Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Corrected entry: The TX cuts through the particle accelerator with its inbuilt saw, but the machine was on. This was trapping it and the liquid metal, making it unable to move. Somehow it is able to activate the saw without that too being caught by the magnetic field. Not to mention it was able to hold the entire saw completely steady while activating it.

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Correction: It was still activated so it should be able to use its tools still. Could be the saw was mostly made up of titanium or aluminum which is not (or hardly) affected by the magnetic field of the accelerator and thus still usable.


Corrected entry: As the Terminator cuts open his skin to get the damaged fuel cell out, the initial incision spot changes a couple of times, as does the position of where he's cutting. One moment, it's mid-upper sternum, the next, mid-right pectoral, much too fast between cuts, even though he is a cyborg. He has to take care not to damage vital operating systems. (00:40:40)

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Correction: During the scene, the terminator pulls out the knife as he's cutting, then continues to cut in other areas. They cut away and show John Connor talking for a little bit, then they show the finished result as he pulls away the cut off skin. Everything stays consistent throughout the scene.


Corrected entry: Why did the T-850 hesitate to shoot the T-X with the grenade launcher before the T-X fatally shoots Brewster? There's no reason why he would hesitate after he shoots her with the automatic weapon since the T-X had already fallen, only to get back up slowly ready to attack again, especially when he already knows that Brewster is one of her targets. This could have been explained if he had been distracted, but he was not.


Correction: This is a question, not a mistake. The answer is they're basically walking computers, and can only follow their programming. A computer only "knows" what it's program is, and can't think for itself.


Corrected entry: When John breaks into the animal clinic, he gets shot with his own "paintball gun. A real paintball gun is easily 4 or 5 times the size of a real handgun, and could never be disguised as the 9mm model shown. A real paintball gun requires a large co2 cartridge, and the paintballs fired are around the size of a quarter, much larger than 9mm. Even though some paintball cartridges are made that can be fired from conventional firearms for training purposes, the guns still need extensive and noticeable modifications, which his gun doesn't have. (00:19:20)


Correction: It's merely Katherine Brewster not knowing the technically correct word for the gun. A BB [airsoft] gun with "splatter bullets" would look like a real gun, and still have the paint bullets that would work as they do in the movie. A lot of people call hardball guns paintball guns by mistake, especially if they never actually use either.

Corrected entry: Skynet exists. It is a Belgian Internet provider, a spin-off of the former national phone company.

Correction: You mean 'a business' named 'Skynet' that has no connection to the movie entity at all exists. This isn't trivia at all. This is like saying: "John Connor is a real person. He is a dishwasher at the Denny's I work at".

Corrected entry: In the government facility, the backfire from the flying terminator's boosters would have at least singed JC's & KB's hair while flying over them.

Correction: Assuming the exhaust from the proto hunter killer is hot and not cold like the down draft from a helicopter.

Corrected entry: This is one shot that is in all 3 movies. When Arnold gets on a motorcycle there is a shot of his foot. As the shot continues you see the camera pan up as Arnold turns around on the bike. (00:30:40)

Correction: This is a very obvious gimmick and shouldn't be considered trivia.

Corrected entry: At the pet clinic, John escapes the cage and runs out in the hall, only to find a terminator. John asks the terminator if it is there to kill him. It seems like a waste of breath as no evil terminator gives a second thought about killing. Had the machine been a bad terminator, can't it be assumed he would have fired the shotgun at him sometime during that walk toward him?

Correction: John can hardly be blamed for wanting to make sure. The Terminator could potentially be out of ammunition, for example. Making sure is certainly understandable, particularly considering the stress of the situation.

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Corrected entry: During the hearse chase (before the hubcaps fall off), the hubcaps of the hearse change from spokes to flat. (00:57:42 - 00:58:37)

Jack's Revenge

Correction: Untrue. The wheel covers are the same type. They start out with a heavy hex-shaped center cap with a round, red emblem in the center (this cap is normally held on with a single screw on the backside, and they are nortoriously well-known to loosen and fall off). As the chase progresses, at least one of these caps (front/left) is lost. At that point, the spokes blur to appear as if the wheel is a solid dish, but it's an illusion caused by rotation speed and the shutter speed of the camera, just as those instances where a forward-moving vehicle's wheels appear to be rotating backwards.


Corrected entry: At the cemetery the T-850 throws the casket through the back window of the hearse - obviously breaking the glass. A few moments later, Connor opens the casket and talks with the T-850 (now in the driver's seat). The back window, behind Connor's head, is now intact.

Correction: Untrue. Glass debris is clearly seen on the shelf to John's right (our left), as dust/smoke passes right-to-left behind the car. The broken portion of glass that remains in the window frame is blocked from view by the curtains, but there is nothing in the shot to suggest the unbroken glass is back in place.


Corrected entry: The Terminator says that the T-X was sent through time to eliminate the future lieutenants of the resistance because John Connor could not be located. Why didn't Skynet just send the T-X to a time when Connor could be located?

Correction: Skynet had to send the T-X to that specific date to assist with the rise of the machines. As Connor couldn't be found on that date, she was programmed to kill his lieutenants in a bid to hurt the resistance in any way it could.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, Dr. Silberman asks Kyle Reese why Skynet didn't just kill John Connor in the future instead of the elaborate time travel scheme with the Terminator. Reese answers, "We'd won. Taking out Connor then would make no difference." So why did Skynet send the Terminator to kill Connor in 2032?

Correction: The war that Reese and the first terminator came back from ended in 2029, whereas the war the T-850 and T-X came back from stemmed from a different timeline and didn't end until the 2030s. Hence an assassination mission with Connor in mind in 2032 was perfectly viable.

Corrected entry: When the huge magnet is functional, John's gun and the TX are drawn to it, and John and Kate run away. However, it's almost impossible there wasn't a single ferromagnetic thing on John and Kate. How come their belt clips, or the guns in John's bag, or the chargers in John's back pocket weren't drawn to the magnet?

Correction: Firstly, both the TX and Johns gun are significantly bigger than a belt clip, and the size of the objects has direct bearing on how much magnetic force will be exhibited on the object. Secondly, we don't know what the guns in Johns bag are made from,they could be porcelain or any other material OTHER than ferrous metal.

Corrected entry: In one of the earlier scenes, the TX steals the Lexus and is seen speeding down Rodeo Drive passing other vehicles. However, camera shots showing the dashboard, show the car is only moving at 30 m.p.h.

Correction: The dial is not shown. Therefore it is impossible to say how fast the car was travelling.

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Corrected entry: When Catherine's father walks through the corridor of the military base, on his way to the first test of the flying Hunter Killers, he is accompanied by a female civilian employee who is wearing a yellow blouse. The top two buttons of her blouse are undone and you can see a fair bit of cleavage. Though not subject to anything like military standards, civilian employees on US military bases are required to dress "modestly and with decorum". She might get away with one button undone, but two? No chance at all.

Correction: While she might be asked to button herself up, there is no way they would go to such a huge fuss for two buttons. Perhaps if she was wearing no clothes or hardly any they might be more concerned but this sort of mistake is only probable, not certain.

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Corrected entry: When Skynet comes online, the Skynet techie refers to the system speed in teraflop/s, or Tera (Trillion) Floating point Operations per Second, or basically how many operations with decimals it's executing per second. Knowing how many teraflop/s the system is running at would be virtually useless, as the AI portion of Skynet, which must by definition be the most computer intensive portion, would execute with integer numbers and logical branching. That is not measured by flop/s, but rather by MIPS, Millions of Instructions Per Second.

Correction: Neural Networks can be programmed with floating-point or integers, depending on specific requirements. For a complex NN with a decent activation function, floating-point is more appropriate.

Corrected entry: When the TX (disguised as Kate's boyfriend) punches it's arm through the police officer, it grabs the wheel and takes control of the vehicle. When the vehicle arrives, you see the TX get out of the rear of the vehicle, meaning she was in the back seat driving the whole time. In the back seat, the TX may have been able to control the stearing wheel and maybe the gearstick, but she would not have been able to control the accelerator, brake or clutch, making driving the car virtually impossible, not to mention stopping it. (00:51:30 - 00:54:35)

Correction: The T-X is partly made of liquid metal - it would be easy for it to simply extend itself under the seat to work the pedals.

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Corrected entry: When the Terminator is weaving left to right to get the T-X off the roof of the hearse, you see the rear passenger hubcap fly off of the tire. But in the next shot, it's back on again and then in the next shot it's off.


Correction: Look again, it's the front passenger hubcap that flies off, and it stays off.


Corrected entry: When the TX is on top of the hearse and she is chopping through the roof, a shot will come up where Terminator is swinging the hearse from side to side. A wheel comes off and rolls up the bank but the hearse keeps going.

Correction: That's not a wheel, just a hubcap.

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Corrected entry: If the computer and TV are down, how come the store clerk at the gas station uses the phone?

Correction: This is because many phones draw their power direct from the telephone line. It is mainly only cordelss phones that require an alternate power supply.


