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Corrected entry: In the scene (in the extra/cut scenes) where Rachel and her sister are talking in the dead girl's room, her sister opens the closet door and we see a flashback of the dead body sitting in the floor. If you use the pause key, you can see a line on the floor indicating where the girl should stay to make the shot. A second later we see the closet without the chalk line.

Correction: What the original poster saw is not a line to indicate where the actress is to stay. It's a puddle of water. The bodies are in essence waterlogged, much like a body would be after being in a well for seven days.

Corrected entry: At Katie's wake Rachel asks Katie's father if he's alright. When the camera angle changes the wine glass in front of him changes from oval to bulbous.



Correction: There are 2 glasses: 1 of wine with goblet shape, and 1 of water (or some other transparent liquid) which has the form of a short cylinder.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Noah picks up Aidan from the floor, you can see a crewmember in the shadows up the stairs when they are going into the next room.


Correction: It is quite possible that the shadow in front of the door is Rhutie, Rachel's sister, since it's her house, she is waiting them in the hall.

Corrected entry: The name Samara is Latin for "elm tree," which is the type of tree near the cabin that is so emphasized in the movie.

Correction: That's not an elm tree, that's a maple tree.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Noah is being killed he is wearing sandals. In the scene where Rachel goes in to see him his sandals are gone.

Correction: In the interrim, Noah also happens to have been killed by an evil, psychic ghost and his body moved, supernaturally, to the chair. Samara, for whatever reason, would surely have been capable of taking off his sandles.

Corrected entry: At the wake Rachel talks to some teenage friends of Katie's to find more about her death. The way they interrupt each other sounds very artificial, as one person stops talking in mid-sentence the split-second another person starts, without any overlap, e.g. when the boy butts in first.



Correction: Bad acting isn't a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: When Rachel and Aidan drive home from school they keep looking at each other through the rear mirror. It's not possible from his position, crouched into the far right of the back seat, to see her face, as she neither adjusts the mirror nor her position, and, if at all, he would only see her eyes not her whole face (as beautiful as it admittedly is).



Correction: Rearview mirrors are slightly convex, allowing the driver to see more behind them. With my car it is possible to see the entire backseat from left to right when it is adjusted to view through the rear window. From the back right corner of the seat, it is possible to see the driver's face, but not quite all of it.

Corrected entry: At Katie's wake, Rachel talks to some of Katie's friends about the other teens that died. one of them was metnioned dying in a car accident, but this seems impossible because Samara attacks through the television.

Correction: It is explained as any reflective surface. I am sure metal and glass count.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Rachel and Noah are dropping Aiden off, Rachel goes inside the house and stands at a window. Noah comes in to get her and he can be seen standing behind her right shoulder. But in the very next scene, Noah is in the car with Aiden.

Correction: Actually the person you see standing behind Rachel is her sister Ruthie. Don't forget this is where she is dropping off Aiden for the two days.

Corrected entry: The time frame of this movie is somewhat unclear, but guessing from the age of Mr. Morgan we can guess that this all happened in the past twenty years or so. That would make the time of Samara's death in the 1970s. Then why are Anna and Samara dressed as if they're living in the 1800s?

Jeanne Perrotta

Correction: They're dressing up that way probably because they just want to. Samara was adopted from another country, so I guess Anna wanted to make her "Americanized." They live on an island, so seclusion seems to add to this.

Corrected entry: In the movie when Noah is over at Rachel's apartment watching the tape for the first time, he says he's going downtown anyway so he'll make a copy of it. He is already downtown, that's where her apartment is.

Correction: Most people refer to where all the shops are as downtown, which is a different place than where Rachel's apartment is.

Corrected entry: When Noah is heading to Moeska Island, you can see that the ferry isn't moving, but it is not docked. Why would the boat be still while on its journey?

Correction: There could have been some trouble - the engine could have stalled, etc.

