Corrected entry: When the lights are turned out in the beginning by the "butler" there is a series of sounds (thud, gasp, gunshot, scream). Since the only thing that happens when the lights are out is that Professor Plum fires the gun (whether someone grabbed it or not), the first sounds shouldn't be there.

Correction: Any and all of the sounds have plausible explanations. A thud could be something dropping, a gasp and a scream are perfectly reasonable given the circumstances.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the end, it was revealed Professor Plum shot Mr. Boddy in the study and the wall (near the fireplace) with the same bullet. Yet when it happened in the study, Professor Plum was sitting on a couch directly in front of Mr. Boddy and wall that got shot was at the other end of the room to Plum's left. The angle for the gun could have not been possible with only one bullet. Bullets are shot directly forward but they can't exactly turn to the left and keep on being fired can they? Even though it was later revealed as someone who took the gun from Plum and the gun went off, he was just lying so nobody else would suspect he was the murderer. Also there are two ways we know only one bullet was fired. One: we can hear only one bullet being fired when the lights were out in the study. And two: there were only six bullets in the gun. One for the singing telegram (6-1=5), one for the chandelier (5-1=4), two for the lounge door (4-2=2), one for Mr. Boddy in the study (2-1=1) and the last bullet was used at the other chandelier at the end of the first ending (1-1=0). So no other bullets could have been fired. (00:26:15)

Casual Person

Correction: This "mistake" makes no sense. It's known there was only one shot fired, and since it was fired in the dark, there's no way to know the position of the shooter. Wadsworth was simply mistaken in his count.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Wadsworth is doing the re-enactment, he says he introduced Mrs. White and Colonel Mustard. Wadsworth didn't do that, Mrs. White and Colonel Mustard introduced themselves. (00:06:05 - 01:06:15)

Casual Person

Correction: While he may not have directly introduced them, he was responsible for putting them together and allowing them to meet. That qualifies as an introduction.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Wadsworth arrives at Hill House, he ends up stepping in dog feces. As soon as he opens the door, he puts his shoe on a pot and scrapes the feces off. Just after he takes the shoe off the pot, you'll see there is nothing scraped off. (00:03:20)

Casual Person

Correction: Without knowing how much was on his shoe, this can't be a mistake. He may have only had a small amount and was trying to remove it.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Miss Scarlet and Prof. Plum are at the door, they never ring the bell. But Wadsworth goes to the door to greet them anyway. Wadsworth couldn't know they were outside because at the front of the house is the study on one side and the lounge on the other. There are no windows in the lounge and there is a window in the study but not facing the car park. The lightning and thunder blocked all sound of them parking so Wadsworth couldn't hear that either.


Correction: Wadsworth is in the library, not the lounge, which is on the "study side"

Corrected entry: It's revealed in the third (and presumably real ending) that it was Wadsworth who is behind everything and invited all the guests to the house and get them all to kill off his informants depending which informant had some relation to the party guest. But it was Wadsworth himself that killed The Singing Telegram Girl and not Mr. Green. Shouldn't Wadsworth have realised that his plan failed when Mr. Green didn't kill anyone?

Correction: Not really. Even if Mr Green didn't kill anyone, Wadsworth was still intending to make them all complicit in covering up the evening's events, making Mr Green an accomplice after the fact. The six people Wadsworth was blackmailing had gathered at a house and between them committed five murders then covered it up. From Wadsworth's point of view his plan would still have worked. The fact that he had to step in personally and tie up a loose end by committing a sixth murder doesn't change any of this.

Corrected entry: When Colonel Mustard says "I think you'd better explain yourself Wadsworth" after finding the Cook's body in the kitchen, notice that Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock are not in the kitchen. Mrs. Peacock was not there because in the second ending it was revealed Mrs. Peacock was the killer and left the kitchen to kill Mr. Boddy. But at the end of the scene it then goes to the third ending where we reveal Professor Plum killed Mr. Boddy. Which is why he wasn't there anymore. But even if Professor Plum shouldn't have been their then, Mrs. Peacock should have still remained in the kitchen.