Corrected entry: When Kate's dad is dying,he says they have to take a bearing of 0.5 degrees to get to crystal peak. When Kate and John are in the plane, she says they are on a heading of 015 degrees

Correction: Bearing and headings are two different things. A bearing is the "true" direction you would need to go to get to the location. A heading is the direction the plane flies, correcting for wind and magnetic variance, to get to the location. Most times the bearing and heading will not be the exact same number as the plane will be skewed into the wind so it doesn't get blown off course. If you are flying to .050 degrees, you are slightly east of north (000 degrees). With an east wind, you would have to face into the wind to continue flying in a straight line to 050, and a heading of 015 is plausible with a fairly moderate side wind.

Corrected entry: In the sceen where the T-101 pulls out his damaged hydrogen fuel cell, he throws it out the window, watch closely and put it on slow motion, when it almost hits the ground you can see a black shadow of a person in the backround. (00:40:10)

Correction: If you need to put the DVD on slow motion to see the mistake, it is not a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: In the cemetery scene just after the Terminator uses a bazooka to fire a missile at the TX, Katherine Brewster is standing a few yards from the door of the hearse in a state of shock. John Connor opens the door of the car and shouts "Get in." The immediate shot shows her standing next to the door, instead of a few yards away. (01:04:30)

Correction: The camera lens type has changed and the zoom has 'flattened' the view, making it seem she might be closer, but it is an illusion.


Corrected entry: When John and Kate find out that they have ended up in a nuclear shelter the timer of the C4 does not beep all the time, it starts beeping again when John has to notice them to not blow himself up accidentally.

Correction: This is a stylistic choice of the director, not a mistake. The beeping is unimportant in between, as he wants the viewer to focus on the sounds coming from the speaker. The beeping would be a distraction, so it drops out of our hearing just as it would drop out of John and Kate's concentration.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator is swinging about on the crane arm, he is sent crashing through steel, glass and concrete. He is wearing ordinary leather clothing which he took from the stripper. They would have been torn to shreds by those impacts.

Correction: The crane arm smashes through some tall, narrow concrete pillars as it slices through the face of the showroom. Arnold passes through an open door on his way into the building, and has assorted sales banners and ceiling decor raining on him from above, but except for exiting the building's end through glass (which he hits against it's flat plane which shatters and falls away - it isn't held with a sharp edge against him), he is hit by little else. He is moving forward the whole time, so what falls from two stories above hits the ground behind him.


Corrected entry: After the crane crashes, the T-X has a clear shot at John's truck. The roads are empty, he was a short distance away, and continued to travel in a straight line. The T-X could have easily fired her weapon at him. It's not really a character mistake, because the T-X's sole goal is to kill him, and she goes through a lot of trouble to try and do so throughout the film, so why let up here? It just seems too inconsistent and 'convenient' to the plot.

Correction: The TX's primary weapon is never seen firing at a range of more than maybe 100 feet (hitting the flammable gases truck while aiming for the Toyota). Allowing that the fleeing truck is travelling at about 40mph (disregarding a local 25mph out of fear for their lives), the solid 11 seconds between the crane's halt (sound stops) and the TX's emergence from the wreckage, the Toyota will have travelled about 600 feet. The view of the fleeing truck shows it to be at least two blocks away (see traffic lights and road markings). Terminators are infiltration/assasination designs. It makes sense their weapons would key around close-up fighting.


Corrected entry: In the Controlled vehicle Chase scene what happened to one of the police cars? I have watched the scene over and over again and I think they just forgot about it. The fire van got blown up. The ambulance got kicked over. And the other police car got rammed. The second police car though was driving around in formation at the beginning of the scene but when Connor pulls away into a suburban area it disappears completely. It in fact reappears for a couple of seconds in one shot just before Arnie hits the Fire engine. And then when it flicks to the TX's point of view there is no police car in sight. (00:31:15 - 00:36:55)

Correction: A valid question, but not a mistake unless the second car appeared again later as if it was never gone. As is, the car is simply lost in the plethora of destruction while we are looking at other action. The car you mention just before the fire engine is the one car that follows John through the suburbs (look hard and you'll see John's truck just ahead of it) and is then rammed by the crane- it isn't the missing car. In any case, a question, not a mistake.


Corrected entry: The hearse's landau bows in one shot are on upside down.

Correction: When? Too non-specific. Describe the scene involved.


Corrected entry: When John falls off his motorcycle; he pulls off his helmet without undoing the buckle, but if it had never been done-up in the first place it would have come off in the crash.

Correction: Nothing guarantees a helmet will come off in any collision, since a properly fitted helmet is rather snug. Sometimes they do come off, sometimes they don't. The strap is to make certain it doesn't- but leaving it undone doesn't guarantee it falls off.


Corrected entry: At the start of the film, the T-X kills Jose Barrera. Later, the T-850 knows his name and that the T-X killed him; he shouldn't do, because the whole point of the Terminators going back in time to kill people is that those people would never then be able to oppose Skynet in the future. So Jose, having been killed in the past, would never have fought against Skynet and the T-850 would never have heard of him. There is no consistent interpretation of time travel in which the T-850 can have heard of Jose, while not making it pointless for Skynet to kill people in the past.

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Correction: Time travel films tend to operate according to their own rules - as time travel is, at best, highly theoretical, there are no hard and fast rules about how things should operate. Both the T-850 and the T-X originate in a timeline where Barrera survived to fight against Skynet - his death at the hands of the T-X means that that precise timeline will no longer come about, but, by the rules followed in the film, that doesn't mean that the two Terminators will suddenly lose all knowledge of it, wink out of existence or anything like that.

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Corrected entry: When the T-X jumps into the crane, we get to see a shot through her POV, and operating instructions (or something similar) appear on the screen. This is an obvious reference to T1, when the Terminator climbs into the cab of the 18 wheeler as operating instructions appear when looking from the T-800's POV.

Correction: Why does every similarity have to be a reference? She sees operating instructions, that's because she's the same basic model of robot as Arnold was except with a few updates. They both get operating instructions because they need them to operate the vehicle. Similar shot, yes, but reference, probably not.

Corrected entry: When John says he lives "off the grid," he drops his Budweiser bottle off the bridge and it drops into the water sideways, but in the next shot it lands straight down. I have experimented with this myself and a falling bottle with liquid in it will not right itself as it falls.

Correction: The bottle is dropped upright, bounces off the vertical bridge support and continues to the water nearly on its side. True- in the air, it will not right itself. But on impact with the water, the heavier end of the bottle (the bottom) will sink first, and the underwater shot shows the bottle rightly sinking upright.


Corrected entry: Considering Arnold reset himself, how could he have then known where John and Katherine were?

Correction: The Terminators are highly advanced machines that have extremely good memory storage capabilities. Like in Terminator 2 (extended edition), we see the T-800 have his chip removed and the memory switch reset. Yet when he comes back online, the Terminator retained everything about his key mission.


Corrected entry: In the vet clinic, Katherine says the time is 5 a.m. In the chase scene that follows, the shadows of the cars and buildings are way too small to be dawn. The scene was filmed around noon.

Correction: If you say the scene was filmed around noon, can you explain the rising sun ?


Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-850 is driving the vet truck and is talking to John Connor about the other T-101, the gashes on his face reveal his metal skeleton but when he talks, you can see the painted/pasted metal moving with his cheeks.

Correction: The gashes don't move. They aren't painted on or makeup. They used green screen effects for this. When these effects are used the secondary image (endoskeleton) can (and in this case does) remain stagnant while the primary image moves across it.

Corrected entry: The events in this film seem to overlook James Cameron's final Terminator project. Universal Studio's short film "T2-3D" has the same cast and crew as T2: Judgement Day. In it, Cyberdyne Systems develops Skynet, John Connor (Furlong version), together with Arnie, travel to the future, identify the Skynet building", and ultimately destroy it.


Correction: This was an amusement park ride, and therefore has absolutely no influence on the continuity of the film series.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, the T-X is naked, and so she puts on real clothing. However, whenever she changes shape, the clothes also morph as though they were part of her, which they aren't.

Correction: The T-X doesn't put on real clothes, she simply mimics her look after the clothes of the rich woman that she kills. That's why the clothes morph too: They're not real.


Corrected entry: When John talks to Kates father after being shot, you see that Kate is mouthing John's lines.

Sir William

Correction: I watched this scene several times and it appears as if Claire Danes just opens and closes her mouth - a lot. Her mouth movements don't actually make words. She does the same thing whenever she is leaning over her father, regardless of who is talking.


Corrected entry: In the military base, the T-850 repeatedly hits the T-X with an Penn Arms L6 37mm grenade launcher. Yet the grenades never explode, they just force the T-X backwards.

Correction: Most grenade launchers require that the target be a certain distance from the launcher before the round will detonate, short of this, they are just fast moving lumps of metal.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator came up next to the crane truck driving the firefighter truck, the Terminatrix looked to the left window and had no reaction but then she double takes like a human would. Are her reactions really that slow?

Correction: These robots were built to resemble humans and would have the reaction of any normal human.

