Old School

Mitch (Wilson), Frank (Ferrell) and Beanie's (Vaughn) fraternity competes in the Academic Review. They all pass except for Blue who died a week before. Blue's score of zero brought back all their scores, making them fail. A brief confrontation between Mitch, Frank and Dean Pritchard AKA Cheese (Piven) leads to Megan Wang(the girl who the Dean bribed earlier) presenting a recording of the bribe to them. The Dean then runs, being chased by Frank. They struggle in the middle of a class, and Frank manages to get the tape. Dean Pritchard gets fired and his house becomes the new fraternity house. Frank also runs the college radio station. During the credits, The Dean gets crushed by a guy who drives his car off a bridge, Blue is in heaven playing the piano, Beanie is being controlling by his wife during a soccer match, and Frank shares a brief chat with Heidi (Lewis). Frank the Tank comes back.

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When Mitch, Frank, and Beanie decide that they are going to have a party they say the party is on a Friday night. When they show the outside of Mitch's house you see the sign for the party and it says the party is on Thursday at 9:00. Then when Frank talks to the guys with the beer bong he says that tomorrow he has a nice Saturday planned. If the sign is right then he would have a pretty nice Friday.



The man that shows up at the door to ask about the orgy, is the director of the movie: Todd Phillips.