Casual Person

Correction: Actually, both Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock are seen in the kitchen, though they don't do anything substantial. At the beginning of the scene, they are the last two people to enter, then the focus of the scene changes to the discovery of the cook's body, at which point they aren't seen again until the end of the scene when they are near the door. This gives the filmmakers enough wriggle room to explain either of the two endings in which one or the other killed Mr. Boddy - namely, since they were at the back of the pack near the door, one of them could have snuck off to kill Boddy, then returned by the end of the scene. The other one was simply standing near the door the whole time during the commotion and didn't notice the other one sneak away. The only mistake here was made by Wadsworth, who surmised that whomever killed Mr. Boddy snuck back to the study through the secret passage in the pantry, which doesn't seem to be the case in any of the endings. If it were Yvette, she stayed behind in the study while the others went to the kitchen. If it were Professor Plum or Mrs. Peacock, they simply snuck into the hall while everyone was distracted in the kitchen.


Corrected entry: In the third ending, why does Mr Green shoot Wadsworth? His boss and loads of the police were waiting just outside the door, they could have caught Wadsworth and arrested him. The whole purpose of having a 'plant' was to find out who Mr Boddy was and arrest him. Mr. Green actually took out his gun before Wadsworth goes to shoot him, so it can't just be self defence.

Correction: Mr. Green pulls out his gun to reveal he's FBI (law enforcement officers often draw their weapon before ordering a suspect to freeze, even unarmed ones, etc). Certainly he would take his gun out to order Wadsworth/Boddy to drop his gun. However, before Green gets the chance to reveal he's FBI we see Wadsworth/Boddy get ready to shoot. Mr. Green just happened to be faster.


Corrected entry: When the guests walk into the dining room, the window between the dining room and kitchen is closed. However, when they get dinner, the window is now open.

Casual Person

Correction: That's because Yvette opened the "window" before dinner was served. We see this as the lightning and thunder strike.


Corrected entry: When Wadsworth is doing the re-enactment in the dining room, you can see the kitchen cupboard is open (the one the cook fell out of). The cupboard is still open when Wadsworth stabs the piece of meat in the cupboard. Yet, when Wadsworth re-enacts the Cook falling out of the cupboard, the door is closed. Wadsworth couldn't have closed the door because he was inside the cupboard at the time and it would have been impossible for the door to have closed. (01:06:50 - 01:10:55)

Correction: It's a freezer, not a cupboard, and most freezers have a handle inside so you can't get trapped (and freeze to death). You see the recessed handle inside the door when it swing open. But even besides that, the door isn't latched when Wadsworth reenacts the falling scene. So he only had to grasp the side and pull it in anyway.

Corrected entry: In third explanation, it shows a flashback of Mrs. White killing Yvette. If you look at the end of the rope you can see part of the rope is holding itself up. In reality it should have been hanging free.

Casual Person

Correction: She's holding the other end of the rope with her other hand, you can tell from her shoulder that her other arm is outstretched. In order for a noose to work you have to pull on the rope.

Corrected entry: After the candlestick drops from the ledge above the bathroom, it mysteriously vanishes for the rest of the movie.

Correction: This claim is wrong. The candlestick doesn't disappear, and is seen on the floor next to the bathroom during the 1st "who did it" explanation when Wadsworth throws Mr. Green into the toilet. The candlestick is on the floor at the end of the carpet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Col. Mustard and Mr. Boddy get into a fight, we see Mr. Boddy step on Col. Mustard's foot and poke him in the eyes. But, later on, in that same scene, we see Col. Mustard wiping his bloody nose when Mr. Boddy didn't even touch his nose.

Correction: After Mr. Boddy pokes Col. Mustard in the eye, Mustard falls to the floor and Boddy follows him pulling back his right arm to deliver a forceful punch. He's then pulled away by Green and Plum, but looks like he gets a couple of good kicks in first. Either of these could bloody a nose.

Corrected entry: After Mrs. White states that she too is being blackmailed for something she didn't do, Mr. Green says, "Me too." However Green later states he's being blackmailed because he is a homosexual.


Correction: He clearly didn't want people to know, or else the blackmail wouldn't work. He was just denying the fact, and later decided to admit to it.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie Mrs Ho says "Dinner will be ready at 7:30". In one scene, way after dinner, when the house is being searched, we see Mrs White and Wadsworth each standing at two seperate doors, and Wadsworth asks, "Do you want me to go in with you?" You will see that the grandfather clock between the doors reads 7:05.

Correction: The clock could've been stopped, the cook could've been estimating when the guests were to arrive, or she simply didn't know the time. There are too many factors we don't know about to qualify this as a mistake.