Corrected entry: When John and the Terminator are preparing to escape in the hearse, the Terminator is reaching under the dash to hotwire the car, after wasting valuable seconds connecting the wires he simply turns the key on.

Correction: I think that is just a throwback to T2, when John taught that Terminator to look for keys instead of wasting time hotwiring.

Corrected entry: When the Terminator is shooting the police at the cemetery, his eyes read "Human Casualties 000," a tribute to "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" (1991).


Correction: Kind of the point - not really trivia.

Corrected entry: Nick Stahl (John Connor) looks a lot like Michael Biehn (who played Kyle Reese) from the original "Terminator" (1984). Possible influence on his casting.

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Correction: Bit too tenuous to be trivia.

Corrected entry: At the scene that the T-X takes up the look of Catherine and goes to her father, the Terminator shoots the T-X 'Catherine' with his machine gun. In this scene, the T-X is affected by the bullets as if it was human to make it look like it is really Catherine being shot, however at the end of the movie when the T-X is shot, metal holes appear on the T-X who is seemingly not affected by the bullets anymore.

Correction: Remember the Terminators are infiltration units & the T-x is the most advanced. The reason it bleeds is to make Catherine's dad think she's been killed by this man in the hope that Brewster will then detain Connor & make it easier for the T-x to get to him at a later date.

Corrected entry: When the TX pulls up to the drive-thru to shoot the guy, she comes in the wrong way because the drive-thru window is on the wrong side (the right). Any drive-thru window should ALWAYS be on the driver's left. It can't be she backed out and came in the other way, because she pulled right through after asking for him on the speaker which was to HER left.

Correction: There is a Carl's Jr. right by my house (Anaheim, California) that has the drive through window on the right hand side. It is a poor design, but they do exist.

Corrected entry: John Connor, the damaged Terminator and Kate suddenly appear from the elevator inside her father's black/top secret lab right as the TX attacks. They have no ID badges on, which would have drawn challenges in a secure/classified government facility. There is no indication in the lab that a security breach has occurred when they appear, and no MPs chasing them. So John, Kate and the Terminator did not shoot their way into the lab, either. There is no way security/MPs would have allowed John and the Terminator in the facility in the first place, let alone Kate without notifying her father first.

Correction: This is explained in the novel. Kate, John, and the T-850 are stopped at the gate, and Kate explains that the T-850 is her fiance, and that John is their best man. She also says that her father is expecting her, which he is. The guards say that Robert Brewster is busy, but they will let her in. They send her over to the reception area to get signed in. All this is fully compatible with what we see on-screen.

Corrected entry: In a scene in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a guy is switching channels on a tv, which shows only test screens. If the TV-net has been destroyed and no channel can transmit their programs, who is sending out the test screens for ALL channels?

Correction: The stations haven't been destroyed and not all systems have been taken over or corrupted yet at this point in the movie so it's possible the "test screens" were sent through some kind of back up system.

Corrected entry: Right at the beginning of the crane and fire truck chase scene after Arnold is knocked off the crane by the fire truck, the camera shows the fire truck speeding away. At the the end of that shot you see the fire truck starting to make a u-turn. Then the camera jumps to Arnold hanging on the front of the fire truck. He then breaks the wind shield and grabs the steering wheel in order to make the u-turn. How did the fire truck start the u-turn before Arnold even grabbed the the steering wheel?

Correction: The fire truck did not start to make a U-Turn until we see the T-850 grab the wheel. The driver of the truck obviously let go of the wheel, causing the vehicle to veer of course slightly. We never see it develop into a U-turn in that shot.

Corrected entry: When the T-850 starts one of the cars, he flips down the visor and finds the keys. He would not know to do that because the T-850 that learned that in Terminator 2 was destroyed at the end.

Correction: First off, in T2, it's the 800 model, second, the new 850 model has better programing which would explain what he looked under the visor first.

Kirill Ostapenko

Corrected entry: In last scene of the movie we are shown what is supposed to be Earth in the middle of a nuclear war. If you pause the movie the last second you can count to about 15-25 detonations on a area that is about 1/10 of the entire Earth's surface. This makes no sense: in a real nuclear war (such a war that Skynet triggers by launching against Russia) more than 30.000 weapons would be launched within the hour and no area of the world, not even the mid-Atlantic, would sustain only about 20 hits.

Correction: I'm sorry, I just submitted a correction to this entry, and I left something out. I said that I thought the area they were showing was smaller, and that the bombs were coming from the U.S. In this movie, Skynet was in cyberspace, on the internet, so it was automatically in other countries. We wouldn't have had to bomb Russia or anyone else, they were bombing themselves, too. The bombs would have a much shorter trip that way.

Corrected entry: Skynet supposedly survives Judgment Day because it spread itself to computers all over the world. In a full nuclear exchange between USA and Russia, at least 20,000 warheads (on the Megaton scale) would detonate at various locations throughout the world within the hour, and the 20,000 EMPs generated would without doubt destroy almost every above-ground computer in the entire world. EMPs have larger blast radii than the nuclear explosion itself; ten could wipe out the entire electrical grid of the US. Only a few military computers at the bottom of deep bunkers would survive, but Skynet didn't rely on any "supercomputers", right?.

Correction: It didn't rely on supercomputers, but it could make use of them. Anyway, there are many EMP-hardened civilian computers in things like power stations, air traffic control, and secure data-storage units. And surely a few normal computers would survive, especially in remote places like the Falkland Islands. Remember, the internet was originally designed to withstand a nuclear war, thus preserving vital communications.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: The facility where Brewster works is said to be an autonomous weapon systems research lab. In that case the particle accelerator makes no sense. It is used for basic physics research but has nothing to do with mechanics, AI and all that stuff that is researched on in Brewster's labs. Obviously it is only needed to save Johns and Catherine's lives.

Correction: The particle accelerator may have been in a separate lab, away from the autonomous weapons division. I'm sure there were many labs in the whole of the Edwards Air Force Base facility.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the cemetery, Sarah Connor's coffin stated that she was born in 1959. However, in the special features in the DVD, it states that Sarah Connor was born in 1964.

Correction: Sarah Connor would not have been born in 1959 as stated. However, this may have been a last-ditch attempt by Sarah to hide her real identity (i.e., Skynet would know when Sarah was really born and perhaps overlook that particular coffin).

Corrected entry: Having stolen the Lexus, TX makes a call on a Nokia 9210. She has the display and keypad to her face (as with most phones). The Nokia 9*10 series has the speaker and mike on the back of the phone. It is virtually impossible to hear/speak with the face/keys against the head.

Correction: Considering the scope of technology the T-X possesses, I doubt it would matter which way she held the phone. She would most likely be able to hear it from anywhere.

Corrected entry: In the Vet hospital, Kate Brewster locks John Connor in a cage and then talks to him until she hears a noise. When she leaves the room to check it out, you hear three gunshots as the TX shoots the customer. But when the TX bends down to examine her blood, there are only two bullet holes in the customer's chest.

Correction: She could have shot somewhere else on the customer's body.

Corrected entry: In one of the first scenes, Terminator enters a strip club where he begins scanning men in the club to find clothes that would fit him. He locates a "match" when he scans the stripper on stage, but the stripper is obviously much smaller than he is.

Correction: On the stripper, the clothes are very large and baggy, where on the Terminator, they are much better-fitting and even a bit tight. Terminator scanned the clothes themselves, rather than the person underneath, to determine whether or not they'd fit (watch closely in the beginning of T2 when he scans the bearded biker, and you can see this).

Corrected entry: The timeline for the three Terminator movies is completely messed up. Let's start from the beginning- Kyle Reese and The Terminator show up at about 1:52 AM, Thursday, May 12th, 1984. Approximately 2 days later, Sarah Connor becomes impregnated with John Connor. Assuming he has a normal birth, that would make his birthday on or around February 14th, 1985. Fast forward to Terminator 2. He's ten, according to the police file. This movie was released in 1993. That would make him 8 years old. But lets assume that the movie didn't take place in 1993, and that it was in 1995, making him 10 years old. Sarah Connor is described as being 29 in the second movie. If John really is 10, then she was only 18 when she met Reese, and she should still be in school- why does she have a roommate? Moving to Terminator 3, the voice-over tells us he was 13 when John first encountered the Terminator (this would make Sarah 15 or 16 in the first movie). If this movie takes place in 2003 when it was released, he would be 18. Katherine is supposed to be 20-something, and she was in the same grade as him in junior high school? Also, even if John was ten in the second movie like he was supposed to be, that would only put him in the fourth or fifth grade- definitely not old enough to be making out in anybody's basement (although it's possible if he was thirteen). Sarah Connor also had leukemia for three years, and she had to "hold on" to make sure that she really had prevented Judgement Day on August 29th, 1997. Using the phrase "hold on" implies that she got leukemia three years before that date, which would be in 1995, when John should have turned ten. He was ten in the second movie and she was extremely healthy then. But in that case the second movie should have been earlier, in 1993, and John would have been 8, as previously stated. Unless, of course, the third movie took place in some time after 2003, but that messes everything up all over again.

