Audio problem: In the motel, the police are unnerved by a giant, deadly moth-creature banging against the window panes, and they open fire with everything they've got at a range of about ten feet. Strangely, we only hear gunfire sound effects when the camera is looking directly at the police officers firing their weapons. When the camera repeatedly cuts to close-ups of the window (to show the ongoing damage), there are no gunfire sound effects, even though we see and hear the window still popping and shattering under the hail of bullets. This same, awkward, delayed-gunfire sound editing occurs elsewhere throughout the film, as well.

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When the main characters are in the motel and they hear the moth flying outside the window, Stu, the creepy deputy with the glasses, picks up a shot gun and racks a round into the chamber. In the next shot of all of people firing at the moth through the window, Stu is now holding his revolver and fires with it. When he runs of out ammo with the revolver he picks up the shotgun again and before firing racks the pump again. Since he already did that the gun should have ejected the unfired shell that was already in the chamber from earlier, but no shell is ejected.