Con Air

Corrected entry: When Billy is impaled on a pipe and we see the pipe sticking out his chest, there's another hole in his shirt above the pipe, even though he was only impaled once, and the hole wasn't there before.


Correction: There is blood coming through the shirt above the pipe, there is no hole in the shirt.


Corrected entry: Poe should've been put in a state prison for manslaughter, not a federal penitentiary.


Correction: Poe is sent to San Quentin State Prison.


Corrected entry: Poe writes a note to the US Marshall on Pinball then throws him off the plane. Pinball lands on a car after falling - there wouldn't be much left of Pinball, let alone the message.

00:54:05 - 00:55:05

Correction: I've seen many people after they hit the ground or a vehicle in free fall. For the most part, the body remains externally intact - especially if they hit a vehicle or ground that has some "give." That is why skydivers say people "bounce" - because they do; they almost never splat unless the go head-first onto concrete; that gets messy. But in this particular case, it's entirely plausible and likely that the body would be sufficiently intact for the message to be read.

Corrected entry: Pinball's body would have exploded when it landed on the hood of the car in Fresno.


Correction: A complete assumption. The hood of the vehicle bent inward, absorbing some of the force of the impact.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The planes' weapons load is extremely unsuitable for a prisoner transfer plane. Shotguns would be perhaps suitable to wipe out the entire plane in a major riot, but not to contain one. M-16 rifles are way too powerful and would punch more holes in the fuselage than prisoners, are much too bulky in close quarters, and don't offer anything to the guards' handguns couldn't - the plane just isn't big enough for distance accuracy to be a factor. Worst of all, it carries grenade launchers and explosive grenades. Using them in in the plane would be suicidal if the plane was on the ground, let alone flying. Granted, though, they do enable a battle scene.

Correction: The clear intent of the weapons in the belly of the plane was not for use on the plane but if the plane crashed. As explained only the pilot carried a secure pistol just in case of any hijacking. If the plane had to make an emergency crash landing, they would need to take the prisoners off the plane. Obviously they could not contain the prisoners with what they have on board. As for the choice of weapons. They were carrying some of the most dangerous prisoners in the country. With some of the connections they had if they came under attack, then they would need sufficient firepower. However it is purely a character choice what weapons are acceptable.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: After the prisoners start the trouble on the plane, the marshals use a taser on "Diamond Dog" Jones. One shot shows someone's hand on "Diamond Dog" shoulder. The shock would have surely travelled to whoever was holding him down.

Correction: Stun guns and tasers don't work like that. You can touch someone who is being tasered without the current passing from them to you.

Corrected entry: Poe handcuffs one of Cyrus' arms to the ladder of the firetruck, yet when Cyrus is launched off of the truck to the ground, he's still wearing the cuff and his arm has not been pulled off.

ChiChi Premium member

Correction: The other obvious thing that could have happened is that the ladder broke under the stress of the accident and Cyrus flew off it. The ladder had been through a lot up until that point.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: On two occasions you can see horizontal lens flare at the top of he screen. When they start digging on Lerner Field, and when the cargo door on the C-123 opens and they look at the dangling car.

Correction: This is not a mistake; those particular flares are due to the anamorphic lenses used to shoot the film, and many films, including this one, use them as a deliberate stylistic choice (director Simon West has said on several occasions that the flares are one of the reasons he likes the anamorphic format).

Corrected entry: The crash-landing in Las Vegas is totally unrealistic. a) The plane flies/approaches way too fast: a crash-landing would be attempted with minimum possible speed, but the C-123 is at full cruise speed. b) In one shot you can see that it's getting pulled and/or pushed from rest. c) The whole crash-landing takes way too long. All the obstacles that are getting hit (buildings, cars) would only slow it down. Even if brakes don't work, it cannot take that long to come to a halt.

Correction: This is a character mistake, there is no suggestion as to how good a pilot the con is, so he simply screwed up the landing. As for the plane taking too long to come to a standstill, it's called a 'willing suspension of disbelief'.

