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Corrected entry: In the scene where the captain's face is falling off because of the wire, he is leaning forward. However, in the next shot his body falls backwards, though he should have fallen forwards.

Correction: Katie pushes his body away after the top of his head slides forwards. Thus, he falls backwards. The push is seen in the first time the cable-slaughter is shown.

Corrected entry: Accounting for the forty year time period, and the amount it takes the human body to decompose, there should be some signs of human remains. The only thing Epps finds is the skeleton of Katie. All of the people in the pool, on the deck, and everywhere else, should have left skeletal remains at least. But there aren't any, save for Katie's.

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Correction: Because those people were collected, body and soul, by the evil spirits on the ship. Katie was not so her body remained. Her soul, though trapped on the ship, was also free to warn the newcomers.

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Corrected entry: When the soul collector (disguised as Dodge) enters the room where Epps is rigging the C-4 to blow up the ship, he walks down a set of stairs and across a long catwalk. When he reached Epps and begins ranting, he turns around, takes a single step and grabs the shotgun to throw in the water. How did the gun get there? During his walk across the cat walk we can see that he isn't carrying the gun.

Correction: I believe the gun he throws in the water is actually a spear gun she has brought with her, not the shotgun from the scene before. The same spear gun she grabs while under the water to shoot the detonator trigger.

Corrected entry: In all the chaos on board the ship, and the race for the gold, why do two crewmen take the time to carry Katie to her room and hang her rather than just cutting her throat as they did with everyone else? It makes for a good scare when Epps finds her still-hanging body, but makes no sense given the events around them at the time.


Correction: Maybe the men took her to her room and locked her up as a prisoner. Maybe they assaulted her. After everyone else is killed and she is alone, maybe she hangs herself. Since there is obviously an afterlife going on, this would explain why her innocent soul gets caught on the boat instead of immediately ascending as it does at the end of the movie.

Corrected entry: The puzzle device with letters and numbers that Katie uses to spell out "I'm so bored" in the beginning is near the entrance when the crew arrives but is later visible in her room. While it's possible the Ferryman is moving it around, it seems unlikely given that (when it's in the room) he doesn't make any use of it to scare Epps.


Correction: Like you said, it's possible the Ferryman moved it around. It's a character decision that he didn't use it to scare Epps.


Corrected entry: During the original takeover of the ship and killing of the passengers and crew, the Jaguar in the cargo hold was riddled with bullets. When the salvage crew arrives, a great deal is made by one of the crew about finding the car intact. Even after decades of rust and corrosion the bullet holes should have been noticeable (not to mention the shell casings on the deck).


Correction: The bullet holes and shells are there, barley visible.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie when Dodge shoots Jack, you see the camera move over the body. As this happens you can see a wheel track from the camera in the water on the floor. (01:18:30)

Correction: Actually, the entire floor's like that but it's not from the camera because this is just the style of the floor, with raised circles in it.

Corrected entry: When Julianna Margulies and her crew weld a metal plate on the inside of an oil rig to stop it from sinking, would the water not be rushing in on them? Wouldn't it be easier to weld from the outside?

Correction: If they had welded the plate from the outside, they would have been left behind by the Arctic Warrior.

Corrected entry: If the ship didn't make any stops after they picked up the soulkeeper from the sinking ship. Then how did they get the guns on board?

Correction: The same way they got the gold on the ship - they carried them on when they picked Jack up off the sinking ship.

Corrected entry: When the lady in red blows a hole in the guy who blew away his friends gets killed, the hook that kills her somehow lifts her off the ground, she is swinging but her feet are off the ground, but if the hook had really hit her her feet would be scraping the ground.

Correction: You can see the chain lowering, therefore she was lifting up as she was swaying.

Corrected entry: After Epps is rescued by the cruise ship, she is seen being placed in an ambulance. The cruise ship is docked in the Port of Vancouver, Canada. About 3,000 miles north as a crow flies is the Bering Strait where the "ghost ship" is. The Bering Strait is a 25 mile gap between Alaska and Russia. Why would a cruise ship be up there if it was enroute to New York USA from Italy in the Mediterranean? Also there is no McKenzie Bay Airbase in North America.