Correction: To clarify some of these things, John was born on February 28th, 1985. This date is given on the police dispatch computer at the beginning of T2. T2 was released on July 3rd 1991, but was set in 1995 (June 8th and 9th according to the T3 DVD). Sarah Connor was 18/19 in the first film. She has left school and is now at college, hence Ginger as her roommate. As for the opening voiceover in T3, with John stating he was 13 in T2, this is a mistake. He was only 10. Mind you, he could have been on drugs or something similar and simply exaggerated his age. He should be 18 in T3. I don't know if a 10 year old would be able to make out with someone else, but surely it's possible. As for Sarah having leukemia, she could have contracted it after 1995, meaning that it was only 2, not 3 years, and John just rounded up, or she only began to have it, perhaps without realising in the second film. The first film took place in 1984, the second in 1995, and the third in 2003.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Connor and the Terminator are driving through the desert, in the Terminator's sunglasses, there seems to be a green spot in his left part of them, indicating this was shot with a green screen the whole time.

T Poston

Correction: When they're driving through the desert, the Terminator isn't wearing any glasses.

Corrected entry: When the T-101 throws its malfunctioning fuel cell out of the car window, it explodes and forms a mushroom cloud. This isn't possible; a mushroom cloud isn't a characteristic of a nuclear explosion, - all explosions, chemical, nuclear or thermonuclear, are hot enough to form mushroom clouds. It is the reaction mass (rather than the explosive mass) that counts. As the explosion forms it superheats and vaporises a mass of material - soil, air, people, whatever, and this hot column of reaction debris rises. If - and only if - the explosion is big enough, the reaction plume will strike colder, denser air at altitude and will be forced out and down, forming the familiar mushroom cloud. With an explosion of this size, they'd never have been able to outrun it.

Correction: Any and all explosions will create a mushroom cloud regardless of their yield. During an explosion, there is a rapid increase in air pressure that emanates from the blast, called a shock front. A temporary vacuum is created within the explosion, and the lower pressure air, outside of the shock front, is then pulled upwards toward the site of the explosion filling in the vacuum creating the characteristic mushroom cloud. However, on small enough scales this effect is hard to see.

Corrected entry: John Connor gets badly wounded at his leg and as he gets to the veterinary hospital, he uses a big pad to stop the bleeding. Why then don't his hands show any sign of blood? As the pad is full of blood, his hands should be dirty as well.

Correction: He washed his hands.

Corrected entry: When the T-X rips off the door of the Toyota Tundra, the vehicle is completely static. The force of the door being ripped off would cause the suspension of the vehicle to rock.

Correction: Not if the force applied was so strong that the hinges tore almost instantly. Think about the trick where a table cloth is removed from under the dishes on the table. If the cloth is pulled very slowly, all the dishes move with the cloth and fall off the table. The faster the cloth moves, the quicker the connection between the dishes and the cloth (static friction) is severed and the less the dishes move. If enough force was applied to the door, the hinges could have torn before the truck started to move. Of course, this much force would more likely tear the door apart.

Corrected entry: In the Skynet command center, one of the staff says that Skynet is operating at "60 teraflops per second." A teraflop is a trillion operations per second - the figure should be simply "60 teraflops." Surely a Skynet techie should know the meaning...

Correction: So why do computer techies constantly refer to networks adapters as NIC cards (NIC stands for Network Interface Cards) It's a common thing in the computer industry to speak redundantly.

Corrected entry: Each Terminator weighs about a ton, so there are several things that wouldn't make much sense: First, a terminator wouldn't be able to drive a car, because it would break down immediately. Second, a terminator wouldn't be able to fly a helicopter or a plane. Third, a terminator couldn't sit down on a chair, and so on and so forth. All those things, however, happen in the movie and it never seems to be a problem.

Correction: If a Terminator weighs about 400 pounds then it would fit with most things we see, ie. the fireman couldn't budge the T-101 at the vet clinic. It could fly a chopper or drive a car and still be within the weight limit. I also don't believe we ever see the Terminator sit on anything other than a bed or car seat. Also if they weighed a ton, then it would be simple to beat them. Just lead it into a swamp or deep mud.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The T-X has an inner frame surrounded by liquid metal. How could it copy Scott who is noticeably shorter than Kritanna Lokken? This is addressed as a special effect issue in the special features. It doesn't explain how it fits with the plot.

Correction: Given that the internal frame is able to reconfigure to form weapons, it seems like it should be a relatively simple matter to alter basic physical parameters like height, particularly as the required range of human heights isn't actually that large.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When John is talking to Catherine when they are switching vehicles, she is sitting in the passenger seat crying. You can see her tears rolling down her face. The camera angle changes to John and then back to her again and her face is completely dry.


Correction: This isn't really true. Tears often seem to disappear after they have rolled down someone's face. This is especially prevalent with Claire Daines, as this is not the only time in the movie, or the only movie in fact, where it appears that her face is dry. Tears typically tend to seem like they've disappeared once they dry on someone's face, but they're still there.


Corrected entry: It seems a bit strange that the T-850 arrives from the future with no battle damage. Later in the film we learn that that terminator hunted down and killed John Connor in the future, and then was captured and reprogrammed by Claire Danes. If Connor was the leader of the human resistance then he would be heavily guarded and the terminator would have sustained at least some minor damage trying to find/kill him and i doubt that tech-com would own a flesh regenerator to fix him all up before sending him to the past.

Correction: In Terminator 2, when Sarah Connor is pulling the slugs out of the Terminator's back, she asks 'Will these heal up?' to which the Terminator replies 'Yes'. It's probable to assume that if they did do any damage to it, they waited for the flesh to heal. There is no real indication of how much time passed between Connor's assassination and the T-850's reprogramming. They also could have captured it, or used EMP's to temporarily disable it while they reprogrammed it.


Corrected entry: When Catherine is talking to her dad who is dying she starts crying, but when the camera switches back to her from her dad there are no tears, her face is completely dry.


Correction: This isn't really true. Tears often seem to disappear after they have rolled down someone's face. This is especially prevalent with Claire Daines, as this is not the only time in the movie, or the only movie in fact, where it appears that her face is dry. Tears typically tend to seem like they've disappeared once they dry on someone's face, but they're still there.


Corrected entry: The hearse glove box lock is missing on one interior shot, but is there again in another shot.

Correction: Unlikely. Only one stunt car was used for the scene and the glove box was intact the entire time. It could've bounced open, or more likely it just wasn't able to be seen during the shot, considering how much chaos ensued during the hearse chase.


Corrected entry: When John Connor crashes into a guy's vehicle with the Toyota Tundra, it looks to be partly cloudy with the sun barely coming up. But when the guy gets out of the vehicle and starts yelling at John, it is sunny with barely any clouds out. (00:31:15)

Correction: You'd be amazed how fast the sun comes up during a sunrise. It can go from barely any light to bright and sunny in a matter of 5 minutes. When John was speeding down the highway, the sun was already coming over the horizon.


Corrected entry: In the scene where John crashes into the guy's car, the guy steps out and rubs his neck. A few moments later the door to the car closes by itself as if being pulled by a wire.

Correction: When the guy gets out, he shoves the door hard. Considering how mangled the car was, the entire body was bent, and the off-balance body caused the door to close again. This often happens to cars that are rear-ended.


Corrected entry: When John and Kate enter the particle accelerator while they are being chased by the T-X, you can see that John is in front and Kate is behind him. But later when the magnetic field accelerator is activated, Kate is now in front with John behind her. (01:23:15)

Correction: When the TX starts to become magnetized by the magnet, John steps toward her with his gun raised, moving past Kate.


Corrected entry: Just to be sure. Arnold got $150 SAMA Beta Titanium sunglasses at an "AM PM" convenience store rotating display, and found a $10,000 Audemars Piguet watch in a pickup truck?

Correction: Why not? Probably just a very careless person. I leave my $240 Oakleys in my car all the time. Also, the SAMA Beta Titaniums are the ones that Arnold found in the pick-up truck, not the convenience store.


Corrected entry: Early on in the vet clinic, when the T-X enters, you can hear some dogs barking. In Terminator 1 it was explained that dogs could sense terminators, explaining why they started barking in T3.

Dandude776 1

Correction: A good observation, but its probably more likely that the dogs were barking at the sudden noises and crashing around. They were barking just as much when Kate entered the Vet clinic by herself.


Corrected entry: When you see John Connor sitting on the bridge, that is the same place where the T-1000 chases John on his motorcycle with a tow truck in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Correction: Not really...there are TONS of drainage ditches like that all around Los Angeles. A good observation, but probably not the same one.


Corrected entry: The vet's walls are fake. We can tell this because the rubble gets caught under the T-X's arm as she emerges after Arnold Schwarzenegger rams into her.

Correction: She's a machine that probably weighs half a ton...the rubble is light compared to her body.


Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie whenever Arnie gets hit or involved in some fight with the TX, his hair and clothes are messed up. However, the TX's hair and wardrobe are always spotless-not even an out of place hair.