Corrected entry: When Katie pulls the TV plug from the wall after the TV turns on, there's a giant spark. Yes, it would create a spark even if it were off, but not that big.


Correction: If the TV is turning on by itself then it's probably not an electrical spark, it is something supernatural.

Corrected entry: When Rachel is dreaming about pulling the electrode from her throat, she then goes into her living room. From where she is, she can see Samara's hair hanging over the back of the chair, presumably to demonstrate that it is not her spooky son. The shot changes, and Samara's hair is now draped over her face, to make sure we get the full fright factor in Noah's apartment. And there is no obvious parting, so it can't be over both sides.

Correction: This isn't a mistake. Samara has full control of her physical appearance because she's not corporeal. Why shouldn't she have free reign in the hairstyle department?

Corrected entry: When Rachel is watching the tape at Mr. Morgan's home and he comes in behind her, there is someone else's shadow in the window in the background, yet they are the only two there.

Correction: It isn't somebody else's shadow, it is caused by the lighthouse. The light from the lighthouse rotates, so when the light is shining the other way, it causes the background to be put in shadow. You can see this effect when Rachel and Noah go to the barn - the background is in shadow for a few seconds, and then in light for a few seconds.

Corrected entry: In one shot where Samara is being thrown into the well by her mother, she is barefoot, but near the end in the other shot of her being thrown into the well she has socks and shoes on.

Correction: No, if you look closely she is wearing shoes in every shot.

Corrected entry: When Katie's mother finds her dead daughter in the closet - shown as a flashback - Katie's head falls forward the moment the mother opens the door. This seems to have no other reason than to jack up the number of goosebumps on the spectators' arms and necks.



Correction: This isn't a mistake. Anyways, some houses transfer vibrations from motion very easily. In my house, if you walk through the living room, you can feel vibrations throughout the whole house. And with the mother swinging open the closet like that, it wouldn't be a big suprise if the vibrations made the body move a little.

Corrected entry: When Noah and Rachel point flashlights into the well, they don't seem to be able to see the bottom. Later, when Rachel falls inside, Noah's flashlight beam reaches both her and the water.

Correction: The light does reach the bottom, it just is hard to see because of the blackness of the floor and walls through the water.

Corrected entry: After the TV strikes Rachel in the chest and she falls down the well, you can clearly see her head violently striking the stone side of the well with enough force to shatter a motorcycle helmet. Later, Rachel is alive, not bleeding, and strangely doesn't even seem to have a headache.

Correction: It is not Rachel's head, but her shoulder/back that strikes the well. Painful, sure, but nowhere near as bad as hitting her head.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel and Noah are in his apartment, they both struggle over the operation of the video equipment. The tape shoots out of the player, ruining it. After Noah's "assistant" comes in, he invites her to look at the tape. Rachel ejects the tape quickly and puts the tape in her purse, just as it was before.

Correction: The tape did not shoot out of the player. A frame by frame analysis confirms this. They were adjusting the speed of the video drum, which normally rotates at 1800 rpm, by pressing their fingers against it and slowing it down. Rachel obviously hit her finger against one of the high speed screws on the top of the video drum. After, we can see her feeling her finger because of the pain. Also, the tape shooting out of the player would be highly improbable since the tape was paused and not moving while being held in place by the tape guides. The tape was still in good condition and not ruined.

Corrected entry: When Rachel leafs through Katie's notebook the last entry is a drawing of the Ring. Katie drew it with such force that the pen made a hole in the paper, but when Rachel turns the page the next sheet is in pristine condition.



Correction: If you watch carefully (especially in slow motion), you can see that Rachel turns about 5 pages instead of one. Of course, we were not meant to see this as it was meant to be the last thing Katie drew, and to have pen marks on the other page would spoil the effect. But indeed, Katie used such force that you can still see a dent on the open page anyway.