Correction: This is the whole premise of the movie, is it not? The ship was posessed by the demon, therefore she just wandering around the world, looking for souls.

Corrected entry: The beautiful singer Francesca is supposed to be Italian, but has a really funny way of pronouncing 'Senza fine'. While the actress is Italian, the person dubbing her over definitely isn't.

Correction: The pronounciation is fine. Just like Americans have different accents, we Italians do too. She was probably from another region of Italy, parting her pronounciation.

Corrected entry: In the scene of Julie's first conversation with the ghost of Katie, the locket naturally passes through the ghost's hand. However, the light from the resting flashlight illuminates one half of Katie's body. An apparition that cannot stop metal would also not stop the beam of light.

Correction: As previusly stated, Katie can hold onto the objects as can The Captain and The Singer. Katie lets the locket slip through her hand to prove she is a ghost.

Corrected entry: Since there's no light sources in the ship Antonia Graza, where does all that blue light come from in all the night scenes? Every window and even the inner rooms always have enough light to read a book.

Correction: Moonlight.

Corrected entry: The ship supposedly had about 4600 people and 500 crew, but a handful of the crew managed to kill off the entire ship by themselves? A majority seemed to be with just a razor blade which it took two of them to carry out. You would think some of the passengers could fight back and overpower the bad guys.

Correction: A lot of the people were poisoned by the food.

Corrected entry: There are two photographs on the ship. One of the sole survivor, and one of the other sinking ship encountered two days before the Antonia Graza went missing. They were not Polaroids, and therefore would have needed to be developed somewhere. Since the ship never made it to shore after either event, where did the photgraphs come from?

Correction: This was a luxury liner. There is a good chance that there was a black room to develop photographs on board.

Corrected entry: Late in the movie it shows the crew shooting the passengers and they fall into the pool. Where did all of the bones go to?

Correction: Where did all the bones go from all the other slaughters too? Chances are the more visible human remains were disposed of so as not to immeadiately raise suspicion or scare off the salvage crews that came.

Corrected entry: When Epps attempts to give Katie the heart locket it goes right through her hand proving that she is a ghost and can not hold things. Yet the opening of the very next scene is the ghost captain handing the real captain a book.

Correction: It isn't that Katie cannot hold things (or that the ghosts cannot - for example, Francesca holds the cigarette too). Katie purposely lets the locket go through her to convince Epp that she is in fact a ghost.

Corrected entry: In the flashback, Francesca has just shot the crewman from the ship and he falls just in front of her. After the demon kills her, the crewman is nowhere to be seen. Neither of the characters move him, so where could he have gone?

Correction: You can see him, lying face down on the floor.

Corrected entry: We know the evil ghost can change shape as he turns into Dodge near the end, so why come to the salvage crew the way he looked when it sank? It was inevitable that one of them would see the one survivor.

Correction: First, because of the digital watch on the Antonia, we know that the soul collector has done this before, so he probably knows his limits and what he can get away with. Also, because the only picture of him is actually on the Antonia, he probably doesn't care, because he knows the crew won't find out until too late anyway.

Corrected entry: The girl that survives was maybe about, what, 10ish? I would think she would have been tall enough that if all the adults got sliced just about in half, she'd probably have been decapitated.


Correction: If you watched, the captain ducked her down so she wouldn't get sliced. That's why he was sliced through his mouth.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Epps and Ferriman have just found the gold, there are rats running all over it. If this ship has been at sea and know one has been on it since 1962, how can rats still be alive and running around?

Correction: There were other visitors aboard the ship prior to the Arctic Warrior crew (the digital watch they discovered on the bridge was left by a previous visitor; the extra features on the DVD also suggest previous encounters). It's possible that the rats came aboard with these visitors. It's also possible (although less plausible) that the rats on board in 1962 survived by consuming ship's stores and human remains, and that their descendants resorted to cannibalism once other sources of food ran out.