Corrected entry: After the fight at the airfield, Colm Meaney and John Cusack board the Cobra helicopters to act as weapons operators. How could they be better trained than the guys who were there originally? Would they even know what to do and just how likely is it that the average DEA agent or US Marshall would be able to operate the weapons system on a Cobra anyway?

Correction: The DEA agent wants the aircraft shoot down and Larkin wants to prevent that, that's why they both jump onto the choppers. This is a time of crisis, so probably the pilots took off with them. Plus the weapons system on a cobra can easily be operated by the pilot alone.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: When Johnny tries to rape the female guard, Poe comes to the rescue and knocks him out. Poe then handcuffs him to an overhead rail with both hands in the cuffs over the rail. Yet after the crash, while the police are doing clean-up, they drag away Johnny leaving one arm hanging off, as if Poe put only one of his hands in the cuffs, and one cuff on the overhead rail. Even with one arm severed, they couldn't naturally have got out of that position without the severed arm going over the rail, in which case it would be lying on the floor with the rest of him.

Correction: We don't see Johnny the whole time from the cuffing till the crash. There would have been enough time for somebody, even Poe, to uncuff one arm so that Johnny could be better prepared for the imminent crash.

Ronnie Bischof

Corrected entry: Cyrus takes over the plane and tells the pilot not to radio anyone and then leaves the cockpit, no one is watching the pilot why doesn't he report the take over on the radio?

Correction: Character mistake and not a real movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Sandino attempts to flee Lerner Airfield in the chartered plane, all the other inmates look over at the plane and then chase after it as it begins to depart. Vince Larkin comes out of hiding and sprints alongside the plane to the tractor so he can sabotage the departure of the plane. If the inmates were able to see the plane taking off, wouldn't they have been able to see Larkin as well?

Correction: Before the plane takes off Larkin is already well out of the way of the hangar. Being that the inmates would be looking more behind the plane they would not likely see him. Also he is running alongside the plane on the other side of it, not in direct view of the inmates. So combined with the distance away from the inmates and on the other side there is no guarantee they would have seen him.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: At Lehrner airfield, when the awaiting drug smuggler's plane starts its engines and Cusack is blown backwards, the engines appear to "shoot" a flame out, such as an after-burner would create. However, this type of plane is not equipped with such engines and even if it was, they would cause too great a stress for the plane to handle.

Correction: It's a Rockwell EX60 'Sabreliner' private jet dating from 1969. You don't need an afterburner to 'shoot flame out', you need an obsolete plane with old, badly maintained jet engines like this one has.

Corrected entry: When Cameron Poe's lawyer tries to get him to plead guilty, it is called a plea bargain. This is a deal set up ahead of time with the prosecutor. If the judge rejects it, it goes to trial, the guilty plea does not stand.

Correction: The judge didn't reject the plea of guilty. He rejected the prosecutor's sentence suggestion, which he has every right to do.

Corrected entry: When the two people in the cockpit hear about the disturbance, the co-pilot decides to go out with a revolver. They would in reality have locked the door and waited to see what happened, and then possibly landed the plane. You don't need to be taught this. Anyone who has been trusted to fly a plane containing a load of dangerous convicts would have the common sense to not go out and see what has happened, but to lock the door and land the plane.

Correction: He wanted to be a hero. Really, characters in action movies do things a lot more stupid than this.

Corrected entry: When Larkin and several prison guards are checking Cyrus's cell, one suddenly stumbles upon the section where Cyrus has hidden all the blueprints, plans, letters and assorted paraphernalia and the lunch box. Don't you think the cell of a high profile and extremely dangerous prisoner that is under 24 hour video surveillance would prevent him from doing any such things? For example, where and how would he get the elements to create such a powerful explosive device locked away in a cell? Or if he was receiving a letter of possible criminal correspondence from the Spanish drug lord, don't you think it would be checked over many times to discover the content? Instead Larkin discovers this within seconds. Why would Cyrus just not destroy these documents instead of hiding them in a prosthetic brick made from soap or something? I don't see how he could have done under the heavy surveillance.

