The Ring

Revealing mistake: In the scene when the main character is in the library on the internet, she goes to a couple of websites. When the shot shows the URL up top, it is C:\windows98\mydocuments\etc.html. Instead of actually searching on the web they used a premade html page and accessed it from their computer.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Noah breaks into the mental institution's record room and is looking through Anna's files, there is a visible arm with a blue sleeve to his right, even though he is alone. (01:06:20)

Continuity mistake: Samara, as seen in the psychiatric sessions on the videotape, has a prominent gap in her front teeth - yet when she decomposes in Rachel's arms down in the well, the skull that is left has perfect teeth with no visible gap.

Factual error: In the scene where Noah analyses the tape, he says that the 'timecode' seems to be invalid and says that every tape has a track where you can see what device was used to record it, etc. The video technology explanation originates from the original, Ringu, with the plot of The Ring changed to make it more applicable to average Americans. But a VHS tape does not have a special track for timecode. It is possible to lay a timecode onto the tape in either an analogue form via a special audio channel, or as digital information on lines 16 and 18 of the vertical interval. But this 'timecode' is only used for professional video editing. A standard VCR, like the one they were playing the tape on, does not use this, and therefore makes Noah's explanation a minute of utter nonsense.

Continuity mistake: After Noah sees the video at Rachel's place he joins her on the balcony. His hair is hanging over his face but when they go back in it's combed back. (00:29:20)


Continuity mistake: After Noah is killed by Samara, Rachel comes in. She steps up to the chair Noah sits in, looking away from her. She rotates the chair counterclockwise to look at him. We don't see his face yet. We do see it near the end when Rachel has a flashback. For a split second, Noah's face is revealed in the chair now rotating clockwise. It should have been turning the other way around. (01:43:40 - 01:46:05)

Revealing mistake: During her research on the video tape Rachel comes across a picture of Anna Morgan drinking champagne with some friends. It's quite obvious that her picture has been copied in. (00:41:25)


Revealing mistake: When Rachel is racing to save Noah, she is trying to call him on her cell phone. There is a shot of two hands on the steering wheel as the car turns and then a cut to her holding the phone in one hand a split second later while she was talking the entire time, showing that the shot with both hands was a stunt double and not her.

Continuity mistake: When the horse breaks loose on the ferry it gallops down a narrow corridor towards Rachel to finally jump over the railing. When you look closely, especially at the car parked at the end, you see that the corridor changes in alternating shots. (00:55:35)


Continuity mistake: In the extra/cut scenes included on the DVD, there is one where Rachel is in Katie's room snooping around. She goes over to the cabinet that has the TV on it and opens the top drawer, rummaging through it. After looking, she closes the BOTTOM drawer even though she was looking through the top one in the previous shot.

Deliberate mistake: When Noah drops Rachel off at the ferry he drives right up the the gate at the dock which is strictly prohibited by Washington State Ferries. The only cars allowed in this area are the ones who are boarding the boat, no exceptions.


Revealing mistake: After Katie pulls the TV plug she tries to find Becca. When we see her from upstairs there's a reflection on the floor next to her that can only come from a ceiling light. However, there's no light falling on her. (00:06:30)


Factual error: The license plate on Rachel's car is not a valid Washington State license plate, while similar to the very outdated original issue plates, which would have never been issued on such a new car, they are missing tabs on the front which were mandatory on those plates and all Washington plates in 2002 when the movie was filmed.


Continuity mistake: When Noah drops Rachel off at the ferry and hands over Aidan's drawing it is pouring. However, only in close-ups of Rachel we see rain coming down in front of her face, but not when the camera shows Noah. (00:52:45)


Continuity mistake: When Rachel is approaching the top of the ladder upon entering Samara's room at the stable, the camera is following her from behind and it shows her reach the top and wait there for a few seconds, yet when the camera shows a front on shot, she hasn't reached the top yet.

Factual error: When Rachel and Noah end up back at Shelter Mountain Inn, Noah rips up the floor with an ax. When he tosses the cicle cutout of wood planks, there are no floor joist remnants still attached underneath them. Floor joists are necessary for support, otherwise the floor would not have even held up under the weight of a person walking under them. Also, there would be no point in nailing through the planks if there was nothing to nail into.

Deliberate mistake: When Rachel researches Anna Morgan in the Seattle PI newspaper archives she looks through hardback books. The PI has not only been using microfilm and computer archives for years but archives are available on line at


Continuity mistake: When Rachel lifts Samara out of the water in the well, Samara's hair changes position from shot to shot. First there is no hair on her face at all, then there's some draped across her neck and down the side of her face (which Rachel moves), and finally when Samara "decomposes", the hair across her neck is gone as well. (01:33:00)

Continuity mistake: Rachel goes to the lodge reception and the clerk points out the tape collection to her. She turns and is drawn to The Tape in the centre of the shelf. It is lying sloping up to the left, label spine outwards, spools on the left. When Rachel picks it up to drop it into her bag, it is spools to the right, label spine inwards.

