Plan 9 From Outer Space

Continuity mistake: When the men first enter the spaceship, one of the windows shows an afternoon sky and the one next to it shows a nighttime sky.


Continuity mistake: During Criswell's opening narration, the time of the story changes from taking place in the future ("Future events such as these will affect you in the future.") to taking place in the past ("what happened on that fateful day...").


Continuity mistake: A man at the old man's funeral says "It's getting dark out." It's already pitch black out.


Continuity mistake: When the police are driving to the cemetery, it is daytime and their car is a standard police car with lights and sirens. When they reach the cemetery, it is night and the car is an ordinary car, without lights and sirens, and a different colour.


Continuity mistake: When the flying saucers are spotted over Wash DC, the scene shows a rotating radar antenna. First it's rotating counter-clockwise, then in a subsequent scene it's rotating clockwise.


Continuity mistake: When the stewardess enters the cockpit with her clipboard, she disappears during a closeup on the pilot. It has nothing to do with a different camera angle.


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Continuity mistake: The co-pilot radios in to Burbank tower in the middle of the night. In the next shot we see the saucer and it's broad daylight.



Continuity mistake: As she is chased by the ghoul in the cemetery, Paula knocks over one of the wooden tombstones and you can see the stand underneath that holds it up. The next time we see it two shots later it's been set straight again.



Continuity mistake: When the flying saucer is seen taking off from the cemetery, it is saucer shaped. However, when it is on the ground the ship appears to be in the shape of a square building.


Continuity mistake: As Eros talks about the solaminite, the blinking light on the table in the alien spacecraft stops blinking between shots without anyone going near it.



Continuity mistake: As he interviews Col. Edwards, General Roberts' clock moves 20 minutes throughout the scene yet only 2 minuets of movie time elapse.



Continuity mistake: The Ghoul Man is turned to bones by a ray from the alien spaceship and Col. Edwards throws the cape off of the body revealing the horrible sight. A couple of shots later they wake up Patrolman Kelton who is now lying on the cape.



Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the scene where the pilot's wife is attacked in her bedroom by (not) Bela Lugosi, look at the pictures on the wall above the bed. After the attack begins, the pictures are different.

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Continuity mistake: As Tor Johnson goes into the graveyard with his flashlight we see the same headstones we saw a few moments earlier when the woman screamed, only now they've been rearranged.



Continuity mistake: When the flying saucers are flying over Hollywood, it's nighttime in some scenes and daylight in others.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie the narrator states that the funeral for the old lady is taking place at dusk. The next scene, in the airplane, is supposed to be taking place at the same time yet when the co-pilot calls the control tower he says that it is fifteen minutes to four and he doubts that the controller would be awake at this time of the morning.


Continuity mistake: When we first see Tor Johnson and the other policemen coming out of the police station it's pitch black out. In the next shot of them driving to the cemetery it's broad daylight.



Continuity mistake: The soldier talking to Col. Tom Edwards is holding a walkie-talkie in some shots and not in others.



Continuity mistake: As Tor Johnson rises from the dead his head stone gets larger between shots.



Continuity mistake: The stewardess comes into the cockpit and holds the clipboard between her folded hands. In the next shot she's holding it with her left hand.



Continuity mistake: As Paula is chased by the ghoul in the cemetery it's obvious that there is no dirt or grass under her feet, only crumpled up pieces of carpet.



Continuity mistake: At the grave yard it's pitch black out but you can see the reflection of a studio light in the police car windshield.



Continuity mistake: The stewardess says to the pilot, "I'll be right back," as she touches him with her right hand. In the next shot she's nowhere near him.



Continuity mistake: Tor Johnson walks to his left past the mausoleum as the ghoul comes out and follows him. He never turns around but two shots later if you look at the head stones, he comes up to the same place again.



Continuity mistake: The grave diggers are covering Bela Lugosi's wife's grave in broad daylight. In the next shot when Vampira comes walking out it's in the middle of the night.



Continuity mistake: Bela Lugosi's wife was buried under ground and we see the gravediggers cover the casket. In the next shot we see her above ground near the mausoleum.



Continuity mistake: As Tor Johnson rises from the dead there's dirt all over his body but none on his face or head.



Continuity mistake: Tor Johnson sits in the front seat of the squad car at the police station. In the next shot of them arriving at the cemetery he's sitting in the backseat.



Continuity mistake: As he interviews Col. Edwards, the phone wires hanging off the side of General Roberts' desk move between shots without anyone touching a phone.



Continuity mistake: In scenes at the general's office, a large wall map of the U.S. is in the background. In some of the closeups you can see that it's a Santa Fe railroad map - and in others the words "Santa Fe" on the logo are taped over.

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Continuity mistake: When Paula escapes from her house, she doesn't have shoes but she jas a pair when the man finds her unconscious besides the road.


Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: As they look into Tor Johnson's empty tomb, one of the police officers says it looks like (the dirt) has fallen into the grave. In the next shot as he goes into the hole there is no dirt in it.



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When the UFO makes the huge flash that knocks everyone in the cemetery down, one of the police officers kicks a tombstone as he falls and it wobbles back and forth.



At the beginning Criswell reads, "Can your heart stand the shocking facts about 'Grave Robbers from Outer Space'?" This was the original title of the movie that was changed because of objections by the financial backers.