Correction: The TX's hair and clothing are not real - they're formed from liquid metal. As such, they'd generally stay in their standard (i.e. neat) configuration. Same was true of the T-1000 in T2.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When the Cat lady is shot by the TX, she hits the floor, and can be seen just past the corner of the hallway. When the shot angle changes, she is a few feet back and her position changed.

Correction: That's not really true... after we see her fall from the gunshots, we never actually see her from any other angle, other than having a close up shot of her and the T-X crouching down over her to sample her blood, making it impossible to discern that.


Corrected entry: When Arnold Schwartzenegger steals the RV, notice the ammunition on the picnic table. When he places the green grenade rounds on the table, the bottom (where the firing pin would hit on a normal cartridge) is facing towards us. When he puts the rest of the ammo on the table, you can see the copper heads of the rounds.

Correction: He was moving them around between shots.


Corrected entry: When Arnold arrives in the teleportation bubble, there is a set of trees about 10 feet away from where the bubble appears. The camera angle changes to a closeup and the trees catch fire from the bubble and they are now 2 feet away.


Correction: The bubble expands, and is closer to the trees than it appeared.


Corrected entry: When the T-850 leaves the gas station, he looks back to see the attendant on the phone, surely he would have disconnected the phone, knowing that the police are looking for them and that would the first person the guy called, allowing the T-X to follow them with the police.

Correction: He probably didn't expect Kate Brewster to come leaping out of the back screaming for help, which is really the only reason that the kid called the cops in the first place. At that point, it would've been best just to keep moving rather than to waste time going back in and slamming the kid around and disconnecting the phone line, after which it would've been too late.


Corrected entry: If the T-X has Kate's files from middle school, retrieved from current sources, surely she would have a date of birth in there too? And if so, she would know that Kate was in her early 20s and the first woman she killed in the vet's office couldn't possibly be Kate, so she shouldn't have needed to test her DNA.


Correction: Appearance is often not an accurate reflection of age. Just because the cat lady obviously looked so much older didn't mean that it wasn't at least worth checking to see if it was Kate or not.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Kate's father is questioning what is happening with Skynet, the Terminatrix comes out looking like Kate without ever having touched her.

Correction: The Terminatrix touched Kate when they were fighting outside the vet's clinic.

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When John asks Terminator whether "Hasta la vista, baby" rings a bell, Terminator tells him that was a different "T-101." This nomenclature is incorrect: Terminator is a Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101, also referred to as a T-800 (in this film he's a T-850). "T-101" is a bastardized combination of model and series numbers, and is inconsistent with what appears in both other films. 800 and 101 are both numbers that refer to the "Arnold" terminator (model and series, respectively). But the "T" prefix is supposed to be followed by the model number (800), not the series (101). It's like referring to a Ford F-150 STX as an "F-STX." Even if what is meant can be inferred, it is a technical error, the kind the terminator would never make (especially in referring to itself).


Correction: While that may prove true for the previous Terminator movies, it doesn't ring true for Terminator 3. Cyberdyne was destroyed in Terminator 2, along with all research and development based on the Terminator chip. In Terminator 3, it is very and carefully explained that Cyberdyne is NOT responsible for the creation of SkyNet, hence it would have absolutely nothing to do with the creation of Terminators. Since the T-850 came from a future where Cyberdyne is not responsible for the creation of SkyNet, then the "CSM-101" nomenclature for the Terminators in the previous movies is completely irrelevant and incorrect. As far as this Terminator is concerned, there never was any 'CSM-101' model, but there IS T-101. T-101 refers to the Skin, but T-850 refers to the endoskeleton machine. SkyNet did not use any Cyberdyne technology to build its Terminators, instead using whatever technology it could find (likely the machines from the Military Base). Hence, this is definitely not a mistake at all; in this current future there is no Cyberdyne, hence no CSM-101's, since CSM-101 stands for Cyberdyne Systems Model .


Corrected entry: In the scene where the TX kills the 2 policemen in the car, she smashes the second man's head against the windscreen, cracking it and spraying it with blood. She then grabs the wheel and turns the car around. The following aerial shot of the car doing a 180 degree turn shows the windscreen undamaged and clean. In the following shot the glass is bloody and cracked again.

Correction: The policeman's head was smashed against the door window, not the windshield.

Corrected entry: When the T-X meets Catherine in the graveyard disguised as her fiance, she turns back into the T-X right in front of her. Not only is this a breathtakingly stupid idea - obviously done purely to meet the plot requirement that Kate learn about the terminators.

Moose Premium member

Correction: Not necessarily true. She'd gotten close enough to kill Kate, had the others not intervened. And she would probably be more powerful in her true form - I doubt that she could form her primary weapons from somebody else's hand without turning that hand into her own hand first. And if she does that, she's showing her true form anyway, so it was simpler to just turn back into her self.


Corrected entry: John and Kate make a reference to the Terminator knowing that they needed to get to a secure bunker. This was after they realized it wasn't the heart of Skynet, at the very end. The Terminator didn't tell them to go there. Kate's father did.

Correction: The Terminator also agreed with the father and thus played apart in the deceit, since he knew that Skynet wasn't really there. The Terminator was under orders to help them destroy Skynet but he knew it was more important for John and kate to survive the nuclear war, so it would have been a bigger deal to them that he lied to them.

Corrected entry: The nukes shown in the end hit the cities and blow up. Modern nuclear missiles are designed to airburst for greater destruction. They should have detonated 200-300 meters above the city.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: We view the explosions from a great distance. 200 - 300 meters is not very discernable plus the blast would have extended to the ground immediately, covering that distance within the first few milliseconds, far less time than it takes for a frame of a movie.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: The T-1000 from T2 seemed to be a much more efficient and versatile killing machine, as he was pure liquid metal. Seems to be backward technology that the T-X would have a skeleton like the T-800/850 that can be damaged and ultimately destroyed. The T-1000 only was terminated by meltdown (which the T-X would have been also), but the 1000 surely would have fared better in some of the crunches that severely damaged the T-X.

Correction: There could be many reasons that Skynet didn't use a full-liquid metal terminator. For one the T-1000 was an advanced prototype and maybe they didn't have the resources to build others. The machines were losing the war so their resources would have been depleted. If nothing else, the circumstances of the T-1000's failure wouldn't be known to anyone in the future - they just know it didn't get the job done, so tried something different.

Corrected entry: The story is that SkyNet launches missiles against enemies of the US so that they would in return launch missiles against the US. But this is set in the present day, and computers have never been given control of launching nuclear missiles. Computers have only been given control of the warning systems, with no ability to control launches directly, virus/AI or not.

Sol Parker

Correction: But we have to assume that in this scenario the computer has total control of the missiles, other wise there would be no point to Skynet - it's been designed from the start to be able to control the entire defense network.

Corrected entry: When they are switching from the hearse to the camper, John walks up to Catherine who is sitting in the passenger seat of the hearse and talks to her with the passenger window not there. When he walks over to talk to Arnold who is at the camper, we see the hearse in the background with the passenger side tinted window up and no sign of Catherine in the car. John then walks back to the hearse and Catherine is sitting back in the passenger seat and the window is broken again.


Correction: There is no error in this scene. After watching the movie 3 times I noticed that Catherine appears to no longer be in the front seat but if you look very closely the frame of between the door and the front window is covering Catherine's face but she is still in the hearse. She simply is sitting very still but look very carefully and you will see her head.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, when Arnold is going to destroy TX with his fuel cell, how come earlier when he flies the chopper into her she doesn't repair herself and then kill Arnold?

Correction: As shown by her flickering readouts, she is damaged and pinned by the chopper.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When TX goes after the fast food kid relatively early on, we see from across the street that she guns him down. We hear the bullets being fired from across the street. Then why can we see two people in the kitchen area sitting down about ten metres away from where the body fell, looking perfectly relaxed and trouble free, even when the screaming starts?

Correction: Having lived in L.A. for a year and a half, I am only half joking when I tell you this is quite feasible. Gunfire, bloodshed and mayhem in L.A.? Big deal. In some areas of L.A. you'd have to strafe the streets from a jet fighter to get a reaction - they are that used to it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the TX is being overpowered by the magnetic field, why aren't the weapons in John Connor's backpack being pulled too? He's carrying at least an Uzi in the backpack, because he fires it at the Crystal Peak to check if there is anyone there.

Correction: Its not an Uzi, its a Glock 18 full auto pistol. They can be obtained with ceramic components, plastic hardware and aluminum barrel, all non magnetic.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: The T-1000 could not only take on another's appearance, but their mannerisms (such as talking like them on the phone). Then why is it that the advanced T-X can't (such as when the false Scott talks to the police)?

Correction: The T-X never saw Scott's behavior...she infiltrated his apartment, sat on the edge of his bed, and killed him immediately when he woke up. The only action she ever saw Scott perform was screaming, and its unlikely that she would replicate that behavior.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the cemetery, after the T-850 shoots the police, one of the messages he sees, apart from "human casualties" and "rounds fired" is one telling him he destroyed 17 vehicles . Never mind that we only see one car blowing up, but even if he sees "destroying" as simply shooting tens of holes into a car, there simply aren't that many cars in the area where he is shooting .