Corrected entry: The night Katie dies she & Becca are sitting in her bedroom. Katie tells Becca that she watched the tape that weekend and later on that night Katie dies due to the evil tape. People die one week after watching it, so it must be the following weekend, after she watched the tape, but the two girls are dressed in their school uniforms.

Correction: If Katie watched it on a Friday night, then it would make sense that she would still have her uniform on the following Friday night, after the school day.


Corrected entry: Rachel and Noah are the natural parents of Aiden. The problem is they both have blue eyes, and Aiden has brown eyes - a genetic impossibility.

Correction: Although not common, two blue-eyed parents can produce children with brown eyes. The Davenport genetic model, which the theory that two blue-eyed parents can't produce brown-eyed children sprang from, is now known to be outdated and inaccurate.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: When Aidan goes to the house of his cousin, he looks up the stairs. Just before he heads up, you can see a shadow of two hands folding, belonging to a crew member.

Correction: The shadow mentioned belongs to one of the people behind Aiden.

Corrected entry: The woman comes out of her ex-husband's flat and nearly walks under a ladder. A wide shot of the ladder shows that it's simply standing against the wall leading nowhere. Next, a man appears and begins to climb the ladder with a cup of coffee in one hand.

Correction: It's likely that the man climbing the ladder was painting the wall, instead of climbing through to a window. He may have had a paintbrush or a small can of paint with him.

Corrected entry: When Noah first runs into Aiden on the street before he goes up to Rachel's appartment to view the tape for the first time, it is raining very hard and Noah has on a rain coat with a hood. But when he leaves Rachel's appartment, he is wearing a regular coat, not the rain coat that he came with.

Correction: You can see the raincoat folded over his arm in the hallway as he's leaving.

Corrected entry: Near the end, when Rachel and Noah get back home, Aidan's aunt is laying on the floor sleeping. If you look in the window you can see a man walk past the window and then walk past it again.

Correction: It is not Aidan's aunt lying on the floor, but Aidan himself. The shadow passing the window in the kitchen is, in fact, Aidan's aunt.

LuMaria 1

Corrected entry: When Rachel is in the well, Noah leaves her and the lid shuts. When he comes back, the lid is off as he leans in and calls out to her. We never hear the lid being pushed off, although it makes a very audible grinding sound.

Correction: it is quite possible that the lid didn't REALLY close, it was simply a vision of what Samara saw when she was thrown down the well.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Katie walks up the steps and the water is dripping from the doorknob, there is a zoom in of the water dripping and you can see that the doorknob is clear and it has a weird "diamond-like" shape to it. However, at Katie's funeral when Aiden walks up to her door and the camera shows the same shot of the doorknob, the knob is visibly round.

Correction: When I watched this scene, they didn't show the same shot of the handle. The inside glass knob was shown, and it was still octagonal. The outside handle was only partly shown and looked blurry, so it might have appeared round.

Corrected entry: The first time we see the whole tape is at Shelter Mountain Inn. There is an image of a chair fairly early on in the tape, where it stays still, then moves randomly, and rapidly, upside down before switching to the next image. However, when Rachel is later copying the tape for Noah, the chair spins slowly upside down before switching to the next image.

Correction: The tape is also not a normal tape, as it was created by a psychotic, insomniac, murdering ghost. If Samara can come through your TV screen and kill you, without the tape being around you, why can't she change it as you see it for some foreshadowing, i.e. Spinning Noah's body around in the chair?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel is "taken back" in Samara's memory to the day that Anna pushes Samara into the well, look at Samara's eyes when she opens them after hitting the water at the bottom. Her eyes are Daveigh Chase's natural blue, not the brown eyes that we are shown all throughout the rest of the film.


Correction: This is true but not a mistake. Her eyes change blue to signify that she has changed into a different Samara, an evil Samara. Near the end when she comes out of the T.V, she looks at Noah and her eyes are a pale blue, like the eyes we saw in the well after she was pushed in.

