Taste the Blood of Dracula

Secker has a book on vampires in his library, and copies out the relevant information for Paul Paxton to go to destroy Dracula. His girlfriend Linda has been rejected by Dracula, and so her hypnotic dedication to the vampire is put under strain by Paul's insistence that she is "free to choose, Good or Evil". Made infuriate by Paul Paxton's attempt to sanctify his abode and despatch him, Dracula scales the interior of the desecrated chapel, throws organ pipes at the couple; and all the stained glass panels are suddenly flooded with religious light, colour and symbolism. Overcome by the forces of Good, Dracula falls, crashes on to the newly blessed altar, and begins decaying into the powder and bone from which he was initally reconstituted. Alice is free; and the young couple rush together from the chapel, and away.

Timon of Bath

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Dracula: They have destroyed my servant. They will be destroyed.



The footage of Dracula impaled on a giant golden crucifix at the end of 'Dracula Has Risen From The Grave' is re-cut for the pre-credit sequence of this film. However, when the second film continues, the golden crucifix is missing in the background, behind Dracula's powdered blood and collapsing cloak, creating a continuity error with perhaps an unusual reason for happening. Hammer props department may have rid themselves of the crucifix between films shot a year apart.