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Factual error: The passenger door at the front of a 747 opens outwards and towards the front of the plane (as seen when President Marshall boards the plane). When the first family is being evacuated at the end of the movie, the door is nowhere to be seen.

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Suggested correction: That's because Gibbs had blown the emergency lock on the door and it went flying. Now, whether they'd actually do that and risk the door flying through the engine is another story, but I doubt the engineers had a mid-air rescue in mind when they designed it.

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Trivia: One of the secretaries tells the president she can send a fax to the White House, and he replies something like: "If this works, I'll make you Postmaster General". In the closing credits, she's credited as "Future Postmaster General".

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Question: Can someone who knows a bit about airplanes and such tell me if it's really possible to rescue people from a plane the way they do it in the end of the movie. To me it seems nearly impossible, is it?

Answer: Mid-air transfers between planes have been done - insane stuntmen have crossed between planes simply by walking from wing to wing in the past. While it takes considerable skill and more guts than your average slaughterhouse, this sort of thing is possible, yes.

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