Corrected entry: A huge plot defect when Naomi burned the original tape at the end of the film ,so why not burn the other two tapes or at least if she can burn the original tape after making a copy of it so what's the idea of making a copy ,there still be only one tape left anyway.

Correction: The only way that you can be saved is to make a copy, and show it to someone.

Corrected entry: When Noah and Rachel reach the upstairs of the barn to Samara's old room, her carousel is playing even though no one has probably been up in that room in years. Noah and Rachel don't find this strange, not when it magically starts playing, nor when it magically stops.

Jeanne Perrotta

Correction: They are trying to stop being killed by a video tape curse, so at that point I think they aren't surprised by anything.

troy fox

Corrected entry: In the scene where Katie and Becca are in the room watching TV at the beginning of the movie, Katie is lying on the bed barefoot. Later when you see her upstairs walking towards the door with the water coming from underneath it, you can see that she is wearing shoes and socks, and you never see her putting shoes or socks on between those two scenes.

Correction: Ok, I've watched this part a few times to get it right. Katie is barefoot throughout the whole time she is alive and dead for that fact. She never had on socks or shoes.

Corrected entry: When Rachel is in the computer room she picks the fly out of the screen, when the lady comes in to the room her nose starts to bleed, she wipes her nose and blood pours on her hand. When she rips the picture out of the machine with the same hand there is no blood on it.

Correction: The dissapearing blood was probably not a mistake, because, like the fly appearing on the screen only once, it is representing the "magic" if you will, and mystery of the film. The mysterious blood disappears for the same reason that the fly appeared out of nowhere.

Corrected entry: In the archive of her newspaper Rachel has to stretch herself to get an old book from the top shelf. It falls out of her hands and disintegrates, looking more like a folder (in this shot also the way she is holding it changes), but when she sits down and studies the book is intact again.



Correction: There are two books that fall. One is large and is the one Rachel is seen looking through, the other thinner one is the one that disintegrates during its fall.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the mother throws Samara into the well, she moves what appears to be a very heavy lid over the well. Where did the lid come from? You don't see it in any of the shots of the girl and the well.

Correction: You never directly see Samara's mother move the lid, nor is it suggested that the lid was placed on top immediately. It could have been hours or even days before Samara's mother and father found a suitable lid and brought it to the well.

Corrected entry: The creepy dead girl tells Aidan that the horses keep her up at night. Strange how a girl who we are told numerous times never ever sleeps, and is also dead, and at the bottom of a well not even on the island where the horses used to be, is complaining to some kid about horses keeping her awake nights.

Correction: Samara refers to when she was still alive, living in the attic, where she couldn't sleep because the horses kept her awake.


Corrected entry: When you die after 7 days, Samara comes out of the TV to get you. Well, what if you're nowhere near a TV?

Correction: In the original book Samara could emerge from any reflective surface. All characters in this version happened to be near TV's, but it is not stated that this is the only way for her to appear.

Zaphod Beeblebrox

Corrected entry: When Rachel has the flashback of Samara being thrown into the well, there is a black bag over her head. In the shot where Samara is in the well right after being thrown in, the bag is gone.

Correction: The bag was not tied around Samara's head so it is possible that it came off of her head as she fell.

troy fox

Corrected entry: In the beginning, the main character's cousin is getting a drink of juice. She puts the glass on the kitchen counter, and goes to check out the TV that turns on by itself. She turns it off, and unplugs it, and then goes back to the kitchen and the glass is gone.

Correction: She put it down by the window seperating the living room and the kitchen. So she unplugs the tv and walks back into the kitchen to see the fridge open you see a clear shot of the kitchen counter. Of course her glass is not there cause she didn't leave it there. The shot doesn't show the window where she did leave it.

Corrected entry: When Rachel is in the well holding Samara's skeleton, the camera goes out to show a wider angle. If you look closly you can see that Samara's legs didn't decompose. They are still white with skin.