Corrected entry: What about the candle stick? After it falls over the butler's head, they all go back to the study and say "we still have these four weapons" or something like it [revolver, pipe, rope, wrench]. The knife is in the cook's back. So, what happened to the candle stick? Nobody picked it up?

Correction: The candlestick was used on Mr. Boddy. When Wadsworth was explaining what happened he said when Mr. Boddy first died, he wasn't actually dead, he was playing dead because the bullet that was shot from the revolver grazed his ear, then, when everyone was in the kitchen to check on the cook, one of them stayed in the study to check on Mr. Boddy, Mr. Boddy got up, the other person chased him down the hall with the candlestick & killed him. That's when the candlestick was used. If you're wondering who killed him with the candlestick, it was Professor Plum, as revealed by Wadsworth.

Corrected entry: When they are searching the house, look at the window at the top of the stairs after the lightning strikes, you can see a person's face in it. (00:47:10)

Correction: I have examined this scene, and there is no face reflected in either of the windows at the top of the stairs. The only misconception there may have been is that there are central decorations inside the pane of glass. But no reflected face.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: Each of the murders is committed by an assailant wearing black gloves. Did each character bring them? Were they left behind then re-used for each subsequent murder? And they are all identical.


Correction: All of the murderer's actually did not glove their hands before committing the murder. The murderers were depicted with gloved hands so we cannot see whose hands they were. This was done so viewers are left in suspense until the end of the movie.

Corrected entry: Another anecdote to Prof. Plum's and Mrs. Peacock's simultaneous disappearance from the kitchen. At the end of the movie (the one with three endings) the second ending says that Mrs. Peacock was missing when they found the dead cook. The third one states that Prof. Plum was missing when they found the cook dead. If that's true then how come neither Prof. Plum nor Mrs. Scarlet mentioned it when Wadsworth was going over the events of all murders. Also, since they were standing next to each other, wouldn't the both of them have noticed that the other one was going off to kill somebody?

Correction: Actually, they said that Mrs. Peacock was the one missing in the Billiard room when Yvette was screaming. Either way, Plum could have just been the last to leave and then checked to see if Mr. Boddy was dead once everyone was gone.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, Wadsworth tosses meat to two dogs that are a Belgium or Germanic herding breed. When Colonol Mustard comes, it's the same. But, when Mr. Body tries to escape through the conservatory, they are definitely Dobermans. The dogs have somehow changed breeds.

Correction: It is possible to have more than one breed of dog. The shepherds were chained to the dog house in the front. The Doberman comes from a different area of the house. No mistake here.

Dedderbot Premium member

Corrected entry: The house has two guard dogs that bark when Mr. Body tries to escape, but then they just stop barking. Guard dogs are supposed to bark when people come. They don't when J. Edgar Hoover comes and you don't hear them when the singing telegram girl gets shot. Guard dogs would be heard.

Correction: We see the guard dogs outside a window when Mr. Body tries to escape out the greenhouse, so it is shown that the dogs have free roam of the property, and are not chained to one place. As such, they simply might not have been near the front door of this huge mansion when the telegram girl arrived. As for J. Edgar Hoover, he never showed up at the house, he only made a phone call. The FBI agent is the one in the hat and beard, and one of the dozens of policemen could have removed the dogs if they were causing him trouble.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mustard and Scarlet are trapped in the Lounge, Yvette shoots the gun and unravels the rope holding the chandelier. In the end, where she and Miss Scarlet are revealed to be the killers, the chandelier and rope are on the ceiling and are intact.

Correction: Different chandelier. There is more than one in the Hall.


Corrected entry: During dinner, after Mrs. Peacock says "My this soup's delicious, isn't it?" her mouth is still moving after the last word.

Correction: While it is indeed true that her mouth moves after she has finished speaking, she does not actually say anything. She goes to say something after she says, "My this soup's delicious, isn't it?" and then does a double take and stops, after glancing at the faces of the shocked guests at the table and realizes that she has to shut up.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie (the Miss Scarlet did it ending) when the singing telegram girl is dropped on the floor in the study, the sofa has no one on it. Everyone is seen leaving the study and goes back to the hall to continue hearing Wadsworth's who-dun-it explanation. During this scene, in the background, the cook's body is back on the sofa in the study as she was earlier in the evening.