Correction: Someone has been heavily bribed to overlook these things being smuggled into Cyrus' cell. The letter in itself was innocent enough and could only be read with the aid of the "Last Supper" postcard, neither of which would attract much attention if it arrived in the mail. The blueprints and plans and so on are not something Cyrus can use from his cell, so the guards would not see much harm in letting him have it (and themselves profiting from it). The bomb contents would be more difficult, but smuggled in in seemingly innocent components unchecked by several bribed guards (all of whom would just see one or two parcels), it would not be impossible.


Corrected entry: When the undercover DEA agent is being briefed, he is told that he has two hours to get the drug kingpin to talk. The flight from Carson City, NV to Alabama is much longer then two hours.

Correction: The flight may be longer than two hours, but he may have been referring to the tape recorder, meaning that there was only two hours worth of tape.

Corrected entry: Colm Meaney says he has locked onto the C123, so he can fire missiles at it. Locked on with what exactly? The Cobras appear to be carrying pods that can carry 2.75 inch unguided rockets (intended for ground targets, not planes) the only way he is going to get them to lock onto the C123 is if he gets out and does it himself with a padlock and chain.

Correction: He isn't a trained pilot. He is just saying 'locked on' meaning that the plane is in his sights. He doesn't know the technical language.

Corrected entry: When the villains have made their lousy landing at the airfield and the police are coming, Cyrus opens a box with shotguns and throws one to his fellow convicts. The next scene shows the convict catching the gun, and it has somehow turned into an M-16.

Correction: There were three different boxes. One (the one Cyrus opened) contained the shotguns, behind him was another box that contained the M-16's, and the third box on the left (the one Diamond Dogg opens) contained the grenade launchers that were used to blow up the propane tanks.

Corrected entry: Regarding the undercover DEA agent - during the inspection of the prisoners before boarding the plane, it is stated that no personal possessions are allowed on the plane... as the undercover agent is climbing the steps to board the plane, you can clearly see the outline of his wallet in his left hip pocket.

Correction: Agent Sims wasn't searched by the guards (Falzon, Bishop, etc...), he was searched by Agent Malloy. This would mean that Malloy wouldn't take the wallet away, and the rest of the guards probably wouldn't pay attention to Sims' rear-end, or suspect anything, because Sims had already been searched. After all, they didn't find the gun either.

Corrected entry: When Nicholas Cage is shot in the arm on the plane, you can clearly see that blood is shot out of the back of his arm, then a split second later you see the hole in the front of his arm appear.

Correction: Cage was shot in the front of the arm, causing the hole. The bullet would have passed through his arm causing another hole (and blood) at the back

Corrected entry: When Pinball is dropped from the plane, he hits the car as it is leaving a red light. The car is then hit from the rear really hard which seems odd since they just left a red light. Then the car is hit on the right side by a blue station wagon, so I guess someone ran a redlight 10 seconds late, but then that same blue car gets hit from behind meaning the guy behind him ran a redlight too...


Correction: They've just watched a human body plummet out of the sky and crush the bonnet of a car in front of them. Guess they might have been a little distracted, eh?

Corrected entry: The idea that Baby-O needs to get his shot or he will die is completely incorrect. Anyone who is diabetic would know that it's not high blood sugar that can kill you, but an insulin overdose. Assuming that he had eaten breakfast that morning, he should be glad he had not been given an injection, because he was on the plane for who knows how long and then crashed at the remote airstrip with nothing to eat; his insulin levels would have been so high that he could go into a coma.

Correction: This is incorrect. Baby-O has severe Insulin Dependent Diabetes - a form of diabetes that requires the daily injection of the hormone insulin to maintain normal body chemistry. Avoidance of insulin in these patients will result in a severe metabolic derangement known as diabetic ketoacidosis, the symptoms of which are very accurately portrayed in this film. (Though I doubt that someone in ketoacidic shock would survive a bullet impact.) There are milder forms of diabetes that fit the description above, but Insulin Dependent Diabetes is not one of them.

Corrected entry: When Poe writes the message on the con's stomach he throws him out of the plane. If you listen closely when Poe throws him out of the plane there is a splash sound like he is landing in water but in the next scene he lands on a car.