Correction: She was wearing stockings or something on her legs, I don't think it was Samara's skin.

Corrected entry: Samara gives her victims seven days to live because that's how long she was trapped in the well before dying. The thing is, she had water (albeit not very fresh, but probably drinkable) so she would have lived close to a month before dying of starvation or, more likely, would have asphyxiated after a very short time because there was no air getting into the sealed well.


Correction: She probably died of cold or drowned, because water was too deep to sleep in. Combination of all the factors could easily kill in 7 days.

Corrected entry: This might be a stupid question, but why would anybody build a cabin on top of a well? Wouldn't they first fill it with earth, or at least demolish the wall around it to even the ground? What is the point of building a wall around the well and putting a floor over it; other than having characters drop into it in a spectacular way.

Correction: Samara's family is very ashamed and frightened of her and what they did to her. They built the cabin over the well to hide it rather than risk releasing her by demolishing the well.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene were Richard Morgan shocks himself in the bathtub you see blood in the water. When you shock yourself there isn't blood.

Correction: On the DVD in the section that says, "Don't Watch This" there is a scene and you can see Mr. Morgan get his head bashed on the wall when he gets shocked and there is blood and the voltage is so high that it would cause you to cough up blood.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film when they discover the well under cottage 12 they drop a stone down the well. They listen for about 10 seconds and do not hear the splash suggesting that the well is really deep. When the woman falls down the well then looks up to see the bloke shouting to her, the well is only about 30 feet deep.

Correction: Listen more closely, there's a distinct splash after a few seconds.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the boy is watching the video, you can see Samara begin to climb from the well at the end of the tape. When anybody else watches it, in other scenes, the screen goes fuzzy before you see Samara.

Correction: That's the point: every time someone watches the tape, Samara gets stronger. Thus, the tape shows a bit more footage of her.


Corrected entry: In the end of the movie you see the well that Anna Morgan throws Samara in. This well is on the horse ranch, on the island. Yet, the well underneath Shelter Mountain Inn at Cabin 12 is a long way from there as is indicated by the fact it takes them one day to get from the island to Cabin 12. Am I just missing something here or is that a serious loop hole?

Correction: The well isn't on Anna's horse ranch, it's a vacation spot for the Morgans.


Corrected entry: If making a copy of the tape "releases" Rachel from Samara's "grasp", why does the burned handprint on Rachel's arm disapear only when Rachel finds Samara in the well?

Correction: The handprint remains until her 'time to die' has passed.


Corrected entry: How can Becca tell if Naomi saw the tape, and that she has four days left? Did Samara talk with Becca, or does she have any special sense? That is never cleared in the film.

Correction: Not everything has to be explained completely in a film. Becca has gone insane from the shock of seeing Samara, and as some kind of side effect can sense when people have seen the film.


Corrected entry: Katie says they watched the tape after recording a football game on it. The guy at the cabin said that they have VCR's and tapes there because they get no TV reception. Why would they try to record the game off a TV without reception?

Correction: He says the reception is poor, they might have TV sometimes but not always, and if there was some reception the night Katie's friends were there they might have given recording a try.


Corrected entry: In the scene were Samara's dad trys to electrocute himself he is wearing a surge protector which would make it impossible to electrocute himself no matter how hard he tried.

Correction: Richard Morgan was plugging everything into a standard power strip, not a "surge protector" or "surge strip".

Corrected entry: After Naomi Watts shows the video to her ex-husband, why didn't she take a picture of him with her digital camera, to see if his face was all messed up? Why did he wait five days to take pictures of himself?

Correction: Naomi Watts doesn't take Noahs photo because initially he is very sceptical and unbelieving. Also he doesn't wait 5 days to take his photo, but rather takes his photo after he notices his face is blurred on the store security screen.

Corrected entry: How did the mother of Samara lift the concrete lid to close the well when it was obvious that the two other characters had a hard time trying to close it together?