Correction: There were two sofas in the study, one of which was empty and one of which had Mr Boddy and the Cook's corpses on them. The empty one was where they dropped the Singing Telegram, the corpse-filled one was the one visible through the door.

Corrected entry: During Wadsworth's whodunit explanation, he details the motorists death when the doorbell rings and the evangelist interrupts. After they slam the door on him, Wadsworth continues by saying "the motorist switched off the electricity." The motorist is already dead, as Wadsworth just detailed.

Correction: After the evangelist is shut out, Wadsworth's exact words are, "The cop arrived next. We locked him in the library, and then the murderer switched off the electricity." He does not say 'motorist'.

Corrected entry: At the end, the murder victims (a.k.a. Yvette, the cook, etc.) are revealed to be the accomplices to Mr. Boddy, but there isn't a person that could have told about Mr. Green being a homosexual. So there is no way Mr. Boddy could have found out.

Correction: Mr Green is a plant for the FBI, not really a homosexual. He has been sent in place of the 'real' Mr Green, who told the FBI everything after he got the invitation. Whoever informed on the 'real' Mr Green will have had reason enough not to go to the house that evening.

Corrected entry: In the kitchen after they find the cook's body, Prof. Plum is quizzing Mrs. Peacock about when she dropped the knife. She is indecisive about whether it was before or after she fainted. She faints when Mr. Boddy falls out of the bathroom onto her which hasn't happened yet. (00:35:53 - 00:38:32)


Correction: She was most likely referring to when she fell onto the couch, screaming, when she thought the brandy was poisoned. She came quite close to passing out in shock then, so it's not surprising that she would describe it as "fainting" even though she didn't actually faint.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, Wadsworth approaches the house and feeds the growling dogs outside. Apparently, from the expression on his face combined with his slowed pace, Wadsworth steps in the dog's droppings before entering the house. He then proceeds to scrape the bottom of his shoe on a pot in front of the door. The next shot is a bit wider and shows the ground where the supposed dog droppings were, however, there are none to be found. Surely some would have remained. This is fairly important considering the smell that lingers around Wadsworth makes up a greater part of the beginning of the film.

Correction: The exact sport where Wadsworth happened to have stepped in the dog droppings is irrelevant. The running gag is that the guests are checking their shoes because they smell the remains of it still on Wadsworth's shoes. They didn't step in the pile. They're only checking their shoes when early Wadsworth's presence.

Corrected entry: How much does Wadsworth forget when he reenacts the events of the evening? He completely misses the part where he was on the phone in the library and the cop was being shown the fake 'party'. During this sequence Yvette disappears (When they gather in the Hall afterward it looks like she comes from the Kitchen). He seems to be a pretty good judge of what everyone is up to when his back is turned, so why does he leave this part out. The gun could have been stolen during this time, or any of the other weapons.

Correction: The weapons couldn't have been stolen here because they were in the study where Mrs. White was "making out" with Mr Body's corpse, and Col. Mustard was with the cook's corpse (with Mrs. Peacock behind her). They would have noticed someone trying to steal the remaining weapons. Yvette was probably in the kitchen because they had to (quote Ms. Scarlett) "make it look believable". If the maid was hanging around while others were "making out" it might look a little suspicious.

Corrected entry: During the Miss Scarlet is the killer version, Professor Plum says "She killed six people" but she only killed four. (Yvette killed two).

Correction: He never said that she personally killed all six of the people, just that she was responsible for their deaths. Given that Yvette was her accomplice and/or employee, those two deaths would fall on her shoulders as well.

Corrected entry: When they lock the weapons up they forget about the candlestick (which, as mentioned, mysteriously disappears) and leave the knife sticking out of the cook's back. Wadsworth and the others wouldn't know how many times each weapon would be used so why only lock up the four that haven't been used yet.

Correction: It's possible that they didn't think to lock up the others. We don't know per se that the characters are particularly smart so it's possible they just didn't think that anyone would take the knife out of the cook's back. After all, no one did actually take the knife out of the cook's back and use it again.

Exactly. It's not like the Candlestick couldn't have been re-used, but no one bothered to move it once it fell from the lintel.

Corrected entry: At the point where Mrs White smashes her wine glass against the fireplace, you can hear the smash but see at the bottom of the screen that the glass is still whole.

