is seen climbing up a curved, flat beam, but when the camera angle changes he is running up stairs with a railing. In a later areal shot the curved beam isn't there.



Continuity mistake: When Abby Durrell interrogates Hallam the position of the water glasses on the table changes from one shot to the next.



Continuity mistake: When the truck crashes after the tunnel the lanes are separated by two continuous markings. When we see the truck again during the TV coverage there are no markings, and there is a parking area next to the road that hadn't been there before.

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Continuity mistake: When Bonham searches Hallam's cave hideout and finds the bible, all of a sudden smoke is coming out from under some rubble.



Continuity mistake: When Hallam hides behind a Budget truck Bonham loses him for a moment. He stands there looking around, and while he does that he gets transferred from a completely built-up area to a park where he can spot tracks in the lawn (somehow identifiable as Hallam's).



Continuity mistake: When the FBI agent tries to persuade Bonham to help with the deer hunter case he puts some material in a briefcase on the table in front of him. Bonham refuses and pushes the briefcase back, the agent insists and puts it in front of Bonham again, but a wider shot shows it still lying right in front of the agent.



Continuity mistake: Shortly before Hallam leaves the basement he is seen running along in a black shirt and without a helmet, with Bonham on his heels. From one shot to the next he is wearing a thick brown jacket and a red helmet, not anything he would put on running along to facilitate his escape.



Continuity mistake: When Benicio Del Toro is questioned by the lady after he was caught for the first time, she is sitting at the right from him. The next shot she's sitting at the left. It can't be a reflection issue - both times we see Abby Durrell on Hallam's right or left we also see reflections of Van Zandt and Bonham in the window, indicating that both times we look THROUGH the one-way mirror. Van Zandt and Bonham wouldn't be visible in a reflection inside the interrogation room.


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