Correction: Although we don't see him, we might assume that Samara's father helped Anna replace the well lid, as he suffered the similar torments (he explains before he kills himself).

Corrected entry: I haven't seen "Ringu", but how did Noah and Katie end up looking like they did after they died? Okay, so Samara used telekinesis and stopped their hearts, but the victims' bodies can't corrode that what did Samara do to them so they look like that?

Correction: Samara died after spending seven days in the well, and there is always water when she kills somebody, so her victims look like they were in the water for sometime after they die.

Corrected entry: When Katie is talking to Becca in her room, we see a shot of a clock. The clock says that it is 10 o'clock. After this Katie and Becca go downstairs and the movie plays on until Katie dies. When Rachel goes to investigate into Katie's death, she finds out the time of death was 10 o'clock. But Katie didn't die when we saw the clock and it said 10 o'clock, in fact about 15 mins passed before she actually dies.

Correction: The time of death is an approximation.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rachel sees Aiden's teacher, she pulls out a chair to sit on, but instead she decides to sit on the desk. What's the point in pulling out a chair that you won't sit on?

Correction: Racheal pulls out the chair and realises that the chair is too small then decides to sit on the desk.

Corrected entry: By the end of the movie it is pretty obvious that the only way to save yourself from dying is by making a copy of the video. Rachel does this and then she goes to the mental institute to talk to Becca where Becca tells her that she still has four days left. How is this possible if she already made the copy of the tape?

Correction: Rachel has to both copy the tape and show it to someone else; copying the tape alone is insufficient.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, when Katie gets killed, she is standing up in front of her door. But later, when her mom is talking about her death, she was curled up in the closet. How can that happen if the victim's hearts are supposed to just stop beating? Did Samara pick her up and put her there? Also, Noah was crawling on the floor when he was killed, but when Rachel walks into his studio, he's sitting on a chair.

Correction: It was widely known that Samara/Sanako was able to hide her victims through the same powers she used to kill them. Telekinesis actually is used for moving any solid structure as well, so the bodies could be moved.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Naomi Watts and her ex-husband are in the loft in the barn, they rip down the wallpaper to reveal the tree on the wall. When they take a wide shot, you see they ripped it all the way to the ceiling. How did they reach that high without the help of a ladder?

Correction: It is quite possible to pull it all down by pulling large pieces with the bottom down low and having it rip higher.

Corrected entry: When Rachel is telling Noah about the video, it is first visible on the table in front of her. About a minute later, she pulls it out of her purse.

Correction: What lies on the table is not the tape, it's in fact the camera with which later Noah takes Rachel's picture.

Corrected entry: When Rachel searches for Anna Morgan and the lighthouse on the internet, she comes up with a picture of a bunch of people, including Anna in front of the lighthouse. That picture had to be taken in the 1970's, because Anna died then. There was no internet usage then, so how did it get there? And even if someone had posted it there for the website, why would they put a picture that was over 20 years old on it; it was supposedly a new article. It just doesn't make sense at all.

Correction: You do get very old pictures on the internet...

Corrected entry: The cabin that the teenagers stayed in, which was built over the well, is shown to be on the edge of a heavily forested valley. But in scene where Anna Morgan kills Samara, the well is in a huge open flat field.

Correction: The field where the mother pushes Samara into the well is very small width-wise, you can see a forest in the background.

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Dr. Scott: You don't want to hurt anyone.
Samara Morgan: But I do, and I'm sorry. It won't stop. Everyone will suffer.



In the scene when the main character is in the library on the internet, she goes to a couple of websites. When the shot shows the URL up top, it is C:\windows98\mydocuments\etc.html. Instead of actually searching on the web they used a premade html page and accessed it from their computer.



If you look closely you can, between some scenes, see a flash of the ring the people see in the beginning of the tape (and what Rachel sees when she's in the well and looks up when the lid is being pushed back on).