Correction: That is not a water splashing sound. It is the landing gear that makes the sound

Corrected entry: In the scene where Cendino is double crossing the inmates. Cyrus tosses a cigarette on the fuel and it ignites. Though this is cool in the movie it is actually impossible. Since this is more than likely airplane fuel, the cigarette would simply be extinguished. It takes a heat source much hotter and more constant than a cigarette to ignite that type of fuel.

Correction: It is the gas that came out of the gas pumps located at the service station, not gas from the plane itself.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the cons fight the soldiers in the boneyard, Cyrus explains that they will create a trap by shooting the front and rear vehicles. Yet during the battle, the troops are continually moving.

Correction: Cyrus wanted to take out the front and rear vehicles so that the troops couldn't escape and regroup. They had to keep moving forward to stay alive.

Corrected entry: When the "Con Air" plane lands at Lerner Airfield it almost has a head on collision with another plane. Cyrus didn't care about most of the convicts anyway, so why didn't he, Diamond Dawg, and Swamp Thing just take the plane that they almost hit instead of having everyone dig out their original plane?

Correction: The plane they almost hit is shown going off into the distance. It would have been easier to dig the plane out, than to chase after they other plane.

Corrected entry: The plane that is carrying the prisoners is a C-123. Its max. level speed is above 600 km/h, while its cruising speed is above 400km/h, so how the hell do they manage to use two AH-1 Cobra anti-tank helicopters to chase the C-123? The AH-1's max. speed is 352km/h. Interesting...

Correction: The plane is taking off and climbing, not cruising, with the rear door open effecting is drag coefficient, with one of the engines damaged, and it makes a circle of the runway, slowing it down further so it is conceivable that the Helicopters could keep up with the plane on this occasion.

Corrected entry: Why are they making an emergency landing on the Strip, when there is an airfield right beside and aligned with it? Or why couldn't they just land somewhere on the thousands of square miles of desert around Vegas?

Correction: Regardless that it was more dangerous to land on the strip. Wouldn't you rather land in a vastly populated area which would give you ample time and a better chance of escaping as opposed to landing in the desert or an Airport which could be completely surrounded within 5 minutes?

Corrected entry: When agent Sims is boarding the plane, Malloy gives a gun to him. But the gun is at the left leg, and when Sims is inside the plane and pulls out the gun, it is in the right leg.

Correction: Watched it last night - Malloy puts the gun on the inside of Sims' right leg, and that's where he grabs it from when his leg shackles are being undone.

Corrected entry: Poe was convicted of murder as a US Army Ranger. He would have served his time at the US Disciplinary Barracks at Ft Leavenworth, not a civilian prison. He would also have taken a military flight home.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: He is a civilian, at the beginning of the movie you can hear him end his tour and be discharged from service.

Matt Tyrrell

Corrected entry: When the plane takes off from Lerner airfield, it flies over John Cusack and the other agents, trailing the car. Quite a few seconds after flying over them, the car hits the tower and flies off, still falling away from them. However, they then have to stand back because the car falls at their feet, despite the fact that by that stage the car would have been at least 200m away from them.

Correction: The plane starts to turn in a few shots, and while we don't see the exact route it takes, it could be assumed that it comes back the way it came

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Garland Greene: Define irony - a bunch of idiots dancing around on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash.



The whole basis of the trial and conviction of Cameron Poe is a crock. The judge can not arbitrarily mete out a sentence that is harsher based on the ability of someone to defend him/herself. In justifying the harsher sentence because of Poe's military skills, the judge effectively says that Poe is more guilty than an average person due to his honorable and decorated service in uniform to his country. In my entire time in law school, I never read one out of the literally hundreds of cases I was assigned in which a judge issued a harsher sentence because of someone's innate or learned abilities to defend themselves. But since this was a movie court room proceeding, the fact that Poe had a witness to the fight (his wife), the fact that he was injured in the fight, and the fact that his uniform was torn and otherwise ruined as a result of the fight are never examined. A D.A. wouldn't have taken this to a grand jury on a bet, because they would have never returned an indictment or "true bill."



At the end of the movie, the plane is crashing into the front of a casino. This building is actually The Sands hotel. The scene was done a few weeks/months before the hotel was demolished, this way the damages to the hotels entrance as the plane was launched into it didn't matter.