Correction: Look in the background as the scene is going on (especially when the SWAT team pulls Kate out) and you can see at least two dozen cars the terminator could have destroyed.

Corrected entry: The T-X (and the T-1000 in T2) does not act like an efficient killing machine. It can run as fast as a car, withstand enormous amounts of damage and has machine-like reflexes, tons of weapons and technology. Yet, when it catches sight of its target, what does it do? It plays with its prey, moves very slowly towards its victims, blows an otherwise very convincing disguise, etc. Even the most inexperienced human assassin with a lousy Glock would simply raise his gun and shoot on sight. If all of Skynet's agents are so inept, Skynet doesn't stand a chance against the humans in the future war.

Correction: First of all, the terminators cannot run as fast as a car. (this is explained in other corrections) Second of all, the terminators were sent back in time because Skynet was losing the war. Of course Skynet doesn't stand a chance against the humans in the future war.

Corrected entry: Why does the TX have to sample the cat lady's DNA to test whether she's Kate Brewster? Surely she would have acquired a photo of Kate from that site she visits with the cellphone - after all, unlike John, Kate had no idea the Terminators were coming, so she wouldn't have erased any records of herself.

Correction: The files the TX accessed were from middle school. Kate could have changed dramatically, so the TX tested the DNA to make sure.

Corrected entry: If you remember the reason why O'Connor was misdirected to the last scene facility was that there wasn't a master server where the Skynet was installed so this means that Skynet was the virus that spread to all computers in Earth. When Skynet fired the ICBM's (Nuclear Missiles) at the major cities on the planet it actually committed suicide. If Skynet destroys the cities, it destroys the computers the had the virus and consequently itself.

Correction: Destroying major cities would wipe out a large percentage of computers, not every computer. Skynet would still be able to operate on the millions of remaining computers around the globe.

Phil Watts

Corrected entry: In the scene after Arnie has obtained his new leathers he goes straight to a jeep he intends to steal. The first thing he does in the jeep is pull the sun visor down to check for keys even though in Terminator 2 John Connor had to teach him to do this instead of just breaking open the steering column and hot-wiring the car. This appears strange because later in the film Arnie states that all Terminators are basically pulled off a production line and that he cannot remember anything that a previous terminator can remember. So how did Arnie remember to look under the sun visor to start with?

Correction: He didn't 'remember' the keys under the visor. He was reprogrammed by humans, so they probably put little things like that in his database.

Corrected entry: Throughout the beginning of the movie, when the Terminator has 'kidnapped' Catherine, she repeadly screams orders at him to let her go. Later in the movie, it is suddenly revealed that he will take orders from her. He should, therefore, have released her earlier, as soon as she demanded it.

Correction: Releasing Catherine would've violated his main mission objective to protect her. The only reason he "obeys" her is because she reprogrammed him. As a Terminator, fulfilling his mission parameters still comes above everything else. Anyway, you never hear Katherine say "let me go" or anything to that effect when Arnold is driving (she did when John was driving, however). At one point she states "drop dead @$$hole" and Arnold replies "I am unable to comply". He listens, she just didn't say the right thing while he was driving.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the T-X is driving and being pulled over by a police officer who spots her speeding, she gives herself larger breasts. If she's as powerful as they say she is and practically manages to kill anyone and everything on the spot, why would she need larger breasts to get rid of a single police officer?

Correction: For any number of reasons. One that comes immediately to mind: she could have been checking to see how well her disguise worked, to make sure she could pass for human. Or she could have been trying not to attract attention to herself, since she has no idea at that time where her target is and likewise has no idea how long it might take to acquire the target.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When the T-X goes to the drive-thru to kill one of her targets, her scan shows his name as "Jose Barerra", whereas his surname is spelled "Barrera" on his name tag.

Correction: Already in the first Terminator Movie (1984) we hear that most information is lost in the war (that's why Arnold is out to kill ALL Sarah Connors in that movie) - it is very likely that the machines never had the correct spelling of his name, as almost all names can be spelled in different ways.

Corrected entry: Although the T-850 cannot self-terminate, deliberately causing the detonation to destroy the T-X would also terminate the T-850. Is this not classed as self-termination?

Correction: While he can't outright kill himself, he is probably programmed so that if killing himself is a way to complete his main objective, he gives priority to the objective and therefore kills himself.

Corrected entry: How could the huge crane with a max speed of maybe 35mph/70km/h keep up with the Toyota which also had a headstart?

Correction: The TX is controlling the ambulances and squad-cars (as you probably have figured out :) ) She makes them push the Toyota in the direction she wants, to keep him close so she can keep up. You see the Toyota going straight forward on a road, while the crane-truck suddenly comes on the road from a side-road. That way it would be easy to keep up with him.

Corrected entry: In one of the scenes near the end of the film, John Connor wastes time by shooting at the TX's chest with an assault rifle. Judging by his earlier experience with the T800 and the T1000, he should have known that bullets aren't a very useful weapon against Terminators.

Correction: If this was a plot hole mistake, it's a pretty big one - because exactly the same could be said about the T-850... He also shoots. Anyway, they both know it can't stop the TX (or the T-1000 in T2), but it can slow it down. And most of the movie is about escaping from the TX, not destroying it.

Corrected entry: When Arnold is driving them through the desert he opens himself up and says that he is powered with 2 cells. He threw one of them through the window of the car because it was "unstable". When they arrive at the Crystal Peak and he is fighting with the T-X trying to hold the doors up, he takes the other cell and stuffs it in her mouth. But what is powering him up after he took them all out?

Correction: In T:2 - Judgement Day, we see that the T-800 has a backup-generator to keep him "alive" for a while (probably in case he needs to change "batteries" or something") - it is very likely, that the T-850 also has the same kind of backup...

Corrected entry: When the T-850 is confronting the T-X in the military compound, when she tries to assassinate the Lt. General, he made a rather poor choice of weapon, an assault rifle, especially when the coffin was filled to the brim with the good stuff.


Correction: This is hardly a mistake at all, especially not a plot hole. The Terminator was in an enclosed military facility. Using heavy, destructive weapons would've been useless, because the Terminator would've caused more damage to the facility and potentially himself and John and Kate. He chose the right weapon given the situation. Plus, he used a great deal of weaponry against the other machines.

Corrected entry: The T-850 states that the T-X is smarter than him, yet he outwits her every time they meet.

Moose Premium member

Correction: We are told that the T-850 has been reprogrammed by humans in the future so it's feasible that they would provide their knowledge of the past to enable greater anticipation and tactics that work in the past - an environment the T-X would know less about.

Corrected entry: Why did General Brewster say that he was sending John Connor / Katherine Brewster to the Skynet core (so they could bomb it), yet give them the access code book for the 1950s bunker?

Correction: Since General Brewster was aware that John and Katherine would not be able to destroy a (nonexistent) Skynet Central, he never actually sent them to Skynet Central but to the bunker where they would be safe from the nuclear war. John Conner afterwards explains that Skynet had no central core anymore but was located decentralised all over the world, using the web to spread (maybe even the military was responsible for this in order to minimize danger to Skynet). It was John and Catherine who assumed they were sent to Skynet Central, which, according to the novels, was not located at Crystal Peak but at Cheyenne Mountain and Navajo Mountain bunker bases.

Corrected entry: In the military bunker, the TX morphs into Catherine Brewster, yet the T-850 states in an earlier scene that the TX has to have touched whatever it turns into. The TX doesn't touch Brewster before morphing into her; and if she had she would have killed her.

Correction: She touches her when she throws her out of her van at the beginning, not to mention steps on her head interrogating her.


Corrected entry: When Arnold is carrying the casket out to the hearse, he takes on heavy fire, yet later on there is not one bullet hole in his leather jacket.

Correction: He has several bullet holes all over his jacket that can be seen throughout the entire film.

Corrected entry: When John and Catherine are in the bunker, John remarks that the computers are over 30 years old. However, there are a number of brand new Dell cardboard boxes with older equipment sitting on top of them. There are no new computers anywhere in the complex. (01:35:00)

Correction: Its entirely feasible to assume that upgrades were eventually going to be made to Crystal Peak's systems. The 'new' Dell boxes could have been hardware that was not yet installed. Also note that those 'new' Dell boxes are the same boxes that Dell has been using for years to ship its computers in. It is unclear how old those Dell boxes actually are.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Catherine is in the back of her van she calls 911 for help. They show her looking at the scene of the phone with no signal bars, yet she starts to talk to someone.

Correction: Most phones only show signal strength for the network that your phone is on, but if you dial 911, they will connect you to another network that has service in the area you are in.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the TX is being overpowered by the magnetic field, why isn't Catherine's large metal watch similarly affected?

Correction: The watch was probably made of a steel alloy or metal that is none magnetic. Most alloys of stainless steel are not affected by magnetism. Neither is titanium or aluminum, all common alloys and metals in watches.


