Gangs of New York

Other mistake: Towards the end of the movie, when the mobs are breaking into stores/houses, the police come to try and stop them. The mob starts to throw rocks at the police. You can see one of these rocks, which look like they should be heavy, bounce right off of one of the officers' heads, and just bounce around as it hits the ground, like it weighs nothing at all. (02:14:30)

Other mistake: When Bill, Amsterdam and Tweed are standing on the docks, Bill mentions his father died in battle in 1814, 49 years before the movie takes place. Later, Bill tells Amsterdam that he's 47 years old. That means Bill's father died before he could have been conceived.

Other mistake: In the sequence where the "Natives" celebrate the 16th Anniversary of their victory over the "Dead Rabbits," we can see that the year is 1863 while the battle shown in the beginning of the movie happens in 1846. Shouldn't they have been celebrating 17th anniversary instead of a 16th?

Other mistake: When Mulraney tries to kill Amsterdam and Amsterdam grabs him from behind there is no way that he would just have put his arms around his neck and not neutralized the gun first. Luckily Mulraney was kind enough to shoot into the air and then drop the gun. (01:53:25)


Other mistake: In the scene where Jenny is showing Amsterdam the advertisement for the ship (the Commodore) leaving for San Francisco, the movie makers made a misprint on the card. On the sail of the ship it says "Randolph M. Cooley - 118 Wall St". In the low right corner of the card, the address is "Randolph M. Cooley - 118 Water St. - Cor. Wall" (corner of Wall St.). (01:49:00)

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Bill: You see this knife? I'm gonna teach you to speak English with this fucking knife!



In one scene where Bill is in the Mayor's office, the mayor is sitting behind his desk and holding a bunch of papers, and on the upper right hand corner of the papers is a paper clip. Paperclips were not invented until 1899.



At the end of the film you see two gravestones, "Priest" Vallon and William Cutting. Behind them is a river, with a view of lower Manhattan after that. You see a bridge being built, and the city growing and changing. The two men had to have been buried in Brooklyn, rather than Manhattan for this view.