Revealing mistake: In the end, when we see the closeup of Samara's eye, you can see several white sheets used to reflect light into her face, as well as the reflection of the camera, in dead center of her pupil.

Continuity mistake: Naomi Watts' dark roots change length throughout the movie.

Continuity mistake: In the shot of the horse jumping off the ferry, the ferry's name "Quinault Seattle WA" is seen on its side. Rachel looks down at the horse in the water from the same place it jumped, but the appearance of the ferry's name is now different, namely the position of the two words "Seattle" and "Quinault" are now flush with each other when they were not before. (00:55:40)

Revealing mistake: After Rachel tumbles down the well, we see her heavy-duty Eveready Commander Flashlight, 12-volt battery and all, bobbing above the surface of the water like a cork. Which is ridiculous. A real 12-volt Commander Flashlight would sink like a rock, because it weighs about 4 pounds. However, the filmmakers needed to explain how Rachel could see at the bottom of a pitch-black well, so they used a lightweight, floating flashlight prop, supposedly providing a light source for the scene.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: When the woman is watching the film and trying to see the lighttower, she has blood in her nostrill even though she has not yet started to bleed.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: In the first scene in Rachel's apartment Noah bites into an apple. First we hear him say 'ok' while he is still chewing but it doesn't sound as if there is something in his mouth, then he goes on talking after swallowing down everything, and finally we see him from behind, busily chewing again without having taken another bite. (00:29:30)


Continuity mistake: At Katie's wake Aidan approaches her picture with a condolence book in front. There's a pen lying on the book with its tip pointing towards the picture. When he puts down his flower the tip is pointing at him. (00:12:45)


Continuity mistake: The scene where Aidan is waiting for his mother in the classroom starts with a close-up of his hand drawing a sun. From the way the rays are arranged we can tell that it's not the same drawing that's used in the later shots. Similarly, the picture his mother takes out of the folder later is not the same she is looking at when the camera angle changes. Also the way she holds it is different. (00:07:20 - 00:09:05)


Factual error: The well in the video is situated on level ground. The Cabin under which it is now supposed to be has been constructed on inclined ground.

Continuity mistake: When Rachel enters the reception at Shelter Mountain Inn the caretaker asks her to pick a card from a deck. She picks the nine of diamonds, but when she gives it back to the guy you get a blurred glimpse of the card, and it is a four of something. (That she finally agrees that the seven of spades is the right one is probably because she gets tired of the game.) (00:21:15)


Other mistake: The skull they used for the little girl in the well is obviously an adult's skull.

Other mistake: When Samara is falling down the well and we see the approaching water surface from her POV, there is a reflection of Anna looking down the well but no reflection of Samara.

Factual error: In the scene where Rachel is walking in the street looking at the photos she has just collected from the photo-shop, her hands (and the rest of her body) are moving in the natural way. In the shot at the photos taken from behind her you can see the ground moving underneath her but her hands are perfectly stable suggesting she is standing on a moving platform.

Continuity mistake: After breaking into the records room, Noah is looking at Samara's pictures or photo negatives, holding them up to the light, the shot of him show his fingers covering some of the first picture, but the next shot from his point of view the whole picture is visible and his fingers cannot be seen. (01:04:25)

Continuity mistake: When Rachel first meets Richard Morgan during their conversation, Richard's jumper and collar are green in some shots, but blue in others; it's very noticeable as he opens the cupboard and cleans his shoes. (00:59:30 - 01:02:30)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Rachel approaches the horse and the horse starts going crazy, you can see the ring at the end of the rope securing the horse break away from the trailor. In the next sequence when the horse is running around on the barge, the rope is broken with no ring.

Continuity mistake: The knot of Aidan's tie is done in at least three different ways during Katie's wake: When he puts the flower down before Katie's picture, when he walks down the upstairs hallway, and when Rachel speaks to him in Katie's room. (00:12:35)


Continuity mistake: When Aidan and Noah are talking in the car, outside of Katie's house, Aidan is coloring on a blue lap tray. When Rachael comes to get him out of the car a couple of minutes later the lap tray is now green. (00:51:25 - 00:53:10)

Amber Mac Craig

Continuity mistake: When Noah is at the supermarket buying cigarettes, he pulls out of his pocket a bunch of junk such as coins, trash, and an old pack of cigarettes and dumps it on the counter. In the next shot of the counter, all the junk is gone except for a coin, and the old pack of cigarettes.

Continuity mistake: On the way to Shelter Mountain Inn Rachel is seen driving along a lake. The water is to her right, and the forest to her left. A helicopter shot confirms that, but when we see the car from the front the forest is to her right. (00:20:45)


Continuity mistake: When Rachel gets dressed for the wake the black brassiere under her white undershirt is sometimes visible, sometimes not. (00:11:55)


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