Corrected entry: In the scene where both terminators are fighting each other in the bathroom in the underground military facility, there is water spraying from the damage but neither of them get wet.

Correction: Arnold is visibly wet as he walks through the water. He is also wearing leather. Water tends to run off of Leather quite quickly. As for the T-X, her skin is liquid metal. It is likely that water rolled right off her.

Corrected entry: At the gas station where Arnold picks up the chips and snacks, John and Catherine get in the back of the truck. The crowbar used to lock the back door is not put back into place. The next scene shows the truck driving down the road with the crowbar visible in the back door. Yet later when they reach their destination and the back door is opened, the crowbar has vanished.

Correction: At the gas station, Arnold pulls the crowbar off and throws it to the ground. That is the last we see of the crowbar. He doesn't put it back, nor does it appear on the truck as they drive away. At the cemetery he simply opens the door, with no crowbar.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the cops and fire fighters arrive at the Animal Hospital, no one bothers to question the only other civilian at the crime scene, the T-X.

Correction: Nobody bothers to question the T-X because nobody even noticed her. They were busy doing what they had to do.

Corrected entry: When they leave the vets office and crash into a car, the rear end of the car is totaled. When they drive off, the Tundra's front end is perfectly fine.

Correction: The Tundra actually has a bit of damage. Look at the car it smashed in to. A Ford Taurus. It weighs less than half as much as the truck. Of course the car would suffer more damage than the truck.

Corrected entry: The tool chest that Catherine is thrown into changes position from when she hit it to when she is getting ready to climb into the plane with John.


Correction: It doesn't change position other than when she hit into it, causing it to move. She crawls away from it while John and the Terminator are struggling.

Corrected entry: The cops and firefighters find the T-850 in the middle of a major crime scene, and don't think twice that he happens to be holding a large gun? In fact, Arnold not only gets up, but walks around with the gun, and not one cop thinks to ask what he is doing there, and no one tells him to drop the gun. One cop on a motorcycle is so oblivious he speeds on by, only to be knocked off by the T-850.

Correction: All the cops were distracted because their cars just drove away by themselves and a beautiful woman drove a giant crane through the scene. A man walking around with a gun was the least of their concerns.

Corrected entry: In the cemetary scene, The Terminator counted every single round fired from the chain gun. In a later scene in military compound where Catherine's father is located, The Terminator uses a rifle. When confronted with the T-X, he fires with an empty clip. He should've known he was already out.

Correction: Perhaps the weapon was not out of ammo, but had jammed.

Corrected entry: Skynet becomes pervasive by behaving like a computer virus. It infects other computers via the internet and takes control over them. Skynet uses this power to initiate an attack against mankind. However, since most power plants, network administration nodes, and personal computers reside in the cities, Skynet would be destroying both itself and the manner in which it operates when the cities are destroyed.

Correction: Skynet is a very intelligent machine/program, it would weigh the consequences and accept losses of a military action and probably move itself to a secure location. Skynet would know of places where it could obtain power to sustain itself. Skynet could also possibly store its key data in a robot like a Terminator that was able to move under its own power.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: Why did the T-X even bother to get herself a uniform when she could have easily killed someone and shape shift into them?

Correction: She never stole any clothes, just the car. She just patterned her look after the clothes of the first woman she saw. Notice how her outfit "heals" just like her body after she gets shot, just like the T-1000 from Terminator 2.

Corrected entry: How do John, Catherine, and the Terminator gain access to the military compound where Catherine's father is located? We can assume that the T-X gained access using her ability to disguise herself, but our heroes just waltz in to try and stop her. Surely there would have been tight security to prevent unauthorized personnel from easily gaining access to the facility, not to mention the command center.

Correction: There is a scene just before this in the building that shows guards and others lying dead at her feet. John, Catherine, and the Terminator could get in because those who would've stopped them were dead.


Corrected entry: When the Terminator crashes into the T-X with his pick-up, they crash into a building. Instead of blowing the building up, the building next to it (as well as the silver Audi) bursts into flames instead.

Correction: This happens because Arnold crashes the truck into the building, causing the car to crash forward into the other 'building'. However, that 'building' was a power station, hence the power station blew up when the car was thrown into it, causing the flames.

Corrected entry: Why did the T-X shoot the cat lady without first asking for Katherine Brewster? For the lieutenants she asked their names to properly identify them, then she shot them.

AzN InVasian

Correction: She needed to ask them first because they were around other people. If she just started shooting people at random the person might escape in the ensuing panic. Since the cat lady seemed to be the only one there, shooting her first then identifying her doesn't seem that unreasonable.

Corrected entry: When trying to escape, Kate is thrown several feet from her car by the T-X. Surprisingly after such force, her cell phone still manages to survive the impact (which she later uses to call for help).

Correction: A cell phone could survive the force easily especially if it is padded by Kate's clothes.

Corrected entry: How does Arnie hold up the blast door? He has one hand holding the TX from going through and another busy trying to take out his fuel cell. How does he keep the blast doors up if he only has two hands?

AzN InVasian

Correction: When he initially stopped it from coming down, you can see that th gears screech, spark and jam. He successfully managed to break the gears, so the blast doors were jammed in that position.

Corrected entry: Before we get to learn that Catherine is the T-850's master, he never obeys any of her commands and answers all of John's questions, but only after T-850 explains that Catherine is his master, he starts to behave like her lapdog and refuses to answer any of John's questions. Why the sudden change of behaviour?

Correction: She never gave him any commands he could obey. Like when she said "Drop dead", he said "I am unable to comply." And the T-850 could answer most of John's questions, just not any about the future. Once it was revealed that Kate could control him, she made better use of her commands.

Corrected entry: When Arnold shot the rocket propelled grenade at the T-X from the front seat of the hearse, Kate was standing a few yards behind the RPG launcher in what is called the "back-blast area". She should have sustained major burn and blast injuries when the weapon was fired.

Correction: The back of the RPG Launcher was tilted down a little so the back blast area was facing the ground in front of Kate not directly at her.

Corrected entry: Whenever they show a landscape littered with human bones there are always, literally, a million skulls, but no other bones from the human body.


Correction: Wrong. During the underwater scene near the beginning of the film, you can make out ribcages and other body parts lying around. The skulls are just on top of the heaps, so to speak.

Corrected entry: If the war against the machines occurs all around the world, then why is everybody celebrating the victory against the machines around a US flag? Were all the survivors from the United States? Didn't the world unite to fight the machines?

Correction: Probably, but the scene takes place in the US, so it's hardly surprising.

Corrected entry: As the machines become "aware," dozens of unmanned tanks and hovercraft swamp the whole military facility, killing everything that moves. Then how on earth do John and Catherine manage to fly their single-engined prop plane out of there without getting shot down?

Correction: The hangar was clear of all danger. The machines had moved on to other parts of the base.

Corrected entry: When Arnie is swiped off the end of the crane, we see it blowing in the wind as the crane speeds down the road. This particular part of the crane weighs several hundred lbs. and should not be blowing in the wind.

Sol Parker

Correction: It wasn't blowing in the wind. It was swinging with momentum after it collided with the fire truck.

Corrected entry: It has been mentioned that it is ludicrous that the TX could control vehicles remotely. But as the movie established she could do this, no matter how implausible, why didn't she make better use of this talent? During the big highway chase sequence, for example, why didn't she cause some of the many cars they passed to drive in front of John Connor and prevent his escape?

Correction: The TX couldn't control just any old machine. She needed to stick her long sharp finger probe into it's mechanics and/or electronics to gain control.

Corrected entry: TX may be able to gain control of computerized devices, but driving a car remotely is ridiculous. How does she shift it from park into drive? How does she steer? Driving a car is a mechanical process. If the car itself was already equipped with a computerized remote device, and she gained control of THAT, she could do it, but that's not the case. Remote control of a normal car goes beyond "controlling machines" - it's more like telekinesis.


Correction: Driving a car maybe a mechanical process, but it still not impossible for the T-X to remotely control them. The T-850 says she use "nano-technology" to control machines, but he does not explain in detail. This leaves the possibility that she uses small nanobots to take over the mechanical devices within the car in order to steer, shift gears, etc. She may not be controlling the car directly but she could control the nanobots which do. Come on, use your imagination.

Corrected entry: When John Connor takes the Toyota Tundra from the veterinary clinic and is speeding through town, he crashes into the back of somebody's car and the air bag in the Toyota doesn't deploy.


Correction: The air bag could have been disabled by Catherine or any other owner, as many people have done because of injuries sustained in accidents from air bags, and/or, because there was a pregnant driver at one time.

Corrected entry: The Terminator makes a big deal about saving John and Katherine so they can stop the machines, but, what about finding and protecting Kyle Reese? The future would be kinda screwed if John's father wasn't alive to be sent back in time. It's got nothing to do with him being born after the war, because John wasn't born until 1985 but that didn't stop the machines trying to kill his mother. Reese was also one of John's lieutenants. So, regardless of whether or not the Machines knew he was John's father, the fact that John's lieutenants are being killed off should make it somewhat of a priority to make sure that Reese is found and protected.