Correction: The wine glass Mrs. White smashes does smash, you can even see the pieces fall over the fireplace. Later on in the scene you can see that she throws the glass into the fire and the top half is broken off.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, in the first ending, Yvette supposedly killed the cook whose scream wasn't heard because of Mrs. Peacock screaming. However, Yvette then returns to the library and screams, and when they all run to her, she says she screamed because the brandy was poisoned, but when Prof. Plum said that, she was supposedly in the kitchen killing the cook. How could she have heard him say it?

Correction: Because during one of the 'explanations', Wadsworth points out that Yvette was taping their conversations. She could have played back the tape to see what she had missed while she was killing the cook.


Corrected entry: Just before the chandelier falls to the ground, Yvette and the butler turn away from it, like they knew it was going to happen right before it did. (00:55:34)

Correction: They turn when it is at about eye level, not before it falls.

Corrected entry: When Pr. Plum says that the brandy was poisoned, Mrs. Peacock drops her glass. A few shots later, it shows that the glass broke. At the end of the movie, Wadsworth is explaining what happened. He was doing the part when Peacock was screaming. When Wadsworth dropped the glass, it made a thumping noise, meaning it didn't break. Why did Mrs. Peacock's glass break, but Wadsworth's didn't?

Correction: Mrs. Peacock's glass doesn't break. Col. Mustard asks, "Was the brandy poisoned?" and Miss Scarlet picks up the empty, intact glass, turns it upside down and says, "Looks like we'll never know..." At the end when Wadsworth is doing the re-enactment, it doesn't break because he drops it on the carpet.


Corrected entry: When the police officer enters the house, there is broken glass all over the floor. He enters the library, then exits it seconds later. By then, all the glass has been cleaned up.

Correction: Just after Wadsworth has locked the cop in the library, he says "let's clean this up", and you fleetingly see him move the chandelier. When the cop is later banging on the door and shouting, if you listen carefully, you can hear the glass being swept up.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Wadsworth was re-enacting the cook's murder. He grabbed the dagger from the table, ran down the hallway and stabbed a piece of meat in the freezer. This is a pretty good trick considering the knife is still in the back of the cook.

Correction: It's a letter opener.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, when Yvette is dancing in the study while cleaning glasses before the guests arrive, she is dancing to the record player, which is playing "Shake, Rattle n' Roll". But in the end, when the cop shows up and they are trying to pretend they are making out, they are listening to 'Sha-Boom". When did they have time to change the record?

Correction: Different room, different record player.

Corrected entry: While Wadsworth is taking his guests back through the evenings' events, he leads them to the dining room, and proceeds to tell them where they each sat. Notice on the left side of the table, the middle chair is missing.

Correction: Earlier in the movie, we see Colonel Mustard overturn the chair and crawl under the table, then bang his head on it. The chair is not missing, just lying on its side.

Corrected entry: The chandelier is shattered, then they clean it up. In the last scene with Mrs. Scarlet as the killer, he shoots down the chandelier AGAIN. I don't think they had the time to glue the billions of pieces back together and hang it back up.

Correction: There are two chandeliers. One by the door and another further down the hall over the basement door. Wadsworth shoots the second one which crashes behind Colonel Mustard.

Corrected entry: After Wadsworth comes into the mansion in the opening scene, we are informed that the movie is set in New England in 1954. Later, at the end of the movie, in the third of the trilogy endings, Wadsworth reveals Miss Scarlet as one of the killers. She then exclaims, "Who are you, Perry Mason?" Sadly, Perry Mason did not originate before 1954. (01:30:29)

Correction: This may be correct as far as television is concerned, but Erle Stanley Gardner began publishing Perry Mason books as early as 1933.

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Colonel Mustard: Wadsworth, am I right in thinking that there is nobody else in this house?
Wadsworth: Um, no.
Colonel Mustard: Then there is somebody else in the house?
Wadsworth: No, sorry. I said no meaning yes.
Colonel Mustard: No meaning yes? Look, I want a straight answer, is there someone else or isn't there, yes or no?
Colonel Mustard: No, there is? Or no, there isn't?
Wadsworth: Yes.



When Mrs. Peacock turns on the cellar lights, a piece of lighting equipment is visible to the left of the screen.



Professor Plum reveals that he works for UNO, the United Nations Organization, in a branch called WHO, the World Health Organization. As such, he works for UNOWHO (You Know Who).