Corrected entry: In the beginning when everyone was cut in half so was the cabaret singer. Later on in the film there is a flashback and she is killed by the soul collecter with a hook while getting the gold.

Correction: The singer was not cut in half. She was inside the ship in the dining area singing while the people who were cut in half were out on the deck. She was killed in the manner they showed in the flashback.

Corrected entry: When the woman opens the door in the laundrette a load of bodies float out but if they have been rotting for 40 odd years they would have decomposed by now.

Correction: The bodies aren't from more than 40 years ago. They are the bodies of fishermen or sailors who have come abroad more recently and been killed by the spirits. This is why they know they are not the first to have found the drifting boat.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the crew first enters the ballroom on the Antonia Graza, Julianna Marguiles pretends to be a ships hostess and says, " name is Julie...". Her name in the movie is Maureen Epps. Julie being an abbreviation for Julianna.

Correction: What she is pretending to be is the Cruise Director - and the most famous cruise director is Julie McCoy of The Love Boat. When she says "Julie," it has nothing to do with being an abbreviation for her own name.


Corrected entry: When the crew of the Arctic Warrior first encounter the Antonia Graza, they have to be hoisted onto the ship, via crane. When the Arctic Warrior explodes and sinks, the crane sinks with it. How did the crew get back onto the Antonia Graza?

Correction: There is a hoist on the ghost ship that was used to load the repair supplies earlier in the movie. Could they not use that as the Captain was still on board?

Corrected entry: When Juliana Marguiles is handed the cigarette, she inhales and says something like, "That feels good," but no smoke comes out when she exhales.

Correction: Right before the shot changes, she blows the smoke out her nose.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Greer is going to hug the Italian singer after she has gotten naked he falls down the elevator shaft face first. Later on when the little girl leads Epps to his body we see him laying on the elevator face up with the cables through his back.

Correction: If you notice, Greer falls with his weight towards his head, headfirst, as he's expecting Francesca to return his embrace. Thusly, it's quite possible he flipped over on his way down. His body is in the correct position at the bottom of the shaft for this to be feasible and when Epps peers down the shaft near the beginning, we see it's quite deep.

Corrected entry: When Epps and the crew first enter the bridge of the Antonia Graza, Munder tests the ship's compass and discovers that it does not work. However, after the crew patches the ship and fixes the rudder, the compass magically starts working again.

Correction: The compass is controlled by the evil ghost on the ghost ship, he allowed it to work only to help the crew navigate past the rocks. Can't collect souls if the ship sinks...

Corrected entry: In the scene where the line cuts everyone in half, most of the passangers are cut through the middle of their waists and arms, which would put it around three feet. The fact the little girl didn't get at least the top of her hair cut and the man she was dancing with got his head cut in half would only make sense if they were midgets.

Correction: If you pay attention, the captian bends forwards and pushes her down, thus lining up his head with the cable.

Corrected entry: In the scene where blood is pouring out of the bullet holes into the pool causing the pool to fill up with blood, the pool fills up very fast. This couldn't be possible because the blood pooring out of the bullet holes were in little streams, and it would have take a much longer time for the pool to fill up with blood.

Correction: It is a ghost ship. Many things happen on the ship that can't be explained.

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At the beginning and especially at the end, Julianna Margulies spends extensive time in the ocean, wearing nothing but cargo pants and a T-shirt. Considering the movie takes place just off the Bering Strait, wouldn't she have quickly frozen to death?



The studio and producer Joel Silver reportedly called for major re-writes of the script shortly before shooting began. Many of the actors had signed up based on the original script, titled "Chimera", which contained far less violence and supernatural elements, and instead was a psychological drama about what happens to a salvage crew when they are stranded in the middle of the ocean. Much of the cast wasn't informed that the script had been almost completely altered into a more generic supernatural-horror/slasher film until just before they showed up to begin filming, leaving many of them disheartened and disgruntled.