MoonFaery Premium member

Correction: Reese was never one of John's LT's, he was a sergeant - he says so after rescues Sarah in tech noir in the car: "Reese, Sergeant/Tech-Com, DN38416".

Corrected entry: When the T-800 starts listing the names of people the T-X was sent back to kill, it lists them alphabetically. He lists "Brewster, Robert" yet doesn't list "Brewster, Katherine", when the T-X was obviously sent to kill her too.

Correction: Katherine knows the TX is after her. They asked the T-800 who else the TX was after, so he had no reason to tell Katherine that it was after her.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminatrix pretends to be Claire Danes, she gets shot by the Terminator, and regular, human, bloody bullet holes appear. Every other time the Terminatrix is shot, you see shiny silver holes that are made in her liquid metal exterior.

Correction: She wants the father to believe that the T-800 has killed his daughter.

Corrected entry: Why can't the TX catch John and Catherine when they are running in the particle accelerator but she can catch up with a hearse while running through the woods?

Correction: She took a shortcut getting to the hearse.

Corrected entry: All throughout the movie, we see that both the T-850 and the T-X are 1-2 ton killing machines (as evident by many a fight scene). So why is that when they get in and out of vehicles (i.e. the motorcycle, the hearse, etc.) the shocks on the cars don't respond to such a high amount of strain. Surely the police motorcycle, especially, couldn't sustain such an amount of weight, and if so, it certainly wouldn't be able to get to top speed as easily as it did in the chase scene with the crane.

Correction: The only thing that is made evident in the fight scenes is that they are both powerful machines and that they are nearly indestructible. More than likely they weigh around 500 pounds or less which would be about double a person of the T-800's size and would not noticeably affect the vehicles suspension.

Corrected entry: The windows in the vet truck would have been shattered (or at least cracked) after being hit numerous times by police cruisers and running into various objects.

Correction: Not necessarily, the Tundra is quite a bit taller than a police car.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: During the scene in Catherine's hospital, the TX determines that John Connor has been there recently by tasting some of his blood and matching the DNA. This raises the question of how did the machines manage to get a sample of John's blood in the first place? And even if they did somehow manage, since John was not considered a target why would they bother giving her the data for his blood?

Correction: They could have swiped the blood from the battlefield in the future. It would be easy. Also, John Connor was her primary target. She was sent to destroy others in case she could not find him.


Corrected entry: When the TX is driving the crane, the Terminator takes over the winch and drops it through a sewer grate, causing it to literally pull through the road after the truck. Yet, at the same time the rope is unwinding off the winch. Why would a rope continuously unwinding start to tear through solid road? Furthermore, why does it only stop tearing through when the rope reaches the end of the winch and cause the crane to fold in on itself?

Correction: The truck is traveling at a high speed. The winch unwinds slowly, thus the truck's speed causes the rope to snag and start to tear. When the rope reaches its end, it causes the crane to jerk down far enough to crash into the ground.

Corrected entry: When Catherine is escaping from the female terminator she runs out the front door of the animal hospital without unlocking it. She locked it when the woman came in with her cat Hercules.


Correction: It's pretty obvious that the T-X isn't the most courteous of machines...more than likely she just pushed the door open, breaking the hinge and the lock right off.

Corrected entry: How does the T-X know to find Catherine at the veterinary clinic at 5:30 AM? Wouldn't she have gone to her home to search for her at that hour? Catherine was only there because she was called out for an unexpected emergency.

Correction: She was being systematic. She located the first target at his job at the fast food place. She probably thought to check the Veterinary clinic first. Time is irrelevant to Terminators. It is unlikely that she actually considered the possibility that 5:30 a.m. was too early for work.

Corrected entry: Exactly how does the T-850 know Sarah Conner was cremated and guns put in her casket? John Conner didn't know where she was buried, and Kate never met her. Did the Mexicans find John later and tell him? Or did Kate program the T-850 based on what he said at the cemetery? If it's the latter, this creates a causality loop, because the only way anyone knows about the weapons is the T-850. But if the T-850 was programmed based on Kate's previous experience with it, then older Kate knows the T-850 helped them go to the Skynet lab, which led to them being sent to the shelter. So then why doesn't T-850 just take them to Skynet to begin with, instead of arguing that he is going to take them to safety?

Correction: The T-850 says that Sarah Connor's will specified that weapons be placed in her grave site for John, and her ashes scattered into the sea. It is quite likely that, even though almost all records of Sarah Connor were lost in the war (as revealed in Terminator 1), Sarah Connor's will is among some of the very limited information that Skynet had on Sarah Connor. Being that it does not have any revealing information other than where the weapons are located, it is not a crucial piece of information and was ignored, but the T-850 was able to make use of it. We also learn that Catherine's father was going to create Skynet all along, which means that Cyberdyne was only an alternate timeline because the Terminator pieces were found and Cyberdyne started work on it. It would have happened anyway, which means that it is also possible that Catherine, knowing all this, gave the Terminator that information.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the veterinarian's, the T-850 throws Catherine into the van. He then slams the doors and grabs a tire iron. He puts it through the flimsy screen door handles on the back of the van, and then bends it double using one hand. This should rip the handles right off the door.

Correction: Not unless he was using the handles for leverage, which he wasn't.


Corrected entry: The TX uses clothes (or copies their form) from the lady in the parked car. Then later we can see repeatedly that she is wearing the lady's earrings. Maybe it's just me, but I don't see the TX, a lethal killing machine, putting in earrings. It's a waste of time and the clothes will make her blend in anyway.


Correction: Since she's not stealing the clothing, but rather replicating it, why wouldn't she replicate the earrings too? It's not like it would take any extra effort.

Corrected entry: The Terminatrix drives the FBI car from the back seat, steering through the agent's chest, but who is stepping on the gas, and brake?

Correction: Since she can extend her hands to steer the wheels, she could also extend her legs under the driver's seat to step on the gas and the brake.

Corrected entry: When the female terminator arrives at the animal hospital we hear the glass from the front door breaking. When Catherine escapes through the same doors, there is no broken glass. The female terminator then walks through the same doors and the door on the left shows the broken glass that looks like it's been cut out.


Correction: What you hear is the glass that she cut out break when it's dropped on the floor, not the door itself.


Corrected entry: When the T-X shoots the teenager at the fast food restaurant, there is a passenger seat between her and the window. When going through a drive-through, the driver's seat is closest to the pick-up window.

Correction: Not true. This happens with fast food places that have multiple drive up windows (e.g. Checkers in the USA)


Corrected entry: When the Terminator opens the casket of Sarah Connor it is filled to the top with weapons. In the next scene the Terminator is carrying the casket on his shoulder with John Connor inside. The casket is put inside the back of a hearse and driven away. In one of the following scenes John Connor (outside of the casket) and the open casket are shown in the same shot and the casket is filled with weapons; there is no indication that it was filled back up with weapons after John Conner got out. There would be no way that he could have fit inside the casket with all of the weapons as well.

Correction: There is plenty of room for John Connor to be hidden in the top of the casket on top of all the weapons - the top is curved.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Terminatrix travels back from the future she is naked and proceeds to first find some clothes (and a vehicle). However, later in the film her clothes change as part of her appearance when she changes forms. If the same mechanism, which governs the look and shape of her skin and body, is also capable of emulating clothing, then why did she travel to the past naked to begin with? (Aside from the obvious visual benefits).

Correction: The T-1000 could also emulate clothing with the shape-shifting abilities, but only clothing that it has touched. It cannot create clothing, so I would think T-X functions the same in that department.

Corrected entry: Inside the military base, the TX takes on the form of Catherine in order to fool Catherine's father. At that point, the TX still hadn't come into physical contact with Catherine, so it would have been impossible for the transformation to occur.

Correction: Yes, The TX had come into physical contact with Catherine just after John Conner was thrown into the dog cage. The TX chases her outside, pulls her out of the car, and stands on her throat while interrogating...direct, physical contact.

Corrected entry: The terminator TX arrives from the future in a women's clothing store window, and yet her first task is go searching for clothing.

Correction: For all we know, she may have classified the clothing in that store as unsuitable, like Arnie did, so went looking elsewhere.

Corrected entry: The Terminator explains to John Connor that he is powered by 2 hydrogen-cells. In Crystal Peak the Terminator uses his second and last one to blow up himself and the Terminatrix. How can the Terminator still hold the Terminatrix and say "You are terminated" when he already stuffed his second and last energy-cell down her mouth?

Correction: One word: capacitors.

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Terminator: Katherine Brewster? Have you sustained injury?
Kate Brewster: Drop dead, you asshole!
Terminator: I am unable to comply.



When John and Catherine are in the hangar at the runway, the Cessna's tail number is N3035C. When the plane is shown in the air, the number is N3973F. When they land, the tail number has changed back to N3035C.



When John turns on the magnetic field, the equipment he uses to turn up the power is the throttle of the Saitek X45 with a Cyberdyne plate over the base.